The Abandoned Dungeon

The dungeon keepers have aligned against the heroes, the heroes have aligned against the dungeon keepers. All except the banner of blood, and banner of the rose…they vanished so long ago that they are but legends and myths, and sometimes they are even forgotten. And yet, deep within the bowels of the earth they still lay, and all who had served under their banner remain loyal. They are the terror of the dungeons, the fear of heroes. They will not align with either side, insisting that, "Our master is still alive, and we stay loyal 'til death and even after." And in this dungeon and the lands above doth this story begin, o' lords and ladies of darkness and evil.

Prologue: The Sixteen

Blue, yellow, purple, and green monsters stood up against the white heroes. All trying to avoid the whispers that had started moments before, and all were trying to find where they came from. And then, they heard splashing as several tentacles came up the main riverbed of Falling River. The archers shot the tentacles, but stopped when they realized that everyone there was attacking them, and yet no harm ever came to them.

"Why in the world are you attacking them?" asked the dungeon keepers and the lords of the lands. They seemed surprised that they were both attacking them…

"Stop!" shouted a slightly humanoid voice. They all looked around and saw…

"Sixteen Horned Reapers!" shout the dungeon keepers.

At the same the heroes shouted, "Sixteen of those, those things!"   

The lead Horned Reaper seemed annoyed, "Yes, we are sixteen in number, and we serve the banner of the rose, and the banner of blood. My name is DeStroy, and you come close to trespassing on our territory."

"What do you mean, this is neutral territory!" shouted the heroes.

The Dungeon Keepers seemed more calm, but really weren't, for they feared a rival. "How can you serve only one master, there can only be one Horned Reaper per Dungeon Keeper! This can't be."

DeStroy laughed, "One? Is that how far the new ones have fallen into!" The sixteen Horned Reapers laughed, "Well, well, well I never thought that the Others would fall into such a state, though their predecessors weren't much better…"

     "I actually think that were a lot better! They at least would have provided a challenge." At this both sides attacked the sixteen Horned Reapers.