In the hospital he met Marty's parents, they had obviously heard and headed straight here. Jennifer was their too. They aroma in the room was awful, all the could smell was medicine, all they could here was people murmuring and all they could see was the door Marty was behind. A doctor came out of the room and spoke to his parents. The doctor said, "Marty suffered from a heart attack because he had a blocked artery. The heart attack hasn't killed him but it has paralised him from the waist down. He is currently asleep but you can wait with him. Only family is allowed in until the give consent for other people." The doctor rambled. It was obvious Lorraine and George were relieved but also shocked to hear that their teenage son was paralysed forever. Last time they'd seen him he was quite happily skateboarding, the next time they'd seen him, he was lying in a hospital bed, paralysed.

When his parents left, it was Jennifer's turn, Doc leaves right up against the door and could hear what she was saying. "Marty, remember, I love you no matter what. You may be paralysed now but you will always be the Marty I love. I will teach you how to walk again, I promise." Jennifer said, holding hands with Marty. Doc's heart sank with what Marty replied with. "I love you too Jennifer, I will always love you, I will learn how to walk again as it has just my brain has forgotten how move my legs so if you help me remember, I will learn fast and we can walk hand in hand again, along the woods, and down to the lake where we will camp, I will learn how to walk." Marty's squeezed Jennifer's hand and Jennifer leaned in and they kissed, tears ran down the lovers cheeks. Love is a curious thing Doc thought it can help anyone through anything, and Jennifer will teach Marty how to walk again and things can go back to how they used to be. When Jennifer left the room Doc stopped and said, "Please try your hardest to bring back the Marty we all know, the only way that will happen is if he has someone like you with him. Please, I'm begging you, try your hardest."