Pieces of Life


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Chapter One: There's No Backing Out

Amaya looked quite innocent, but at eighteen years old she had endured more pain than anyone could go through in a lifetime. She sighed, and pulled open the doors that led into the flower shop. She had indeed signed into a life of murder, but she had no where else to go. At a time when she needed someone most, no one was there to comfort her. Instead a redhead claiming herself to be Manx, had approached her, giving her a choice of taking a route of a totally different life.

Amaya was nervous to see who else had become part of the assassin group, surely they had to be all rough and large men. As she entered the flower shop, she was immediately consumed by the aromas of the flowers. She walked over to the large display of lilies and moved in closer to smell them. In the corner of her eyes she observed the whole shop, searching for possible candidates. 'Those girls can't possibly be part of the group...' Amaya thought, 'Manx said that they actually worked here.' Finally, after overlooking the crowds of girls, she noticed four guys, each jaw droppingly handsome, she nearly tripped onto all the lilies displayed before her.

'Those are the guys?' she shrieked in her mind. She turned her attention to the lilies and then moved onto the roses. She didn't want any of them to notice her, she had to act like someone that was here to buy flowers. Or at least blend in with the crowd, "I am not going to be like one of those crazy girls, thats for sure." she snorted under her breath.


All four men were trying to get off the clinging girls, they didn't want to see so rude, but it was hard to do their jobs when several girls had attached themselves like glue. Yohji was the only one who seemed to enjoy the attention. "Ah, high school girls." he flashed them all a smiled, and moved aside a piece of dangling hair.

"Please... Let me bring these flowers out in the sunshine." Omi begged helplessly, as the girls still stood by him.

"Eh..." Ken sighed, as he tried to water the plants outside.

Aya was just standing there, arranging some roses, not caring if the girls were around him or not. He didn't utter one word to them, but they still persisted, squealing and giggling beside him.

Giggles and whispers could be heard throughout the whole shop, as they were all standing inside the store, each arranging their own individual flower arrangment.

Silence washed over the whole shop as the door was eruptly swung open. All four men turned their attention to the woman that had just walked in. She had brown hair that fell beneath her shoulders and amethyst eyes. She wore a long denim skirt and a plain white t-shirt. They all watched, including the high school giggling girls, as the mysterious stranger walked towards the lilies and leaned foward, breathing in their scent.

'How peculiar, she's the first female that's walked into this shop without joining these girls. Other than Manx, but that's different.' Ken wondered.


Amaya looked nervously in the corner of her eye, noticing all the staring figures, 'You baka! You already blew your cover!' she kicked herself inwardly.

"Can I help you?" a deep voice asked, causing her to jump from her spot.

"Um... no... I'll be fine." Amaya sputtered. She looked up and smiled, making contact with the tall redhead and his entrancing pale blue eyes. A sigh of relief washed through her mind, 'At least I didn't mess this up...'

"Well you can't just smell the flowers all day long."

"Don't mind Aya, miss. He just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Please take your time." another voice piped in, he seemed younger then all of the men, and wore a blue baseball cap.

Amaya smiled at him and then suddenly something popped inside her mind, "Do you have any daisies?"

"Yea... How many would you like?" he asked, as the whole crowd of girls came rushing to his side once again.

"Just one."

"A beautiful girl like you shouldn't have just one flower, you should be blessed with many." a man with dark golden colored hair grinned.

Just then, someone Amaya knew all too well appeared at the window. Her distinct red hair and eye catching red uniform made Amaya remember her instantly. Manx.

Manx seemed to pay no attention to Amaya and disappeared, just as fast as she appeared.

Amaya stared at the four guys in the shop and noticed all of them nodding with each other.

"Well, Momoe, take care of everything for us until we get back." Aya waved and vanished through a door at the back of the shop.

All the squealing and giggling girls in the shop had disappointed expressions on their faces, the giggles had ceased and gradually they began to file out of the shop.

"Here's your daisy." the petit old woman announced.

"Thanks." Amaya smiled, taking the single flower and paying the old woman. In the corner of her eye she kept her gaze at the closed door, wondering what was pass that door and what happened deep within that room. 'Could they be getting a mission right now?' she wondered, leaving the flower shop.

Suddenly a black car, nothing fancy or expensive, just a car that looked quite normal zoomed past her before she had crossed the alleyway. Amaya noticed four heads with four distinct hair colors. She knew instantly that it was the four guys that she had recently she just in the flower shop.

"Anxious to join them aren't you?" a voice said from behind her, causing her to jump.

She twisted around and saw Manx leaning against the wall. "You can go and watch how they work." Manx continued, "If you want." Manx tossed her a small piece of paper.

Amaya nodded, and walked away in the direction of her motorcycle.

"And Amaya..." Manx called, causing her to stop, "Don't get in their way."

Amaya gave a slight nod and jumped onto her motorcycle, putting on her helmet, she read the address that Manx had provided and raced off.


"Everyone know who they're going after?" Aya asked, his tone serious and focused.

All three other men nodded in understanding and seperated. They were assigned to kill the leaders of a human trade. Attracting people to a free cruise, and then when enough people were gathered, they were taken as prisoners and were slaves for life.

They were in a high class hotel, each knowing which rooms held their targets. Just as Manx had provided them with the data, their targets had met for a special meeting, divising another plan to capture more slaves.

It was just another day on the job, none of the four guys had no remorse for the ones they kill. Aya had found the room that his target was staying in, without any hesistation sliced the man in half with his blade. Ken, Yohji and Omi had also done the exact same thing, but the method of killing them was slightly different. Ken used a claw, one that resembled a tigers and killed his targets with one slash. Yohji used a wire, a wire that was invisible to the naked eye, making it easy to trap to targets. And Omi used darts, and a bow and arrow. But still, the result was always the same someone always had to die.

Soon after their job was done, they left the blood drenched bodies on where they were killed, they all slammed the car door shut and raced back to the flower shop as if nothing had happened.


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