It was a sunny noontime. Both Craig and Hugo were walking down the street of their cul-de-sac along with their kids to Joseph's place for his BBQ party. All lot of people attended, all from single parents and their kids to just casual single people. Despite this, the crowd wasn't really jam-packed and Joseph's house was huge so there's still a lot of space for the children to play around with.

After Joseph greets Craig and Hugo and their respective kids, they all went to the backyard to help themselves for some cookies.

After a long while, three women arrived at the place. They were Aiko, Beli, and Lola.

Lola speaks to Beli "So you're Beli. It's finally nice to meet you."

Beli responds "Thanks, it's nice to meet you as well."

They finally arrived at their destination.

They all had a real good look of the house. They were impressed, believing that whoever this Joseph guy is, he must be very wealthy man.

"Hey guys!" A woman from behind called out to them.

The three women looked to see who it was and it turned out to be Kyanna, who is carrying her child Philip.

Kyanna finally catches up to them and says "Hey guys sorry if I was late. Some stuff happened."

"Oh don't worry you're just in time." Beli tells her.

Kyanna then looks at the other two girls.

"Oh so you guys must be Lola Rembrite and Aiko Yuki am I right." Kyanna asks them.

"Yeah it's so nice to finally meet you." Lola tells her.

"Beli talks a lot about you and how much of a fitness freak you are." Aiko says to her.

"Hehe yeah well it pays to live a healthy lifestyle." Kyanna tells them.

Kyanna then looks at the place.

"Damn this place is big. Whoever this Joseph guy is must be pretty rich." Kyanna blurts out.

Aiko agrees with her and says "I know right."

As the four women arrive in front of the door and rings the doorbell, they were greeted by a handsome blonde and clean cut man. He wears a pink shirt white a baby blue sweater wrapped around his shoulders.

'This guy must be Joseph' they all had the same thought.

He greets them with a smile.

"Ah more visitors! Welcome to my humble abode! Anyone and everyone is welcomed to my house as long they no ill intention! Please come this way!" Joseph speaks out to them.

"So you must be Joseph right?" Kyanna ask him.

"Indeed I am." Joseph answers them.

"Well I'm Kyanna Delrio, this my good friend Beli Lapran and these two are her good friends Aiko Yumi and Lola Rembrite." Kyanna tells him.

"Thank you for letting us come here." Beli tells him.

"Well actually me and Aiko here were just invited by Beli." Lola tells him.

"Oh it's no trouble! As I said, anyone is welcomed here. You can meet some new friends and eats some good food and be welcomed to some refreshments. Oh where are my manners! Forgive me for stalling you, please come in!" Joseph blurts out as he gestures them to come inside.

The four of them walk up the small step and through his door.

They all thought he was a very nice guy.

As the four women walked into his house and leads them into his backyard, Kyanna tells Joseph, "Nice house you got here."

"Why thank you very much for the nice compliment!" Joseph says.

As they were already at the backyard, they saw many people there, but not so many people for it to be considered as an all-out party.

Joseph then walks towards them with a tray of cookies and says to them "Please help yourselves to some treats! You all might be quite famished."

Aiko reaches her hand out and took a few cookies and says "Don't mind if I do. Thanks."

The other three took some cookies for themselves.

"Oh I also want you to meet my wonderful children. Chris, Christie, Christian! Please come here and introduce yourselves to our new guests!" Joseph calls out to them.

All three children then walked up to them.

"Kyanna, Beli, Lola and Aiko, I would like to introduce to you all my beloved children." Jospeh speaks to them happily.

The blonde children never said anything and just blankly stare into the four women's souls.

The four of them are deeply unsettled by this and are definitely creeped out, but still remain their composure and remain as polite as possible.

'Geez these are definitely Joseph's kids.' They all thought.

Joseph then tells his children, "Alright you may go and play around now."

They all left, making all of the four women sigh in relfief.

Then a woman walks up to them.

"Oh and how could I forget my lovely wife, Mary!" Joseph exclaims.

Mary just coldly looks at them, emitting an unsettling aura that made feel uncomfortable.

"Greetings. I would shake hands with you all, but I have a glass of wine to tend towards to." She then leaves.

"Haha isn't she lovely. Well then please enjoy yourselves." Joseph tells them.

Kyanna then snaps back, smiles, and says "Thank you for the kind hospitality!"

As Joseph leaves, Kyanna then looks back at her friends.

Lola seemed to have went somewhere else, while Aiko kept munching on the cookies and Beli looks at the beautiful flowers that were around Joseph's garden.

"Well I'll just leave you guys here. See ya girls later." Kyanna tells them.

As Kyanna walks around the backyard, she then bumps into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry sir!" Kyanna tells him.

As the man turns around, Kyanna had a full good look at the man she bumped into.

He was a big burly man, wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He had a noticeable big belly while also having a fair amount of muscle. He had freckles on his face and had ginger beard and hair. He was quite the manly man.

He then gives her a reassuring smile and tells her "Oh it's no trouble miss!"

"Oh ok. Hey I'm new around this town. My name's Kyanna and this here is Philip." Kyanna tells him.

Kyanna then looks at her son who was simply sucking at his pacifier.

"Ah well it's great to see another parent and their child having a great time around here! My name's Brian." Brian exclaims.

He then reaches out his hand to offer a handshake. As she does it, Brian shakes her hand vigorously.

"It's a pleasure to meet ya!" Brian exclaims.

Kyanna chuckles and says back to him "It's great to see you too Brian!"

Briand then lets go of her hand and calls out to his daughter.

"Daisy, come over here and introduce yourself!" Brian calls out.

A little girl then jogs towards them.

She does resemble her father in a way, and wears a green checkered shirt.

"Go on Daisy introduce yourself!" Brian cheerfully exclaims.

"Um hello there miss. I'm Daisy. It's nice to meet you." Daisy says.

Kyanna greats her, "Aww it's nice to meet you too! I'm Kyanna, and this here is my son Philip."

"It's nice to meet ya too Philip." Daisy smiles.

"That's my girl!" Brian exclaims.

Then someone calls out.

"Brian! My man! How ya been?" someone call out.

They all turn to his direction.

"Ah Craig! Great to see you!" Brian exclaims.

Then Craig sees Kyanna.

"Yo what's up man!" Kyanna exclaims.

"Hey glad that you could make it man!" Craig says.

"You two met?" Brian asks them.

"Yeah man in an accident while Briar and Hazel were training for their big game tomorrow." Craig tells him.

Briar and Hazel then walks up to them.

"Dad! Hazel is eating too much cookies again and is even stealing the ones that I picked!" Briar complains.

"No I wasn't!" Hazel defends.

They then notices Kyanna.

"Oh hi woman from yesterday that we accidentally hit!" They both say to her.

Kyanna smiled and greeted, "Hi again!"

Then Joseph started calling for everyone's attention.

"Alright everyone, gather around. It's finally time for the meal you've been waiting for. And without further ado, let's work some magic."

Joseph closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and gets to work. As he flips the burgers with the swiftness of his spatula, he soon caught everyone's attention.

"Wow those are some fascinating cooking skills for burgers I might say." Lola says as she spoke behind Kyanna and appeared almost out of nowhere.

Kyanna was startled a little by this.

"Jesus Lola! Where did you come from?" Kyanna ask her.

"Oh sorry if I startled you. I was just walking around, finding someone interesting to chat with." Lola states.

Aiko and Beli then catches up to Kyanna and Lola.

"Wow, didn't know he was that good at cooking." Aiko states.

"Hmph, well not as good as mine." Lola proudly states.

"Maybe there's more to him than meets the eye." Beli says.

As everyone watches Joseph's magnificent cooking skills, one after another, the Dads take notice and crowd around Joseph to admire his masterful technique.

"Hey you guys may not know this, but Joseph is known around here for his grillmanship." Craig tells them.

Brian pipes in and says "He's un-grill-ievable."

One of the patrons attending the party says "Oh no, Dad Jokes."

Aiko smiles and says "This should be interesting."

Craig joins in and says "I've tried to get on his level, but I just can't ketchup."

Then a handsome African-American man with dark brown dreadlocks, tattoos on his left wrist, wears glasses on and a flower tiara on his joins the pun run.

"Lettuce keep studying. He has a Rare equality about him." The man says.

Craig chuckles and says "Nice one Mat."

Then a mysterious man with pale white skin, long black wavy hair, and dressed in Victorian era clothes with a cloak also pipes in.

"Mustard we keep talking about this? Can't we appreciate the artist?" The other man says.

Mat looks at him, winks and says "Nailed it Damien."

Then Rober, who pretty much came out of nowhere, joins in and says "I've never seen him make a mis-steak."

Then Hugo, who had just been from the comfort room, comes in and says, "Okay we need to stop, this is getting to…..cheesy."

All the kids boo at the glorious display of puns in unison.

Kyanna covers her mouth from laughing, as she thought the dad jokes were actually funny.

Beli couldn't help but smile as well.

Lola on the meanwhile is annoyed and has an eyebrow raised.

Aiko is a little surprised at seeing Hugo here. She thinks that later she could sneak up on him and greet him with surprise.

Joseph then says "Alright guys, the foods ready! Please form an orderly barbe-queue.

Groans can be heard as everyone lined up for some perfectly good cheeseburgers.

A long while later…

"So how's Ernest goin?" Craig ask Hugo.

"Well, he didn't want to join so just for now, I'll let that be." Hugo answers.

Hugo sighs heavily and says "Where did I go wrong? Was there something I did to turn him into the way he is now? I feel like this all my fault."

Craig then comforts him and says "Hey man don't work yourself up over. He'll come around. It'll just take a little time and effort."

Hugo lightens up and says "Thanks Craig."

As Hugo sips on some tea, he gets a light pat on his ass. When Hugo turns around to see who did it, he was very surprised to see Aiko. In fact he was so surprised that was quite close to spitting his tea on her face. Luckily he stopped himself before it even happened.

Aiko smile and teases him again as per usual by saying "Hey there daddy. Fancy seeing you here."

"Um Ms. Yumi! I didn't know you would also be attending here as well." Hugo blurted out.

He was almost on the verge of freaking out.

'How did she know I was here?! She surely doesn't know anyone here! Who the hell invited her? Wait a minute, is she stalking me.' Hugo thought to himself.

"You know each other?" Craig ask Aiko.

"Yeah, he works in the same school that I also happen to work at. Kind of a coincidence that we manage to be here in this party." Aiko states.

'Oh god when will this end?!' Hugo thought to himself.