Hi everyone.

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I had finally finished my last call for the day. It has been a long day, trying to get everything sorted so I'm not constantly on the phone while I'm away at my friend's wedding this weekend. I still can't believe I'm going back to Seattle, I haven't been back properly in 5 years and I'm only going back now because Kate's finally getting married to Elliot. I flew in for a day, nearly two years ago and in that time, all I saw was the inside of Kate's hospital room as she had Ava. I sigh and gather my things as I head out of my office.

"I fly back Monday evening, but if there's anything urgent just call or email me." I smile at my assistant Brittany.

"I will. Have a good time Miss Steele." She smiles, and I roll my eyes as I head for the door, no matter how many times I've told her to call me Ana, she still insists on Miss Steele.

I check my watch and speed up a bit, luckily, I'm only five blocks away but I hate being late. I smile at the woman at reception as she buzzes me through.


I smile as a copper-haired little girl comes barrelling up to me as I enter the room.

"hey princess, did you have a good day?" I smile as I walk her to her cubby to get her coat and bag. She nods happily as she pulls on her coat before running off to grab something. She comes back with two pictures she has obviously drawn today.

"I made grandpa some pictures." She smiles showing me the brightly coloured pictures.

"There fantastic Madzie, I'm sure grandpa will love them." I smile at her as we head towards the door. Madzie chats happily away about her day the whole way home, I swear this child could talk forever, but I love how carefree and happy she is, and I'll do anything to keep it that way. Her long hair hanging in two braids bounces as she skips along next to me. She looks so much like Christian, the thought pops into my head before I can push it away. I haven't thought about him for years. He doesn't know about Madzie, after what he did, and I saw how much he got off on hurting someone, there's no way I'm letting him near her. The only people who know about Madzie is my mom, Ray and Kate. I caved and ended up telling Kate at the hospital as I cuddled the newborn Ava; I made her promise not to tell anyone even Elliot as he's Christian's brother. She hated keeping a secret from him but promised not to tell. I didn't know I was pregnant until a couple of months after I broke it off with Christian and by then I had already left and was staying with my mom then. My mom tried to get me to tell Christian and I really did think about it, but every time I imagine telling him, I see his anger boiling over and his need to punish take control. I won't hide who her daddy is from Madzie if she asks, but she never has.

Madzie and I live in a two-bed apartment in New York. It maybe small but it's home, we moved in when Madzie was about three, before that we were crammed into a small bedsit. When I got my promotion to fiction editor it came with a nice pay rise, making it possible for us to move.

"come on let's finish packing your clothes." I smile as Madzie drops her bag near the door and strips off her coat and shoes.

"I want to choose." Madzie whines as she rushes ahead of me into her room. I walk into her room and find Madzie examining her row of dresses. She's obsessed with dresses and refuses to wear trousers or shorts; It must be either a dress or skirt.

"Ok you will need three outfits." I smile at her as I grab the small wheeled suitcase out from under her bed. I grab everything else she'll need why she chooses and pack them before heading into my room to do the same. Just as I was zipping up my bag Madzie walks in carrying her favourite dress up dress.

"Mommy can I please take this to grandpa's?" she pleads with her big blue eyes. I can't help but smile at her, she's obsessed with anything princess and loves to dress up as one. If she could I think she'd live in her dress up clothes. Her favourite is Frozen, she is obsessed with it and refuses to sleep without her Elsa, Ana and Olaf teddies. she watches the movie near enough every day.

"Ok just that one though." I smile and she bounce's up and down happily. "Have to chosen your clothes?" I ask as I head back to her room.

"Yep." She says popping the 'p'. I roll my eyes at her cheekiness, sure enough there on the bed is three of her favourite dresses. I was just zipping up her bag when the doorbell rang.

"Hey, we're nearly ready." I smile as I open the door to let him in.

"Nathan!" Madzie calls happily as she seems him, running up to him so he scoops her up in his arms.

"Hey munchkin. You all packed?" He smiles at her, and Madzie smiles and nods

"Err…no you're not, unless you don't want to take any toys with you." I smile at her holding out her backpack. Madzie gasps and wriggles to get down. Nathan puts her down and she quickly grabs her bag and runs off to her room, making me laugh. Nathan places a hand on my waist and gently kisses me on the lips.

"You ready?" he smiles at me, and I know he's talking about going back to Seattle. Me and Nathan have been dating for nearly six months now. I had bumped into him at one of my client's book signing tours, he had been staying at the same hotel as me. it was on the rare occasion I couldn't get anyone else to go, so my mom came up to watch Madzie while I did the book tour. We were in Ohio when we met, though we both lived in New York and we quickly hit it off.

"as I'll ever be." I sigh. In truth I'm dreading the wedding, knowing he'll be there, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from going to Kate's wedding.

It was late when we landed in Seattle and headed for the hotel. Nathan had insisted on hiring a car for us instead of using public transport and had booked us into an expensive hotel. Nathan comes from a well-off family and runs a very well-established software company, he's nowhere near the league Christian is financially but he's still doing very well for himself. I met his parents a few weeks ago at a family dinner, to celebrate his brother's birthday, they seemed nice enough, though I don't think they like the idea of me already having a child. They have yet to meet Madzie. Nathan hasn't met any of my family yet, he'll be meeting Ray on this trip, when he arrives to watch Madzie while we head to the wedding.