Meditating he tried to empty his mind, to focus on his goal, but tonight it was elusive as smoke. The only thing his mind was focusing on was the feel of her slight body pressed against his. A shuddering gasp released from his lips as his mind filled in the delicious gaps as to how they could have found themselves in that position. Dark brown eyes snapped open his chest rising and falling quickly as he snarled.

It was one thing to talk with her, to not be openly hostile. That was all a tactic to achieve his goal to turn her to the Dark Side, wasn't it? Even his old Master had been a source of support and comfort to him, in the early days. Being objective, even supportive of her was all a rouse, wasn't it? Leaping to his feet he moved with purpose as he strode through the ship ignoring each insignificant face as he passed.

Yet if any of that were true then why did he feel a warmth in his chest? Why did it seem to spread at times, to consume his body entirely? Standing in the lift he closed his eyes hoping to banish these thoughts - to ignore the warmth in his body at the mere thought of her. He hoped for blessed darkness to cool him, instead, it only seemed to amplify those feelings.

Unbidden, he remembered when they stood in a similar lift not so long ago. 'I'll help you' she had said in such a soft and breathless voice, in the darkness, he could hear it now. As if she were standing beside him now, whispering in his ear. His heart picked up speed again and the scowl on his face smoothed for a moment as he felt that familiar urge to find her.

When the lift jarred to a stop, dark eyes snapped open and the scowl returned. He would be the master of his body, his mind, not some girl. Walking with purpose the Supreme Leader entered the bridge glaring as he took his place watching the plans his people were making to take yet another planet, the last in this particular system. Watching the pre-battle chaos his dark eyes quickly caught sight of the officer he was searching for. A sharp tug on the Force had the female officer snapping to attention before rushing to his side with a datapad in hand. "Supreme Leader" she saluted as she offered the datapad.

Without even looking at her he snapped the datapad and began looking through the numbers. The datapad a rouse as he pushed into her head 'What have you found?' he spoke into her mind while he scanned the battle plans.

To her credit Sergeant Edivon flinched only slightly as he forced his way into her mind. 'I've gained access to a bank account connected with the attempt. It's well-hidden to whom it belongs Sir, but I'm making progress.' Keeping her eyes forward she kept her face impassive. Thankfully the Supreme Leader was terrifying so most wouldn't look in his direction, but still, the Sergeant kept up their rouse.

'You have your suspensions Edivon.' he mused as he saw a few faces flash across her mind 'Don't let them cloud your judgment. We need proof not emotion.' Kylo gave her a side glance before returning to the datapad. He had the power, the strength to cut down anyone he wanted whether he had proof or not. But to do so would only strengthen the belief that the First Order would bring chaos, not the order he wanted to instill on the galaxy.

The young officer stayed silent for a moment before flooding him with her little plan. 'I think it would help Sir. We need something to whet their appetite so they make a move.' she was direct in her thoughts. Asking the Supreme Leader to join the upcoming firefight in his own ship so as to bait the traitors out of hiding.

Kylo looked up from the datapad as he watched her mind go through the plans and the reasons behind it. She was good. Quietly he retreated from her mind, and couldn't help but notice the tension leaving her fame. He gave a slow nod and returned the datapad to her hands. "Have my ship prepared, I will be leading the Omega team." He spoke loud enough to be overheard, just as they planned, before turning from the bridge and heading to the hangar.

Stalking the halls he kept his focus on his surroundings, after the assassination attempt there had been calls for him to have a team to protect him. Perhaps even his old knights? Kylo had resolutely turned down that idea, he was a Sith Master now. He needed no nursemaid. Besides hadn't he taken care of the last assassins? No, he did not need others to help him fight.

But he did need others like the young Sergeant to sniff around to find answers. Kylo had taken his time to reach out to her, he had researched her well. And even at their first encounter, he had delved into her mind deeply. He had to be sure she would not double-cross him, that she would be discreet. She believed in the goal of the First Order as he was directing it, she believed he was the one who could lead it to its goal and not let it fall to corruption as the Empire and Republic had done before. But it was her excitement at finding out the riddle of who the traitors were that made him trust her enough. Her mind reminded him of a child's as she pieced together clues, in those excitable moments she almost reminded him of Rey.

Alone in the lift, he remembered how right it had felt to gently wipe away grease from the beautiful face of his light partner. Eyes looking down to his hands he marveled that she would even let him touch her in such a manner.

Something so beautiful should run from him, right?

He was only trying to destroy her right?

As he had been destroyed all those years ago.

But that wasn't right, thinking of changing her to some subservient thing for him to mold as he had been, left him feeling so cold. But if he didn't want that, then what did he want with the little woman?

Clasping his hands behind his back he glared at the doors before they opened. Did it matter? He wanted her, the goal of his desire was inconsequential. She needed to be at his side. Even the Force willed it. And that was that.

Making the final preparations for his ship he checked the maps once more. Yes, her flight path from Jakku shouldn't cross this area, besides she was probably back with them by now anyway. The thought of her returning to a place he could never follow, where she was always surrounded by others, made his blood both freeze and boil.

"Move out!" He yelled as he climbed into his ship ignoring the discomfort he felt.

Finally flying out into space he quickly found his way into the battlefield, although for now, it was quiet. The planet's forces knew they were near, but they thought that they were still in negotiations. Kylo had given them time to come to the logical choice, and they had failed to do so. Now he would personally show them the might of the First Order and force order upon them all.

Maneuvering his ship swiftly he waited until he heard the signal. With everyone in place awaiting his order he took aim "Crush them" he sneered and fired.

The black expanse of the galaxy lit up with streaks of light as the attack began. First, the communications array fell, then the command ships. Within hours the First Order would be victorious, but for now, the Omega squad had a task to finish.

Things were going smoothly as Kylo shot down yet another enemy fighter, he had found himself on the fringe of the battle in his maneuvering but that wouldn't cause too much concern. The Omega squad was to keep the fighters busy while the heavier ships took down the larger ships. Spotting another enemy fighter trying to make its way back to the command ship Kylo gave chase.

The enemy pilot was at least competent and for a moment he found himself enjoying the hunt. Until he felt the stirrings of the Force, the air in his ship felt wrong pushing on him as he noticed a small transport ship on his radar. His skin felt cold. She was here. She was in danger, something he could not abide. Quickly he dispatched the enemy pilot no longer toying with his prey.

Frantically he pulled on the bond willing it to open, so he could send a warning, so she could flee. His focus being frayed cost him as a First Order ship opened fire on him. Quickly dodging the attack he marked the ship and fell into evasive maneuvers. All the while searching for that small transport ship that held such precious cargo.

Heart racing he rejoiced when he finally spotted her small ship, defenseless in the firefight and fleeing. She was a great pilot even with a horrid little ship but eventually, the superior First Order fighter would catch her, would destroy her. Kylo couldn't let that happen, twin red lights shot out from his ship quickly dispatching the First Order fighter in a flash of fire.

It was a mistake, but he relaxed. Just for a moment, and then the traitorous fighter caught up to him. The hit was immediate. He was too close to the moon, regardless of his intentions, he was going down. Letting out a string of curses he worked quickly to prepare for the crash landing. He hoped he would survive, but if he died here at least he had saved her when he could.

Rey had known she was traveling through First Order territory, but at this point, most systems were theirs now. She had hoped that would mean only heavily patrolled areas and potentially fleeing from demanding compliance officers. She hadn't anticipated passing through an active firefight.

She tried staying to the edges, to hide from the action. But then, the air felt thick around her. Rey couldn't help but recall that this was typically a sign that her dark partner would appear, and that would be too distracting. Breathing deeply she focused on her goal, through sheer will she focused on the feel of the controls in her hands. The sweat gathering at the back of her neck, the strain on her hands as they flew to their tasks.

The first hit on her ship jolted her in her seat letting out a growl she noticed the First Order fighter chasing after her. She did the first thing she could think of with minimal firepower, she ran.

And then it was gone. A plume of fire behind her signaled her pursuers end. With that danger gone she was free to assess the area. Then she noticed the pull to the First Order fighter floating nearby.

It couldn't be, he couldn't be here. Leaders weren't in the middle of the fight, not leaders like him anyway. But this feeling, the feeling of being pulled in a stream, couldn't be wrong either. Rey didn't have long to register what was happening before a shot was fired and the fighter was falling to the moon below. "Ben!" She cried out without a thought watching the ship descend.

In another heartbeat, a volley of shots descended on her meager ship, and she too was falling. Alarms screaming as if to drown out her own cries. She tried to keep an eye on the black ship descending below her but in the chaos, she lost it.

In a matter of moments, two ships fell to the harsh moon's surface. Twin fires erupting not far from each other while war waged in the stars above.