On a warm, sunny day in Megakat City, two young boys, wearing school uniforms, walk quickly down on a street to get to the school bus stop on time so they would not be late.

One of the boys, named Thomas Jonathan Briggs, has blonde hair, green eyes, light tan fur, is 5 feet tall in height, 11 years old and is sometimes called "Tommy" by his family and friends. He is the son of Jonathan and Martha Briggs and the younger brother of Deputy Mayor Callico "Callie" Briggs.

The other boy, named Hector Cornelius Feral, has black hair, brown eyes, light brown fur, is 5 feet 1 inch in height, 11 years old. He is the son of Commander Ulysses Feral and Helena Feral and is the young cousin of Lieutenant Felina Feral.

As the boys waited for the bus to come, Thomas couldn't help but notice his and Hector's friends, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were walking towards them on their way to work at the junkyard.

"Good morning, Jake and Chance," said Thomas as he smiled at the two toms.

Hector turned left and noticed them as he waved at them and smiled, "Hi, guys!"

"Good morning, Tommy and Hector. How are you guys doing?" Chance asked.

"We're just waiting for the school bus to come and pick us up," Thomas said.

"That's good. You two should always know that the way to a bright future is to always stay in school and do well in your classes," said Jake.

"Yeah, you guys don't want to be a bunch of losers like those jerks Murray and Burke do you?" asked Chance.

"No, I hate those guys. Not to mention they constantly pick on you guys and you would have to clean up their mess for them instead of letting those guys do it by themselves," Hector said. "I also don't like the way that my father expelled you guys from the Enforcers for something that wasn't your fault and were forced to work at the junk yard to pay back the damage that was really Dark Kat's fault."

"Hector and I, besides my sister, Callie, stood by your side and defended you two. We have also been strong supporters of the SWAT Kats," Tommy said.

"It's okay, guys," Jake said. "We can reassure you two that everything will be okay and whatever happened between me and Chance, it had nothing to do with you."

"So, what are you two going to do at school?," Chance asked.

"We are going to the Megakat City Museum of History on a school field trip," Tommy said.

"We will be going through the Ancient Greek exhibition featuring art, weapons, armor, and antiques. Especially, my personal favorite, the legendary 300 Spartans, including Leonidas I, at the Battle of Thermopylae" Hector said.

"We will also explore through the Middle Ages of Europe and the Feudal Japan exhibition," Thomas said.

"That's good to know," Jake said.

As Tommy was going to ask Jake and Chance about what they know about the SWAT Kats, he noticed that the school bus was coming down on the street that he and Hector were on. "Looks like there's our bus, we'll see you guys after school. Good-bye guys, have a good day!"

"Thanks, you two do the same," Chance said.

"Will do. Good-bye, guys," Hector said.

Thomas and Hector both got into the bus and took their seats. As the bus drives away to the school, a dark mysterious figure hiding in the shadows was spying on Jake, Chance, Tommy and Hector. The figure had a purple cloak, in his right hand was a time clock. It was no other than the Pastmaster. "It's a perfect plan. Some of those artifacts must have something to do with as weapons to the Dragon Slayers of the Dark Ages. If I can find those and grasp their power, no one, not even the SWAT Kats can stop me!" laughed the Pastmaster as he faded into the background.