Aramis and D'artagnan Vs the Red Guard.

Chapter 1. Racing Through Paris

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Aramis turns the corner sharply running down the cobble street with D'artagnan quickly catching up to him from behind. Angry shouts follow them as they flee Aramis holding the leather burned map in one tightly clutched hand.

"Come-on D'artagnan! This way!" He says taking off down a side alley between a bakers shop and a masonry.

"It seems to me! That they're over reacting!" D'artagnan calls out to Aramis between breaths.

"We won it far and square!" D'art shouts back at the men as they turn out of the alley and head down one of the more unpleasant streets in paris. A stray dog runs and starts barking at Aramis's heels.

"Get! Shoo! I agree D'art! But without Porthos or Athos here to help us. We are severely outnumbered!" Aramis calls back as they make it to a dead end at a closed off bridge.

"Great plan Aramis", D'artagnan huffs looking at the only partially constructed bridge.

"I forgot that it was being repaired", Aramis shrugs and looks back behind them to fifteen red guards running at them from down the street.

"Well we can't turn back now", 'Mis says with a smirk and starts climbing onto the side of the bridge and beginning to carefully shimmy toward the other side. Just as D'artagnan hops onto the wooden beam, red guards and the captain of the red guards the Comte de Rochefort, appear on the other side of the bridge.

"Give it up!" Rochefort yells from the street smiling evilly. "You're surrounded and you'll never hope to find the treasure with your lot anyway! Best give it to us!".

"Not in your lifetime!" Aramis calls then looks over to D'artagnan. Aramis mouths something with a wink then jumps off the bridge ten feet down into the slowly moving river. D'artagnan smiles and jumps off the bridge as well. But being closer to the side of the river it was shallower then where Aramis jumped. So when D'artagnan plunges into the water, he goes in sideways and knocks his head on a rock on the underwater river bank.

Panicking slightly D'artagnan swims to the surface sputtering and dazed. To his left he sees Aramis swimming like a trained professional towards a storm drain at the opposite side of the river. D'artagnan is about to follow Aramis but a red guard had run down the bank and made a grab for his shoulder. So D'art kicks out the red guard's feet and he topples forward into the water beside D'artagnan.

Again D'artagnan tries to get himself swimming towards Aramis but another red guard grabs his leg while D'artagnan was trying to dive away into the water towards Aramis. He kicks at the man but that only causes his other leg to be ensnared by another red guard with a long blond beard. They drag him stomch down onto the shore the rocks cutting his hands as he tries to kick out. Then he sees Aramis looking at him with concern from the storm drain. D'artagnan quickly waves for him to go with a strained smile. Aramis hesitates but then nods before reluctantly leaving his brother to his fate.

Four red guards grab D'artagnan by each limb and carry him back up the bank as he struggles weakly still dazed from the knock to the head. Across the river on the other street a large red guard takes orders from Rochfort and makes his way slowly across the bridge carefully to the other side and walks up to D'artagnan and starts to roughly bind his hands and feet.

"You can't do this!" D'artagnan growls in protest.

"I believe I already am", the man says wickedly and raising a fist to knock D'artagnan out.

"He already has a head wound, if want him to keep his senses you shouldn't", a young red guard protests.

"Just following orders", The large man says to the young kid and he punches D'artagnan on the temple. D'artagnan feels the pain and sees a swirling black in his eyes before he quickly gives into unconsciousness going slack in the mens arms. From somewhere across the river on top of a house to where he has climbed, Aramis watches as a large red guard hits his brother in arms. He holds his breath as D'artagnan goes limp and is half carried half dragged to a nearby horse and slung across its back. Then is slowly lead away back up the street.

D'artagnan groans as he becomes aware of a brutal pounding ache, reverberating through his skull. He slowly opens his eyes then quickly shut them at the light from a fireplace. Slowly he tries again blinking rapidly until he is just able to squint at his surroundings. Two red guards are asleep in chairs in front of a fireplace and he himself is slumped on his side on the floor tied to a wooden beam in the middle of the room. He tries to shift and lift his head but that seems to be a mistake and he lets out a whimper clenching his eyes and mouth shut.

Footsteps and a loud creak in the floor tells D'artagnan someones entered the room and he opens his eyes and peers up into the smirking face of Rochfort... Rochefort regards D'artagnan for a moment then drags a wooden chair and places it in front of D'artagnan and sits down crossing his legs.

"Now D'artagnan", he says loudly ignoring D'artagnan's flinch at the loud noise. "Where did Aramis go with my map".

"I don't know what you're talking about", D'artagnan says in a low scratchy voice. Rochefort uncrosses his legs and quickly kicks D'artagnan hard on his side. D'artagnan curls in with a groan.

"That is not the answer I want to hear!" Rochefort says menacingly then leans down to D'artagnan's ear and whispers, "What is more important to you. The map, or your own life". Then he leans back into the chair and it creaks with the large man's weight. D'artagnan refuses to answer looking off to one side his mouth drawn into a tight line. Rochefort huffs and leans further back in his chair looking at D'artagnan indignantly. Stubborn musketeers.

"Sir, I told you, you can't get nothin out of him or any Musketeer. Let me try and I swear my method will work! It has never failed before!" D'artagnan noticed both of the sleeping red guards had woken and were watching the exchange. The smaller of the two, a weasel like man is the one who spoke up. He has a large hooked nose, a greasy mop of hair and beady eyes that look at d'artagnan evilly.

"Very well. But I want my answers by midnight tonight", Rochefort says as he stands and places the wooden chair back against the wall on the other side of the room.

"Oh that won't be a problem sir. It won't be a problem at all…" The weasel man says as Rochefort leaves the room.

End Chapter 1. Hope you enjoyed, R & R and I'll update soon!