Aducted! I walked along the corn field, I walked a long way with the basket full of berries on the joint of my arm, I swung it to and fro

It was a beautiful hot summer's afternoon it was a bit breezy my dress blew it the wind and my brown hair also. As I walked up the steps of the cottage and almost reached the door some thing happened... The air went sharp and the day turned to night

This was because a huge object flew over head the air force was so strong it blew me over big bright lights filled the air as I realized it was not just one strange object but a least 500 all fluttering past my cottage all the lights sparkling together I was so shocked I couldn't move I just about moved a leg when all the spacecrafts stopped sharp. All at once zooming right over my cottage in the shape of a star. The biggest one flew into the middle a strange blue light thing came falling down like drapes and was in the shape of a cylinder

A strange figure was teleported down, it walked out of the light and walked over to me it had a strange shaped head and black eyes its body was very thin and had long legs

It was an alien I was in such a state of shock I blacked out the next thing I saw was a strange room I was strapped to a table those strange beings all around me I noticed some thing red and sticky on my chest it was blood my blood, they had been doing tests on me they spoke in a strange language but for some reason I could understand every word They told me not to fear I am not a human but one of them That's why my huge cut on my chest didn't hurt at all

They lifted me up and I was floating down that blue light when I was about 34 cm of the ground the blue light disappeared causing me to fall I lay on my back my hair now golden and lay out and I was asleep..
(Well that's it so far I know its not much but I wanted to make it into a book thing with loads of chapters this chapter is the beginning The next chapter is when the girl grows up and has a child with very special powers)

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