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**Summary for Chapters 4 and up:::: Deep within Cephiro lays a dark power that can be used for great power

for oneself. Tsuki is planning to open the portal to The Dark Abyss but he knows that the only way to obtain his

way there is by using the 'Legendary Magic Knight of Water'. The only flaw was that he… fell in love with her,

and Clef will stop at nothing to save her, and Umi and Clef's love blooms**

Chapter: Tsuki's dark ambition

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* He sat there in the sand, staring at the sunset. It looked so beautiful that it made him sigh, much to

his annoyance. He closed his eyes and he began to imagine what it would be like…. What it would be like to

have her here with him by his side and ready to his every command and need, but not only because she would

be the key to his plans, but because he wanted someone to boss around more often and what better than her.

He would love it. Again Tsuki slowly opened his golden eyes that reflected the wonderful warm colors of the

sunset, and he stared carefully at the ocean as he was waiting for it to say something back to him. And in a way

it did, he stared at the sea and saw how the tide began to rise and his mind was drifted back to her. He wondered

if she was like this ocean he was string at, he wondered if she would be soft at daylight and rough at sunset…

when he found himself thinking about this he laughed slightly and he stood up dusting the sand off this black cape

and armor which was one like that of a rightful cail like Lantis himself and then he ran his hands through his silky

silver hair.

He turned away and began to walk away and looked over his shoulder to take another glance at the

view of the ocean. Then he was now feeling better than ever. "Soon, you will be mine, and you'll be with me.

My dear Magic Knight…soon" He said lowly with a slight British accent, yet a soft voice. As soon as he looked

ahead he stopped and stared at the young man that was standing before him. A young looking man with short spiky

blonde hair and dark emerald eyes. He stood there with his arms crossed, his clothing similar to those of Tsuki's

but no armor, and white robes.

"Talking to yourself now, Tsuki?" He asked with a teasing voice and then circled Tsuki with a

suspicious look.

"At least I don't talk to my mirror all the time" Tsuki replied with a cold tone and walked past him

"We should get ready, Katsu." He said as he walked aside as he walked away and Katsu just followed him


"Tsuki," Katsu began "What are you going to do with her after you have used her?"

"She wont be able to be used anymore because after that she will not be around to enjoy… why

do you ask me questions to answers that you already know?"

"Same goes to you Tsuki, why do you think I ask you these questions?" Katsu replied back with

a laugh.

"There is something definitely wrong with you Katsu… but enough of that." Tsuki said shaking his

head and loosening his long silver hair. "Has everything according as I planned?" He asked and all of the sudden

he stopped.

"Yes," Katsu replied and also stopped and turned to see Tsuki, who again was staring at the ocean

With his wonder eyes. Tsuki was always like this and it perplexed Katsu. If Tsuki was as cold and heartless as he

acted, why was he so drawn to the ocean like this? Every afternoon Tsuki would go out of the castle just to sit

there like a mindless fool that seemed to be in love and do nothing but sigh at the sea, he loves the ocean. Katsu

on the other hand was bothered by this, because it showed a softer side that Tsuki would never dare to show to

others and would only keep to himself and would show that softer side here in the ocean. Katsu stood right next

to Tsuki and his height was to his eye level and continued "Don't take all the credit for yourself. Though I am very

perplexed, which of the Magical Knights would be the one that you use as the key to the portal? Because it seems

that all three of them have been summoned already and-"

"I hope it's the one with the element of fire" Tsuki interrupted "I- I hope that its that worthless

sentimental girl. Over the years, the legend of the magic knight has bugged me and I hate that girl the most, so

I dearly hope that it is her who we have to use. That way the other will be mine for the taking…" Tsuki said and

then all of the sudden his voice went low and Katsu knew why.

"You're such a loser, Tsuki" Katsu said as they began to head towards the castle.


For a few seconds she felt her whole body go numb and couldn't open her eyes. She could only feel a tingly of shock

going from her head down her feet. Now that she opened her eyes she could see nothing but darkness, it had felt like

she had just jumped into something and when her she extended her hands forward she saw a light and she was spat

out of that hole of darkness into a blur of light. She tried to focus and tried to think what had happen and why. She

had been with Fuu not long ago and now she was here, where ever here was. When she finally opened her eyes

she was shocked. She was in the sky and she could feel her body decreasing at a rapid speed that it made her scream

at the top of her lungs. (A/N: You know those cute faces that the magic knights do? Chibi!!) That was when she heard

another scream and she heard another scream and looked to her left and it was Fuu!

"Fuu! Were gonna hit the ground!" Hikaru cried and then she looked over at her. Then to below to

where they were falling.

"Actually," Said Fuu as she stopped screaming and she pointed down below "it's the ocean, see?"

"Fuu don't be smart right now! Were gonna die!!" Hikaru screamed again. Hikaru closed her eyes and

again tried to think that all of this was a dream that she would soon wake up from. This wasn't a dream though, this

was real and she didn't want it to be it so and she now screamed at the top of her lungs.


Just as Katsu and Tsuki were about to go through the castle's gate, Katsu stopped and then looked up behind him,

he looked at the sky as if something was wrong. Then Tsuki asked him what was wrong but Katsu didn't answer

and instead hushed him


"What's wrong, Katsu?" Asked tsuki

"Shh" Katsu hushed him and then closed his eyes slowly trying to concentrate on what was going on around

him and he only smiled grimly. Then his eyes opened wide looking up at the sky and pointed up.

"There!" He shouted "…Someone is falling from the sky!" He shouted again and he quickly ran down the

steps. Tsuki just followed him and looked up as well, there was someone there alright, but he didn't know who, he

only say two objects coming this way and he quickly followed behind Katsu

"Katsu, what the hell?!" Tsuki shouted

"Look up smart alley!" Katsu yelled again

"Who's that?!" Tsuki asked

"How the hell should I know!"

"Why the heck are you running then?" Tsuki yelled and then stopped and looked up. He knew it was someone

and he could feel it, it was something that he had never before felt and he didn't liked the feeling of it at all. He had sensed

it when him and Katsu were about to enter the castle, that energy that popped out of nowhere, which was worse….but t

hat was when he finally realized something…

"Do you sense something…" Tsuki asked staring at Katsu who seemed to be very concentrated on what he

was staring at.

"Darn it!" Katsu shouted and looked at Tsuki with a worry on his face "Get ready…" he warned and then

Tsuki without a question nodded as he understood what Katsu meant, the way that Katsu was acting now meant only one thing. Inside

him he felt that someone had arrived and the first step towards him gaining his power was done…



*Umi was about to arrive at the castle… and it was just as she had seen it when she last left Cephiro. This was so

wonderful and she wanted to cry again but she knew that that wasn't a very good thing to do right now, that she

should smile instead and so she did now. Clef was glad that she was here, all he wanted all along was now here and

she was now with him. He sat behind here and he watched her with a smile as she stared down and pointed out things

to Masaru, and he just gasped in amazement. Masaru was also a bit frightened seeing all these strange things to him: Floating mountains, the crystal-like shapes that were all around them, but he liked it at the same time. Clef then sighed as he stared at

Umi, she had grown so much she had turned into an even more gorgeous girl…and he loved her. All he thought of now

was reaching over to her and hold her tightly against his body smothering her softly and kissing her…But the thought of

rejection came back to him. He felt like holding nothing back and telling her how he felt towards her 'So beautiful she is now'

he thought and then smiled as his eyes stared at her from head down slowly, she was all grown up now; she grew into

what he had always wanted her to, a girl that he could love and that he hoped to have next to her. * Ferio just sat there

with arms crossed and said nothing, just looked from Clef to Umi over and over again. In a way he was happy for them

because Clef had told him how he felt towards her and he was glad for that. He liked the way she was, very interesting,

she didn't trust people much, and rightfully she shouldn't. She had so many qualities which her attitude was the one he l

oved the most, it wasn't a great one but he loved it. Her beauty was his main drawn to him, she was the perfect girl for

him. 'What am I saying?!' Ferio thought and his face began to turn bright red. Clef noticed and looked at him

"What's wrong?" Asked Clef

"N-Nothing" Ferio said looking down and Clef laughed slightly.


"Whoa!" Masaru exclaimed as he looked to both sides of Fyula and gasped "I-I must be dreaming! This

cant be real!" He said and then looked over at Umi.

"Beautiful…" She whispered, and looked back at Clef with a smile "So beautiful…" She said lowly and

stared at Clef who was teasing Ferio about something she didn't have a clue about, she could only see Ferio starting

to get very annoyed that she couldn't help it but laugh and when she did Clef shifted his eyes to her and he blushed

slightly Umi laughed and smiled at him, only looking into his eyes was blissful for her… she loved him but he didn't

know it, and she wouldn't dare to tell him how he felt towards him, what would he say? Probably he didn't love her

back; she thought. Masaru then began to notice Umi and Clef staring at each other quietly and he was boiling inside.

He didn't like this at all. He then placed his hand on Umi's shoulder and stared at Clef as he shook his head in a don't-even-think-about-it look.

"Masaru," Umi said looking over her shoulder "Do you want me to throw you off of Fyula?" she warned

with a playful tone and smiled. She knew that he didn't like Clef and she felt uncomfortable by that, why couldn't

Masaru be a bit more considerate?!

"You should listen to her," Clef warned with a low and serious tone "I've warned you too"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Ferio interrupted as he saw that Clef and Masaru were giving each other a bad look.

Heck he should too, but no he was mature! At least he thought he was…"Cant we get along here?"

"Yeah…" Umi sighed, then Clef turned to look away from Masaru and so did he. Minutes later they

finally got to the castle and Fyula dropped them off at the entrance. Again Masaru gasped and looked around.

Clef stood next to Umi and again he felt like snatching her and hold her tightly and that happened every time that

he looked at her, he loved her so much alright but right now he was thinking that it might be just lust because all he

thought about was her. And yet she was still so oblivious to all of this but that she too felt towards him. As they

were about to walk up the stairs Clef took Umi's hand in his gently and Umi blushed as he smiled at her.

"Shall we?" Clef said lowly and Umi nodded. Masaru at seeing this just growled and walked past Ferio.

"I wish you have a wonderful stay here" He said and then they walked into the castle…


Hikaru and Fuu stopped screaming as they saw two strange men jumping towards them, and no sooner did they

caught them. Katsu got Fuu and Tsuki Hikaru. Who ever they were it didn't matter to Fuu and Hikaru because

they were just thankful that these guys had saved them from an unfailing death that was bound to happen if they

hit the ocean. Hikaru could feel as they descended down quietly and she was now more confused than ever and

she wanted answers as soon as possible. She looked up at the young man that held her in his arms but he didn't

look down at her, he was only looking down at where he was going. He was gorgeous she thought but she shook

her head shyly.

"Stupid girl" Tsuki said lowly and cold while she only stayed quiet.

'Great accent too!' she thought but again shook her head. Tsuki was upset and glad at the same time.

These two girls were Magic Knights there was no doubt about that, but what upset him was that there was only two

of them, not three as he had expected. Where the hell was the other one? He thought and then a scowl lighted his

face because this wasn't good at all, what if these two weren't the key to his plans? Then all of his effort would be

wasted for nothing and all he had worked so hard for was now worthless, and that he could not afford. He would

have no second chance and hopefully one of these two girls was the key…

Katsu held Fuu but he did stare at her with excitement. He thought she was very attractive, and same hair color as

him and same eye color. When they landed the first thing that Tsuki did was throw Hikaru off of him with disgust into

the sand. She grunted as she felt on her rear, then Katsu set Fuu down gently but she quickly ran to Hikaru and helped

her up. Who were this guys? They thought and then looked at one another nervously. Tsuki stared at them from head

to toe with an annoyed look on his face. They weren't dressed appropriately for this place and that bugged him because

he considered his castle sacred. They were wearing their High School uniform since they were wearing it when they were

summoned to this place. Tsuki looked over at Katsu and Katsu just shrugged with a careless look and he really didn't

care at all, even though it was both their action for doing what they had done, it was mostly Tsuki's plan not his.

"Don't look at me" Said Katsu and then went back to look at the careless Fuu.

"Where are we?" Hikaru asked and referred the question to Tsuki, she looked into his eyes and he was

obviously annoyed by her.

"You're in Cephiro" Tsuki said crossing his arms "You were summoned here by my and I have to tell you

that you are not here in a pleasant visit, because just by looking at you, you annoy me to no end. If you wish to keep

your life you will do as I say and nothing else other wise you can be kissing your wonderful soul good-bye" He said

coldly and walked away from them signaling Katsu to do his job and with no question Katsu grabbed both Fuu and

Hikaru and dragged then into the castle…


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