Tommy Briggs and Hector Feral were still in absolute shock when they were shown to the SWAT Kats hangar and that their friends, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong, are the SWAT Kats. As the boys looked around in the secret complex, Jake and Chance were in a separate room debating if Tommy and Hector should be a part of the SWAT Kats.

"Chance, do you think Tommy and Hector should join our team in the SWAT Kats? I mean, you saw they have incredible fighting skills and unique abilities," Jake asked.

"I'm not sure, Jake. I mean sure they are good at fighting and have cool abilities, but they're kids. Tommy is the younger brother of Callie, who you and I have a crush on and loves you more than me, and Hector is the son of Commander Feral, who hates us whether we're the SWAT Kats or not," Chance said.

"But you saw that Commander Feral was so happy that we rescued his son and Tommy. I'm sure Callie will approve of that."

"But that's not the point. The point is, how do we know if they can keep our secret identities a secret? Are they ready for this responsibility and are they up to the challenge to what it takes to be a hero?"

"You do have a point, but all we can do is give them an opportunity. I'm sure with the proper guidance and training, they will have what it takes to be a hero and part of the SWAT Kats."

"So it's settled then."

As Tommy was looking at the huge computer screen and Hector was in virtual reality combat simulator, Jake and Chance came out of the room and made an announcement for the young boys.

"Jake and I, also known by our SWAT Kats names, Razor and T-Bone, have decided to make you two, Thomas Jonathan Briggs and Hector Cornelius Feral, our new recruits to the SWAT Kats. If you two successfully complete your SWAT Kats training, you will be added as the newest and youngest members of the SWAT Kats," Chance said.

"No way!" Hector shouted.

"Awesome!" Tommy exclaimed.

"But you must abide by the rules in order to be a part of this team. One, keep your secret identity as a secret. If your enemies find out that you're a SWAT Kat member, they would try to get to you by hurting everyone you know and love. Two, we work together as a team. As the saying goes in sports, war, games, and fighting crime, "Individuals fail, only teams succeed." Three, never use your abilities for personal gain or evil. Four, always remember to do what's right, even if it means to sacrifice yourself to protect those you care about. Five, with great power comes great responsibility. Do you solemnly swear?" Jake asked.

"We solemnly swear," Tommy and Hector said in unison.

"Good. We shall start training tomorrow on Saturday," Jake said.

"You won't regret it. Thank you," Tommy said.

"You two should get home, your families must be worried sick by now," Chance said.

"You may be right, let me check the time," Tommy said as he pulled out his iPhone 7 and saw it was 5:45 PM. "Hector, we got to go. It's 5:45."

"Goodbye, guys," Tommy said.

"See you tomorrow," Hector said.

"Wait, we're taking you two home," Chance said.

"In the Turbokat jet?" Hector asked excitedly.

"Not exactly," Chance said as he pressed a button to reveal two Desert Patrol Vehicles. "We present these two vehicles to you guys, but use them wisely." The two vehicles had the SWAT Kats logo and colors along with a radio communications system, GPS, hologram projections, heavy mounted machine guns, laser cannons, rocket launchers, and other advanced military-like technology.

Tommy and Hector ran over to the vehicles excitedly and were completely amazed at the design of them.

"Awesome!" Hector shouted.

"Look at the dashboard and the thrusters on these. Wait until everyone sees us driving around in these," Tommy said.

"Thanks again, Jake and Chance!" Hector and Tommy said as the hangar door opened and the two started zooming out of the hangar on the way home.

"I have a feeling those two will pass their training with flying colors," Jake said.

"You maybe right, Jake," Chance said as he closed the hangar.

The next day, Tommy and Hector went to the junkyard and entered the garage where the hangar is located. They went down the latter and through the hallway and entered in the hangar where they are met by Jake and Chance who gave them white t-shirts with the word 'recruit' on them.

"You're here because you are the chosen ones to be a part of the brotherhood of the SWAT Kats. You will go through hyper-intensive physical and mental training to find out if you have what it takes to be a SWAT Kat. Upon successful completion of your training, you will become a SWAT Kat with your own SWAT Kat name of your choice. Do you get me?" Jake asked.

"We get you, sir!" Tommy and Hector shouted.

"Welcome to the SWAT Kats," Jake said.

"Megakat City's SWAT Kats!" Chance shouted.

"Hoo-yah!" Jake, Chance, Tommy and Hector shouted.

Three months later

After three months of hard training, Tommy and Hector passed some of the hardest training they ever endured. They were sore in every muscle in their bodies from the beginning, but it was paying off. They were stronger in pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, faster in running and swimming, and better with hand-to-hand combat, as well as knife and gun combat. Tommy learned combat medicine with the knowledge from his mother who works as a registered nurse at Megakat Memorial Hospital and the SWAT Kats, computer hacking and sniping. Hector learned radio communications and close quarters combat. But most of all, they learned the essentials of unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, weapons and demolition, navigation, survival, escape and evasion, resistance to interrogation and direct action. They stood before their mentors and were ready to take the oath.

"I, Thomas Jonathan Briggs now known as Shadow...,"

"I, Hector Cornelius Feral now known as Sabre...,"

"Will do everything in my power to protect everyone in Megakat City who can't defend themselves. I will use my abilities I've learned from training for heroism and justice, never for evil or revenge. It is my duty as a SWAT Kat to aid other law enforcement, military, and global defense agencies and prevent acts of terror to not only Megakat City, but the entire Earth. These things I do so that others may live in peace and harmony. Long live the SWAT Kats!" Tommy and Hector said after they took the oath and Razor and T-Bone handed them their SWAT Kats uniforms.

"Welcome to the SWAT Kats, Shadow and Sabre," Jake said.

Tommy and Hector gasped happily at their new titles as new SWAT Kats members and by their codenames. Tommy's uniform resembles a mix between a ninja and a Navy SEAL. While Hector's uniform resembles a modern special operations soldier with a Spartan helmet patch on his right arm sleeve and a patch with the Greek letter lambda on his left.

"Now this is gonna be fun," Shadow said.

"Let's make it hot!" Sabre cried with pride.