The original plan succeeded, just like Michael planned ahead. The drain pipe wasn't replaced with the new steel pipe. Only those that he needed was included in the escape. Michael broke Lincoln out, together with Abruzzi, Sucre and Westmoreland. C-Note was never in the PI-crew and wasn't aware of the escape. Lincoln knocked T-Bag unconscious and they tied him up and left him in the infirmary.

Michael got half of the money as a thank you from Westmoreland. Michael and Lincoln flew out of the country with Abruzzi's plane to Panama. Abruzzi was captured by the FBI and police, by the trap Michael set him up in.

Sara was never accused of helping in the escape and therefore didn't feel betrayed by Michael, so she never overdosed. She was just sad that he wasn't around anymore. The escape took place as the first attempt in the show, in episode 13. The kiss never happened.


Michael and Lincoln are sitting at what has become their favorite restaurant. They had finished dinner and now was having a few more beers. Michael was watching out over the ocean and his thoughts wandered back to the escape as so many other times before. It's almost been 3 months now since they broke out of Fox River. The first month or so they spent on the yacht out on the ocean, only making port to stack up on supplies and only in small towns, avoiding bigger cities. Constantly watching over their shoulders every time they were touching ground.

They found this little town on one of their stops to buy food. It seemed like a good place to settle down in. They found this bungalow hotel complex, so well designed that every bungalow got some privacy with the garden park, all the trees, flower and green shrubbery so well planted. Perfect for someone like them who didn't want people staring at them too much or too closely. Perfect for people who like some privacy.

They rented a two room bungalow while they are searching for a property or some land to build a house on and a place where they could open their scuba shop. With Westmoreland's money they don't have the problem that they can't afford to buy, it's just finding the right location.

Sometimes Michael has a hard time understanding how he managed it all, that his plan worked perfectly. How lucky he was with the one thing he couldn't plan, whom he was to share a cell with. His cell mate, the first key and most important key. Michael was so glad that Fernando Sucre wasn't a rapist or a mass murderer or something of the like. He didn't want to put a dangerous and bad people out on the streets again, free to continued to hurt more people.

Abruzzi on the other hand is a member of a mob family and have a lot of blood on his hands, but that he already knows when he did all his research. So he had a plan for that, when he was going to give up the location of Fibonacci, he was gonna set a trap for Abruzzi. No Fibonacci, just a bunch of FBI agents and police men. Michael smiled and wished not for the first time that he was able to see the look on Abruzzi's face when he was arrested. Michael was not sorry nor did he regret lying to Abruzzi, he couldn't let him roam around freely, or kill an innocent man like Fibonacci.

Sucre and Westmoreland were different, sure they did their crime they were sent to prison for, but he could live with that. They were both good guys and those that Michael got closets with, almost like friends. All they wanted now was to be with their families. He hasn't heard or read anything about them so he hoped they made it and are happy and safe wherever they are.

Michael's smile fades away when he reaches the part of Fox River that is always on his mind and the cause of his current mood. Sara Tancredi. He misses Sara. Miss seeing her, talking to her. How is she doing? Does she ever think of him? If yes, what does she think? Did she also feel that it was something between them? That they had a moment that last day together, when he took her hand? Or did she hate him?

Michael certainly felt it and now wished that he kissed her that last time. She was right when she said if felt like he was saying goodbye, because he was. He wanted to kiss her, but it was too soon and he didn't really have any idea if a kiss would have been welcomed. Just because he had a feeling she was enjoying their time together as much as he was, didn't mean she would like to kiss him, kiss an inmate, where she works. It was probably against all rules in her book, but now he wished he did it anyway.

At least then he would have the memory on how her lips felt against his, how she would have tasted, to lay on the list of things he could think about, when thinking of Sara. He did want to spend more time with her, explore this thing that he really believed was between them. Michael had expected a few contingencies and had a few cards up his sleeves for it, but he hadn't in a million years expected to fall in love during a prison break.

"Are you thinking about the lady doctor? You have that look in your face again?"

Michael was startled when Lincoln spoke. He turned his head and just looked at his brother with a look that said none of your business.

"Forget about her. You should ask that waitress out. She has been flirting with you the whole week." Lincoln continued.

"I'm not interested. Blondes aren't my type you know."

Lincoln looked around the restaurant and spied someone at the back. "What about her in the back? She looks like the doc."

Michael throws a quick glance to where Lincoln was looking. "She is married and have kids, so I don't think she or he would welcome a courtship."

Lincoln's eyes lights up. "So you have already asked her?"

"No, I saw her at a far away distance yesterday and as you said, she did remind me of Sara and for one second I thought she was here. Even if I know it was impossible, but I had to check. So I got closer and I saw her greet a man by the pool with a kiss and 2 children calling her mummy hugged her. So I think it's a no go, if I was interested which I am not. I'm not looking to hook up any woman, I have never done that and I will not start now. And besides, I don't see you with any woman, so maybe you should concentrate on your own love life than mine."

"Well, Veronica and I have been talking on the phone and we are talking about trying again. We just need to figure out how she can come visit without putting her or us in danger."

"You think that is wise? Isn't that aiding and abetting? If you know the location of a fugitive and don't report it to the police?"

"Yes and no, it's a tricky situation. As she is my lawyer, she can make a stand with her lawyer-client privilege. That she is pleading me to give myself up. She is on her final statement of clearing LJ of this ridiculous charge of him killing his mother and stepfather. When that is done, LJ will come and live with us and that Vee could come down with him for a visit. We don't know how yet, we could probably use your help to come up with a plan for it."

"Of course I will help. She is willing to risk it, risk everything to come and visit? It could be dangerous for her if anyone finds out."

"That's why we need a plan. What we have so far is that she could fly to Mexico, then take a bus somewhere else and another bus from there to a place where we can pick her up. That way anyone that want to trace her steps should have very big problems with it."

"Sounds good, an alternative way is for her to take a boat to one of the hundreds little islands and we can pick her up in the yacht. We can also hire a woman to check into a hotel in Mexico under Veronica's name."

"That's brilliant, Michael. Then it would be impossible for them to know where she is."

"They could check with the internet, or a photo the police give them. But there should be at least over thousands of women called Veronica Donovon and one of them should be close to looking like her for a positive identification for a normal hotel reception employee. If they can prove Veronica didn't check into the hotel, they will suspect something else is going on then a normal vacation, but they will not know where she is or where we are. Then they will watch her more closely and you guys need to be more careful."

"Yeah, I know."

"So you and Veronica back together, huh?"

"Maybe we can make it this time, maybe I won't screw up now when I'm a bit older and hopefully wiser. She is the only woman I really ever have loved, the other women, honestly most of them was just sex."

"Mmm, Veronica is a wonderful woman, she was like a big sister to me when you guys were together. It was hard to treat her the way I did at my trial, to push her away, to refuse to do what she said. It hurt me to see how hurt she got by my behaving towards her and the way I acted in court. All I wanted was to tell her the truth, what I was planning to do. But the legal way took too long, you didn't have that much time left, so I had to do what I did. She was so disappointed in you, then at me too. Thinking I was throwing away my life too. Cursing both of us."

"That sounds like Vee all right and yet she sacrificed everything to get me exonerated. Her fiancé left her and they tried to kill her by blowing up her apartment. She took care of LJ after they killed Lisa and now she is helping him to clear his name."

"She is a remarkable woman."

"Yes, she is." Lincoln took the last sip of his beer. "I'm gonna go buy another beer, do you want one?"

Michael looked at his forgotten beer in his hand. "No thanks, I'm good."

"Ok, I will be back." Lincoln rose and walked over to the bar.

Michael was happy to hear that Lincoln and Veronica were gonna try again. She was good for him, he remembers how happy Lincoln was when they were together. His brother is a lucky man to have a woman like Veronica giving him a second chance and is risking a lot to see him.


Back in Chicago, Sara just walked into her apartment. She put her purse on the coffee table and went to the kitchen, took out some leftover chinese food and reheated it. She took the warm food back to the living room and sat down on the couch. She began to eat and looked at her purse. She put down the food and opened her purse and took up the paper rose Michael gave her the day after her birthday. She is not sure why she took it with her this day of all days, but she stood holding the rose at the end of her shift and she put it in her purse before leaving. She had left the rose in one of the cabinets in the infirmary and was looking at it now and then.

Maybe she took it home because she heard Michael's name mention today. She had been over to sick bay to get some supplies she ran out of. There she overheard a conversation between T-Bag and another inmate. T-Bag was saying something that he had two things to do when he got out of here. First pay Mrs Hollander a visit and then find Scofield and make him pay for everything, punish him, make him bleed. If that was the last thing he ever do, Scofield must suffer.

Sara put down the rose on the coffee table and continued eating while her thoughts wandered back to the day of the escape. Sara had left Lincoln in the infirmary as he was feeling much better while she was getting ready to leave for home, she was just waiting for the night shift staff to clock in before she could leave. She was on her way back when the alarm went off and when she reached the infirmary the guards that had been nearby was trying to force the door open.

Sara locked up the door and they all entered the room. The bars that were covered the window was leaning against the wall beneath it. Glass was all over the floor. Lincoln wasn't in the room anymore. T-Bag was lying on the floor tied to the examining table. When looking out the window you could see some clothes or something on the barbwire fence at the prison outside wall where the cable from the infirmary was connected.

The guards reported on their radio and soon Pope, Bellick and a lot of the other guards turned up. At first they thought only Lincoln had escaped, but when T-Bag woke up, they got the whole story. T-Bag was so angry he couldn't talk fast enough to tell them all about Michael Scofield's plan to escape. He spilled the beans, all of it. Literally shouted out everything and forgot that he incriminated himself in an attempt to escape that led to a long stint in the SHU and more time on his ticket.

The week that followed was insane, every medical staff got interrogated extra closely, but they didn't find anything pointing at that someone would have helped the prisoners escape. The guards number got doubled. Every wing got locked down when the entire prison wase searched through and they followed the escape path. It was a rumour that Scofield had the blueprints tattooed on his body.

Sara missed him, she missed seeing Michael. She enjoyed their time together. He was nice, smart, funny and cute. And now when he isn't around anymore, she can admit she thought he was very handsome and she was very attractive to him, still is if she should be honest. Michael was not like the other inmates, he didn't belong in prison.

The prison break at Fox River penitentiary was big news in both TV and press of course. Every hour, every channel was cable out their pictures, any sightings of the fugitives and updates in the manhunt. Sara was of course following it closely. One week after the prison break, Sara saw on the news that Abruzzi had been caught. There was a few sightings of Sucre and Westmoreland in the first month, but neither of them had been caught. Of the brothers there was no trace at all, they seemed to have disappeared into the air.

Now almost 3 months have passed since the escape, Sara have many times wondered where they are, where did they go, how are they doing. Especially Michael, did he get his insulin shots regular or did he get sick in between when he didn't have access to it? Did he ever think about her? Did he miss seeing her every day? Because she certainly did.

She remembered that last day when she got a feeling he was saying goodbye and she told him so, she was so right. He didn't directly deny it, just reflected the question. And when he took her hand, most thoughts left her mind and all she felt was his soft touch. She had touched him on several occasions of course, every shot she had given him would be hard without touching his arm. Then she had been wearing gloves, but she could still feel his skin through them. But that time felt different, maybe because it was him touching her and in a not medical situation.

It felt similar to when he helped her down from the roof during the riot. He took her by the waist and his hands lingered a few seconds longer than necessary when she was down on the floor. The electrifying touch of his hands and his eyes looking at you with such intensity that you just melt, it's a killer combo. That moment they had that last day made her dangerously close to what they tell you when you take this job, never fall in love with an inmate.

It's probably for the best that he is gone, or she would have lost her job and putting him in trouble. Because she doesn't think she would be able to resist him if they would have more of those moments. But she would give almost anything to know that he was okay, that he was safe and happy.