Summary: Part two to the Boy and the snake series. Harry is going back to Hogwarts for his second year as a wizard, along with his allies and friends. What happens when the school is under attack by a phantom, students are being petrified, and there is a voice out to get Harry? With the school under the threat of closure, and the headmaster once again playing mind games, it is up to Harry, his familiars, and his friends to find out what is really happening at the school. All the while settling in with his newly formed family.

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Chapter 1

Note: Hello lovelies been almost a year! since I finished part one, if you are new to my readings and just opened this to see what it is about, there is a part one, please go read that first! If you are not new then I welcome you back to year two adventures! :D If you have read my note I post over on Part one then you know that this will have random updates, and is not really per-written so please be ready for long waits between chapters. I would also love to give a shout out to my friend and beta for this work


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Alright warning! Yes warning, if you are triggered, by RAPE and Child Abuse please skip the dream part. Other than that welcome to the first chapter.

"You stupid freak, you can't do anything right! Why do we even keep you around? We should just drown you in the lake when we had the chance!" Uncle Vernon yelled at a young Harry who was cowering in the corner. His small body covered head to toe in cuts and abrasions, his body nothing more than a pile of bones at this point. His aunt and cousin just left to go to the cinema, leaving just Harry and his uncle alone at the house. "Boy! Are you listening to me!" Uncle Vernon spat at the shivering young boy, "I want you in the living room right now!" The boy scrambled off of the white tiled kitchen floor in seconds his body protesting, but he forced himself anyways to please his uncle. His whale of an Uncle following right behind him, pushing him through the archway that led to the living room right in front of the fireplace.

"Listen to me, and listen good. I want you to strip off your clothes." The boy complied leaving him just in his pants. Shivering in fear, his uncle then descended upon him with a look of hunger in his eyes…

* * * * Dream over * * * *

Harry woke with a scream, tears glistening in his eyes, no, no his uncle was a monster but not that type of monster. His hands find their way to his hair gripping tight at the raven locks, as sobs ripped through his tiny body. He was too caught in fright that he did not notice that his door was flung open and two figures approached his bed. He felt hands on him and reacted.

"NO! I'LL BE GOOD!" Harry screamed as the dream was still fresh in his mind. As thoughts of what his uncle had done to his body resurfaced; he was pulled into something hard. Harry, unsure of where he was and what was going on, started to fight with all his might in fear of what was going to happen; begging to his Uncle to not do anything anymore.

"Shhh, child I'm here, you are safe. Those monsters are not going to hurt you anymore." A voice said through his sobs and pleas; hands rubbing his back in a soothing gesture, instead of bringing pain.

This continued on for several minutes before the boy calmed down enough to see that he was not in the place of dreams anymore, but instead in the warm embrace of his Papa, with Tom sitting next to the bed keeping his distance from the pair. The boy's tears slowed, but did not stop. Sniffles and hiccups could now be heard from the younger wizard, as he buried himself deeper into the night cloak his father threw over him in a rush; seeking warmth and comfort from the memories that lingered in his mind, chasing away the fear.

"I'm sorry Papa, Tom for waking you up." The boy broke the silence, feeling a little foolish about his reaction to his dream. He knew he needed to write it down in the journal that Alec left him; but in this moment, he needed the comfort that could only be found in his Papa's arms.

"Hush you foolish imp, I would rather be here for you then let you suffer alone." Severus answered smoothly his baritone voice melting away the rest of Harry's fear of this being the dream, and the other being reality.

"Yes Harry, we are here for you when you are in need." Tom answered, knowing if he didn't Harry would let his thoughts think that he was angry at the young wizard. When in reality he was concerned for his well-being. It seemed that every few days Harry's dreams would turn into nightmares, leaving the boy in such terror he would shut himself in his room the next day; refusing anything and anyone. At first the older wizards where unsure of what was going on, as it seemed that the boys magic would create a silencing spell around his room from habit of living with his muggle relatives.

Harry didn't respond to the answer that he was given, fearing that they would get tired with him and throw him away sooner or later. He slid from Severus' lap and walked to his desk taking out his dream journal, writing everything he could remember from the dream that night. His hands shook as he got to certain parts, but he forced himself to continue to write.

While he did this, his Papa and Tom ordered a light snack from the elves. along with hot drinks; tea for them and hot coco for the raven-haired boy. As soon as Harry was through they gathered him up and sat with him, much like the first time they found out, talking with the young wizard and wished him better dreams when they saw him drift off once more. Knowing no more dreams would come, since Severus took it upon himself to spike his coco with a small amount of Dreamless sleep potion.

"Severus when will the healer be around?" Tom asked eyeing the now sleeping child.

"Alec will be here in a few days, he was giving Harry a few weeks of summer before they saw each other again. But a request from me has him coming sooner." Severus answered as he leaned forward tucking his small charge into the bed and giving his lightning bolt scar a kiss; (but if anyone ever asked, he never did such a thing.) "Sometimes I don't think he could come soon enough." Severus said with a sigh, both he and Tom left the young snake to his sleep, unhappy with how helpless they felt.