Late Night Deadline

Inspired by meejay07's art piece "Late Night Deadline"

Outskirts of Metropolis, Kent Residence

The house was quiet, Diana Prince-Kent kissed her 7 month old daughter's cheek before placing her down in her crib. She stared at her daughter with a proud smile as Astrea stared up at her with half-open eyes. She reached into the crib, lightly resting her hand on her stomach and traced circles into her little belly. Astrea let out a little coo and then a yawn. Diana still so overwhelmed with such joy of marrying her best friend and becoming a mother. This was once an impossible dream, but now it is her reality.

"Good night, my sweet little Love," she whispered.

She tensed a bit feeling strong arms wrap around her waist from behind. She relaxed then smiled as her husband kissed her neck.

"I feel the same way every time I see her little face and listen to her heartbeat," he whispered. "She's beautiful just like her mother."

Diana turned to face him wrapping her arms around his neck. "She's everything, Kal."

"Yep!" he captured her lips in a soft kiss then picked her up.

Diana giggled. "What are you doing?"

"Princess is asleep and now it's time to get you into bed."

"Oh so you are going to baby me now?" She teased.

" are my Queen so it's more of adult catering."

"Oh...I see," she yawned and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Night, Princess, gotta get mommy to bed," he whispered floating out the room.

Once in their bedroom, Kal gently laid his sleeping Diana down and put the blanket over her. He eased in bed on the other side with his laptop to finish his report.

Three and a half hours later...

"Ma! Ma!" Astrea cried.

Immediately, her cry woke Diana up. When she jerked awake, Kal quickly put his laptop down.

"I've got her," he told her, slowly getting up.

"Darling..." she said tiredly. "You have your report to finish."

"Go back to sleep," he answered and leaned down kissing her softly before he got out of the bed completely, leaving the bedroom.

"Ma! Ma!"


Astrea stopped crying and looked back with a grin. She stood up holding on to her crib rail.

"Da! Da!"

Before he could walk over to her, Astrea teleported into his arms.

"Woah..Ha! No change needed. So you must want to be in mommy and daddy's room?"

Astrea giggled, laying her head on his shoulder and grabbing hold of his shirt.

"Alright. Warm milk and you can help Daddy finish up my report. But we have to be quiet with mommy sleeping."

Making his way downstairs and to the kitchen, he took a bottle from the fridge to warm it up.

Astrea was lying comfortably in the crook of Kal's arm, giggling, watching Kal use his heat vision. Kal chuckled. He adored his daughter so much.

"Soon you'll be a pro at warming up your own milk," he commented as he checked the temperature of the bottle. "Perfect. Here you go."

Astrea latched onto the bottle then reached up to hold the bottle her self. Kal smiled then closed his eyes for a second, letting out a deep breath as he leaned against the counter.


He opened his eyes to see Astrea giving him the bottle.

"It's yours, Princess. Daddy gotta stay up for this report."

She frowned a bit. "Da!" Trying to give him the bottle again.

Kal laughed. "Ok...ok...just a little."

He would do anything for his Princess just to make her happy and smile as wide as she was as he pretended to drink from her bottle.

"Thank you, Princess."

"Da!" She clapped and giggled.

Kal gave her bottle back.

"You got that from me for sure. Your mom doesn't like to share, especially her ice cream," he laughed. "But don't tell her that. She will definitely have my neck."

Astrea finished the bottle quickly and Kal set the bottle onto the counter before he put a towel over his shoulder just in case a bit of spit up. He gently patted Astrea's back. After a couple of seconds, he heard the cutest little burp. He pulled the towel off his shoulder to gentle wipe Astrea's mouth then placed it on the counter.

He took a minute to look at his daughter. She did have his eyes, but Diana's pretty much everything else.

Astrea reached, grasping Kal's middle finger, making him smile.

"Let's go get back to bed, Princess."

Diana woke up to the bed dipping and stirred a little. "Is she okay?" she asked tiredly.


Diana opened her eyes. "Hi, little Love."

Astrea happily reached over grabbing Diana's face to give her a slobbery kiss on the cheek.

Diana laughed softly. "Thank you, sweetheart."

"She just needed a bottle and wants to be with us," he replied. "She's gonna help me finish the report. Right, Princess?"

As Diana fell back to sleep, Astrea crawled into Kal's lap as he got his laptop. She stared at the screen fascinated. She lifted her head and gazed up at Kal with her topaz blue eyes.

"It's not too early to teach you how to type."

She grinned as if she understood his words.

Kal held her little fingers tapping the keys.

"You're doing good, Princess!" he whispered.

Astrea giggled again loving to press the keyboard and seeing each letter appear on the screen .

"Last bit...and...we are...done."

Kal saved his report and sighed.

"Weeks of research and this huge report is finally done. All thanks to my Princess." He leaned down a bit to kiss the top of Astrea's head.

Astrea looked up at him and yawned.

"Yeah...Daddy is getting a bit sleepy too."

He shut down his laptop and placed it on the nightstand. Astrea turned to lay in the middle of his chest. As Kal was getting comfortable, laying back, Diana had awoken again.


"All done, Di," he grinned.

"I'm so proud of you, Love," she said happily as she sat up slightly resting her head in her hand. "My sexy scientist discovering new medicines."

"I give all thanks to having you by my side. My biggest supporter and motivator. Having our baby girl helping out too. Teaching her how to type. She'll also be warming up bottles on her own and learning how to share. I told her she got that from me."

"Oh...very funny..." she said with a raised brow.

Kal chuckled. "You know it's true. How many times have I had to practically beg for a bowl of ice cream."

"You're exaggerating. You know I can't resist that handsome face. But it's much more than a bowl of ice cream, Kal. We've shared so much of ourselves with one another. Gone through so much together over the years. Our little girl is the gift of it all."

She gently ran her fingers through Astrea's curls before gently laying her hand on her back.

"You are absolutely, right, Di. I wouldn't want it any other way."

Diana moved closer and snuggled up to his side. She kissed him softly before resting her head on his shoulder.

"I love you."

Kal pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I love you, too," he replied.

She smiled before drifting back off to sleep.

Kal had his wife and his daughter. Listening to their heartbeats, listening to Astrea's soft, sleepy coos, was heavenly music to his ears as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.