I'm not a native speaker so there might be mistakes. Feel free to point them out. Enjoy!

After making sure that even the last drop of the potion was destroyed, Sheppard just wanted to get to his room as fast as possible. Even though his cold literally saved Atlantis today, he now felt the downside of it. His throat was sore, a headache just started to materialize and why had this damn cell had to be this cold? It felt like he couldn`t shake the cold even though it had already been several hours, since Carson freed him from the frosty prison. Now all he wanted was to take a hot shower and curl up in bed.

The doors of the nearest transporter opened as his com cracked.

"Colonel Sheppard, please come in", he heard the sound of Major Lorne's voice.

"Go ahead Major", he responded while rubbing his throbbing temples.

"Sir, some weapons have been reported missing. We are currently going through all training rooms, to check if someone has just been lazy about putting their arms away, but we haven't found anything yet."

Sheppard frowned. "Where are you right now?"

"I am in the weaponry."

"All right stay there. I`ll be joining you in a minute. Sheppard out."

Entering the weaponry, he saw major Lorne talking to a young lieutenant, while making notes. The major looked up as he heard the sound of opening doors.

"Any news?"

"No, Sir. We have nearly covered all the rooms that we suspect the weapons might be in, but nothing so far. Right now there are six P90's missing."

"If someone is still under Lucius's spell and decides to go haywire we might have a real problem. "

Lorne nodded seriously. "I have already informed everyone to be cautious about someone carrying a gun and acting strange."

"Good thing the scientist aren't allowed to use weapons. We would never be able to locate those", Sheppard mumbled.

At this moment Teyla, followed by some soldiers entered the room. The soldiers were carrying several weapons each decorated with a big red ribbon.

"Major we have found the missing arms. I think lieutenant Colby wants to inform you about the circumstances of the disappearing."

A young and rather ashamed looking man stepped forward. "I'm sorry Sir, but I promised Lucius we would trade some of our weapons with him. At first I said no of course, but then he pointed out that we have so many of them."

Sheppard looked at him in disbelieve, than he closed his eyes and took a calming breath. With gritted teeth, he ordered Lorne to take the soldier to med bay.

"And make sure that no one else is still experiencing any aftereffects."

"Yes, Sir." Lorne grabbed the lieutenant and shoved him out of the room.

As the room cleared, he ran a hand through his already messy hair. The headache had become worse and felt like a dull pain behind his eyes. He really just wanted to lie down.

"John, are you not feeling well?", Teyla looked at him worried.

He smiled reassuringly. "It's nothing, I'm just feeling a little tired. I'll go to my room and catch some sleep."

"I'm glad. Will you still join us later for dinner? As Rodney has told me rather excitedly there will be Pizza today."

"Oh I'm sure as hell not gonna miss Pizza."