Soothing Cold


I open my eyes wearily, half expecting the fire to return to licking my veins, but it doesn't. Instead, the world explodes into color and details that makes it a world I've never seen before, even though I've been in this bedroom a million times before.

I've spent the last four years of college in this room.

A hand suddenly touches me, and even though somewhere in my mind I was aware of the other person, my body reacts before my mind can.

I'm across the room faster than I can process, whirling to face the intruder in a defensive crouch.

I immediately straighten when I just see Rose sitting on the edge of my bed, watching me curiously.

"Sorry," I say, and startle at the sound of my own voice. "Your hand was warm. I didn't expect that."

"We are the same temperature now," she smiles softly.

It took me a while to convince her to change me, but I wasn't in much of a hurry. It took until the end of sophomore year at college for her to realize that everything that she wanted as a human, I never wanted at all.

A human man was always out of the equation; I had her anyway. As for a baby, well I don't have a maternal bone in my body.

She eventually realized that all that I needed in my life, was her and Jacob, and he can already live forever if he wants to.

It wasn't long after Jacob imprinted on me that he brought up my vampiric girlfriend.

"So, you know that Rosalie and Emmett are cold ones, right?" He broaches hesitantly, lounged comfortably on my bed.

He had been sniffing and grimacing the past few minutes like he smelled something bad.

His question immediately puts me on the defensive, and I meet his gaze unflinchingly as I square up to him.

"The Cullens are good people, Jacob Black, better than anyone I know. Rose saves me time and time again. She saved me from getting gang raped in Port Angeles. She saved me from my stepfather who, for almost three years, would come into my room nearly every night to rape me. She is the only reason I haven't finished what I started, and killed myself ten times over, so don't you dare try to tell me that she is evil just because she is a vampire. I've met men who are truly evil, so don't you dare compare my girlfriend and her family to them." I rant, puffing near the end, well and truly worked up.

The fact that Jacob is holding his hands up in surrender, eyes wide, is the only reason that I stop tearing into him.

"Jeez, calm down, Coon. I know you care about her, and I've met her myself, remember? I know she isn't a monster, and I can see how much she cares for you. I knew that before you did, remember?"

I calm down completely at his words and settle back down into my previous spot.

"I just wanted to know if you knew what they were."

"Well, I do," I huff, slightly embarrassed.

I suddenly feel my bed start to tremble, and I look up at the wolf, startled.

His eyes are wide with a sudden fury. "Did you just say that it was your stepfather?" He snarls loudly, veins standing out on his arms as his fists clench.

"Jake, window," I gasp, but he is already quickly moving to it, knowing that he's about to lose it. He explodes into a ginormous wolf before he hits the ground outside.

I cross the room back over to my girlfriend, looking over her features with my new eyes. She looks even more perfect than she did before, but she also looks exactly the same. I've already been seeing her as an angel for years.

I grab her by the collar of her shirt and tug her to her feet to crash our lips together.

She moves easier than I expected her to, and her shirt tears where I grip it.

"Easy," she mumbles against my lips, sliding her hands up the back of my shirt as she melts into me. I'm not alarmed at the lack of cold this time. "I'm the fragile one now."

My hold on her loosens some at her reminder, but not by much. This is the first time that my girlfriend doesn't have to hold back with me, and so I kiss her thoroughly, eager for when I can make her lose control.

But not yet. I know that people are waiting. So, I pull back before I can accidentally shred the rest of her expensive shirt. Alice will not be happy with me as it is.

"Where is Jake," I ask, after I gather enough thought to focus. My own voice once again startles me.

I locate the sound of a heartbeat that I instinctively know to be his just as my mate confirms it for me.

"He's waiting outside for you. He wasn't sure how his scent would affect you, considering how repulsive it was for us. It took us years to get used to."

"Let's go see the others," I say eagerly, squeezing her hand.

She smiles slightly looking deep into my eyes, that I know must be a bloody red at the moment, searchingly.

"You're not thirsty?" she asks, confused.

At the mention of it, the fire that had burned me for three days suddenly returns, concentrated completely in my throat. My hand reaches up automatically to clutch at it.

"Sorry," she apologizes with a grimace. "Let's go see your soulmate brother, and then I'll take you hunting."


A/N: This is not a last minute Jacob/Bella story. I thought I had made that clear in the last chapter but some of you seemed confused.

Jacob did imprint, but he and Bella have been 'brothers' since they were children. Jake has never been inclined to see Bella romantically, so it was very strange for him to imprint. He was actually relieved when Bella clarified that all she wanted out of him was friendship right away, so the imprint only strengthened their familial bond.

Well, I hope you liked the ending! I know I kind of cheated skipping ahead so far, but I felt like it was time to end this. Besides, I can't imagine this version of Bella getting turned just out of high school.