Once an ponce an time, Leonardo was drawing Kirby characters smoking weed, when Raphael came into his room
"Henlo leo i have returned from travelling the world in 1 week" he said
"Hel lo my good brother raphEl" rssponded leonardo dicaprio
"did you know i love Wheatley from Portal 2" said raph
"yes he did nothing wrong"
Raph a then gave his brother a cuphead figure
"This is for drawing such good jirby characters smoking weed i recommend you try drawing human kirby next"
"ok I will t hank you"
Then they went to nandos for a romantic date
"Rick and morty I love it" said raph eating his peri peri chicken
"Rixk and morty sucks wtf" leonardo said angerily.
This angered the raphael. He stood up from his table and yelled
" Oh my fucking God, and I can't BELIEVE you made me the say Lord's name in vain, just fucking stop! What is wrong with you and your treatment of Jonathan Kalaf? Can't you see this endless torment and hatred just sends him in an endless spiral of agony and low self esteem? How would you like it if you were Mister Johnathan Kalal and you were CONSTANTLY bullied for liking women who are actually men? Can't you see, CAN'T YOU SEE, that while it may seem funny, these words and actions HURT Mr. Joanne Wiz Kalifa tremendously!"
He threw his remaoning peri peri chicken in his brothers face, killing him instantly, and left Nandos. Never to be seen again.