Everything Is Not What It Seems

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Warning: In this chapter, though it's a fairly long chapter, over 18,000 words. There will be some slight abuse in a nightmare, that is marked for anyone who is triggered by abuse of any kind. There are a few degrading words, in an inner monologue of Yuri, that will be in Italics. I hoped you have enjoyed this book and hope you stick around for the second book in this small series. There is also a small fight scene with Victor and Phichit, as well as one that wouldn't technically be called a fight, again with Victor and Phichit. So please Enjoy. Now onto the story. 😊

Chapter 11

3rd POV:

Yuri Katsuki woke up with a soft but loud alarm ringing close to his head. He groaned softly into the silk pillow case and shifted slightly until he realized long arms were trapping him against a warm body. He turned his head slightly to be met with Victor Nikiforov's beautiful pale face. The Asian smiled slightly at his fiancé as he reached over slightly to turn the alarm off as Victor shifted, his eyes opening slightly. Showing the bright blues of his iris's slightly. "Hi," Yuri said softly after he turned the alarm off and shifted to face Victor completely. Victor smiled softly at the small blush that showed up pleasantly on his Japanese fiancé's cheeks. "We should shower and get ready for practice", Victor said as he quickly blinked the rest of the sleep away from his eyes, his mind clearing from the hazy fog of unconsciousness.

"B-But Victor, what about my knee, it's still hurting a lot. I don't know if I can skate like this", Yuri said softly sitting up and grabbing his glasses from the bedside table and putting them on his face, so the world was clear and not blurry. Victor sighed, the sigh almost sounding annoyed to the short Japanese man still on the bed as Victor climbed off the bed. "I have a knee brace in the closet. But right now, I want you in the shower", The Russian man said sternly. Yuri nodded quickly and slowly stood up off the bed and walked to the master bathroom connected to the master bed room they were in.

As soon as he closed the bathroom door he fell to the floor, his back leaning against the door. Maybe I shouldn't have complained like that. He thought to himself.

You think? His mind questioned him matter of fact. He groaned at the voice in his head. Not now! He begged his mind, but it wasn't relenting at all.

You should get in the shower before he gets even more annoyed at us. Yuri sighed and nodded to his self and stood up stepping over to the shower and bending over to turn it on. After a few moments of letting the water heat up he stepped in and let the water cascade down his body.

The bruises, he thought, are all over my body. He had inspected his self after dipping his dark locks under the water. I hope they don't show during practice, he sighed to himself.

Even if they did, what could you or Victor do about it? You and I both know we deserved the bruises for causing so much trouble yesterday. He sighed and began washing his hair slowly but surely, getting it done.

After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened then closed, he moved the curtain aside to see Victor with a couple towels and some underwear for both of them. "Make some room, I'm stepping in", Victor said casually. Yuri blushed heavily at the idea of showering with Victor but made no complaints and moved the shower curtain to the side while stepping to the side as well.

Yuri POV:

It was embarrassing to have Victor showering with me, but I didn't want to complain anymore than I already have this morning. And, it was barely even 7 AM yet. As Victor dunked his silver hair under the water he said, "I have some rules". I blinked but nodded at him and when he moved from the water I dunked my self back under it and rinsed the shampoo from my hair. "Rule one: Always ask my permission to go anywhere by yourself." Victor said as he scrubbed shampoo in his own hair. I nodded as I started scrubbing conditioner into my hair. "Rule two: Do not speak to anyone else unless I give you permission", I bit my lip but nodded at this one as well.

I'm wondering why we need rules to begin with. My mind suddenly said, which yeah, I'm wondering that too, but I couldn't ask Victor. He'd be really upset with me for sure, right?

Why are you asking me? You know the only way to find out the answer. I groaned to my self annoyed already with my own mind.

"Rule three: do no…" He began again but I interrupted him and said softly, "Wh-why do I need rules anyway?" Already, I knew I made a huge mistake. "Rule three: Do not interrupt me." His voice was low and demanding, I shied away quickly my face looking down to the ground. "I-I'm sorry" I stuttered out before I felt a slap across my face.

We deserved it right? My mind said, but I didn't understand, I hadn't known the rule yet, so why was he so angry? "Wh-why? I-I hadn't known the rule yet." I looked up at him my hand holding my right cheek softly. "Maybe if you hadn't talked then you would have heard it", He answered me simply and dipped under the water rinsing the shampoo from his silver locks. Maybe he was right.

You know he's right, don't kid yourself. I sighed agreeing and waited for him to finish rinsing his hair to rinse the conditioner out of my dark hair.

Once he stepped out from under the water he said. "Rule four: I want your phone, you'll get a new phone and it will only have my number and no social media". I nodded slightly but said, "I-I was never really on social media to be honest, unless Phichit wanted to take a picture with me." I quickly rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and grabbed the body wash. "Rule four: No interviews with any reporter, if they talk to you, just walk away", He said as he scrubbed the conditioner in his air. "B-But that's really rude Victor. Can't I just politely decline?" He looked at me and said, "Rule five: Do not talk back". I shivered slightly and nodded looking down to the shower floor as the water swirled down the drain.

"Just do as I say, and we won't have problems." He said, and I nodded to him. He wrapped me in his arms softly, "I love you, I'm doing this to protect you and to show you my love". Yeah, that's why, he loves me, and I love him. "I-I love you too" I said softly to him. He smiled softly kissing my forehead and we finished our shower.

After giving Makkachin a few pets behind his ears and promising to be back after practice we left to the rink. Victor wanted to take the car again, so we went down to the parking garage. As he unlocked the car and started the ignition I put our duffel bags into the trunk. I climbed into the passenger seat buckling up as he pulled out of the parking garage and drove off onto the street. I looked out the window and saw the snowy streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. It was still a bit dark, but the sun was peeking out from behind the buildings around us.

My mind wondered to Phichit, why was he acting like that. He was so scary; it just felt like he was just trying to take me away from Victor. Was he jealous?

No way! My mind screamed at me.

Are you crazy, he would never do something like that! He's been your best friend for years! One of your biggest supporters. Yeah, you're right, maybe he's just worried about me. I wish I could tell him I'm fine, but Victor would be so mad at me and if Victor told him, he wouldn't believe Victor.

"Yuri, are you okay? You seemed off since we got into the car." Victor suddenly said, and I jumped slightly and turned toward him. "J-Just thinking Victor." I answered him softly. "What were you thinking about?" He stopped at a red light and turned to look at me. "I-I'm thinking about Phichit and I's confrontation last night", I answered truthfully. He tilted his head slightly and said, "Honey, Phichit is just jealous I'm sure. I've seen the way he looks at you."

What does he mean? Phichit couldn't be jealous, he was my best friend. "Victor, there is no way Phichit would be jealous of anything. He's always been a big supporter of us." I said to him and he turned back to the road as the light turned green and drove off slowly gaining speed. "Yuri, why else would be so angry with you coming back to me?" He said as he turned left onto another street. I don't know why but I just got so angry at him and blurted out, "Oh I don't know, maybe it's because you're a control freak! Maybe it's because your beating his best friend almost every day!" I hadn't realized either that my voice was just saturated with sarcasm as I screamed at him.

He slammed on the breaks and I braced my hands against the glove box, so I didn't hit my face. I looked behind me to make sure there were no cars behind us, luckily none. I turned to Victor to see him staring at me, his sky blues a dark sharp blue. His jaw was set, his mouth was pushed into a thin line as he grits out, "Are you back talking?" I groaned at him and yelled back at him, "Are you crazy! You could've caused a huge accident if someone was behind us! You could've killed us!" I noticed his hands were as white as the snow outside the car as it gripped the leather steering wheel.

But, at the moment, I didn't care. Victor was getting a head of his self and it was annoying. "Answer my question." He said his tone getting more demanding and more anger was showing through. "No, I won't answer you! Do not almost get us killed just because I said there was no way Phichit would ever be jealous of us!" I yelled at him then squealed as he slapped me again.

We weren't back talking though, right? Right? My mind questioned to me, the anxiety was starting roll into me.

"Stop it Victor, please? I-I wasn't back talking. I was just replying to you; trying to have a conversation." I said as he growled and grabbed at my hair as he put the car in park. I whimpered as he yanked on my black hair and screamed straight into my ear, "I said no back talking!" I jumped and curled into myself, shaking heavily. "I-I'm sorry Victor, I-it won't happen again." I whimpered out and he finally let go my hair and said, "As I was saying, he's just jealous".

I only nodded at his words as he put the car in drive and finally drove again without saying another word. I bit my lip and looked down to the cars floor. He loves me, right? He said he's doing this because he loves me right?

What if he doesn't? My mind said softly, and I shuddered at the words and chose to ignore my mind for the time being. I picked at my nails biting my lip.

Yurio POV:

I had never seen Phichit so concentrated on skating before, he looked royally pissed. Mila hadn't even attempted to talk to him like she usually does. His mouth was set in a tight line as I saw him grind his jaw upward. I was kind of annoyed because this isn't like him, so I skated up to him grabbed his arm and said, "Okay guinea pig enthusiast, what the fuck's the problem with your attitude today. Why are you so pissed?"

He growled annoyingly at me then looked behind me and said, "Turn around and you might find the answer". He said then snatched his arm out of my hand. I blinked but turned around and saw a perfect reason for why he was pissed. Baldy and Katsudon were here, Katsudon was already sitting on a bench and bending slightly over to put his skates on as Victor was talking to him. Yuri only nodded at him, I didn't seem open his mouth to speak at all. What the fuck happened last night after he and Yuri left?

I wasn't going to get anything from Phichit, so I wanted to try and ask Yuri. I just need him away from Victor. I skated off the rink and grabbed my phone from my bag and sent a quick text, "Meet me in the bathroom". I stayed though to make sure Yuri looked at the text. But, Yuri didn't pull his phone out, I heard it ding, but Victor pulled it from his duffel bag. Why the hell did he have Katsudon's phone. I growled and saw Yuri ask Victor something and he replied.

I walked over to them and angrily spat at Victor, "Hey baldy why the fuck do you have Katsudon's phone?" Victor turned around so fast you'd think he'd gotten whiplash. He looked like he was about hit me but I heard Yuri say softly, "Please don't Victor." Victor just nodded and sat down completely ignoring me. "Hey Katsudon, don't tell me you're letting this idiot control you? You know what he's doing to you is wrong, why won't you just admit that you need help getting away from him. I can help you, Phichit can help you. Shit, even Yakov will help you", I spoke instead to Yuri who just looked at me blankly. He blinked but stood up and told Victor he was getting on the ice.

Baldy only nodded to him then watched him step on the ice then quickly put his skates on and yelled out, "Stick to the program, do not change anything". A short sharp reply, "Of course", from Yuri. I growled angrily as Victor turned away hearing Lillia yell out for me to get back to practice. I watched as Phichit skated quickly over to his best friend grabbing his arms, right above the elbows and yelling loud enough for the whole rink to hear.

"Yuri! Oh my god I'm so sorry I did that to you last night. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that, I'm so sorry!" His head was dipped low, facing the block of ice under us. Yuri looked like he was conflicted and couldn't choose whether to forgive or not. Something was terribly wrong, and it confirmed my suspicions when he pulled Phichit's hands off his arms and slowly skated backwards until he was on the other side of the rink.

The face Phichit had the moment Yuri was far enough away was honestly disgustingly heart breaking. What did Victor do to him?

Yuri POV:

Oh no Phichit was talking to me, apologizing for last night. But I couldn't speak to him, if I do Victor will hit me again. Instead I just pulled his hands from my arms and backed away skating toward the other side of the rink. I knew he was heart broken but I just couldn't risk it anymore, I liked the nice and kind side of Victor and I wanted him to be out more, not the angry side.

I told you Phichit would never want to hurt you, nor would he ever be jealous. I know that! Shut up!

I screamed to my self leaning heavily onto the divider of the rink and the normal flooring of the rink building. "Yuri? What's wrong?" I heard Victor say behind me. I turned and wrapped my arms around his waist. "P-Phichit came up to me, apologizing for last night", I said my face stuffed slightly in his chest. "It's okay, it's going to be okay. How about we just practice, get your mind off things for now", He said rubbing my shoulders and I nodded and we got to practicing.

Working on our pair skate was definitely the hardest to do, we still hadn't got this one move down. "Yuri, one more time and you better get the jump into lift part right!" Victor yelled at me and I jumped nodding, slightly out of breath. I skated a small circle gaining speed then skated backwards into Victors arm kicking off the ice just as he lifted me off the ice and I twirled three times in the air, but I fumbled the landing and fell hard onto my injured knee from last night.

I whimpered out loudly and curled clutching my knee painfully into my hands. "Vitya! I told you not to do that move!" I heard Yakov screaming at Victor but Victor of course, was ignoring him in favor of bending down to me laying his hand softly on my hands over my knee. "Can you still skate?" He said softly. That made me angry again, he injured my knee last night! Now I've hit it painfully on the ice and he thinks I want to skate!

We should keep to ourselves, remember in the car? My mind said but I ignored it and said instead.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" He looked at me blankly then his eyes narrowed but I wasn't backing down. "My knee was already injured because of you and now you think I want to keep skating right now!" I screamed at him and by now everyone at the rink was watching us, watching me scream at Victor at the top of my lungs.

Slowly I stood up as he stood up in front of me, towering over my smaller form. "The competitions are less than a month away!" He started yelling at me, his hands waving and moving all around emphasizing his anger. "Oh, well maybe I'd want to skate if you hadn't beat me last night! Or maybe if you'd just learn to stop controlling me!" I didn't know why I was saying this, I just was. The words poured from my mouth like vomit. I heard loud gasps and few angry growls that could only come from Yurio and Yakov.

"I told you Yuri, I do this because I love you", He grabbed my hands tightly and I bit my lip, all words left me as he pulled me into his arms. "If you loved him you wouldn't hurt him jackass!" I heard Phichit's voice behind him, Phichit was never one to cuss, so it surprised me.

Is Phichit right? If Victor really loved me, he wouldn't hurt me?

I feel like he's right Yuri. He is your best friend, right? Phichit wouldn't hurt you right? Yeah, you're right.

"Phichit's right isn't he?" I stared at Victor finally finding my voice, ripping my hands from his grip. "If you really did love me you wouldn't treat me like this!" I screamed at him again but squeaked as he hit me. His knuckled fist coming in contact with my jaw and I fell to the ice below me. Tears instantly poured down my cheeks as I curled up and Victor gave me a kick to my ribs and I yelled out. "I'm sorry Victor, please I'm sorry!"

"Don't ever tell him you're sorry!" I heard a voice right above me and I looked up to see Georgi and Yurio pulling Victor back as Phichit pulled me into a sitting position against him. "Phichit, get me out of here, please I'm so sorry for everything!" I begged my best friend and he nodded and quickly took my skates off and basically threw them somewhere else on the rink. He helped me off the ice and into my tennis shoes. At the moment I didn't care about the competitions, I just wanted to get away.

~3 hours later~

Yuri POV:

Phichit took me to his hotel where he put an ice pack on my knee and told me to rest up. He said he was going to get plane tickets for Japan and I was grateful for him. Slowly I had fallen asleep and woke up a few hours later, the ice pack had fallen off my knee, but it was warm instead cold, so it was useless. I turned to my left and watched Phichit search through his social media for a bit then cleared my throat getting his attention.

He turned to me and began speaking softly, "Hey, how are you feeling?" I shrugged at his question and shifted so my head was on his lap. He used to always let me lay on him like this when we were in Detroit. He just ran his fingers through my dark hair and laid my glassed in my hands. I smiled just a small bit and put them on. "I know this is going to be hard for you, but do you want to press charges?" He asked me softly and I sat up and slowly shook my head no. He looked at me, but I spoke before he could. "I-I'm going to Japan, right? I-I'm leaving him, right? I don't want to put him in jail." I fiddled with my nails again, picking at them.

"What if he tries to come to Japan?" Phichit asked me and I shrugged. "Maybe tell the police that I'm being stalked by a foreign man?" My reply was more a question not really understand of what I should do should that even happen. My mind was just jumbled with trying to get away from him first. Phichit hugged me softly then said, "We'll figure something out okay, but at the meantime, our flight is in a few hours. Do you want to get some things from Victor's apartment?"

Blinking, I nodded slowly, and he climbed off the bed helping me up as well. My knee was feeling good, of course it was still so swelled. We walked out of the hotel and called for a taxi. I politely told the driver, luckily, he spoke some English, what address we were headed too. I leaned my head on Phichit's shoulder realizing that Victor couldn't love me, he'd hurt me so much.

If we went to court for this, I can't even speak Russian, so how will I answer any questions unless they have people who speak English in the jury or lawyers. "Yuri, we're at the hotel." I heard a soft accented voice beside me and I nodded to Phichit. We both stepped out of the cab and I quickly grabbed his arm, "Victor might be here, let's check the parking garage. We took the car to the rink." He nodded slowly, and we went around back to a small door that entered the parking garage. I put in the number for the key pad to open the door.

No, Victor was here! "He's here", I said pointing to the black car in the reserved spot for the penthouse. Phichit sighed and wrapped an arm softly around my shoulders. I bit my lip and slowly walked us to the door to let us inside the hotel itself. I had to put in another code for the door and we went to the elevator just a few feet down the hallway. I pushed the button for the top floor penthouse. Then I put in Victor's keycode to let us open up the penthouse doors once we were there.

"High tech", Phichit said next to me as he watched me punch in the code. "Victor is high tech", I answered him and wobbled slightly as the elevator started going up. "It's going to be okay, we'll get your things then head back to the hotel", He said softly to me and I nodded to him looking down at the carpeted elevator floor.

You know what will happen once those elevator doors open and you're inside the penthouse! Don't kid your self. He'll attack you! What if he attacks Phichit? My mind was screaming at me.

I know! I screamed back not knowing what else to say. Other than the fact that I knew Phichit can fight.

Finally, we were in the penthouse not even a minute later and I opened the door to be attacked, not by Victor, thankfully, but by Makkachin who whined and woofed loudly. I bent down and shushed her, "Shh Makka please". I petted her and scratched her softly behind the ears. "Makkachin, bed", I demanded her, and she whined confusedly but went anyway and laid down on her doggie bed in the living room.

"Yuri!" I squealed and backed up into Phichit who instantly put his self between Victor and I. "Don't talk bastard, we came here to get his things then leaving. You're lucky he's not putting charges on you." Phichit said angrily and grabbed my hand lightly. "Where's your things?" He said, and I told them the master bed room, down the hall and to the right. "But, Victor still has my phone", I quickly told him before he shooed me to the master bed room. I nodded and jogged down the hall.

Victor POV:

I couldn't believe it, Yuri had come back, but he was with Phichit. The Thai boy and he was yelling at me demanding I don't speak. I watched Yuri as he jogged to the master bed room and Phichit watched me like a hawk. I thought I heard them say something about leaving but I couldn't be right, Yuri loved me, right? Right?

Maybe you're losing it? Maybe you've officially lost it! No that couldn't be right, I loved Yuri and Yuri loved me, we're supposed to get married after we retire.

"You're wrong! I love him so much and he loves me! You're just jealous!", I screamed at Phichit who rolled his eyes at me and said, "No, I'm not jealous, he's my best friend and I was a big supporter if this relationship but not anymore after you've been beating him and controlling him. You've seriously got something wrong with you, why don't you go and see a therapist or something!" (Victor's idea of a therapist comes from me okay so please don't hate me, just enjoy the last chapter.) "No, I will never go to a therapist, all they do is just give you some sort of drug, so they can get money off you! They don't help at all." I yelled at the Thai boy and walked angrily toward him.

He sighed heavily but stood his ground as Yuri came back out with a small bit of clothes in a suitcase and said, "Victor, my phone". He held his hand out, but I ignored him in favor of swinging at Phichit who ducked my right hook and elbowed my gut. I grunted slightly but came back to knee him in the face, he dodged that too but back handed me. The force of the hit sent me a few feet back, but I steadied my self as he snarled at me and Yuri was quickly behind him. "He said he wanted his phone back", Phichit said, he wasn't even out of breath at all.

If I kept fighting him I'd be the one to get hurt so I pointed to the coffee table where his phone was. Yuri immediately grabbed it and pulled at Phichit's shirt and they left just as fast as they got here. I missed Yuri already.

This is you're doing, though. I ignored my mind in favor of just sitting on the floor against a wall.

Yuri POV~ On the plane a couple hours later:

I was so glad I was going back to Japan to be honest, especially with my best friend who's been there forever. I looked over to my side and watched as Phichit munched some crackers the plane provided for everyone then turned to my window watching the clouds as we flew through them. My mind wondered back to Victor and my heart felt like it physically clenched into my chest cavity.

Missing him. My mind simply said but I couldn't miss him, not after everything he's done to me.

Don't lie yourself, you've loved him since you were 12 years old. I did, didn't I?

You do love him, you still do. I sighed heavily trying to rid my mind of him, but it kept wondering to the times when Victor was just so sweet and kind. Before he started hurting me. I remember when he started freaking out when I had that big anxiety attack before my performance at the Rostelecom cup. He didn't know what to do, of course it was his fault I broke down.

Then after my performance he jumped onto me and kissed me, I was surprised as usual when it came to Victor. He was always good at surprising, not only me, but everyone around him. His fans, the other competitors, his coach. Just everyone in general.

He would rub and massage my ankles after every practice day even though I told him he didn't have to. He'd do it after competition's as well, I had learned to just let him do it. It did feel good; ice skates were heavy and put a lot of weight on you especially when you fell down during a jump. If you weren't careful enough, you could easily sprain or break your ankle.

And when we spent a free day in Barcelona sightseeing and Christmas shopping, though in Russia they don't celebrate Christmas. Christmas is also Victor's birthday, and I wanted to give him a present, but he said they never celebrate until the day of.

And when we put the rings on each other, I was sure my cheeks were so red, as red as a tomato I'm sure. He kissed me again right there too holding me close to his chest. I remember hearing his heart beat through his clothing.

Miss him. And, yet again, I had to agree. I did miss him so much.

"Yuri? Are you okay?" I looked over Phichit when I heard his voice and shrugged. "Talk to me", he smiled softly and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I leaned my head on his shoulder and said, "I-I don't know why, but I miss him". I turned my head to see out my window, my head still on his shoulder a bit. I heard him sigh and he said, "It's going to be okay".

I hope he was right, I really do.

~Time skip-A few days before competition's start~
(I know this is kind of like a big time skip, but bear with me, I said this was going to be the last chapter and I meant it.)

Yuri POV:

My first competitions were Skate Canada. Luckily, apparently Phichit wasn't going to be in the season this year, so he said he'd come with me. He said that Cao Cao was even going to be there, but only because I needed a coach there with me. I thanked my old coach over the phone when he told me he'd just meet Phichit and I there. Minako of course was going to go, she always goes to every one of my competition's.

Other skaters that were going to be in Skate Canada were of course Jean-Jacques Leroy, other-wise known as JJ, Michele Crispino was going to be there, Guang Hong Ji will be there; Seung-Gil Lee will also be there. Both Victor and Yurio were going to be there, I was really hoping he wouldn't be, especially after I had to call in and tell them that the pairs skate between Victor and I would be canceled for personal reasons. They didn't ask just let me know that we'd be dropped from the pairs skates.

We were getting ready for our flight that was leaving early in the morning tomorrow. The triplets really wanted to go, but I assured them maybe some time before I retire. They pouted for a few seconds then hugged me when Yuuko told them to stop bugging me. I chuckled at her and they left to go back home. Phichit and I had eaten dinner then went off to bed.

I was kind of excited for these competitions then again, I'd have to see Victor again. At least Phichit would be there with me, as well as Yurio, they both would stop Victor if he tried anything. I was thankful for them. Yurio has been texting me when he can, he tells me his cat misses me and it makes me smile. Though, I'm allergic to cats, I'd like to pet her even just for a few moments. Potya was the cutest to be honest.

But you miss Victor more. I sighed out in annoyance at my mind bringing up Victor again. Though I do miss him still, I just knew that I couldn't go back to him. I couldn't, even though it does hurt me to be away from him. Phichit tells me that he'll help me cope and get better, as well as my family.

"Yuri?" I looked up to see Phichit creeping from behind my door and I laughed out at him as he walked in and jumped on my bed where I was sitting. "Are you nervous for the competitions?" He asked me, and I chuckled softly. "Only a little, to be honest, I'm more nervous seeing Victor and being near him", I looked to the floor.

"I know, but you can do this, you have me, and Yurio will be there too. He'll annoy you as much as he can to keep your mind from straying to Victor", Phichit said as he poked my arm. I nodded and flopped down onto my bed laying my glasses next to my phone on the corner of my bed. "Have you gotten any texts or calls from him?" Phichit said softly and laid down next to me, though my bed was a twin we could still fit, somehow.

"Just one text, I didn't read it, I just deleted it", I told him and shifted to my side to looked at him as he did the same. He nodded then yawned and I sighed, "Go to sleep". He pouted but nodded and pulled the covers over us. Man, this reminds me back when we were Detroit and we would stay up half the night, either him teaching me English or just looking up hot skaters and drooling over them.

I watched as he fell asleep then slowly fell asleep my self pulling the covers tightly over my shoulders.

It felt like morning came quicker than it should have, but once my alarm went off we were up and eating break fast then were off to the train to get to the airport. And once we were at the airport we were back on the plane. Sometimes I just feel like I'm done with planes, but then again, I need them in order to do my career. Phichit was watching a movie on his laptop once we were in the air and I just looked out in the sky, seeing all the pretty colors from the sun rising.

I stood up and walked toward the bathroom and once I was in the bathroom my phone dinged with a few text messages. After I used the toilet and washed my hands I opened up my phone and without thinking I opened the text up. It was from Victor, saying he was glad he's was going to be able to see me soon. I shivered slightly and quickly deleted the texts and walked back out to Phichit. I didn't want to bother him, so I just sat back down and pulled out my head phones to listen to some music.

After several, several hours we were at the airport in Canada. Phichit said, that Celestino was going to be at the airport to pick us up. When we stepped out of the terminal Celestino was instantly bringing me into a soft hug and I tensed slightly. I wasn't prepared at all for the hug. After a few quick hellos and Phichit and I got our luggage's from the baggage claim we were off to the hotel.

How are you even going to skate with Victor there? You know he'll be watching you. He'll probably want to talk to you, or maybe worse.

I shook my head a bit too much, not now, please mind not now. I begged my self silently. I didn't want to think of Victor and what will happen during the competitions. To be honest, I just wanted to go to the hotel and lay down and rest.

"Yuri? Hello? Is anyone home?" I heard Phichit say next to me in the car. Blinking slightly, I looked toward him and made a soft hum to let him know he had my attention. "Are you okay? You've seemed spaced out since we got here." He asked me, and I sighed shrugging and looked out the cars window. "Come on, what you are thinking about?" He asked me laying a hand on my hand that was placed on my thigh.

I'm thinking of Victor, I thought but shook my head at him leaning my head on the window. "Okay, I won't force you. Try to cheer up okay, I know it's hard, but it's going to be okay." He replied to me then removed his hand and bent slightly over to talk to Celestino who was driving.

Several minutes passed and we were heading inside the hotel and checking in, then walking into the elevator. I knew my movements probably seemed robotic, but at the moment I was just too tired to care. Phichit had convinced me to let us get a room together, so after he pressed the button for the 4th floor we were going up.

I leaned against the elevators walls and he said, "Your knee is doing better right?" I nodded to him and replied, "Yeah, I haven't had the need to wear the knee brace in a while, so I should be okay." He smiled at me then waited until the elevator pinged to let us know we were on the 4th floor. We waited until the doors slid open and we were walking down the hallway to our room.

Room 314 was the number and it took a second to find it, but after a few minutes we were unlocking the door and flopping on the queen sized bed that was in the middle. I thought I told Phichit to order the room with two twin sized beds for us both but of course he wouldn't listen to me.

"Go ahead and rest, I'll just sit here and look through Instagram", the Thai man said next to me and I thanked him silently. I threw my shoes off and my coat and slipped under the covers and promptly passed out. Into the black murky void of my mind.

~Nightmare Begins~

The black murky inkiness slowly faded away and in my vision was a silver-haired, blue-eyed, heart-shaped-grin beautiful man in front of me. He had a big fluffy brown poodle sitting obediently next to his legs. He smiled at me, his big heart shaped grin was contagious, and I laughed at it. He opened his arms for me and yelled out, "Yuuuri!" He stretched the U vowel in my name longer than he should have, but I loved it. It made me happy for reasons that were unknown.

I smiled wider and practically jumped into his awaiting arms nuzzling my face in his warm chest; feeling his heart beating wildly in his chest cavity. "I love you Yuri!" He said kissing my hair softly and I giggled and answered him, "I love you too Victor!" Then the vision faded out and the black murky inkiness faded into vision.

No! Please, let me see him more! I screamed into the black inkiness of my mind and I was granted with a very nice and calming scene. The fluffy poodle, Makkachin, laying on the couch with Victor next to him petting him. Victor looked up and said, "Yuri, come watch this movie with me." I giggled once more and nodded then plopped my self down right beside him. He wrapped his other arm around me, the one he wasn't using to scratch lightly behind Makkachin's ears.

The movie was about a girl, she was a professional surfer. She loved surfing, she loved surfing in competitions until the night she was attacked by a shark. Poor girl had lost her left arm all the way up to her shoulder. She almost died from blood loss, luckily, she had made it, without an arm of course, but she made it. Throughout her life now she had to relearn how to do simple things, and in a very different way. In order for her to cut vegetables or any food item she'd use her feet and her one arm for example.

But the one thing she wanted to relearn was surf. A doctor was going to make a prosthetic arm, but she didn't like it, it bothered her. So, she tried surfing without it just once, it didn't work as planned at first, but in the end, she found a way. It was a very inspiring movie to anyone trying to chase their dreams or who are stuck at rock bottom.

I leaned my head on Victor's shoulder, but he suddenly made a disgusting sound and pushed me off him. I squeaked slightly when he used more force then needed and I fell to the floor. The vision faded again, and I was in the bed room, on the floor and Victor was hitting me, again and again and again. No! Please Victor stop! I wanted to scream at him, but my vocal chords wouldn't obey my command. My mouth would move, but no words would come out. Dammit, vocal chords, work please! I begged to myself, but nothing happened.

"Why don't you ever obey me Yuri? I'm just trying to help you, I love you." Victor was saying as he kicked my right hip and I groaned out in pain. I wanted to scream, shout, beg for him to stop but nothing was coming out at all. "Can't speak huh? Cat got your tongue?" His voice was taunting and menacing. Suddenly he grabbed my shirt pulling me up and punched me straight into my nose and finally my voice was let out. I screamed as loud as I could, trying to push him away. "Stop! Stop! Please Victor, stop!"

~End of Nightmare~

"Yuri! Yuri!", Slowly my vision faded in and out and I was staring at Phichit who almost looked like he was about faint. "Yuri? Can you hear me?" He said shaking me slightly and I blinked and jumped up screaming out for him. I grabbed him tears pouring down my cheeks as if a dam was just broken. "Oh Yuri." He said and brought me into his arms holding me close as our hotel room door was basically kicked open and a few security guards and someone who worked at the hotel came bursting in.

Phichit POV:

"We heard loud screaming all the way down the hall", One of the security guards said, his voice loud as if it was coming from a speaker. "N-No one is hurt sir, please I'm so sorry. M-My friend here, he was just having a nightmare", I said quickly trying my best to calm Yuri down in the process. "I-I'm sorry we worried you guys", I said again as I felt Yuri's cries getting softer until he was just sniffling and letting out soft quiet sobs. The bust boy, I guess, walked over and said, "Is there anything we can do to help?" I smiled kindly at him, he was so nice offering help to complete strangers.

"Thank you so much, but I don't want to bother you with anything", I said softly, and he only nodded slightly then he and both security guards left the room, shutting the door behind them. I looked down to my distressed best friend and slowly pulled him slightly away from me. "Want to talk about it?" I asked him, but he shook his head no and I nodded. I reached over grabbing some tissues from the bed side table and handed them to him. He thanked me wiping his eyes then blowing his nose and threw the tissues into the trash can beside the bed.

"I-I'm sorry I'm causing problems and bothering people", He said, and my eyes grew seven shades bigger and I shook my head frantically. "Yuri, you are not bothering anyone at all", I quickly told him as he laid back down. I laid next to him and waited until his breathing was normal and said, "You better now?" He shrugged, and I let out a sad soft smile. "It's going to be okay, you're going to be okay. The practice for the competitors will be tomorrow, do you want to go and try to relax." I told him as he slowly nodded then said, "I'm a little hungry to be honest, do you wanna find somewhere to eat?"

"Sure, lets go find somewhere to eat." I answered then said, "Actually I heard this hotel's cafeteria has some pretty good food". He nodded and sat up, "I'm going to go freshen, up and wash my face." I nodded and sat up as well grabbing my phone from the bed side table on my side of the bed. I had heard my phone ping with a text, but I was busy with Yuri, so I couldn't answer it.

Yurio: I'm here in Canada. What Hotel are you two staying in?

As always, so clipped and simple. I pouted slightly but answered him anyway.

Phichit: We're in Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel. We'll be in the cafeteria, better not have Victor with you though.

I sent him as Yuri came out of the bathroom then grabbed his glasses that was next to his phone on the bed side table on his side of the bed. My phone pinged, and I looked down to see it was Yurio again.

Yurio: Don't worry, I came here only with Lillia, Yakov came with Victor, there already in Canada, at the different hotel, so he's good. We'll be there in 20 minutes.

I sent an okay and Yuri and I walked down to the cafeteria to get some food. On our way I told Yuri that Yurio was here and that he was on his way to the hotel. Yuri nodded but once we saw the buffet that they were serving his mind was just set on the food. I giggled and we both got a plate and sat down at a table to eat. I pulled my phone out and pulled Yuri to my side, his cheeks full of chicken and I snapped a picture.

He whined at my selfie taking but I shooed him off and quickly posted it to Instagram. I had my arm around my Yuri's shoulder and he looked at the camera, his eyes wide in surprise, his cheeks plump with the food. He still had a fork in his hand that had another bite of chicken on it. My caption said:

Hamster_King: The food is great here at Hilten Niagara Falls Hotel in Canada. Just look at Katsuki_Yuri 's cheeks! I love my best friend and so happy to be able to see him skate this season!

Then of course, I had to put many, many emojis in the caption as well. After that we ate our food in comfortable silence and Yuri jumped slightly as a loud voice yelled out for us. I looked over and there was Yurio marching right over to us and sat down. I waved to him chewing and swallowing my food before I spoke. Yuri only nodded and continued eating the rest of his dish.

Yurio talked a bit with us until Lillia wanted him to get to his room and rest for the practice tomorrow and I agreed with her, saying that Yuri did need his rest too. We talked a bit more than went back up to our rooms where we dressed into our pajamas and went to bed, thankfully, Yuri didn't have another nightmare.

~Morning of the Competitors practice time~

Yuri POV:

I was so glad I didn't have another nightmare, I didn't want to bring the security guards back into the room, I also didn't want them thinking Phichit was hurting me.

Yeah, because god knows we've already been through something like that. I groaned silently at my brain and squashed the annoying side down like a mosquito.

We arrived at the rink after 30 minutes and I wanted to get on the ice really quick. I sat down on a bench and unlaced my tennis shoes to put my skates on. "How are you feeling?" I looked up to Celestino as he sat down next to me. Phichit was leaning against the wall divider surrounding the ice. "I'm okay, just want to get on the ice", I told him while lacing up my skates and taking the blade guards off and laid them on the bench as well as my glasses and phone.

He nodded and said, "Just remember to focus and stay calm." I nodded to him then stood up and stepping on the ice skating a circle around the rink first then going into my free skate first, I wanted to practice a few of the spins. Phichit had told me that they seemed a bit off and wobbly, so, I'd work on them until they felt right and weren't wobbly. As I went into a spin where my hands were up, forming a small arc over my chest as I bent my back backwards, my free leg kicked out just slightly, so I was balanced.

Going into the spin I realized why it seemed wobbly, I had bent my leg out too far, so I fixed it and pulled it in just slightly. "Good job Yuri, keep it up" I heard Phichit say and Celestino had agreed with him. I slowly twirled out of the spin and jumped slightly into a sit spin, my leg pulled out in front of me and my hands out in front as well, my fingers intertwined together.

Maybe I could do this, maybe I won't even think about him and I can make it through this competition. After the sit spin I slowly twirled out and stood straight then skated a few circled again and practicing a few jumps. I skated into a quad salchow and easily made it. "You better make that jump, with all the lessons I gave you on just that jump", I heard Yurio yell out to me and it made me giggle and come to stop skating to the edge of the rink where he was standing.

"Hey", I simply said leaning on the divider between us as he sat down and put his own skates on. He rolled his eyes at me then stepped on the ice and skated off to practice his routines. I was about to skate back around too until Lillia stopped me and said, "I know it's hard, but I just want to ask how you're doing?"

She may seem like a cold woman, but deep down she was very sweet and kind. I smiled softly at her and said, "I-I'm doing okay. Just taking it one step at a time". She nodded then I skated away to practice my free skate routine.

I had already had costumes for both my free skate and short program, but I didn't want to use them, they reminded me too much of Victor, so Phichit and I went to a tailor shop in Japan and had costumes made for me. My free skate program costume was a black three piece. A nice pair of khaki's, and the under shirt was a dark blue silk button down, the jacket was the same material, but black, like the khaki's. I was going to add a tie, but decided not to, realizing the tie could bounce around and hit me in the face.

I wanted it to match my theme for the season, and I hoped I did good. My short program costume was a bit different. It was a two piece, instead of just black it was a few different colors, the pants were soft and stretchy material, sort of like leggings, but they were a bit looser. The top was a nice button down flannel. I was always a simple kind of person, but instead of it being too simple, I decided to add just a bit of, as Phichit would call it, pezazzel! The pants had some nice different colored diamonds and jewels on the bottoms and the flannel had the same but, on the collar, and the cuffs.

I changed my music for both programs as well, but since we were already so close to the competitions I didn't want to change the routine too much, so I only changed a few spins, the step sequence just a bit and where and what jumps I want. Phichit, of course, did help me and we did video chat Celestino, so he could give a few pointers to me and help out of course, he was my couch again basically.

After the practice that I successfully ignored Victor somehow, we were back at the hotel and eating from the cafeteria before heading up to the room to relax for a bit. I looked through my social media for a bit then went to YouTube and watched a few videos of my favorite YouTuber. My favorite YouTuber was MacDoesIt, he a funny black gay fluffy man who reacts to things. (Please, do understand that I do not mean any discrimination or racism when describing this YouTuber. He is a real YouTuber and he is my favorite. If you want, look him up, he's hilarious) He was reacting to anti-gay commercials and basically making fun of them, by the end of the video I basically had tears in my eyes.

I still couldn't understand why he basically wasn't hurt through all this, but he's just one of those who just doesn't give a crap what people think, and I admire that. I could watch his videos all day to be honest.

~Time Skip: Time for competition~

Yuri POV:

My anxiety was already as high as a skyscraper, I felt like I was going to puke. Phichit and Celestino were trying to cheer me up, but I just couldn't. What if I screw up like I did those many years ago? "Yuuuri!" I froze when I heard that voice as we walked into the building where the competitions were being held. No. I don't want to see him. I don't want to hear him. My body was frozen and shaking as I heard Phichit growl angrily at Victor. "Yuri let's get to the rink side for the small practice before it's time for the short programs to start", I blinked slightly at Celestino's voice; but nodded slightly to him.

He sat me on the bench and I slowly took my tennis shoes off then put my skates on. "Just try to breathe okay. It's going to be alright, just focus on skating. Ignore him as best as you can." Celestino was saying as I stepped onto the ice. He was right, I just had to focus on skating, only on skating. I went onto practicing my short program, unsurprisingly, I flubbed a few jumps and was off balance during a few spins. I just couldn't get Victor out of my mind!

No, you want him in your mind. Don't lie, you still love him, you want him to hold you and kiss you. No! You're wrong, I don't love him, not anymore.

Lying is bad Yuri. I bit my lip and sighed going into another jump but fell a little too harshly onto the ice. "Yuri, come here", I heard Celestino yell out.

Sighing, I stood up and skating over to him so that the only thing that separated us were the dividers. "I know it's hard, come and sit for a second. Drink some water", He said to me and I nodded and stepped off the ice putting my blade guards on and sitting on a bench, right next to Phichit. He put an arm around my shoulders as the stands started getting filled with fans. The press was even starting to arrive, I didn't want to talk to anyone though.

"I'm going to use the bathroom, I'll be right back", I told Phichit and Celestino. They both nodded, and I walked off into the bathroom my skates making a small clacking sound as they hit the normal carpeted floor. "Katsuki Yuri!" I jumped as the press had spotted me, shouting out my name. Before I could even politely decline any interviews, the loud woman asked, "Is there any reason why you are not with Victor Nikiforov?" I sighed and politely said, "Please, no interviews".

She didn't let up and instead she said, "Can we get any insight on what your theme for this season is?" "Y-You'll know when competition's start. Please, no interviews", I said again and quickly walked away as fast as I could and entered the bathroom not to far from here. I stepped into a stall and just sat down on the toilet for a second, trying to breathe. I can do this right? I thought to my self clenching and unclenching my fingers against my thigh.

"Oi! Katsudon, where are you?" I jumped slightly at the voice and recognized easily that it was Yurio's. I stood up and opened the door and he was immediately pointing a finger in my face. "You better calm down, I want to see Victor crushed this competition even if it isn't by me", He said angrily and somehow it made me chuckle.

"Thanks, Yurio, I needed that", I told him and he tched annoyingly at me and angrily muttered out, "Don't call me that pig". I laughed softly and we both walked back out to the rink side where Phichit and Celestino were waiting for me. Yurio walked back over to Lillia and Phichit grabbed my hand then handed me my costume, "Okay, go get dressed." I nodded at him and went to these locker rooms to get dressed really quick then came back out wearing only my Japan sponsored sports jacket over the top.

It seemed like I was the last one to skate, so I just sat down on the bench with Phichit as we watched the other competitors, and Victor skate. Of course, Victor skated perfectly. His costume was pretty too, though, I hated to admit that. He was wearing just a classic black suit with a white button shirt underneath and a dark blue tie that looked to be buttoned down to the suit itself. He gelled his fringe to the side a bit as well. Victor's theme was Dominance, and his short program definitely spoke volumes about his dominant self.

Yurio was amazing too, though he was only a couple points below Victor I thought he did great. His costume was a two piece, casual t-shirt, but it did a have a few jewels and diamonds on the bottom hem, his pants were long tight jeans with a few jewels on the pants pockets. His hair was tied into one long French braid, draping down past his shoulder blades. His theme was Growing Up, and it definitely showed how grown up he was. I smiled at his performance and soon enough, it was my turn. I bit my lip but Phichit laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Come on, you can do this. I know you can." He said, and I nodded slowly standing up and stepping onto the ice skating around a few times then skating back to where Celestino was behind the divider. "Katsuki Yuri", he said softly, "Just breathe and focus, focus on the music and why you skate only okay". I nodded to him and gave him my glasses that I had almost forgotten were on my face. He nodded laying them softly with my phone and water bottle next to Phichit. I skated out to the middle of the rink as the announcer began talking.

"Katsuki Yuri is our last performer for today, he'll be skating to an American song called, Skyscraper. The song was wrote and sung by the American artist Demi Lovato." The announcer paused as I waved softly at the crowd. "Katsuki said the song spoke to his inner self. He had been going through a very hard time before the season actually started and he wanted to show everyone how strong he was through his dancing." The crowd went crazy screaming out I love you's and we support you to Yuri.

"His theme this season is Freedom. Please everyone, welcome our favorite Japanese skater, Katsuki Yuri", the announcers voice droned out as the music started and I was swinging my arms out to the side and hopped slightly gliding into smooth twists and turns. My body moving along with my favorite song. Half way through when the soft parts of Demi's voice hit the stadium I slowed down spinning beautifully along the ice then skated out of the spin.

Just as she hit her high note in the song I jumped up into a Quadsalchow-triple toe loop combination. When she hit her next high note, her highest one I finished it off with a beautiful made quad flip then finished my routine with a beautifully made step sequence. The ending was where I fell softly to the ice my right arm above my head with my left at my side. The music drowned out softly as the crowed suddenly screamed out for me.

I stood up, breathing and panting heavily waving and bowing to the crowd as the announcer began speaking again. "What a beautifully and inspiring performance we had here today from Katsuki Yuri!" I bent down and picked up a couple food plushies that were thrown to the ice and skated to the edge of the rink stepping off and putting my blade guards on. Phichit met Celestino and I at the kiss and cry when my score was announced. 104.5! I was just a few points higher than Victor's?!

"Well done Yuri!" Phichit yelled hugging me and I hugged him back tightly. "Good job", I froze but looked up and saw Victor's small grin and my body started shaking. No, calm down, please body. "Th-Thanks", I stuttered out then promptly walked out of the kiss and cry to get my water bottle and glasses. Phichit was following me of course and patted my shoulder. "You're doing good okay", he said, and I slowly nodded.

A few minutes later and Celestino, Phichit and I were back at the hotel. I took a shower first of course, basically drowning my self under the hot water.

~Time Skip. Next day, free skate~

Phichit POV:

Yuri didn't seem as nervous as he was yesterday, but I could tell his anxiety was still there. I wish he wouldn't have to deal with it, but he does the best he could. I watched as he practiced his free skate on the rink, the other skaters watching him as the stands were filled with the fans again and the press arrived too. Yesterday, he refused any interviews with anyone, which was completely understandable, he was always the one skater who hated interviews.

An interviewer came up to me though and immediately started asking questions, "Do you know why Yuri and Victor aren't on speaking terms anymore? Do you know exactly what his short program was about?" To be honest, I completely understood why Yuri hated interviews they were all just nosy pricks. I waved the interviewer off as politely as I could and turned back to watching Yuri when the mic was shoved basically in my face.

"Please, answer me", Though they were trying to be kind it was still annoying, so I turned around and grabbed the stupid mic my self and said, "Stop trying to pry into others personal lives, if he doesn't want to tell you then he won't tell you." I dropped the mic back into the interviewer's hands and watched them slowly walked away stunned at my attitude. Of course, they were surprised, I wasn't always so moody, but that was just so rude.

"Phichit? You look upset." I looked over to see Yuri stepping off the ice and bending over in his bag to his costume. "It was just an interviewer trying to pry into your personal life", I told him, and he chuckled softly. "I'll go get changed, I'm last again of course, since I was first place yesterday but oh well." I nodded at him as he left to the locker rooms and I sat on the bench as Cao Cao patted my shoulder.

"They're probably going to keep trying to pry, you just have to be calm", He said to me and I sighed nodding as I noticed Yurio walking over to us. "How is he?" He said, and I chuckled at his small child like antics. "He's doing better than yesterday", I told him as Lillia yelled out for him to practice before the practice time was over. He groaned a bit but nodded and walking back out onto the ice.

"Hey Phichit, you still seem a bit upset, cheer up will you", I looked over to see Yuri smiling softly and I nodded at him and hugged him as the practice dinged and the announcer was saying the practice time was over. The skaters all stepped off the ice and left to changed but some were already in their costumes, including Victor and JJ. JJ, thankfully, stayed with his parents but Victor walked over here ignoring Yakov again. Yuri was looking through his social media when I tapped his knee slightly and he looked up then bit his lip and froze, again, when he saw Victor.

"What do you want? Can't you just leave us alone?" I snarled at Victor, he just tilted his head as if he weren't understanding. "Aww, I just want to wish him good luck." He pouted out softly and I rolled my eyes at him. "Th-Thank you now please, leave me alone", Yuri had stuttered out next to me as he gripped my hand tightly. Victor gave us that heart shaped smile of his then walked away. My best friend slowly untensed his whole body leaning heavily against me.

"You know not to listen to him okay. He's a dickbag", I told him, and he laughed softly and nodded as the announcer announced who was skating and throughout the day we saw scores that were exceptionally high, especially Victors. He beat Yuri's short program score from yesterday. Yuri slowly stepped onto the ice and skated around a second then came back and Celestino said his usually stay focused and stay calm. I grabbed his hand and said, "Focus on the reason for your theme okay". He nodded and hugged me. I hugged him back tightly.

"Kastuki Yuri everyone! Again, his theme this season is Freedom. We're not completely sure why this is his theme, but he did say that he wants to free him self from someone. I wonder who that someone is!" I watched as he waved and bowed to his fans and they screamed out more I love you's and we support you's to him.

Yuri POV:

I'd tell them the reason for my theme after the free skate in an interview before they all die of anticipation. "The song he is using is another American song, it's titled Fall in Line. This song was wrote and sung by the two American artists Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. Katsuki said though the songs original meaning was meant for girls to not follow the stereotypical ideas of how woman and girls are supposed to act he interpreted into a different meaning. Please welcome our favorite Japanese skater!".

His voice was gone, and the music started, and I started dancing. This song was beautiful, and their voices were just amazing together. (Seriously, if you haven't heard this song, please go look it up, watch the video too please. It's such an amazing song, and their voices are just on point in this song.) I decided to have my step sequence in the beginning of the song. My feet moving in lots of different ways and positions. The crowd was screaming for me as Christina's voice filled the arena.

Her voice was loud and demanding to be heard and I understand her, I felt her voice and her feelings. I kicked off the ice and went in a spin, my free leg out behind me and my arms spread out beside me as I twirled a few times then skated into an Ina Baur, the move I had used in last years free skate, when Victor was still my coach.

I shifted slightly and skated into a quad toe loop-triple salchow combination as Demi's voice finally filled the arena as well. The voices had stopped, the people screaming had stopped, I'm guessing to listen to the song and watch me intently. I moved into a quad salchow-triple salchow-double toe loop combination, landing the jumps pretty well. I was a bit wobbly on the toe loop though. I sensed Demi Lovato's high note coming up and poised my self for the next Quad flip and just as she sung the beginning of her high note I kicked off the ice and twirled four times and landed just as her high note peeked and I quickened my pace on the ice.

Spinning and skating as beautifully as I could. I finished my spin combination as the song slowly faded out as Demi and Christina finished singing the last low notes in the song. I spread my arms around the sides of me as if I were reaching for the far sides of the rink, my face was arching up toward the buildings ceiling; and my eyes closed. The song ended, and it took a minute for the crowd, but they finally just screamed out for me. Chanting my name like a mantra. "Yuri Katsuki! Yuri Kastuki!"

I panted and looked down to see one of the skaters that would clean up the ice, she was holding out flowers to me, her face was really red too. I smiled to her and took the flowers from her patting her head softly. "Thank you", I told her and skated to the edge where Phichit brought me into a bear hug. "That was amazing Yuri! And that song was so beautiful!" Phichit squealed and I chuckled as Celestino handed me my water and we walked to the kiss and cry and sat down as my score was added up.

105.6 was the score, I beat Victor's score again. Phichit squealed again and I laughed hugging him tightly.

As we were leaving he building an interviewer showed up in front of me. It was Marooka. I could talk to him, but none of the others to be honest. "Hey Yuri! How are you?" He asked me. "I'm okay, thank you for asking" I said softly. "Can I ask you a few questions?" He said, and I smiled kindly, replying, "Sure, what you got?" He laughed lightly and said, "Do you mind telling me who your theme is about? What about the songs?"

"Sure", I replied pausing for a second then let out a soft breath I hadn't realized I was holding and continued. "My theme is freedom as you all know. I decided on that theme because recently I was involved in an abusive relationship where I was the victim. Me theme, Freedom, is to express finally being free from that person. The songs are to express how I was feeling before and after I finally left the relationship".

"Do you mind telling me what happened in the relationship or is that too personal?" He asked me softly and I smiled and said, "Just a little too much". He was always such a kind person and understanding of a lot of things. "Of course, do you mind telling us who this person was?" He said, and I bit my lip turning to Phichit but he off with another interviewer. I sighed but looked back to Marooka and said, "I usually don't like to do this, but better now then never".

He tilted his head at me slightly waiting for my answer and I said, as softly as I could, "I was in a relationship with Victor Nikiforov before he started getting abusive toward me. His was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive to me; I'm just glad to finally be away from him." Marooka had paused to stare at me completely stunned at my words. "I-Is it hard to skate with him here?" He finally said, and I nodded slowly. "Yeah, it's a little hard, but I have my best friend Phichit Chaulnont here to support me, along with my old coach Celestino Cialdini. Yuri Plisteski was also a big supporter for me", I finished off to him then politely told him I wanted to get going to rest up. He nodded, slightly surprised and I grabbed Phichit and we were off with Celestino in tow.

~Back at the hotel~

"I didn't think you were going to say anything about it?" Phichit asked me as he sat on the bed and I started preparing for a shower. "I knew I wanted to say something so why not now", I answered him as I laid my phone on the bed. He nodded, and I walked into the bathroom to shower. After the shower Phichit and I went down to eat.

~I know this is a big time skip, but this is already a really big chapter. Over 12000 words so far…. A couple days before the Grand Prix~

The grand prix was being held in China this season, so here Phichit and I were in a hotel in China. All the skaters decided to check in, in the same hotel so sadly Victor was here. Phichit told me he'd check us both in as I pulled our luggage's from the taxi. I watched him jog in and I politely thanked the driver as best I could, and he drove off. I pulled our luggage's into the hotel as Phichit finished checking us in and he said our room is on the 5th flour. I asked him if he could go ahead and take the luggage's and stuff up there while I used the bathroom really quick and he nodded handing an extra room key to me.

"Room 347 okay?" He said, and I nodded to him as he left. I jogged to the bathroom near the front desk and walked in but stopped as Victor was washing his hands. Why do I keep freezing up, I'm free from him, I know I am, I have to be!

Oh, come on, you still love him! No, I can't love him, there is no way I do! I yelled back at my mind as he spoke, his voice like liquid gold. "So, that was a nice little interview you had with that Japanese reporter of yours". I bit my lip but stood my ground.

"Shut up will you. You don't own me, and you never will." I said to him, though my voice was shaky and unstable. He laughed, he laughed as if I had just told the funniest joke ever made. "You think it's funny?" I asked him, and he shrugged and said, "I think it's funny that you lie."

Lying!? Was he crazy?! Yes, yes, he was! "You are crazy!" I yelled at him then stalked into a stall and slammed the door shut locking it. "Oh, I'm not the crazy one Yuri. When the press finds out that you're lying, what will they do? Do you even have proof?" He said before he laughed then I heard the bathroom door slam open then shut telling me he had left. I quickly used the bathroom, washed my hands then left to the 5th floor.

I unlocked the door with my shaky hands as soon as I got to room 347 and sprinted inside shutting it and falling to the floor, my whole body was shaking as anxiety was consuming me. "Yuri? Yuri, what happened?" I looked up and saw Phichit's worried frown and quietly stammered out, "V-Victor… B-Bathroom". I choked on a sob trying not to cry.

"Come on Yuri, breathe for me please. You're okay, I'm right here." He said to me and I leaned into his embrace as he pulled me into his arms. Slowly the anxiety ebbed away from me and I sat there on the floor, in Phichit's arms explaining to him what had happened. "You're okay, he's a dick bag, as of said so many times." He told me, and I nodded to him. "Come on, I ordered room service. They're bringing up some food for us. Try and relax okay", He said and led me to the bed in the middle of the room.

After calming down and eating a bit Phichit and I decided to just watch something on the TV and I leaned down laying my head on his thigh after laying my glasses next to me on the bed. I was barely paying attention to the TV; just thinking about Victor's words. I wasn't free, my mind was right. Then if I wasn't free how was I supposed to skate to my own theme, that just meant I was free from Victor.

You don't. My mind laughed at me; those simple two words stuck with me the hole night and I barely got any sleep. Phichit decided to take me sightseeing, just to help me get my mind off my anxiety and I thanked him silently for it. We visited Hong Kong and a few of the tallest buildings ever built in China as well. Of course, he had to take millions of pictures for Instagram.

After we got back to the hotel, I ordered room service again, as Phichit took the shower first and I looked through social media. Oh, looks like there's a new interview with Victor. 'Was the claim of abusive relationship with Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov a lie?' The headline said, and I shivered slightly but clicked on the link anyway. Victors face and a pretty looking Chinese woman showed up in the frame.

"Victor Nikiforov", She spoke in English, as most interviewers do. "What do you have to say about the claim Yuri Katsuki has said about you and your relationship with the Japanese skater?" She asked him, her voice was pretty too, very nice and smooth. "Well, ma'am, I'd have to say it's completely untrue. I love Yuri Katsuki with every fiber of my being." He told her with that annoying grin he had when telling a lie.

"Do you know any reason why he might or might not be lying about this claim?" She asked him, and he chuckled softly at her, and said, "He's had a really hard start in life as a teenager. I won't get too much into it, since it is his personal life. But because of that, he has very bad anxiety and was diagnosed with clinical depression and insomnia since a young age. He would get delusional, as his mother would say." My mother would never say I was delusional, ever! "I'm so sorry he's had a terrible start in life. I wish him the best, and I wish you the best too, hoping that this whole horrible claim blows over", she said kindly to him and he smiled and left walking out of frame.

I backed out of the link and basically threw my phone onto the bed sheets bringing my knees to my chest hiding my face into them. When Phichit walked out of the bathroom I showed him the link and let him watch it as I took my turn in the shower. How could Victor say those things about me, lying through his white sparkly teeth like it was absolutely nothing! I had never been so angry in my life.

The next day was the day of the short program for the grand prix and I was whole heartedly nervous as hell! I refused many interviewers and just stepped onto the ice to practice before the practice time was over. Phichit and Celestino had both been trying to reassure me that I was going to be just fine, that Victor was just a lying scum bag. I had to focus, is what Celestino always said. I'm here for you, Phichit said to me as he hugged me. I had hugged him back.

How are you even going to skate to your own routine about freedom when you weren't even free?! My mind screamed at me and I shook my mind trying to rid my self of the thought. No, I am free! I swear I am!

Liar! It kept screaming at me and I had no choice but to listen to it.

The timer dinged as the announcer announced the practice was over and all skaters stepped off the ice and either went back to there benches and coaches and some went to the lockers to get changed. I had already had my costume on, so I just sat on the bench next to Phichit. "Yuri, stop thinking those anxious thoughts" He said and wrapped an arm around my shoulders; I laid my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Phichit, I just can't help thinking about his words from his interview", I said looking down at my fingers, picking at the cuticles a bit. "I know he said some stupid crap, but just remember, you and I, Celestino, Yurio, Mila, and everyone else from Russia's rink and your parents in Hasetsu knows the truth. He's a dick bag who needs his pretty face beat in", He told me, and I giggled softly at his words.

I nodded to him as the announcer spoke up announcing our first skater. Christophe and of course, his theme had something to do with sex, as always and expected of him. He did amazing though; his score was pretty high too. 123.04. "Good job Chris!" I shouted out softly. He nodded to me winking and I rolled my eyes but laughed softly. Next was JJ, he did really well too, just above Chris' score. 123.05. I clapped for him as well; then it was Otabek Altin who I noticed Yurio cheering on completely. Otabek seemed a little off today, his score was 96.03. "Good job!" I yelled to him.

Next was a few skaters I hadn't known, there scores just above Otabek's as well. Then it was Yurio, he did really well, he topped Chris' and JJ's score easily. 178.34. "Amazing job Yurio!" I screamed out then it was Victor up next. "You're okay", I heard Phichit next to me. I slowly nodded as Victor's music started. Of course, he skated just as he always did. His score was higher than Yurio's, I felt bad for Yurio. Victor had a 217.02, of course he'd had a score like that. Here I was next, then I was Leo De La Iglesia. After Victor left the kiss and cry they announced for me to step on the ice. I took my jacket off and stepped on and waved around to everyone then skated back to Celestino and Phichit.

"Katsuki Yuri's theme is Freedom as I'm sure you all know. His song is Skyscraper by the American Artist Demi Lovato. He said he picked this song because he felt that he was stronger and on a higher pedestal than his ex-partner who is alleged to have been abusive." The announcer said as Celestino gave me his usual pep talk of focus and you'll do great. Phichit pulled me in a big hug and I hugged him back as he said, "Just erase the interview from your mind and think only of dancing okay. I'm proud of you and support you whole heartedly". I nodded to him and skated out to the middle of the rink.

The moment the music started I started dancing as best as I could, trying to ignore the thoughts running through my head. Screaming at me that I'll never be good enough, that I could never do this if I wasn't free. As I went into my combination in the middle of the song I tripped and flubbed the jump falling onto the ice harshly. I grunted slightly but stood back up and continued my routine; the announcer speaking loudly through his microphone, "That looked like a nasty fall, lets hope he'll carry out the rest of the routine!"

I bit my lip and skated into my step sequence as tears crawled up to the corner of my eyes. No, please no. I don't want to cry right now! And as she hit her first high note I flubbed the next jump again, but I managed to catch my self with my hand on the ice. Her highest note was the quad flip, I bit my lip again, basically chewing on it painfully. I kicked off the ice already noticing it was a bad jump and fell to the ice hard, I hit my knee that Victor had dislocated and almost yelped out, but held it in. The tears were flowing freely as I finished the routine falling to the ice my hand over my head and my other hand beside me.

The arena was so silent you could hear a penny drop, I was crying heavily now as I slowly stood up. Suddenly the crowd burst into screams of "You're okay! Don't be so sad!" I bowed to them and slowly stepped off the ice ignoring the objects thrown to the ice and fell into Phichit's awaiting arms and we all walked to the kiss and cry. I didn't even want to look at my score as the announcer said it was, "189.06 is his score. Not his best! But I'm sure he was just having a hard time".

I lowered my head in shame as Phichit rubbed my back soothingly and we stood up and sat down on a bench as I drank my water finally getting the tears to stop. "I saw you hit your knee, is it hurting bad?" Phichit whispered as the announcer announced Leo's theme and the music began. "I-It's okay, it does hurt a lot. Once we get to the hotel, I'll put some heat on it then ice it" I answered him, and he nodded and said, "It's okay, you did your best. I know it's hard not to listen to your mind, but you can do it. I have faith in you."

I smiled at him thanking him as we were waiting for Leo's score, his was right under mine. As we were leaving the arena an interviewer stopped me and started asking me questions so fast it took a second for me to process what she was saying. "Do you have anything to say about Victor's claim on your relationship with him? Are you really telling the truth, or delusional like he says?" She said, and I bit my lip looking to Phichit and he moved me behind him and said, "He doesn't want any interviews, please let us be."

She looked like she wanted to ask more questions but decided not to in the end and quickly walked away. We finally left the arena and left to the hotel. "Take a shower okay, I'll order some room service", Phichit said once we walked inside our room in the hotel. I nodded and grabbed a towel from a linen closet next to the bathroom then stepped into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

I stepped out and had a towel wrapped around my waist as I bent down to grab some under wear and some sweats and t-shirt. I dried and dressed quickly just as someone knocked on the door yelling out room service. "I asked them to bring a heat pad and ice pack for you too", Phichit said softly as he opened the door letting them in. I smiled at him as I put the heating pad on my knee and the person walked out leaving the tray there.

After we were done eating we watched TV before I promptly passed out leaning heavily against Phichit's shoulder.

~Next Day~

I was even more nervous than yesterday since I basically flubbed the whole routine. What if I flubbed this one too? I didn't know what I would do. Probably retire after this and work at my mama and papa's hot spring. I was already being bombarded with interviewers and Phichit looked at me sympathetically. I sighed as a I let one interview me but shooed the others away kindly. "Katsuki Yuri, can you tell us what your reply to Victor Nikiforov's claim against him?" He said, and I sighed heavily and said, "My reply is nothing. I said my part telling the truth and replied by denying everything. If we want to take this to court after the season, then I guess we will. This is no place for this kind of talk. I'm here to skate, that it is all."

After I said what I wanted I quickly walked off with Phichit laying a hand on the small of my back leading me to rink where most skaters already were. "You did good, I know you don't like reporters", Phichit said as I sat down and began putting my skates on to get on the rink for some practice time. I nodded to him sighing heavily, "Yeah, but it had to be said, right?" He nodded to me and slapped my shoulder lightly and told me to get on the ice and practice. I nodded and stepped onto the ice.

I looked up from the ice itself and noticed Yurio staring annoyingly at me. "What the hell was up with your short program yesterday?" He asked me angrily and I sighed not wanting to deal with his childish antics. "Yuratchka, not now. Please." I said a bit to stern, but he needed to stop, his theme was growing up, so he should grow up. He blinked and said, "Sorry, how are you doing? Phichit's been telling me a bit about you every day". I sighed and shrugged as we both skated around a bit until Lillia shouted at him to practice instead of chit chat. I agreed with her and shooed him off to practice then went to practice myself.

After a bit the practice time was over, and all skaters stepped off the ice. The lowest score holder goes first so I had a few minutes until it was my turn; sighing I stepped onto the ice and looked at Phichit. He grabbed hold of my hand as the announcer began speaking. "You'll do good, I know it", Phichit said softly.

"Katsuki Yuri again everyone, this song he'll be skating to is Fall in Line by the American Artists Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. He said that instead of the original meaning of the song he interpreted it into never listening to anyone who tried to control him. Or in a bit more explicit words, he'll never fall into the throes of his abuser again." He paused slightly as Celestino hugged me softly and said, "Ignore Victor, ignore everyone in the room, including us and just skate your heart out". I smiled at him as the announcer continued and I skated to the middle of the rink. "His theme for this season again, is freedom. He says it means that he's free from his abuser, that he's not caught in that trap again".

His voice lowered as the song started up and I started skating again, focusing on what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and I did it. I skated into the step sequence and sliding gracefully into an Ina Baur. Once Demi started singing I stepped out of the step sequence going into several spins, though it wasn't the combination, that was at the end. I skated quickly into my first combo and surprisingly I made it with a flourish. I smiled and grew a little more courageous. The announcer said it himself, my theme was freedom because I was free from Victor.

I was free, I was free from his beautiful hands, his amazing clutches. Victor couldn't hold me down anymore, he couldn't hurt me anymore. He couldn't hit me, he couldn't kick me, and he couldn't yell at me. Victor couldn't control me, nor would he ever again. Victor Nikiforov! I'm done with you! I am free, and I always will be free! I had landed my quad flip with absolute beauty when Demi hit her high note and when she peeked at the high note I landed on the ground and sped around the rink quickly.

Victor couldn't hold me down anymore, why? Because I never did love him. Admiration is not love! They're completely different things with completely different meanings. I only called it love, because I didn't know what I had felt at first. But I'm free now. I ended with my arms spread out beside me like a plane and my head facing up to the ceiling as the crowd screamed and chanted my name again.

"Katsuki Yuri! Katsuki Yuri! Kastuki Yuri!" I let out a breath I was holding and bowed down and waved to the crowd. I bent down and picked up a plushy of a rice ball and a few flowers stepping off of the ice. "Yuri that was amazing!" Phichit yelled hugging me tightly. I panted heavily into his shoulder as we walked to the kiss and cry to see my score. My score shot up so high. I was gotten a 167.34, added without my other score and I had gotten a 356.04. I was already higher than Victor and everyone in this room.

"Looks like Katsuki Yuri came back from yesterday's mishap and he's in first place now!" The announcer said. I don't think I had ever been happier in my life. Phichit and Celestino and I sat back down on a bench as the rest of the skaters went and performed amazingly. Before Victor, it was Yurio and he did amazing. He scored, with this score together, a 313.02. I was happy for him, I really was. Then it was Victor turn and what surprised me was that he flubbed a few of his jumps, was wobbly on a few spins.

I blinked confused, he'd never skated like this before. His score was barely above the 100.0 mark. "Maybe he realized how horrible he's been to you and it's eating him up inside", I turned to Phichit at the sound of his voice and I shrugged, doubting that but a man could dream couldn't he? Yakov looked very angry with Victor at his score but Victor had barely been paying attention to Yakov, which was no surprise, but he had been staring at the floor as if he was the only person in this arena.

Surprisingly I was still in first place, Yurio was in second and Victor in third. I stood up in between them on the ice waving kindly to everyone in the crowd as I they had wrapped the gold medal around my neck, then the silver around Yurios, then bronze around Victors.

~Later that night, at the banquet~

Phichit POV:

I was so happy for my best friend, I had never seen him so happy since I've known him. He hadn't drank much, but he probably remembered the banquet from two years ago at which Victor or several others had photos and videos from. He was talking animatedly with a few other skaters and their coaches. I watched him as I slowly drank my champagne. My attention was turned to Victor as he drank glass after glass of champagne. Was he that bummed out about his score? I mean come on, at least it wasn't like two years ago when Yuri had already been anxious and depressed and lost the season.

I sighed and turned to Cao Cao who was next to me drinking lightly as he watched the other skaters. I was so glad to see Yuri smiling like he used to again, it just brought me into a great mood as well. "Yuri Katsuki!" I blinked hearing Victor's slurred words and turned back to him as he walked over to Yuri who was staring at him. He didn't seem to be shaking like he usually would, which was a huge progress for him. I grit my teeth and stepped toward them both, being by Yuri's side instantly. "What do you want Victor? You're drunk." Yuri said laying his barely drank from glass of champagne on a table near he and I and the other skaters he was talking to.

"I want to know why you would lie about everything. Why would you tell the press I'd abuse you? I love you, I love you so much." He slurred out and before Yuri could reply he continued with, "And you love me, remember?" Yuri bit his lip then said, "No, I don't love you, I thought I loved you. I thought that my idol Victor Nikiforov was the person for me. But no, you are not. Why? Because you abused me! Mentally! Emotionally! And Physically!" I never saw Yuri so bold and angry.

Victor tched even drunk he could show anger or any emotion. He suddenly stood up straight walking straight to Yuri. He was barely a few inches away when he swung at Yuri. In front of many skaters, there coaches, even reporters! My eyes had widened when I saw Yuri fall down and whimper holding his cheek.

I saw red.

I attacked him without any hesitation what's so ever. I could distantly hear people screaming at me to stop but I ignored them, that was the last straw! I was done with Victor Nikiforov's shit! I sat on his chest, my legs on either side of his arms trapping them under me as well so he couldn't fight back. I dealt blow after blow to his beautiful face. I didn't stop, I couldn't stop, until I heard Yuri's voice.

"Phichit! You're going to kill him, stop! Phichit!" I blinked away the red in my vision and looked down to see Victor's face was nothing but a bloody and bruised up mess. "Phichit?" I looked over to see Yuri was leaning against Chris still holding his cheek slightly. I jumped off Victor's chest and ran over to Yuri.

"Oh Yuri, I'm sorry I couldn't stop, I'm sorry", I begged him, and he shook his head and said, "L-Let's go. We should take care of your knuckles". I looked down and sighed nodding to him as he gripped my forearm and we sat down near some tables after he had requested a small first aide kit. I looked over to see paramedics had already arrived and were taking Victor out on a gurney. "Phichit, I know you were upset, but you just almost killed him", Yuri said as softly as he could while he cleaned the blood off my hands.

"I-I know Yuri, I'm sorry. After I saw you go down I just lost it." I told him and looked down ashamed of myself. "I know and thank you for sticking up for me, but you have to try and control your self okay. What he decides to press charges on you. Phichit you could go to jail for attempted murder." He said, and his voice cracked. I looked up and noticed tears behind his glasses as he wrapped my hands up neatly.

"I'll do better okay, I'll work on it", I told him as I brought him into a hug and he nodded against my shoulder. "Come on, wipe them tears now", I said he chuckled and replied, "You sound like mama". I laughed before I was interrupted by Chris and a few other skaters. "Holy cow, I didn't know you could fight like that!" Chris let out a whistle and Yuri answered. "I would not call that a fight, more like Victor just got his ass beat by Phichit". I laughed blushing a slight bit as I noticed police officers walking over here. Yuri shooed the others away quickly as the officers asked us if they could ask us a few questions. We nodded and almost two hours later, we were set back to hotel to go back to Japan.

I had convinced them that I had to go to Japan with Yuri and they allowed it after saying they'll be getting a hold of authorities over there because 'I express violent out bursts'. Which I could understand that I did just almost kill someone, by accident.

~Time skip- In Japan~

3rd POV:

It's been 4 months, and Victor hadn't gotten a hold of anyone to either press charges on Phichit Chaulnont, or to get Yuri Katsuki back. For that, both Yuri and Phichit were glad, they were just glad to be done with Victor. Of course, Yuri did decide to press charges on Victor for the abuse, Victor did end up going to jail. Yuri ended up with Makkachin, but he didn't mind. Makkachin loved Yuri and Yuri loved Makkachin, like he was Vicchan, his puppy he had. Yuri had decided he was going to do one more year in the skating season then retire with Phichit.

Sometimes Yuri would have bad nightmares about living with Victor, under his abuse and he'd wake up screaming as loud as he could. A few times he'd woken up some of the costumers in the inn with his screaming. Phichit had taken to sleeping in Yuri's room with him to stop his nightmare as soon as he could. There are other times that Yuri would get some PTSD, like if someone touched him with him knowing he'd jump and almost yell out for them to not hurt him. It was heart breaking, especially for his mother. She never wanted to see her son so damaged, but he was slowly getting better.

He went to therapy sessions and skating was a good outlet for him to relax. His knee got better, but he did have some problems with it if he wasn't too careful. When he had the time, he'd help out a little in the inn with Mari and his father as his mother cooked and served the costumers. The triplets were especially happy to have Yuri back home, the girls thought of him as the uncle they never truly had. He was still picked on playfully about his slightly chubbiness but that was always playful and never really was meant. He never took it to heart.

Phichit on the other hand was ready to tell Yuri a secret he's had since he met Yuri in Detroit when they were in college. Phichit wanted to tell him that he thought of Yuri as more than just a best friend, he just didn't know how to do it. He was going to tell him when they were out on there many free days to just spend time in Tokyo or go to Tokyo tower, but he just didn't like it. So, he wanted to tell him with the words they both new fluently, by skating their hearts out.

So Phichit picked out a song he loved, and he knew that Yuri loved too, and he made a whole routine for it, just for Yuri. It took months for him to get the routine down, but when he did, he practically begged Yuuko to let he and Yuri have the rink to their selves one night. She allowed him and gave him the key to open up and close it when they were done.

The night Phichit chose was a good night too, Yuri was already having a great day with Mari and the triplets. Mari had taken them out for a nice lunch, and now Yuri was going to get a big surprise from his best friend. Phichit had forced Yuri follow him to the rink telling him he had a surprise for him. Yuri grumbled but was silently laughing at Phichit's exciteness. After getting to the rink, Phichit had plugged his iPod up to the speaker that was set up near the rink and said, "When I say to, press play okay".

Yuri had looked at him a bit weirdly but nodded and waited as Phichit put his skates on then skated out to the rink. "Okay, press play", he said and so Yuri did, and the soft music of Demi Lovato's Give Your Heart a Break sifted through the speakers and Yuri watched, transfixed by Phichit's skating. Yuri could not take his eyes off Phichit as Demi sang her song beautifully and Phichit skated to it beautifully. When the song ended and Phichit had struck the last pose Yuri just stood their eyes wide with trepidation. He knew what Phichit was telling him, but he also didn't know what to say to it.

What does one say, when their best friend admits to them that they love them?

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