Bare Fisted-Ch 1

The day started out so good, Derek had spent the afternoon making plans to propose to his girlfriend Penelope Garcia tonight. He even went home early to get things all set up, he had amazing food, flowers, music, everything was perfect.

He looked down at his watch and smiled knowing that she would be arriving in about a half an hour, he blew out a deep breath and started to go back to the kitchen when he heard a knock at the door. He said, "she's early tonight" as he made his way across the room to the door.

He pulled the door open saying, "you're early bab" and he saw a stranger standing there, he said, "sorry, I was expecting somebody else". The woman smiled and said, "yeah I know Derek" and then she whipped out a stun gun and he dropped to the floor and started convulsing.

The woman and several huge men stepped inside and shut the door, the woman said, "we don't have a lot of time, Penelope will be here in a few minutes". Several of the men picked Derek up and carried him out the back door and laid him down in a black van.

They quickly put zippy ties on his hands and feet and put a piece of tape over his mouth and blindfolded him, he was to weak from the surprise attack to fight back. The woman climbed into the van and said, "just relax Derek, everything will be explained to you when we get you to your new home".

Dereks eyes became heavy and as he fought to stay awake his thoughts were all on Penelope, his baby girl, the woman that owned him completely. As his eyes closed he thought, "I love you baby girl, now and forever, now and forever" and then everything went black. When he woke up sometime later he was in a room with nothing but a bed in it.

He sat up on the side of the bed and tried to adjust to his new surroundings, he looked around and said, "where am I, what happened, how did I get here"?, he jumped when he heard a key turning in the lock. He stood up and the woman and several large men stepped in, the last one making sure to close and lock the door behind him.

Derek said, "who are you, where am I, what do you want with me"?, the woman laughed and said, "so full of questions but since you're new I'll tell you the answer to your questions". She ran her hand up his chest and said, "my name is Cassandra but you my little worker bee can call me Cassie", she said, "and as to where you are that's simple you're at my compound with my other fighters".

He said, "fighters, what do you mean fighters"?, she said, " and to answer your third question, I want you to make me money, lots and lots of money", Derek said, "doing what exactly"?, she said, "now now Derek Michael Morgan I've seen you in action before so I know that you can handle yourself". He said, "handle myself with what"?, she said, "fighting, you are going to be my newest and best fighter".

Derek laughed and said, "and if I'm not"?, she said, "do you really want to know what will happen if you don't do what you're told when you're told"?, he said, "yes, yes I do". She said, "I like him, he's got spunk", Cassie sighed and said, "if you don't do what I tell you to do Derek then I will pick one of your family and make them pay".

His mouth flew open and she said, "and just in case you don't think I know your family, please allow me to show you", one of the men held a book open in front of him and she said, "this is your mother Fran Morgan Rossi and these are your sisters Sarah and Desiree". He swallowed hard as she said, "and this is your precious team, Aaron Hotchner aka Hotch and his beautiful wife Emily".

Next was a picture of JJ and Reid and Cassie took great pleasure in saying, "and this is JJ and Spencer Reid aka pretty boy and last but not least is your baby girl, your girlfriend, the woman that you were going to propose to tonight, Penelope Grace Garcia". Derek said, "how did you"?, she said, "never underestimate me when I want something Derek".

He held up his hand and I'll do what you want, when you want it just please don't hurt my family", she grinned and said, "that depends on how good you mind me Derek". She walked further into his room and said, "right now you will start with only a bed and in order to get items like clothes other than the ones that are on your back is to win your fights".

He listened as she said, "you are a sexy man Derek", he said, "I will fight when you tell me to fight, I will fight who you tell me to fight but that's it", she sighed and said, "pity, I could have shown you such pleasure, more pleasure than you've ever seen". Cassie and her goons then turned around and walked toward the door.

She then turned around and said, "your first fight is in 30 minutes, win it and you can pick one thing out of the gift room", he said, "yes Cassie", she winked at him and said, "now that wasn't so hard was it"?, as she walked out into the hall. He listened as the door then locked, he sat back down on the bed and thought to himself, "please find me".