Gus woke up with a smile on his face as he pulled the blankets tighter around himself. He loved staying at his dads' house. Today was going to be extra special with the breakfast in bed for his dad, and he couldn't wait. He really hoped his Daddy Justin would wake up soon so that they could start preparing the surprise.

Meanwhile in the master bedroom, Justin woke up, smiling as he peered at his partner. Brian was fast asleep, with one arm across his stomach and the other flung above his head. His head was turned slightly, his lips parted just a tiny bit, his hair in messy disarray. To Justin, it was the most beautiful sight imaginable.

Placing a kiss on Brian's shoulder, he got out of bed without waking him. Slipping on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, he smiled once more as he glanced one last time at the brunet, before sneaking away to get Gus.

When he poked his head around the bedroom door, he was greeted by a pair sparkling brown eyes and a smile that lit up the room. Smiling back, Justin made his way into the room. "Morning, Gus. Did you sleep okay?"

Gus sat up and nodded, that beaming smile still on his face, "I did. My bed is very snuggly. What about you?"

Justin sat on the edge of the bed, "I sure did. I'm looking forward to helping you make the breakfast. Are you excited?"

Nodding excitedly, Gus spoke in hushed tones, "Yeah, I can't wait, I hope Dad will like it."

Brushing back a lock of hair that had fallen across Gus's forehead, Justin replied, "He'll love it. Let's get downstairs and make a start. Mr Sleepyhead is still sound asleep."

Gus jumped out of bed and hugged Justin before using the bathroom. Then they both headed downstairs.

Once they were in the kitchen, Justin opened a cupboard and took out a parcel before handing it to Gus. "Here, I got you this for when you are cooking."

Gus held the brightly wrapped parcel in his hands, his big brown eyes dancing. "Thank you, Daddy! You got me a present." Opening the parcel, he found a chef's hat inside with 'Chef Gus' printed on it. Gus squealed with delight, before remembering to keep the noise level down. Putting it on, he grinned widely, hugging Justin, "Thanks so much, Daddy. I love it."

Hugging the little boy tight, Justin replied with joy in his voice, "It's a pleasure, Gus."

Moving to the stove, Justin got out a step stool so that Gus would be at the right height to cook safely. "Okay. Gus, you are going to cook as much of this on your own as possible. I am here to help you. I have everything ready for you, since chopping takes the longest."

Looking at his daddy, Gus thanked him as he watched him lay out all that he needed in the order he would need it.

A deep frying pan with a splatter guard was placed on the burner, and Justin instructed Gus, "Okay, lightly spay some of the oil on the pan now that it's heating nicely."

Gus nodded as he poked his tongue in his cheek in concentration, making him look even more like his dad.

The young chef looked up at Justin, while making sure the guard was in place to stop the oil from spitting on him. "What's next, Daddy?"

"Now put in the diced bacon and use the spatula to move it around until it's nearly cooked. Then add the peppers and a few spring onions."

Nodding, Gus once again concentrated hard, sticking his tongue in the side of his mouth as he'd done previously. Justin smiled as he watched him; he looked so much like his dad, making this a heartwarming moment he would treasure.

Gus had now cooked everything except the egg. "Daddy, how do I put the egg in?"

"Put all you've cooked so far into that warming bowl to keep it hot, then tip the eggs into the pan, and swirl them around just a bit. Use the spatula to keep them from sticking to the pan."

Gus did as he was told. "Is that right?"

"That's just right. You're doing a great job, Gus. Now fold the eggs a bit and flip them. Next, open the fold and add the ingredients you cooked before. Finally, fold the eggs over those items and press down just a bit."

Gus carefully did that, and then he looked at Justin, again asking, "Is that right?"

Patting the child's back, Justin smiled, "It's perfect Gus. Now let's place the omelette on one of the new warming plates your dad bought."

Gus set everything on a tray - the omelette, whole wheat toast, guava juice, coffee, and a bowl of fruit - all ready to be taken upstairs to give to his dad.

Justin placed a hand on his shoulder, "I am very proud of you, Gus; you listened to everything I said and never panicked. Your dad is going to be so happy, so let's go up and surprise him."

They crept up the stairs, giggling slightly as they went, but once they got to the top, Justin again surprised Gus. There was a serving trolley waiting so he could take the breakfast in by himself. Gus hugged his daddy, whispering his thanks, before he started pushing the trolley down to his daddy's bedroom.

Gus smiled at his daddy before taking a deep breath. Then he knocked on the bedroom door, announcing, "Breakfast time!" Gus giggled once he finished speaking.

Brian opened his eyes slightly at the knocking on the bedroom door. Lifting his head, he saw that Justin wasn't in bed. Since he was in his own bed and not a hotel room, he wondered why someone was knocking on his door, saying, "Breakfast time!" All that came out when he tried to reply was, "Urgh."

Gus giggled once more before he opened the door, wheeling the trolley in. Trying to sound like a waiter, Gus spoke, "Morning, Mr. Dad. Here is your breakfast. I made it fresh myself, so I hope it's to your liking."

Sitting up now, Brian smiled hugely at his son. Gus looked adorable, a chef's hat on his head, as he stood poised next to a mouthwatering breakfast.

"Thank you, Chef Gus. That breakfast looks delicious."

Smiling, Gus giggled again at the game that they were playing. "Thanks, Mr. Dad. I made it just for you."

Looking at Justin and seeing his nod of confirmation, Brian took a bite of the omelette, before closing his mouth and mumbling, "Mmm, good."

After the first bite, Brian leaned over and swept his son onto the bed next to him, hugging him close. "Sonnyboy, how did you get here so early?"

Gus giggled as his dad tickled him. "Mama brought me last night, and Daddy helped me so I could make you a surprise breakfast. I hope you like all of it; Daddy helped with the cutting up part for me."

Hugging Gus closer, he placed a kiss on his head. He sent Justin a warm, loving look over his son's head, mouthing, 'Thank you,' at him.

Brian turned back to his food and tucked in, enjoying every bite of it. Made with love by his son, it was the best breakfast he'd ever eaten.

Looking at his son after he finished, he spoke, "Thank you, Chef Gus. That was the yummiest breakfast ever."

Feeling proud, Gus replied, "You're welcome, Dad."

Brian motioned to Justin to join them in the bed, and they snuggled together, Gus between his dads.

Smiling at his son, Brian requested, "Tell me how you planned this surprise and how you kept me from hearing you arrive last night."

Gazing up at his dad while his fingers played with the sleeve of his dad's t-shirt, Gus explained, "Last week, Daddy was helping me with my art project for school. I was missing you, so I asked Daddy to help me surprise you with a breakfast in bed. He helped me, and Mommy and Mama helped as well. I sneaked in last night, and Daddy helped me tip-toe up to bed. It was so much fun!" he finished, giggling.

Brian tickled his son. "Well, you really did surprise me and made me very happy. I think that I'll take the day off, and we'll have an adventure - go for a drive in the country. Would you like that?"

Gus cheered, "Yeah, Dad, that will be so much fun!" Turning to his daddy, he inquired, "Won't it, Daddy?"

Justin nodded with a huge smile on his face as he hugged him. "It sure will, Gus. It will be lots of fun."

Gus snuggled with his dads, reaching back to pull Justin closer, as he proclaimed, "I love my daddies."

Brian and Justin shared a kiss above his head, before placing kisses on his head. "We love you too, Gus. Always."

The End