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Kylo Ren would have preferred it if Rey had gone back to shooting him. It hurt less than their current stalemate. Six weeks, that's how long it had been since Crait. Anger had always been a constant companion, but with her, it never seemed to come as easily as it once had. What used to control his heart could barely scratch the surface now.

She rejected her destiny, threw away what she could become, threw his sacrifice in his face, and she left him. Yet here he stood watching her and anger refused to come. Anger was his companion it helped to keep the hurt away, and without it, the pain overshadowed all else.

Their Bond should have died with Snoke, and yet it lived. No, it thrived. They had dealt with it as best they could - by ignoring each other. Well, that wasn't entirely true, as Kylo Ren could never completely ignore her. But he stayed silent, just as she did. But they didn't need words to communicate, searching the other's feelings was all too easy in this state. He kept searching for some inkling of hatred in her feeling, but it was all in vain.

Rey was a mystery to him, his vision had felt so real and yet it hadn't come true. If his vision was false then what was her destiny? Where did this fit into everything? Where was his place in all of this? Was his vision right and it just wasn't time yet? Curiosity was a new companion for the young man, as he studied her for the past six weeks. She'd yet to return to her old hairstyle and seemed to remain content wearing mostly grey clothing. She's become reserved with him, not as fiery as she once was. But these were superficial changes. The answers he sought still eluded him. After six weeks of observation and no progress towards the answers he sought, meant it was time to change tactics.

"You're not angry." The words lept from him unbidden, without any form of tact. But that wasn't uncommon for him either. It was clear either through the Bond or basic sight that Rey had not expected him to speak as shock dominated her features. Slowly, it ebbed away to a more sorrowful expression. "No" she whispered, almost inaudible but it confirmed his observation.

Kylo Ren decided to press forward, for while he could feel her emotions they provided little answers and he wasn't about to let the opportunity slip by. "Why not?"

Soft brown eyes latched onto his own waiting for a breath before countering "You're not angry." she mimicked his tactless observation. He wasn't shocked with Rey's deflection of his answer. But it did provide another answer, she could still feel his emotions just as he could hers. That meant the Bond had remained unchanged with Snoke's death, in fact, it was growing in strength. These moments weren't as brief as they used to be, or as disorienting. Kylo Ren let a small sigh go as he felt relief in one of his hypothesis being correct; Snoke lied. Softly he shook his head in response to her words "No." he parroted back.

The two went back to silence for a moment before Rey looked at him, curiosity infecting her as well. "Why not?" she parroted back before heaving a sigh and squaring her shoulders. "I thought you would want to be angry, doesn't it make you stronger?" There it was, her defiant nature along with the stubborn set of her jaw. It was true, she didn't know much about the Force, or the Jedi or any of this but that didn't make a damn bit of difference to her. She demanded to be treated as an equal. And after matching him in the throne room as they fought over the lightsaber he was forced to admit that they were equals. At least in the eyes of the Force.

"It does." He admitted freely and looked at the ground. "It's difficult when it comes to you." Kylo Ren admitted, a little less freely. It was fair to offer some answers if he would receive some in return. "It's a new experience for me." he flippantly added.

The vulnerability was one of those feelings his anger had typically sheltered him from in the past. Rey seemed to be especially gifted at bringing out this side of him. Compassion was most likely the culprit for that, for one who had been without it for so long Kylo Ren let himself indulge in its warm embrace - for now. For now, Rey looked at him seeking out the part of him he had hoped died long ago. "Ben"

"Ah, there it is a dead boy's name." He whispered with a clear undercurrent of bitterness, as he met her piercing gaze with his own intense gaze. Daring her to respond, to see the truth in how many times Ben solo had died. That Kylo Ren was the one who had killed him, survived him even.

The young woman kept her gaze on the man before her, never backing down as others might have. "I don't believe that." her voice was soft but held the steel of conviction. Like on the battlefield she was decisive and headstrong as she pushed through every attempt to perry her blows she continued. "Ben, you aren't dead and because of that, you can still make a change. You don't have to keep running away from-"

"From the Light?" He interrupted still with a bitterness to him, expecting her words her compassion her feelings to be all for her goal of manipulating back to the light. Manipulation would make sense, everyone was manipulative, his life had taught him that so he assumed she was too. Wasn't she? Another question he pondered in regards to her.

Rey sighed and slumped her shoulders slightly at the interruption before she pressed on in her soft voice. "From peace."

The dark haired man shook his head slightly as he watched those soulful soft brown eyes, keeping a close eye on the Bond to check her words against her emotions. "Monster's don't deserve peace."

"So don't be a monster." That shocked him, as her open naivety commonly unguarded him. If he had been more open in his expressions he might have laughed instead he let loose a snort. "You used to call me the monster. You've lost that look in your eyes like you had in the forest. Where did it go, Rey?" He mused as he watched her fascinated as he tried to pull these two versions of her he'd experienced - hateful and compassionate. All to the same person - the same monster.

Waiting a moment to collect herself Rey spoke in that same soft tone "You're not a monster." she whispered answering the question he would never ask her. "A monster wouldn't have saved me." Before the words came to his mind she felt the bubblings of a rebuttal, that same defense to throw aside any good thoughts of himself that weren't connected to his prowess. So she continued before he could perry her blow, the follow through was most important. "A monster wouldn't feel compassion for me. A monster wouldn't try to comfort an enemy." While Kylo Ren held onto most of his emotions in an iron grip, Rey was more free with those same emotions. As such she let a small smirk tug on her lips as she spoke, "I cut your face, I shot you with a blaster, I screamed at you, insulted you. And yet you didn't retaliate, you never made me feel guilty for hurting you." And just like that she had disarmed him, she rushed into his guard so he could not execute any defense and her attacks were fierce but concentrated. Then she went in for the kill. "You are not a monster." Even though her voice wavered as she spoke, he could feel the conviction of these beliefs as if she had screamed them in his ear.

"I should be." Kylo Ren countered in a hushed tone 'I'd be at peace if I was.' He thought to himself. The Bond kept nothing safe and Rey felt the safe hatred as clearly as she felt her own on dark days. "I should be nothing." She offered and shrugged, trying not to let that word sting as much as it did.

Heat entered his gaze as his jaw clenched before he spoke, with tense anger radiating off him "You were never, nothing to me." He hated how she clung to her past, as it brought her so much pain. Just as his own past brought him pain. At his words, she let a sad smile bloom on her face before she leaned forward bracing her arms on her knees. "And you're not a monster to me." There it was, she had baited him into connecting with these feelings she had for him; compassion and hope.

Wisely, Kylo Ren decided not to challenge or refute her statement. Instead, he mirrored her pose and leaned forward to carefully inspect her features. "We should be angry with each other." His tone finally freeing itself of that bitterness and adopted a softer hushed tone. Remembering the sting of her rejection, the pain of her coldness towards him these past weeks his body tensed slightly, hands clutching the other. "We hurt each other." He watched as that sad smile disappeared, knowing she recalled her own pain that he had caused her. "And we will hurt each other again." As he said this Kylo Ren could feel the truth in those words. There would always be - pain. That truth seemed to hang staining the air and galaxies between them. Kylo Ren watched as tears streamed down her cheeks slowly, and he knew she felt it too. "We should hate each other," Rey whispered and tried to hold back her tears. His restraint was clearly still quite strong, as he held himself back from trying to erase her pain or to simply brush away her tears. Her simple tears stopped him from continuing, he didn't know how to handle his own vulnerability let alone hers. But she was used to her emotions and pressed on "But it's difficult to hate someone when you understand them."

The scared man had to concede with her answer, she was right just as he was. "Even if we disagree we still understand each other." He said softly as he tore his eyes from her face and instead looked at her hands. Kylo Ren knew he was not easy to understand. And yet the one place he should have never found it was the only place he found understanding and compassion. It was clear to him, she didn't want him for his power or ancestry as Snoke or Luke had. She wasn't terrified of him like his parents or hated him like the rest of the galaxy. She saw him clearly; scars and all and yet she was still offering compassion and understanding. He treasured it, and her for offering it.

Slowly his dark eyes lifted to catch her own again, her tears drying on her face. He knew she felt his compassion for her, but he wanted to explain it as she had. Yet he was not as well versed in expressing himself. And just like all things, this moment was coming to an end. He watched the world blur and fade, the sound of his own lonely surroundings coming back to him slowly. She had been vulnerable with him, and knowing that she understood he pushed himself to do something he would never admit to - plead. "Can we keep talking?" he asked softly, hoping the next time he saw her they wouldn't be so cold in the beginning. Rey nodded her assent to his question before she leaned back. "See you later, Ben." She spoke in a relaxed tone and he let himself lean back into his original position as he kept his focus on her soft brown eyes while the world faded "Until next time, Rey." And just like a candle being snuffed out the Bond faded, yet like smoke the touches of her emotions stayed with him. He hadn't gotten all of his answers, but it was a start. Strangely, that gave him a small sliver of something he'd sought for so long: peace.