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I want to write a (not so) fantasy this time. I will write with a slower plot. Wish me luck!

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Chapter 1

"You must be kidding me!" a honey haired young lad said to a slightly older woman who sat on a single bed in frustration.

"Why didn't you tell me, no, didn't you need to ask me first? Why did you have to decide it by yourself?!" He bit his nail, walked back and forth nervously around the big yurt provided to them for spending the night. At first, it was a very beautiful and nice place to stay; sturdy bed, nice big pillow and blanket, beautiful decorations, thick dark brown fluffy carpet, warm fireplace, foods and all, yet the young man wasn't sure anymore after hearing his sister's request.

"I know, Syuu..but.." she cringed, not knowing that her brother would be so mad. Well, of course he would be mad.

"No buts. There won't be a—," He blinked and shook his head, "why did you agree to this?"

"He almost died yesterday if we didn't help him.." she reasoned.

"I know. That's why we helped him."

"And now he gives us chance."

The young man, Syuu, snapped at his sister, "That's not a chance. It's a trap. Why did we help him in the first place?" He groaned, asking more to himself than his sister.

"Because he was sick?" His sister asked sheepishly, trying to help.

"We made a terrible mistake, Yumiko-neesan."

Yumiko and her brother met an old man in the middle of forest on their way to another hideout. The old man was very sick and tired, hadn't he met them he would have already in heaven.

"I have to give you my gratitude. I don't think I can survive that, young man." He bowed deeply to the young man who already saved his life. "Is there anything I can do to both of you? I shall do something as a repayment."

Yumiko smiled, "That's very nice of you, sir. But it's our pleasure. We are supposed to help each other when needed."

The old man nodded and murmured his thanks again, "Ah, that's right. Where are you going in this cold season?"

Before Yumiko could answer, her brother replied quickly, "To our relatives."

"I see. Where do your relatives live in?"

"Somewhere far at the North."

The old man scratched his chin thoughtfully, "That's strange since there's no other village other than Seigaku... Are your relatives from there? Although I don't remember about new family..." He murmured.

"Maa.. I don't think we are obliged to answer that." He felt his sister elbowed him.

The old man laughed, "You are right. It's very dangerous to share information in the middle of nowhere, huh?" He inserted his hand to his loose sleeves of his thick clothes to keep his hands warm in the early winter day. "But we could still share our name, couldn't we?"

The young man refused to answer but his sister being too careless giving the stranger their full name.

"Fuji? Are you by chance related to that Fuji clan which rumored to be able to create a miracle?"

"No. We are not." The younger Fuji answered. "We believe that our parents were being greedy so they use the same last name to gain popularity."

Really, his sister was too oblivious sometimes. They should give some false common names but no, his sister gave the stranger their full name, real full name.

Yumiko insisted for them to walk together after that -to make sure he was fine she said- and the old man, a man with silvery short hair and stern face, felt worry and sorry for three of them to continue their journey in such cold and dangerous winter so he offered his house for them to stay for a while. Who ever guessed that the old man belonged to the respected Seigaku clan.

"Don't worry, Syuu. Nothing bad gonna happen. I saw it."

The younger Fuji blinked, back to his current situation. "What do you mean by that? Even if we got back everything we lost by doing it, it is still wrong. And don't forget, you decided this selfishly. I don't agree with you. I don't want it. If you insist then do it yourself." He folded his arms, backing his sister.

"If I could then I would. However, I have Yuta so it's impossible for me. Besides, I know Ryo is still alive out there." she smiled solemnly, "We have only you, Syuu."

Her brother was neither answered nor moved.

"Winter has come and it's the only chance for us to survive after those hard time. Yuta is too young to live such harsh life." hearing that name, the young man shifted and saw the small toddler, his nephew, Yuta, with his short thin brown hair, plump cheek and frail limbs, sleeping soundly on the warm bed next to his mother, unaware of his not so peaceful surrounding.

Yuta, his nephew who was named after his deceased brother.

The younger Fuji something tugging his heart, in full force, imagined what had they faced so far and knowing Yuta, the little innocent Yuta had to pass through the same fate...

It was too cruel.

"No. We don't have to lower ourselves to that point. There must be another way." He retaliated and walked out of the warm room quickly.

Yumiko watched his disappearance sadly, "Just believe in me this one time, Syuu."

Her clairvoyance had never been wrong. She saw it clearly when she touched the old man the day before. It was very clear and solid, unlike any other visual images she ever saw. "It can't be wrong. Perhaps with this you will get the chance to be happy, too. Syusuke." she wept.

As if sensing his mother's suffers, the little toddler started to cry. Yumiko scooped him into her arms and sang, the same old song her mother taught her and sang for her when she sent her to sleep, too. The same mother who had been killed years ago.

Yumiko didn't know how long she sang and put the little boy back to his sleep but when she decided to go and searched for her brother, the said brother entered their room.

"Syuu, I know it it be difficult." she would do her best to make sure her brother agree with her no matter what method she should utilize to accomplish it. "I think it's better to—"

"I will do it." He replied gloomily.

Yumiko blinked in disbelief before said, "Huh?"

"I will marry the leader of Seigaku clan like you wish." He announced firmly.

Yumiko could only stood and gaped.

Just what happened actually.

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