===DAL, Samanya's story===

-Short disclaimers because they didn't really fit in the summary: 1: I highly recommend watching DAL and DAL2 as I will be skimming details that don't include the new MC. 2: I'm mostly going off of the anime because the manga isn't translated, if there are some extra details in the manga that would benefit me putting them in, please let me know. 3: Any and all criticism is welcome, this is my first time writing anything like this so any feedback is appreciated...-

-Chapter 1

A massive spacial quake erupted within the city of Tenguu. Buildings, roads and signs were torn from their place entirely and transported to a realm outside of our own. In the centre of the newly-formed crater stood a girl with long purple hair and clad in a purple and yellow armour, with flowing pink trails emanating from her gauntlets, chest piece and armoured skirt. The trails gave off a faint glow as they moved with the gentle breeze, and her hair lay down her back and sides, almost to her waist.

On the edge of the crater sat a dark-blue haired teenage boy in his high-school's uniform. Well, 'sat' might be the wrong word, more like: 'thrown onto his back by the force of the spacial quake and was currently in the process of getting up'. The blue-haired boy's name was, if Samanya was remembering her mission brief correctly in all of the 20 seconds she had to analyse it, Shido, who was currently staring at the purple-haired girl in awe.

"So, I take it you've come to kill me too." Said the purple-haired girl, somewhere between a question and a statement and lined with a hint of sadness.

"Wh-What?" Shido replied.

"Don't play games with me, human." The girl said, "The only reason you're here would be to kill me." She turned to face Shido, and he could see the sadness painted across her face.

"No, you've got it all wrong, I'm looking for my sister. I could never hurt anybody!" He stated, the look on the purple-haired girl's face sparking a sudden feeling of anger within him.

"Don't lie to me!" The girl shouted.

The ground exploded once more, the shock wave emanating from the purple-haired girl and Shido was thrown back several more feet until he fell on to the hard concrete once more; his right side taking the impact. When he looked up again at the girl, he was met with the tip of a large broadsword, inches from his nose and glowing softly, not too dis-similarly from the pink trails of her armour.

The girl stared at him with cold eyes, her mouth formed a tight frown and her brow, while slightly creased in anger, was soft.

"Why do you look so... Sad?" He softly asked.

The question caught the girl off-guard, but before she could answer the ground erupted under the force of a missile and a large plume of fire sprouted from behind her. She turned around, her back to the shaken Shido, and located her attacker; the barrel of the weapon still smoking. The girl sprinted without a word towards the new threat, beams of energy being thrust forward from her glowing sword as she closed the gap.

The girl and her attacker clashed. The glowing pink of the purple-haired girl's broadsword struck the pale blue of the attacker's energy sword. Shido recognised the attacker as Origami Tobiichi, a white-haired, supposedly top-of-the-class, girl in his homeroom. The sudden sight of her confused him even more.

"Origami?" He quickly asked, not quite believing what he was seeing.

"Shido!" Origami replied, equally confused.

As Shido took in Origami's futuristic armour and weaponry, he asked, "What's up with those clothes?"

Origami Tobiichi never got the chance to respond as the purple-haired girl leapt towards her once more, and swung her broadsword down only to meet a parrying blow from Origami.

"Sam, intervene now!" Shouted a man's voice down Samanya's headset.

"Affirmative." She quickly replied, and took off towards Shido from behind a nearby building that had partially collapsed, travelling far too fast for an un-aided human, her legs leaving the ground as she sped towards him under the force of her 'wings', the small thrusters glowing blue as she propelled herself forwards. Through her visor she could see him, still staring at the purple-haired girl as she slashed with her broadsword, arcs of pink energy leaping out at Origami, and grabbed him mid-flight as more explosions sounded around them.

"I've got him!" Samanya shouted into her headset, hoping that her voice would be heard over the ongoing battle.

"Ping received, retrieval started." Spoke the man in her ear once more.

As a brilliant beam of light from above engulfed both Sam and Shido, he looked back once more at the purple-haired girl as she looked towards him, Origami retreating back to her team, and saw an expression that would stay with him forever.

"If you're so strong, why do you look so sad?" He thought, but the question remained unsaid as the beam around him solidified, and his vision changed to a brilliant white.