Chapter 4

Notes: Heyy lovelies, how have you been? I am very sorry about leaving you guys hanging for a long time, I really didn't mean to take a long break. But it was needed, I was unsure of how to write the next chapter and I just got a major writers block. I am still very unhappy with the chapter I am going to post, but no matter how many times I go back and fix it I still hate it. I hope you guys like it, and I hope I can pick back up on writing for this fic once again since I have finally made it past this chapter. Warning this chapter was not beta, there might be a lot of mistakes. I did try to read over it, but it got to the point all the words start to run together. If you see something that is wrong post it down in the comments so I can fix it when I have time.

Alec place the journal that contained all the vile actions that Harry's uncle did to the young wizard, appalled at such actions that a person could inflect on to a young boy. When he saw that Harry was a sleep it broke his heart. He was here to help the boy, but he couldn't do that if he went to inflect pain on the muggles like he wanted to.

Alec let out a sigh, he really wishes he could go tell Tom and Severus of sufferings he had found out about, but at the same time he was unable to do so with patient confidentiality and all. He would have to get permission from Harry, or at least persuaded Harry to tell the two older Slytherins himself; but Alec did not see that happening thinking back to what Harry told him when he started to read the journal. He practically begged Alec not to hate him, for actions that he had no control over. It really did make Alec angry at himself for failing young Harry for not seeing the signs that where clearly there, but also sad for Harry in all the things that he had gone through.

A whimpering noise followed by a hush hissing pulled Alec from his thoughts. He looked over to Harry to see the young snake stuck in a nightmare, or sadly a memory. Levi was hissing at the boy sounding concern and sad at the same time, if snakes could sound like that hissing. Alec leaned over to the bed from the chair he sat in and gently ran his fingers through the young boy's hair, letting some of his magic drift through his fingers to calm the young wizard down.

"Come on, Harry, wake up. It's all but a memory now, come back to us." Alec mumbled softly trying gently to coax him either awake or into a better dream. Between the comforting hissing of Levi and the gentleness of Alec's voice Harry stirred into alertness, but not in shock. As this had become a normal routine between Tom, Severus, and himself.

"I'm sorry Alec…" Harry murmured, and you could hear how exhausted the boy was. "I feel asleep I didn't mean too."

Alec felt his heart break all over again for Harry, "No Harry it's fine, I've heard that you have not been sleeping all that much. So any sleep you get is for the best… But Harry I need to talk to you about your journal." Alec said, knowing if he didn't ask now, then they would have to wait till their next appointment.

Tears filled Harry's jade green eyes, "You hate me now don't you? I am sorry I promise I tried to be good." Sobs rocked through Harry's tiny body. Alec couldn't help himself anymore, he couldn't let this child suffer, he pulled Harry into his lap rocking him back and forth making hushing sounds. In hopes to calm the young boy down.

"Ohh Harry we could never hate you, Severus loves you soo much, and so does Tom. They are very worried about their little boy who is in so much pain. They want to help you, but they are unsure how to go about it." Alec said, "So am I, Harry we all want to help you, but you have to let us." Harry sobs where just hiccups now, and he laid limp in Alec's arms. "We want to help you Harry, but I need to be able to tell Severus and Tom."

"No you can't!" Harry weakly shouted as his mind and body was beyond tired, "They will never look at me the same, they will see me as the freak I am."

"They will not Harry, this was not your fault of what your uncle did to you, there was no way of you stopping him. You are not a freak, you are just a young boy." Alec explain to the young wizard, "they need to know so we can all help you understand that. So, will it be okay if I tell them, or will you be able to tell them?"

Harry had silent tears running down his face, Levi was hissing at his hatchling encouraging him to tell his Papa, but he couldn't. He couldn't bear to see their disappointed faces at the adoption of a freak.

"I-I can't Alec," Harry hid his face in Alec's shoulder, "I-I just can't, I can't face their disappointment in me…" Harry said the last part softly into Alec's shoulder.

"What if I told them?" Alec asked not pushing knowing that if he did it might send Harry into another panic attack. Harry went ridged for a second as he thought about it.

"C-could you Alec?"

"I am willing to if you tell me that I can, but if you don't I can not say a word." Alec answered truthfully. More hissing came from Levi, who was left over on the bed. Harry turned to face the giant snake listening to him.

"Tell them for me Alec… Levi says if I don't he would tell Tom himself…" Alec looked over to the snake and mouthed a thank you. Knowing that Levi was looking out for the best for Harry.

"Thank you Harry. Thank you for giving permission," Alec said pulling back Harry a little to see his face. Gently he took his thumb and wiped away the tears in the bright green-eyed youth. "Now I am going to use some of my magic to send you into a dreamless sleep for tonight, if that is alright with you Harry. You have missed so much sleep that if you continued you are going to end up making yourself sick."

"I would like that Alec… I'm so tired," Harry answered laying his head back down on Alec's shoulder letting out a yawn. His body wanting to sleep, but his mind so afraid. Alec just smiled and gently rubbed Harry's back allowing his magic to flow through his hand into Harry gently coaxing him in to a dreamless state. He gently placed Harry back into his bed and tucked him in. Levi took it upon himself to drape his massive body over the boy, gently as he didn't want to hurt Harry. Neit hopped up from her hiding spot underneath the bed taking her place right by his head curling up purring.

With that Alec left the young sleeping wizard to go talk to two very over protective father figures (even though Harry doesn't see it).