Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. This great anime belongs to the great write Rumiko Takahashi. Okay this is my first! ^-^ Please, if you don't like it.. Be gentle with me, like I said this is my first. A few things I'd like to say before you read this story. I am a hard-core Inu/Kag fan, so if any Kikyo/Inu fans find anything offensive in here, I apologize. The "couple" parts in this story are Inu/Kag and Mir/San. Well that's all I have to say! Well I hope you like it! ^_~

Prologue - Grandpa's excuses***

The day started with a phone ring at the Higurashi Temple. "Higurashi Residence!! May I help you?" Grandpa asked.

"Yes, may I speak to Kagome, please?" said Hojo. Grandpa smiled evilly thinking he could make something up to get Hojo to give some "presents" to get Kagome "better". After all, Hojo's "get well" gifts served well in the shrine.

Beginning, Grandpa said, "She um.... fell off a roof yesterday! And broke her back! She'll be out in a while!!" He was then answered by an extremely* alarmed boy on the other side of the line. (A/N ^-^ The poor boy doesn't have a clue.)

"Is she okay?! Is she in the hospital?!" "Nope, she's off somewhere."

"Somewhere?" Hojo queried confused.

"With her friends!" Grandpa said putting on his most persuasive voice.

"But I thought she broke her back! How could she move anywhere?" "Well you see, "Grandpa said, thinking hastily of a various excuse said out, "they wanted to take her to a...a.... festival! So they carried her off there!" Grandpa sighed heavily; this was going to take a while.

"Really? Where is the festival maybe I can go see her!" '

Oh oh...' Grandpa thought. 'Got to think of something quick'.

"Um... It's a private festival! erm... sick and injured only!" He said holding his breath hoping the boy on the other line would believe the excuse.

"Oh.... I see.... Well, would you mind if I come over and give you some money and medicine to help Kagome get better?"

'Mission Accomplished!' Grandpa smiled giving himself a pat on the back. "Sure!!!! Anytime!! I think today would be best!!"


Meanwhile, back in the Feudal Area, things were going the unchanged, as usual. Kagome took a seat next to the roaring fireplace sipping some hot water.

"The search for the jewel shards is getting tougher by the day..... I mean we keep getting into trouble... "She started. 'Not to mention a crazed priestess trying to kill me.' She thought.

"Aye... Ye search is more complicated now but tis your responsibility to get the jewels from whence they came.

" Don't worry Kagome! "Miroku said jumping up with an immense smile plastered on his face, "You've got--- me!! And you can talk to me whenever you want about anything!! I think that room over there is a good place to talk," he said pointing over to a small, isolated room, giving her a perverted smile, "So.. you wanna talk?"

Kagome slapped him hard on the face. "Pervert!"

"Wha--What'd I do??? I only asked if you wanted some Miroku talk time!" Kagome shook her head and sighed.

At that very moment, Inuyasha and Shippo and Sango barged through the door.


"I wasn't even touching her! I mean ----," he stopped suddenly when he noticed Sango in front of him and forgot what he was saying. "WHY HELLO THERE, PRETTY GIRL! May I say you look lovely today?"

"And that outfit!!!! It's great! Why haven't you worn it yet? You look beautiful!" He said dreamy eyed.

"Miroku. I wear this outfit every single day."

"You do?" he said innocently, "I mean, you do! I just meant to say you look ravishing in them!!!!" Shippo looked up to Miroku with a bewildered look on his face.

"I'll never understand grown-ups."

Shippo began to think about why Miroku always was perverted and he was broke out of his state of "thinking" when he heard a loud scream. Apparently, it was Sango. Miroku had again groped her.

'Why does he always do this?' Inuyasha thought. When Shippo looked up he saw Miroku, flat on the ground rubbing on his swollen cheek.

"Wha-what'd I do?"

"PERVERT!" Sango screamed at him.

"But.But--- I didn't do it!! It's my hands! They have a mind of their own!"

"Really Miroku?" Shippo asked, "I never thought your hands had their own brains." He said, eyes wide with anticipation and curiosity.

Miroku sweat dropped and put a hand on Shippo's shoulder feeling guilty all of a sudden.

"Heheh. I uh..I just sometimes I can't help myself.." Shippo then looked up at him smiling.

"Don't worry," Shippo replied, "at least you're no two-timer!"

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Inuyasha shouted furiously.

" Yea that's right, dog-boy!! Two-timer, Two-timer, Two timer!!!" He said in a sing-song voice. "Two timer Two Timer Two Timer!!!! Hah! Even I'm smarter than you dog-breath! I can tell between a walking talking clay pot and a real human girl!" (A/N Sorry Kikyo fans! ^-^ But I'm a hard core Inu/Kag fan!)

"YOU LITTLE---!!" Inuyasha grasped Shippo on the tail and was just about ready to strike hard on the kitsune's head.



"What'd you do that for?"

"Stop picking on him!" Much to Kagome's surprise, Inuyasha abruptly let go of Shippo's tail and mumbled an apology to her.

"You-You're Sorry? Do you have a fever or something?" She said, putting her hand on his forehead to see if he had a high temperature.

"Don't you think I'm capable of being nice?" He said, anger and a bit of hurt in his voice.

Kagome only smiled and said, "You just surprised me that's all."

After a long period of time, Kaede, Inuyaha and the others sat idly on the tough wooden floors and were bored rigid. They had absolutely nothing to do or to converse about. The room was dead silent. Not a word was spoken. Until that is, when Miroku finally rose up in a happy voice.

"Let's go to the tavern!!"

Sango gave him a death look knowing that could be one of his perverted schemes.

"What for?" Sango asked with a great depth of warning in her voice. Miroku gulped nervously.

"Well.. I thought all of us could just go over have a few drinks and have fun!"

Sango eyed him closely as if trying to read what was in his mind. He had to wait a few moments before he received an approving nod from her. The rest of the people also agreed and went off to the tavern.


"I'm not drinking." Sango said quietly to Kagome. "Neither am I." Kagome replied.

"Kagome?" Shippo said, "What's Inuyasha and Miroku ordering?"

"Oh. just some sake." Kagome glanced at Shippo was sat on the floor looking intently at the window. He was bored and didn't have much to do.

Kagome then reached into her backpack and grabbed some markers, colored pencils, crayons, and paper for Shippo to draw with. "Here, Shippo, You can use these to draw things, like this."

After teaching Shippo how to use the "contractions" she brought, Shippo sat happily drawing every idea that popped into his mind.

About an hour or two later, Shippo used up all of Kagome's paper and ran up to Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango, Kaede, and Miroku. The men were drinking and the girls were just conversing with one another. "Look Kagome! I made a story!" "Really? Here, let's take a look!."

Shippo jumped up on Kagome's lap, put down a stack of papers and pointed at the little picture. "This is.. ME! And Sango! And Kiara! And You!" "KAWAII!" Sango shrieked. "It's great, Shippo!"

After about an hour of Shippo's pictures he finally reached the last three.

"This is a picture of Inuyasha! Two timing!" Sango and Kagome looked at Shippo shocked. "And this is a picture of that Kikyaop person."


" "Yea, that weird pot lady!"

".. Pot lady." Sango said bursting out into laughter. Kagome merely sat there, unsure of what to say next.

Minutes later two exceedingly drunk men came running, to the table.

"HEEEEYYYYY THHHHHEEERREEEE SAAAANNNGGGGOOO..." Miroku said with a goofy smile plastered on his face.

"Um, hi Miroku."

'Great he and Inuyasha are drunk.' She thought. 'Wait a minute maybe we can have a little fun with this.'

"One minute okay Miroku?"

"OOOOOKKK.." he said smiling, " I just stay here with Inu yashi.." (A/N as you can tell he is VERY DRUNK).

"Kagome!" Sango said.

"What is it?"

"Inuyasha and Miroku are drunk."

"Oh great." She replied sarcastically.

"No wait, we can put this to our advantage.. We can make them tell us everything we want to know. Since their drunk they won't know what they're saying!"

"Good Idea, Sango!."

"Can I help too?" asked Shippo.

"Of course."

Meanwhile Inuyasha and Miroku were singing a duet.

"I WAN' TO CHINGE THE WORLD!!!! (A/N I have no idea if they know this song.but please play along? This was the only song I could think of.. ^_~)

"CHINGE MY MIND!!!!" After a matter of seconds, they began to dance up on the table. "LALALALALALALALADIDDIITTTII!!"

"Mommy, who are those strange men?" A little girl asked nearby, watching the duo perform.

"CHINGE THE WORRRLLLDDDDD!!!!" Inuyasha and Miroku screamed out.

"Don't mind the crazy men, sweetheart."


"Ehey.. Nuyashi.. Whatcha gonna sing next wit' me???" Miroku asked happily.

"I dunno. " Inuyasha said grabbing a mug of water and dipping his fingers into it. Heheheheheheheh.. Water cold.. " he said giggling.

"There's Miroku and there's Inuyasha." Sango said spotting them at the table.

"Okay. This is gonna be fun!" Kagome said, smiling like crazy. Sango and Shippo nodded in unison.

"Hey Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. "Miroku!" Sango said at the same time.

" K'gome? Kragrome! Hehehe. Preeeetttyyy... hehehe.." Inuyasha said smiling at a very confused Kagome.

"Sa'go!!!!!!" Miroku screamed with a huge smile, " It's been years since I've seen you!" Miroku said jumping up, arms wide for a hug.

"Uh.What are you talking about? It's only been a few minutes actually.. Anyway could you and Inuyasha answer me Kagome and Shippo some questions?"