In a house in Japan a blond girl was sleeping in her bed.

"Usagi! It's after eight o'clock!" yield Nodoka form the kitchen.

A few seconds later Usagi woke up. "Ahhhhhh." screamed Usagi. She quickly got dressed and rand down the stairs. She ran into the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner, Mom? I'm going to be late now."

"I did tried to several time. But each time you told me to go away."

"I don't remember that!" said Usagi as she scrambled around.


"What? I'm in a hurry."

"I know. But don't you need your lunch?"

Usagi walked into the kitchen and grabbed her lunch. "Thanks mom." She the ran to the front door and quickly but on her shoes on and picked up her bag. "See you later." Usagi said as she left the house. She started to run down the road heading to school. "Why does morning have to come so early. I'm so sleepy." She asked herself as she yawned. Usagi then saw in the corner of her eye. "Hey! Stop that!" Usagi then chased the kids away. She then noticed that the kids were picking on a black cat. "Oh are you okay?" She picked up the cat. "Really! They put a bandage on you?" The cat tried to tack off the bandage that was on it's head. "You want me to take it off? Okay" Usagi put the cat in her lap and took of the bandage reviling a crescent moon. "Wow a crescent moon bald spot." The cat jump out of Usagi and jumped on to a car. The cat started to stair at Usagi. She was started to get creeped out by this. The school bell started to ring. "Oh no! That's the bell I'm so going to be late for school." Usagi then started to run to school. She soon got to Juban High School. But she was late and had to stand in the hallway.

In Nerima it was raining. As a red haired girl with a pig tail was running away from a panda. The panda started to attack the girl. But she dodged the attack from the panda. She jumped into the air and gained a few a feet from the panda. "That's enough already!" said the girl as she took a fighting stance. The panda started to attack again but the girl dodged the attack and jump kicked. The panda was sent to the ground. The girl started to walk away as the panda got up without her noticing. Soon the panda attacked sending her forward out of the alley were they were and out into a street. The girl stopped herself and set her backpack down. The rain then stopped as she turned around and got ready to battle the panda. The panda walked out of the alley and got ready for battle. People around were shocked to see a panda. "I told you before I'm not interested!" The panda through a punch but the girl grabbed it paw and tossed the panda. "You had no right to pick out my fiancée." She picked her backpack up. "I'm doing what I should have done a while ago. I'm going back home to mom. You can go to your friends for all I care." She put the backpack and started to walkaway. The panda was about to hit the girl with a sign. But the girl ducked and then kicked the panda sending it flying. "Good riddance."

Back at Juban.

Usagi was feeling down for being caught eating her lunch in the hall and being yield at by the teacher for having a 30 percent on her test. Her friend Naru.

"Wow I can't believe you did that, Usagi. You got to learn some self-control." said Naru

"Naru you know I don't have that kind of self-control. And besides I'm a growing girl I cant help it." said Usagi

Umino started to walk up to them. "How did you do on your test, Usagi?" asked Umino

"Hi, Umino."

"Can't you tell she's upset? Not that she failed worst then usual." said Naru


"I didn't mean it, sorry."

"Well don't be sad. I slacked off a little this time, too, so I only got a 95. Oh well, it's just a test." said Umino

"Your a jerk sometimes." Then Usagi was then more depressed the she was before. Naru saw this us making Usagi even more upset and strated to change the subject. "Well did you hear that Sailor V made a another appearance the other night?"

"Sailor V?" questioned Usagi

"Yeah, I heard she caught a jewelry thief."

"Wow, that's amazing!"

"I know!"

"Who is Sailor V, anyway?"

"Don't act impressed if you don't know what I'm talking about."

"Yeah, in case you haven't heard. Sailor V is a costume crime fighter that everyone's been talking about lately. And rumor has it that she's part of the police special investigation unit." said Umino

"So there is someone like that out there? Wow that pretty cool."

"But the jewelry is really beautiful. I can totally understand why someone would want to steal some of it." said Naru

"I would love to have a diamond ring." said Usagi

"I want ruby earrings. Oh I just remembered. A sale started yesterday at our jewelry store. You want to come over and check it out?"

"Of course I do."

"There are rings and other things that even we can afford."

"Really! I'm so there."

"We will meet there after school okay."

"Okay, I'll come by for sure. I just wish school was over already."

At the Dark Kingdom.

"Have we made any progress in locating the Legendary Silver Crystal yet?" asked Queen Baryl

"No..." said the creatures that were there.

"We must keep in mind that the great ruler still needs a massive amount of energy. We will find the Silver Crystal no matter what. But until then we'll provide human energy to our ruler instead."

Then a man whit blond hair appeared before Queen Baryl. "Queen Baryl. Please allow me, Jadeite the duty of this mission. As we speak my monster Morga is preparing to gather human energy for the ruler. She will not fail." said Jadeite

"Then I will leave it up to you, go now Jadeite."

"Yes, ma'am."

At the Juban shopping district. Both Usagi and Naru entered the jewelry store.

"Wow, there are so many people here." said Usagi

"Thank you all for coming in today. Welcome to are store." said Naru's mom is a speaker so the whole store could hear her.

"My mom is really getting into this whole sales thing." said Naru

"Maybe she trying to be more business-oriented." said Usagi

'Foolish humans. Offer all your energy to our great ruler' thought Naru's mom or whoever looked like Naru's mom as the jewelry started to absorbed the energy from there wearer. The process was slow so no one could realize what was going on.

in the Dark Kingdom. The energy that was being stolen from the humans was being sent to Jadeite there.

'Energy is being collected from those clueless humans. Who are drawn to the sparkle of those jewels. I'm sure Queen Baryl will be vary pleased.' thought Jadeite. 'Continue Morga, keep collecting more energy." Jadeite order Morga as he send it through his thoughts in to her head.

In the jewelry store.

'Gladly.' Morga replied to Jadeite. Who was disguised to look like Naru's mom.

"Mom." said Naru

Morga heard her and quickly returned back into character. "Oh, welcome home, Naru." said Morga

"I brought a friend from school." said Naru

"Hi Naru's mom." said Usagi

"It's so nice of you to come visit my store. It's a bit crowded but please take your time and look around." said Morga


"And because you're Naru's friend, I'll even give you an extra discount."

"Really? All right, score!"

They soon got to a counter were Morga was showing them some of the jewelry. "If yo like diamonds how about this one?" Morga asked as she showed Usagi and Naru a diamond ring. "It's 500,000."

"500.000." repeated Usagi

"It is a but much. But I'll give it to you for 30,000."

"500,000 for 30,000." shouted both Usagi and Naru in shock on home much she took off the price. the rest of the customers where shocked of what they heard. One lady even pushed both Usagi and Naru out of the way so she could buy it. The rest of the customers crowd that spot to get a shot at the ring. Both Usagi and Naru crawled out of the crowd.

"This is unbelievable." said Naru as she and Usagi caught there breath.

"500,000 for only 30,000. Oh I really want it." said Usagi

"You know you can ask your mom."

"Yeah, but seeing how I failed my English test."

"Oh, that's right"

"And I have already spent all of my allowance this month as well."

"Well there is always next time."

Usagi soon left the store. "If only I had studied a little more." Usagi pulled out her test and looked at it. "Oh I hate you. You stupid test." Usagi crumbled up the test into ball and tossed it and started to walk away. The test hit a guy on the head.

"Hey, watch were your throwings, Bun-head." said the guy

"Ah, sorry." Usagi turned around and apologized.

The guy uncrumbled the piece of paper and saw the test score. "30 percent."


"Looks to me that you need to study harder, Bun-head."

Usagi face started to turn red in embarrassment. "Well that none of you business." She took her test back form the guy. Then she stick her tongue out at him. She then started to walk away. The guy just stood there and stared at the jewelry shop. As Usagi was making her way home she saw a poster for a Sailor V video game. She stopped so she could take a look. "They already made Sailor V into a video game?! It must be so cool being Sailor V. She doesn't have any tests to worry about, and I bet taking down all those bad guys feels super awesome." The black cat from earlier was following Usagi. "Compared to that, I'm nothing. I cant believe I have to take this test home." Her eyes started to water up as she began to cry. She soon stopped crying but her eyes were still watering and started to head home.

"Usagi Saotome, at last I found you. But the only question now is where is the other one." whispered the cat

Usagi got home and entered the house. "I'm home." said Usagi

"Welcome back. Your late getting back today." said Nodoka

"Yeah, a little bit."

"Oh, by the way I bumped into Umino earlier. I he said you got your test back." Once Nodoka said this Usagi started to get nervous. "He said he got a 95 percent on his test."

"Oh really...? Good for him." Then Usagi started to mumbled something under her breath.

"So what did you get on your test, Usagi?"

Usagi got even more nervous. "Err... well, you see..." Usagi was trying to stale.

"Can I see it?"

"Okay." Usagi gave her mother the test because she knew she would find out one way or another. Nodoka looked at the score and saw see got 30 percent on the test.

"Usagi!" Nodoka said in upset tone.


"Stop bringing home grades like this. I wand you to go outside and think about what you have done." The Nodoka pushed Usagi out of the house.

"But mom."

"I don't want to hear it."

Usagi started to wait on the front porch until her mother would let her in. But it wasn't long till a red haired girl came up to the door. The black cat from earlier also saw the girl as well and was excited that she found the two people she was looking for. "Excuse me. This is the Saotome residence?" asked the girl

"It is, I'm Usagi Saotome. Might I ask who you are?" asked Usagi

"I'm Ranma Saotome." said Ranma quickly to get it over with.

"Ranma as in my twin brother Ranma. I'm no genius and my mom can vouch for that. But you look like a girl not a boy."

"Don't worry I can explain this. Do you mind if we take this inside."

"Sure." Usagi knocked on the door.

"I told you before you are not coming in until you learn your lesson." said Nodoka

"No that's not why I knocked mom. We have a guest."

Nodoka opened the door and saw that there was a red haired girl with her daughter on the porch. "Oh, so we do have a guest. What's your name miss?"

"I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this." said Ranma

"What but how?" Nodoka asked in shock

"I know it difficult to believe. But I can explain."

Nodoka let Ranma in as well as Usagi. "Would you like something to drink?"

"I like some juice mom." said Usagi

"You are getting cold water. What would like Ranma?"

"I just want hot water." said Ranma

Both Ranma and Usagi waited in the living until Nodoka came out with the drinks. She started to hand them out the drinks. She gave Usagi a normal glass of cold water, she gave Ranma a cup of hot water and she brought herself self some tea. "So were do you want to start Ranma?"

"How about with this." said Ranma as she grabbed the cup of hot water but instead of drink it she poured it over her head and was instantly turned into a man.

Nodoka and Usagi were shocked to see this happened. But Nodoka recognized the boy to be Ranma. "How did this happen?" asked Nodoka still shocked

"It happened while were training in China. We came to this training ground called Jusenkyo. It wasn't till after we started training I found out the place was cursed. The guide probably tried to warren us. And in the end pops and I were cursed. Now when ever I get hit with cold water I turn into a girl and hot water turns me back."

"Do you and dad have the same curse or his different?" asked Usagi

"Pops turns into a panda." When Usagi heard that she started to chuckle a little bit.

"So the curse isn't that bad. But Ranma just so you know you are my child. I will love you no matter what. Even if you decide to be a girl." said Nodoka

"What do you mean by that?!" asked Ranma with a worried face.

"I mean that you can be who ever you want to be."

"Oh, thanks."

"So is dad coming or not?" asked Usagi

"No I don't think. I ditched him earlier here today and headed over here. I found out he taking me over to his friends so he could marry me off to one of his daughters."

"I know how that feels like."

"What do you mean?"

"Well while you and Genma were out on you training trip. Apparently he had engaged Usagi to several families. I wouldn't be surprised you had other engagements you don't know about. It was a good thing I made Genma sign that contract we married that says he can't engage you off." said Nodoka

"That seems to be handy."

"Yeah, that thing helped me got out of quite a lot of engagements that dad set up for me. that we never knew about they come to the house and told us about them." said Usagi

"So Ranma I'm guessing your going to be staying here? Because I don't think you want leave incase Genma tries to marry you off again?" asked Nodoka

"You're right about that." said Ranma

"So what did dad say about me and mom during your trip?" asked Usagi

"To be honest he didn't say anything not even you names. And every time I ask about you two he would either change the subject or just said you died."

"He did what!" said Nodoka and Usagi in shocked and anger that Genma told Ranma that she and Usagi anything about them, but worse that they were dead.

"Even I told Usagi about you and Genma." said Nodoka

"So how did you find this place or did you to every place with the family name Saotome?" asked Usagi

"Well he sometimes talks in his sleep and your names slipped out a few times. Then one day I looked you up and found where you lived." said Ranma

"Well any way I'm just glade you are home Ranma. Unfortunately I don't have a room set up for you to use so for tonight. So you will have to bunk with Usagi." said Nodoka

"What! No!" said Ranma

"Why not were brother and sister?" asked Usagi

"Well you're a girl and I'm a boy. If we were younger I would understand. But now it would be awkward." Usagi grind and pick up her cup of water and tossed on Ranma turning him into a girl. "Why did you do that for?"

"Well if we are both girls it will no longer be awkward right."

"Yeah but..."

"Ranma its only for tonight and tomorrow you will have your own room." said Nodoka

"Okay mom."

"Usagi, why don't you show Ranma to your room?"

at the jewelry shop. People were starting to get weak and soon collapsed.

Naru noticed what was happening to the customers. "What's happening? Everyone seems to get sick all of a sudden. Should we call for some help? Mom!" said Naru

"Yes, this should be enough energy for now..." said Morga

"Mom." Naru was starting to get scared.

back with Ranma and Usagi.

Usagi and Ranma entered her room.

"So this is you room?" asked Ranma

"Yep, not bad right." said Usagi

"Its' okay for a girl."

Before Usagi could talk back to Ranma the window open. The black cat from earlier enter Usagi's room. Then jumped on Usagi's bed. Noth noticed the cat. "Its' that cat with the bold spot."

"C-c-c-c-cat!" said Ranma with fear in her voice

"Wait! Ranma are you scared of cats?" Ranma didn't say a thing but she could fear in Ranma's eyes.

"Well there is no need to be afraid of me. I'm a friend." said the cat

"Ahh. It can talk." Usagi was now scared as well.

"Usagi, Ranma. My name is Luna. I have been looking for you two."

'Come on Ranma it's just a cat. You can get over this.' thought Ranma as she tried to calm down.

"Usagi I must thank you for saving me from those kids earlier today. I also appreciate you for taking off the bandage for me. With it on, I can't talk and it dulls my sensory powers. I thought I was done for when those kids put it on. But because of that, it led me to the two of you." Luna tried to move closer but that just made Ranma more scared. "Okay, Ranma is really scared."

"Yeah, I'm starting to worry." said Usagi

"Ranma I would like to try something if you would let me."

"What do you want to do?" asked Ranma

"I'm going put you in a trance and seal the memory that caused you to be afraid of cat. But I will only do it if you will let me."

"Yeah, do it."

"Okay but before I do this I need you to do a few thing before I can start."

"What do you need to do?"

"Well first do you remember the event that caused this? That way I know what I am looking for. So I don't have to look thru every single memory."

"It was the old man was teaching me Cat Fu."

"Cat Fu? oh its one of those animal style form. Would it be possible to teach it to me?" asked Usagi

"What?! No!"

"Why not? I like cats."

"Because in order to learn it you get wrapped up from head to toe with fish sausage and thrown into a pit filled with starving cats. Then your repeat the process until you learn it."

Both Luna and Usagi where shock and horrified by what Ranma told them how the Cat Fu was learned. "And dad did that to you. How old your you?"

"I was six years old."

"That man shouldn't raising any kids or training anyone." said Luna

"I'm surprised he didn't left him and came back after that. But with what you told me about him today I'm not surprised he found a way to make you stay." said Usagi

"Okay, now that I know what memory or should I say memories. That I'm looking for this shouldn't take long. There is just one more thing I need you to do."

"And what's that?" asked Ranma

"You need to get closer. It won't reach on the other side off the room. if you want to take your time over here I would understand."

"No, I'm just going to run over there. Then you do it once I get close enough."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want to get rid of this fear as fast as I can. And I figured if I did take it slow I might be tempted to run away."

"I see. Then I'm ready whenever you are." Ranma started to run to the bed wereLuna was at and once she was close enough. Luna fired a light from the crescent moon on her for head on to Ranma's for head. Ranma stopped dead in is tracks and after a few seconds the light faded. Ranma looked at Luna and flinched.

"No, Ranma is still scared of cat." said Usagi sad that it didn't worked

Ranma regained herself. "Actually it did but I don't know why I flinched like that." said Ranma

"I think I can answer that it must have been muscle memory. Even though your no longer afraid of cats. Your body will still do that every timey ou see a cat. I'm sorry." said Luna

"So I'll be startled by cat. I will say that better then being afraid by them."

"Well anyway the reason why I'm here is to give you two these." Luna jumped up into the air and two brooches landed on Usagi's bed they both looked a like but there was one difference on each one had a crescent moon under a pink crystal and the other had a sun on it with a pink crystal in the center of the sun.

"Are you serious? These are for us?" asked Usagi as she picked up the brooch with the crescent moon off the bed and clipped it on. "Thank you so much." Then she walked over to the mirror and looked at herself.

Ranma picked up the brooch with the sun. "so what's the reason your give use these?" asked Ranma

"Well you see strange things are happening in the city. Even the police handle it. You see a dangerous enemy has appeared. You two must defeat this enemy. You two are the chosen guardians." said Luna

"I see and these brooches are supposed help us in the battle."

"Right. But not only must fight the enemy. You two must also find the other guardians and our princesses."

"Wow, really!" said Usagi

"Okay, in order to use the items I gave you must repeat these words. Usagi you say Moon Prism Power, Make Up! AS for you Ranma you say Sun Prism Power, Make Up!"

"Are you serious?" asked Ranma thinking that that sounded girly.

"Oh, come on let's give it a try, please." said Usagi as she use the old puppy dog eyes trick.

"Oh, alright." Usagi was happy that Ranma agreed to try it out.

"Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

"Sun Prism Power, Make Up!"

Both Ranma and Usagi were then transformed it only lasted a few seconds. Usagi transformed into her Sailor Moon outfit and Ranma transformed into her Sailor Sun outfit. The Sailor Sun outfit look just like the Sailor Moon outfit except it didn't have the two orbs on top of the head, the collar and mini-skirt was yellow instead of blue and there were suns on the heels, and earrings instead of crescent moons like Sailor Moon had. Once it was over both of them were surprised what happened to them. Ranma more then Usagi because she never wear anything like this before. Then Usagi started to hear Naru's voice in her head as the orbs on her head started to glow. "I just heard Naru's voice. I think she might be in trouble." said Usagi

"Usagi you have become Sailor Moon and Ranma you have become Sailor Sun. Now hurry and go help." said Luna

"I'm not really a fighter. So I'll just sit this out." Then Ranma grabbed Usagi by the ear making her eyes water as she started to wine in pain.

"If I'm going out there and fighting in this on. Then you're coming with me." said Ranma

"I was just joking. Please let go of my ear."

At the jewelry.

Morga still disguised as Naru's mom and strangling Naru. "Stop it! Mom!" said Naru

"I'm not your mother. Girl!" said Morga as she reviled what she really looked like. Once Naru saw it wasn't her mom she started get scared. "I've locked your mother up in the basement. Then after I kill you, I'm going to kill her too."

"Get away from Naru!" said Usagi

Morga turned around and saw two girls at the entrance. "Who are you two?"

"Oh, I'm the Pretty Guardian. Who fight for love and for justice. I am Sailor Moon! And in the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!" said Usagi as she stroke a pose.

"And I... I'm the Pretty Guardian. Who fight for love and for honor. I am Sailor Sun! And in the name of the Sun, I'll punish you!" said Ranma also striking a pose. Wondering why she said that.

"Sailor Moon? Sailor Sun? Never heard of you two. Now arise all of you who have given your energy to the great ruler. Rise up and attack them." Then all the people that collapse before started to get up. then they started to attack both Ranma and Usagi. Usagi started to run away as she avoided the attacks. Ranma on the other hand was knocking out the ones that were after her. Ranma made sure that she didn't hurt them to badly. She knew they were not doing this of there own free will. Ranma saw the Usagi got cut as she ran from one with a glass bottle. Usagi fell and but her back to a stone pillar.

"Oh no, I'm bleeding." said Usagi

"What are you doing fight back." said Ranma as she kept the attack the possessed people.

Luna sneaked passed got behind the pillar were Usagi is at. "Sailor Sun is right, Sailor Moon! You have to help her fight back and defeat the monster!" said Luna

"But I don't want to fight, I'm not like Sun, I'm too scared." said Usagi as her eyes started to water. She soon started to cry. "I... I want to go home."

"Time to finish you off Sailor Moon." said Morga as she attacked Usagi by extending one of her arm toward her. Morga's claws ready to attack.

"Sailor Moon no!" said Ranma worried for her sister as she noticed the attack heading for Usagi. She was going to head towards Usagi. But Morga notice Ranma was about to head towards Usagi and launched an attack towards Ranma. Then two roses one was red it landed in front of Sailor Moon and the other was yellow it landed in front of Sailor Sun to stop Morga's attacks. She turned her head around.

"Who's there?!" asked Morga

In the window of the upper level. There was two men wearing masks. One was in a normal tuxedo and had a top hat. The other had like a tuxedo that a cowboy would wear and had a cowboy hat.

"I'm Tuxedo Mask!" said the man in the normal tuxedo

"I'm Tuxedo Ranger!" said the one in the cowboy tuxedo

"Sailor Moon, remember crying won't solve anything."

"But I can't..." Usagi started to cry again but this time the cry turned into a sonic scream. The scream knocked out the rest of the people.

"Now is your chance. Take off your tiara and throw it at her as you yell "Moon Tiara Action"!" said Luna

"Why would I do that?" asked Usagi

"Just do it!"

Usagi took off her tiara. The tiara started to glow with energy. "Moon Tiara Action!" Then Usagi throw the tiara like a Frisbee and hit Morga. Morga started to turn gray and then into ash.

in the dark kingdom.

The energy that Morga had collected had disappeared. "Morga, you failed me, you fool." said Jadeite

back in the jewelry shop. The ashes that Morga turned into started to vanish.

"Well done, Sailor Moon. I won't soon forget what happened here tonight." said Tuxedo Mask

"You did a great job as we, Sailor Sun. I as well won't soon forget what happened here tonight." said Tuxedo Ranger

Then Luna joined up with Ranma and Usagi. "Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun, both of you did a great job." said Luna

"Tuxedo Mask is so cute!" said Usagi

The next morning Ramna got out of the tub after a hot bath. Ranma looked in the mirror. Down stairs Nodoka was making lunch for Usagi for school she soon heard a scream coming from the bathroom. Nodoka stopped what she was doing to see what was wrong. Usagi was sleep but a scream woke her up. She as well went to see what was wrong. Both Nodoka and Usagi got to the bath room at the same time. They opened the door and saw Ranma in girl form on the floor in shock. Both Nodoka and Usagi ran over to Ranma.

"Ranma are you okay?" asked Nodoka

"I...I...I...I...I...I..." Ranma kept repeating. Usagi notice the bath was full of hot water. She filled a bucket with hot water. she then throw it on Ranma to snap her out of shock. But once the water hit Ranma, she didn't turn back into a boy. But Ranma did get out of shocked.

"I can't change back!"