Author's Note: I am still hoping some weird twist will happen to show that BM is actually Jason and SB is Drew. However, as it stands now, that is not the case. So this is not a JaSam story, it's a DreAm story. Drew is not a character choice in the characters yet.

It took Sam a day to finally realize she needed to be honest. It was a day too long, but she couldn't turn back the clock, she just needed to come clean.

"I wasn't entirely honest with you," she said, bracing herself for Drew's anger.

"About what?" Drew asked, glancing at his fiancee.

"About New Year's Eve," she said. She bit her lip, twisting her engagement ring on her finger. A habit she had done consistently with her wedding band as well. It showed Drew just how nervous Sam was.

"About what on New Year's Eve?" Drew asked, his words slow and enunciated, because he dreaded hearing her answer.

"Jason and I... kissed," she admitted.

"You... kissed," Drew said, his tone dull and yet full of so much pain.

"Yes," Sam said. "I shouldn't have... I have no excuse."

"Dominos and tequila," Drew murmured. "I told you I'd step aside if-."

"No!" Sam said, hurrying over to him. She ignored the bite of pain as he attempted to pull away, but she refused to let him.

"The kiss... it only proved one thing to me," she said. "That what I had with Jason is gone."

Drew's brow furrowed. "But..."

"Yes, we kissed," Sam said. "But I didn't feel what I used to with him. I will always, always love him. He was the first man I ever truly loved, he was the man that showed me I could be loved and love someone else. He gave me Danny, but..."

"But?" Drew questioned.

"But he's not you. What I have with you is... amazing. And pure. And everything I have always wanted," she said. "I might have thought Jason was my soulmate once, but he's not. You are. You have shown me what true, adult love is. You show me every day what I want for my life, what I want for my kids."

Reaching up to cup Drew's face. "That kiss showed me what I need in life and that's your love and your presence," she said. "Jason is my past, you are my present, my future, my everything. We can't ignore Jason in our lives. He's your twin brother and Danny's father, but he no longer holds any other importance than that."

"Are you sure?" Drew whispered.

"Positive," Sam whispered. She stepped closer and felt Drew's arms coming around her, keeping her close. "I've said good-bye to my past. Now I want to help you find yours so we can move forward."

"I love you, Sam."

"I love you, Drew."