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I wade slowly through the busy foot traffic at the airport. I like sleeping, but ironically can never sleep on a flight when there is literally nothing else to do. The loud sounds, sweaty smells and cramped space will really kill the mood. And not to mention the endless battle for the arm rest! So it's fair to say, I could really use a nap. Or mini hibernation.

I drag my suitcase across the floor and stop under a sign directing me through the various terminals of the airport. An arrow points left beside kanji, which unfortunately, I can't read. Fortunately, above the arrow is a picture of a bus - yay for pictures! Almost to the finish.


Is that..?

Kyoya, arms crossed, leans against the wall of the terminal beside a crowd of people obviously waiting for loved ones to arrive. Parents wave signs, lovers embrace, children scream - and there he is, keeping it (barely) together in the background. He's scowling deeply. And there's a 3-meter perimeter around him that everyone, despite how crowded the space is, avoids. His threatening aura permeates the air itself.

A little girl, around 3-years-old and sporting the cutest pigtails, accidentally wobbles into his space. I say a quick prayer for her as she is sure to experience the wrath of Kyoya so early into her development.

She takes another step forward, tripping over her undone shoelaces. I watch in slow motion as she falls deeper into the danger zone.

But instead of the brutal scene I expect, Kyoya leans down to catch her before she hits the floor. He gently - never thought I would use that word anywhere near him - pulls her up to her feet.

My eyes widen. Did I see that right? ...Am I hallucinating from sleep deprivation?

I quickly slap my cheeks to make sure.

Yup. Definitely awake.

"I'm s-so so so sorry." The mother scoops the little girl up.

"Hn." He turns away, ignoring her.

I giggle under my breath. Guess a weekend isn't enough to truly know a guy.

He doesn't notice me, even as I approach. You know, maybe below that glare there is a sensitive, complex, caring dude. Maybe I should give him more credit.

"Aw, missed me so much you came to personally escort me?" I smile up at him.

He snorts, looking up at me. He examines my disheveled, jet-lagged appearance and sneers in disgust. "What hell happened to you?"

Okay, spoke too soon.

"A 13 hour flight, you jackass piece of shit." Did I mention how badly I need sleep?

His eyes narrow and I hold his gaze.

This is off to such a splendid start!

She leans sloppily against the car window, head drooping low and eyes shut.

She looks even less impressive than the last time, if that's even possible. Crinkled, oversized shirt. Hair tied up in a high-bun with tendrils falling out every which way. Sneakers ripped at the seams and worn down at the soles. How can she do a butterfly twist kick, but not dress herself like a proper member of society?

My fingers twitch, itching for action.

I'm ready to fight her again and I'm very tempted to whack her into consciousness to do so. But I guess a fight with this version of her might not be as victorious.

"Can you TRY and be more subtle?" She says, eyes still closed.


"You've been staring at me for the past hour. Is me sleeping really that interesting?"

I scoff. "You said to watch you."

"Yeah, not stalk me."

"You're the one coming to live in MY house." Her eyes pop open.

"At YOUR invitation."

"As if I would ever want you around by choice. Be grateful Obaa-san extended you an invitation."

"So then it's Chieko's house, not yours."

I hold my head up high - "It's a Hibari household."

"God, stop acting like your family is the best thing since sliced bread."

"At least I have a real family." She is a nobody. How dare she talk to me like that.

She quiets and we drive the rest of the way in silence. Good. It's best she learn how things will be sooner than later.

I thought the peacefulness of Japan would funnel into my everyday life. I was astoundingly wrong... thanks solely to this asshole.

"Change. Now." he commands.

"Hell. No." I bite back as I lace up my sneakers by the front door.

"You're not wearing the proper uniform. It's against the rules."

"I'm wearing A uniform. That should be enough."

"You're a girl."

"You're a boy, no shit. Please list other arbitrary facts I already know and waste more of my time."

"If you don't take it off right now, I'll take it off for you."

"Chieko, did you hear that? You're grandson is a pervert and wants to take off my clothes."

Chieko steps in, pushing us apart.

"Behave." She looks at my attire - long black pants and an oversized blazer with sleeves reaching far beyond my hands. "Is this Kyoya's old uniform?"

"It's more comfortable. And it's cold out!"

"You're going to trip all over yourself if you wear that."

"I'll be careful, I promise."

"Go change, girl."

"But I don't want to wear a skirt."

Chieko sighs. "Kyoya, go to school now or you'll be late."

"Hai, Obaa-san." He heads off with one last triumphant smirk in my direction.

Chieko leans down, brushing out my messy hair with her fingers. "Come now, I bought this nice uniform for you, won't you at least try it on?"

I bite my lips, guiltily."I did, but it's so breezy down there! How am I supposed to fight in it? I can't even lift my leg up anymore! And it's really cold. It doesn't keep in like any warmth. I don't understand why anyone would make something like this -"

Chieko bursts out laughing. "Oh dear, I have tights for you for the cold, don't worry. And if you can fight in a skirt, you can fight in anything."

In a quiet, almost embarrassed, whisper - "But do I have to?"

"Think of it as training."

I dramatically throw my head back - "Ughhhhhhhhhhh." She tosses the uniform at me.

She walks in with a bang. No seriously, a literal bang. She pushes open the door with so much force it splinters slightly against the back wall.

The class lets out a collective yelp in surprise.

And in she walks. A grumpy pout on her face and hands pulling at the hem of her skirt. Her hair is free of knots and her big eyes blink up at the class.


I mean - no, wait. I didn't mean - she just looked like a tiny animal for a miniscule, nonexistent moment. I thought nothing else!

Mr. Onazuka slowly approaches her - "Are you my new student?" His eyes nervously glance at the broken door. "Don't worry about the door, it must have been broken before..."

"Hai. Sorry I'm late." She bows slightly.

"I'll let it slide on your first day, but don't make it a habit. I'm Mr. Onazuka. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

Hatsu turns to face the class, still with an unhappy frown on her face. "You can call me Hatsu. Thank for having me."

Hands rapidly shoot up. "Where are you from?" "Why do your eyes look like that?" "Why did you move here?" "You're pretty!"

The class erupts in giggles at the last remark from a boy at the front of the class. Her eyes fidget, obviously uncomfortable with the attention. Why? She was so confident in our fight.

Mr. Onazuka hushes the class with his hand."Settle down, class. Wait until you're called on, let's not overwhelm Hatsu-chan."

Mr. Onazuka points to Arisa Komiya - hand raised - the popular, beauty of the class. Her parents own an international marketing company and she's been spoiled beyond belief as their only child. She prefers to be called Princess Komiya, though she'll never admit it out loud.

"I can give you a tour of the school if you'd like." Komiya smiles radiantly and the class erupts in whispers praising her kind gesture to the new student.

"Nah, I'll pass." The girls in class gasp in shock at Hatsu's dismissal.

"Oh." Komiya blinks and frowns, not used to being disregarded. Hatsu looks around the room, easily picking up on the increased tension.

"Um, but thanks for offering?"

Komiya smiles again, "My pleasure."

"Hatsu-chan, why don't you take the empty window seat by Arisa-chan?"


As Hatsu shuffles over to her seat she finally glances in my direction and our meet eyes.

She sharply turns her back on me with a 'hmph' and takes her seat.

At least we agree on this: at school, she doesn't know me, and I don't know her.

A/N: This is a KyoyaxOC story, but they're just kids now! They're bound to clash with stubborn personalities lol.