Note: I have made a couple of edits to this since posting it. Most properly I had originally had the Rebels stationed on Seregar, but upon doing further research this planet is only a part of legends and isn't located on any map so I couldn't properly attribute it to any form of Hyperspace Lane or Trade Route so it has been switched to Norval II which is located on the Triellus Trade Route and a short distance from Kessel.

The bond had been dormant for weeks before he feels it again. He hadn't felt more than an inkling of anything since she closed the door to the disastrous Millenium Falcon. There are no images, no sounds or feelings, her mind not open to him as it had been before but there is a sensation. Just one and it startles him enough that he removes his glove to look at his palm. He doesn't realise until it's too late what it was, the pain fleeting back into the recesses of her mind and he blindly chases it trying to escape the monotony of being a leader for a moment but she is unreceptive and he falters. Fear flashes for a quick moment before it's gone, blocked into the vaults of his mind where the memories and feelings of old are stored, not for later viewing, but to be hidden and forgotten.

General Hux startles him from his reprieve and he nods looking upon their fleet with disinterest. His mind goes back to the bond when the General's attention drifts and Ren wonders how he can get rid of the bond. Sever it completely. He had given her a chance, THE chance to come with him, work with him to build a new empire that would be free of the Jedi and their archaic and unrealistic religion. Why had it hurt when she refused? Why had he been so sure of the stupid vision he had seen? She had made him weak and he needed to be rid of her immediately.

"Give me all of the information on that stupid ship the Millennium Falcon." He tells the nearest crew member, causing Hux to stop mid sentence. The woman, dressed in uniform blues nods and began typing away on her holoscreen.

"Supreme Leader?" Hux's emotions weren't as guarded, his surprise evident.

"We need to not underestimate them. We need to track them, bring them in, and torture them. They shall die by my hand or be burned alive. I don't care how it happens but for us to be in full control we need them gone. NOW." The rest of the crew turns back to their work eagerly doing as commanded for fear of another of Kylo Ren's devastating examples of temper and force.

"As you wish, Supreme Leader."

I will hunt you down. I will hurt you. I will end you.

Kylo Ren disappears from the bridge of the ship to make his way back to his rooms with an order to not be disturbed until that ship was found. His anger flares half way down the corridor and the metal panels of the hallways bow with the sheer force of his dark and angry will billowing like his cape until he turns the corner and it's gone.

She gasps as searing pain engulfs her hand. The blade she had been using to scrape away rust from one of the manifolds of the Falcon had slipped, slicing deeply into her palm. The blood pooled instantly and she dropped the knife, swearing as she attempted to clamour from the hole she was in upside down and one handed. "Chewie? Finn?" The two had been chattering to her a moment ago, but they were gone. She had never not gotten out of a situation she had purposely put herself into, but this time she was unsure how to really relieve the position she was in. Swinging her torso up she grabs the paneling of grate above her head and pulls with her good hand. BB8 whistled as he rolls by and she calls out to him.


The small yellow and white droid beeped and whistled, looking around for the voice.

"Down here you silly droid." When it's attention was on her she laughs still in good spirits even though the pain flares down her arm. "Go find Finn or someone. I literally could use a hand." The droid contemplates her for a moment before giving an excited whistle and rolling back the way it had come.

Heavy foot falls come moments later, Finn and Poe calling her name. While she had managed to right herself she was unable to reach the next foot hold one handed so she had sat herself down on the wrung of where she sat examining her hand angrily.


"Finn, Down here!" She moves to stand again, balancing herself carefully where she stood.

"I've gotcha girl." Finn calls as he leans down into the hole, his torso hanging over while Poe held his legs. "Up you get." He grabs her by the underarm of her injured arm and the waist, her good arm slung around his shoulders and easily hauls her up as she uses the wall's foot holds to help.

Once the grate is righted back into its proper place she examines her hand again. It's a deep gash, her forearm and chest stained with bright red crimson, but it doesn't bother as much as she thought it should.

"You should let a real mechanic handle those things." Poe jabs and Rey elbows him in the side.

"I am a real mechanic. Or as close as we can get when Chewie isn't here."

"Yeah, yeah kid." Poe waves his hand at her and turns, heading towards the bunks rather than continuing on with them to the hangar.

The base their small band of resistance fighters had built was once a base on the planet Norval II but was now a city of ruin. They had sent out a distress call to their allies in outlying systems but has since not received any communication. Norval II was beautiful planet, or at least in Rey's eyes. It was warm and overgrown with green. The midday heat was enough to cause their fleet of people to either gather at the closest natural water source about a mile away from their small base or into the Falcon where the life support systems could run air with a sentient electrical output that wouldn't spark notice by passing scanners. The forest around them was dense so it provided good cover in case of invasion, however they hadn't really gotten a real read out of the area as maps and holocasters were still down in an attempt to keep transmissions and other noticeable airwaves free and away from First Order scanners

Their meager medical and science staff was able to find many natural resources they could use for medical reasons. They had found edible plants and animals that could complement what rations they had but the search for a more hospitable home base was still one greatly looked forward to.

Finn and Rey entered the makeshift Medbay amid a deep chuckle from the supervising officer a dark haired woman name Tar'th who had seen her fair share of Finn and Rey since they had landed on Norval II three months ago. Upon examining Rey's hand she frownd. "Unfortunately we've used the last of the beta packs, but Anson here is pretty skilled with a needle. Let me see what i can find for numbing solution while he gets you cleaned up and then we can get to work on fixing this."

Rey nods quietly as she sat on the covered table and gave Anson a small smile when he began to clean her up. Finn chatters next to her, an unending stream of random language she tunes out. The press to her mind came at the same time the needle sunk into her hand and she gasps, focusing on that pain rather than the force. "Sorry." Anson replies softly "The anesthetic works differently on different people. I'll add some more." He takes the plant and rubs it cautiously along her open palm again, squeezing more juice into the depths in an attempt to numb her hand more.

Once she was finally patched up she and Finn return to the Falcon to have lunch with Poe who was beaming with excitement. "General Organa has been here. We received a transmission a few minutes ago. We have allies coming. Some are bringing more troops, others are bringing supplies." Finn whooped loudly and he and Poe high five while Rey smiled. They were beginning to rebuild, they were still in this fight.

A ripple of pain explodes through her stomach and she recognizes it as pure, blind fury and stands abruptly gasping. Finn looks startled but she waves him away stumbling her way towards the sleeping quarters so she can be alone. "Rey?" Poe calls after her and she shakes her head, waving her hand again.

"I-it's just a side effect of the numbing plant. The doctor said I may feel ill afterwards because of the amount they needed to use on me to numb my hand. " Her shoulder jarrs against the doorframe but neither man stand to help her, knowing if they tried she would probably use her force powers to return them to their seats. Both looked on with concern that Rey could feel but it ended as soon as the door was shut.

Sliding to the floor against the door she gasps in deep unhelpful breaths as she tried to control the raw surge of emotion she was receiving from him. What was happening? How could this get through when she had been effectively blocking it out for the last couple of months?

Her mind warps, time slows, and she's lying curled up on the dark tiled floor of some unknown room when he appears, heavy black boots thudding against the wall as papers, books, pens swirl angrily around him. He bangs his fists against the wall and yells the most guttal and agonized yell she has ever heard and it breaks her heart all over again. She closes her eyes, not wanting to bare witness to this but she can hear everything. Only when his yells turn to anguished noises and the swirling objects hurl towards the walls does she make herself known, throwing up a force shield to prevent being injured by a pen that makes contact before hitting the floor and rolling away.

He looks up then, pure rage and agony in his eyes intent on ending whomever interrupted and the emotion changed to anger and hurt and he turns his back on her. It's easier this way. To not look at her, to pretend she isn't even there. "Come to gloat in my pain?" he asks, voice low, dangerous.

"No. I-I don't know why I'm here." Rey whispers her injured hand still thrown out, maintaining the force shield. "I didn't want this Ben." her voice breaks on his name but still he doesn't turn. "I want to be sorry, but the path you're going down. That's a path I cannot follow." She shakes her head and he turns a mask firmly affixed in place, although it's an emotional mask rather than a physical one. His face blank.

"Then leave." His voice is low, disinterested and she steps back when she realises he's no longer Ben but Kylo Ren again.

"The force wont let me go until it's deemed the proper time." She whispered and he knows this, but wills it to not be so, his rage a chaotic ebb and flow in his mind.

"What did you do to your hand?" He asks, impassive as he force levitates things back into their proper places and sat, his back to her, again not wanting to see her face.

"Knife." It's a clipped answer that makes his rage flare enough to send her skidding back with the force of it, her shoes not giving her any purchase against the smooth floor.

His use of force easily breaks through her shield and he turns stepping forward to force choke her, pulling her from her feet. Terror alights in her eyes and her hands go to the invisible noose around her neck, trying to pry and pull him from her throat but it's useless and a moment later he is gone and she is alone in the bunks of the Millenium Falcon once more, gasping for air with tears welling in her eyes.