"Doc have you got a lighter?" Marty asked, a cigarette balanced on his lips. "No Marty I have not, you shouldn't smoke you know, your seventeen, your lungs are still developing, this is the worst time for you to smoke." Doc said looking at his best friend, in despair. "Yeah I know Doc but I need something that can set fire to my cigarette." Marty said, looking desperate for something now. "No Marty I don't." Doc said, even though he know very well he had some matches around somewhere." "Give me some fricking matches Doc I need them." Marty said, the pled in his voice made Doc give in and he chucked Marty a match. Doc was sad that Marty had given into the peer pressure and the worst thing was he could almost see what had happened. Someone had come up to Marty with a packet and asked him if he wanted one, knowing Marty, he had said no but whoever it was had called him a chicken and he gave in and now he was addicted to them.