In the summertime

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Kagome hauled her backpack over the edge of the well, hearing it hit the ground with a plop and pulled herself over the wooden frame.

'Finally, summer holidays are here,' she thought wistfully to herself. How she managed to survive another year of school and pass all her exams well enough to continue was beyond her. She was finally on the last stretch of school. Only one more year left.

She sat on the edge of the well, and looked around, taking deep breaths of the sweet air, so much cleaner than back in her era. The wind whispered through the trees to her, and she allowed herself a moment to take it all in.

She was here for the whole summer, keeping a promise to Kaede to come back and devote a large sum of time to becoming a better miko. In the past 3 years that she had spent going between her time and the Feudal era, she had grown very knowledgeable in herbal medicines, but she wanted to learn more about her miko abilities.

Her mother was surprisingly calm about her decision, especially since it meant she would rarely see her for the next few months. She had simply smiled and nodded, in the soft calm way she had. Souta was upset, but agreed to her choice, only if she came to visit sometimes and bring 'Inu- nichan' with her.

Kagome smiled softly, and reached into the pocket of her jeans for the elastic she had placed there earlier. It was very hot here, even though the forest trees provided some shade. She pulled her long black hair, which now threatened to brush her hips, into a lazy bun, and sighed as the breeze kissed the back of her neck.

'Speaking of Inuyasha, I'd better get moving,' she thought. She knew that he would probably come pounding out of the woods any minute, ready to yell at her for being late. She had promised him that she would be back before the full moon, but she decided that the extra two days with her family were well worth the consequences of his fit. She lifted her pack, still enormous, but not as heavy as usual. Instead of school books she had filled it with treats for her friends, and various changes of clothing, including her kimono. The village always celebrated a small festival on midsummer and she didn't want to stick out as usual. Funny, she began to think of the village as hers now, and that thought warmed her heart. She was a product of a future time, and felt so much more at home in this one.

As she entered the tree line she felt a presence approaching her. Her skin rose up in cold bumps, despite the heat, and her entire body went tense. She didn't need to even wonder, only one person left alive.well sort of alive.had that effect on her anymore.

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