The Interview

Inspired by daytime talk shows, mainly Wendy Williams interviewing celebrities and of course gossiping about the latest trends and hot topics!

Manhattan, New York - The Manhattan Center: TV Studio 1

"Hello Everyone! I'm your fabulous host, Wynnona Welch and and welcome to the Wynnona Welch show!"

The audience cheered and applauded.

"Ok, so, we have a very very special guest today! Oooh!" She squealed. "I'm so excited! When I got the call from our guest, I was in just disbelief! I just knew it was a prank or something. But the producer called and was just as excited telling me to get prepared. Once she started talking , reality struck! I'm like "Oh My God!" and screamed so loud someone would've thought I needed saving!" She laughed.

The audience laughed with her.

"That's just a little jokey joke! If you don't understand, you will later," she winks. "Now let's get started with our trending topics!"


"Di, remind me again, why we agreed to do this?" Kal asked.

Diana smiled and straightened his tie. "Because we wanted to give a little insight on who we really are beyond Superman and Wonder Woman. We are parents now and have a normalcy of our own. We have nothing to hide. For our daughter, it's a little better this way than unauthorized write ups and photos."

"Yeah, I know that all too well. We've both had that experience."

"Even though you've never done such thing with your articles, you have been the interviewer and the interviewee."

"And either one has been quite uncomfortable. I left the gossip columns to Cat."

"I know. We've been asked some very tough, uncomfortable, and awkward questions before. We can handle this, my Love. Especially with our baby girl," she smiled reassuringly.

They both looked over to see Astrea playing with her learning tablet, Kal created in the fortress. Of course he created it to be advanced learning, specifically, scientific and literary for his superpowered super intelligent toddler.

Kal smiled and kissed Diana tenderly. "I'm so grateful for you. You know that?"

"Yes, I do but you can give me a little reminder later on tonight," she smirked.

"Oh, I've already got that planned," he smirked back, giving her rear a light squeeze and kissed her again.

"Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Kent?"

Kal and Diana pull apart, smiling sheepishly.

Kal cleared his through. "Yes?"

"You're on in 5."

"Oh, thanks for the heads up."

"Come now, Little Love," Diana said picking her up.

"Mama, I play ABCs!"

"Good job, Little Love!" Diana kissed her cheek.

"Da!" Astrea reached for Kal.

"Alright, Princess," he said taking her into his arms. "You sure she won't get restless?"

"With the lively audience and lights, I think she'll be excited and intrigued enough."

"Ok, well..." he took a deep breath and grabs Diana's hand intertwining their fingers. "Let's get going."

"It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Our very special guests is literally the most extraordinary couple in the world! He, the Man of Steel. She, the Woman of Wonder. The living legends of the superhero community! We know them respectively as Superman and Wonder Woman but we are going to get a little personal. Here's Clark, Diana, and their oh so adorable daughter, Astrea Kent!"

The audience went loud with cheers and applause as they walked out onto the stage. They waved to the audience as they screamed for them. Diana blew kisses and Astrea grinned imitating her mother blowing kisses as well.


The audience awed at Astrea.

Kal and Diana sat on the couch with Astrea sitting on Diana's lap. Kal had his arm around Diana's waist.

"Ok...ok..settle down...settle down," Wynnona laughed.

"Very hyped crowed. Thanks for having us, Wyonna."

"Oh, no, no, Clark, thank you for allowing me the privilege of this this exclusive interview and exciting experience! The last time you two were in front of the cameras, taking the internet by storm, was about a year ago, at the opening of your Academy, right, Diana?"

"Yes and so much has occurred from that point. Just as it was at that time, Kal and I have made it together to a point we felt comfortable letting the public in a bit."

"Well, you know how curious we all are and have been sense you two first came on the scene about 20 or so years ago. Why was there a need for the secret identity?"

"Well, first and foremost, it was for protection for our close family, friends, and coworkers who knew us as Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Second, having a private life outside fighting supervillains gave us our own sense of peace."

"It can be as simple as having a quiet evening out to dinner or just taking a breather together to relax."

"I just have to ask anxious! It can be said, Diana, Kal is quite super in every sense of the word?" Wynnona smirked.

Diana smiled proudly. "Yes, indeed he is."

"You heard it here first! All thoughts and dreams of Superman, confirmed! To be quite honest, I don't think any of us thought the heroes had private lives. Us, regular women fantasied of being swept off our feet by you supermen, isn't that right ladies?"

The women in the audience clapped and cheered loudly.

"And I'm sure the men, thought the same for the superwomen? Especially you, Diana."

The men in the audience clapped and cheered even louder.

"We've seen tons of tabloid articles with you two seemingly very close over the years. Have you been secretly married all along?"

"No. Kal and I did have a mutual attraction upon first meeting but we also had this unspoken mutual agreement to remain professional. Our duties came first. We gradually became closer over time. The other league members would tease us saying that we were 'work spouses'. So we went along with that."

"When did you two finally decide to settle down? Who initiated it?"

"After the war, we felt that this was the right time when we can finally start doing our own thing with no hesitation or set backs. We had been through a hell of a lot, it was a very big change for us starting a new chapter in our lives."

"I think in a way, we both initiated it," Diana added. "But Kal had asked if I would go to dinner first. We talked about where we wanted to be and what we wanted next in our lives."

"And a family together was the only logical next step?" Wynnona pressed.

"I mean, it's not as simple as that. The journey to finally getting married and having our daughter was quite the rollercoaster. But for sure, I couldn't and can't see myself taking the ride with anyone else. We're partners through and through." Kal then kissed Diana's temple making her blush.

"Aww! That's just lovely. The love is just overflowing!" Wynnona smiled. "So how is parenting? Having a superpowered baby? My gosh she is so cute!"

Astrea looked up from playing with Diana's necklace and smiled at Wynnona.

"How are you, cutie-pie?"

"Happy!" Astrea answered enthusiastically.

"Wow! She's how old?"

"Tell her how old you are, sweetheart."

"I one!" she said holding up her tiny pointer finger.

Wynnona and the audiences awed.

"Parenting is a whole new adventure," Kal said. "I think back on what my dad taught me and I try to be the cool laidback kinda dad but I know I'll probably end up being the uncool embarrassing overprotective dad as she gets older," he joked. "Seriously, my perspective of certain things have changed for the better with the help of Diana and Astrea."

"The excitement, the anxiety, morning sickness, the crazy food cravings... I had my experiences just like any other mother would."

"So you really did have a natural pregnancy?"

Diana frowned a bit but quickly gave a small smile. "Yes. Right before my third trimester, we went to my home island and stayed there until two months after her birth."

"Did you feel the need to hide your pregnancy and that you had given birth until that day of your press conference?"

"No, not at all. Given that this was our first experience of pregnancy, we wanted to be cautious. When Astrea was born we had a few health scares with her powers developing far earlier and faster than we expected. But our babygirl is so strong and overcame. I believe we are learning so much from her than us teaching her."

"Beautiful. Just beautiful!" Wynnona smiled. "We have a little bit more time for a few audience questions."

Kal and Diana glanced at each other both feeling a bit nervous with what the audience could possibly ask.

"Yes, ma'am, what's your question?" Wynnona asked as an audience member stood up and was handed a mic.

"Hello, I'm Ruby...I'm so nervous," she giggled. " my question is for Wonder Woman."


"You're an ageless Goddess, so having a child anytime is not problem for you like a normal women with a bio clock ticking, right?"

"I..." Diana took a short pause. She felt Kal tighten his grip around her waist as a comfort. "When I first arrived to man's world, I believed a life outside my mission wasn't possible. The battles seemed to be never ending. Even if or when we tried to find that balance, it was even more so complicated for us. We all have to make life choices, sacrifices, some more than others, some more grander than others. I didn't know still if after all this time had past I could have a child. My mother believed she could not bare children." Diana's breath caught in her throat. "I do not believe in a biological clock. I believe in fate. And if motherhood is the path for any woman, no matter the time, that is the path she shall take."

"Powerful. Next question," Wynnona said.

"My name is Rowland. My question is for Supes! So my friends and I had always had conversations especially after reading and watching reports theorizing, you know...if there was any hidden agendas, ulterior motives...some people thought you all supers would take over the world. You aren't from earth. We've had lots of other aliens invading so the theory was that it was some elaborate plan for you to get us to trust you. I knew that was never going to happen but did it ever cross your mind to become like our ruler...but a nice cool one?"

There was a bit of silence. Kal stilled where he sat, smile slipping from his face. This was something that hurt him deeply.

Diana immediately saw the sadness and distraught that came over Kal because after everything, people still don't trust them, still have these outlandish theories and insensitive jokes.

"We definitely wouldn't mind Superman and Wonder Woman ruling over us," Wynnona chuckled playing it off entirely.

A chuckle from the audience.

"That never crossed my mind. I don't believe in ruling. I grew up here on Earth in a small town and raised by very nice people, who taught me everything I know. I thank both my human parents and my biological parents for the man I am today. My wife and daughter make me an even better man. My home planet was destroyed because of rulers who let their power overrule them. What I and Diana as well as the rest of the league wanted was a change to prevent the tragedies we've gone through. To help guide and as Diana said earlier, learn and teach to bring growth, peace and happiness for a better tomorrow for generations to come. Not only for this world but for other worlds beyond."

Diana looked at Kal with a proud smile.

"That's what's up! That's why I'm always team Supes and Wondy!"

The rest of audience cheered their agreement.

"My name is Sean and my question is for both. How did you propose and how is married life?"

Both Kal and Diana perked up at the question.

"Years ago, Diana and I were on a mission in India in the mines. There was a blue diamond shard I held onto."

"The blue diamond is very special being so rare, symbolizing the strengthening of bonds with lovers, the build of pure and sincere relationships."

"We had a conversation about our perspectives of marriage and relationships in general."

"We both agreed it's more than a legal binding signing papers and changing of last names. It's about true, honest commitment."

"That's right, I learned that the hard way from my no good first was-band," Wynnona chimed in.

"It's a spiritual bond of the heart and soul. Kal and I have been bound together from the moment we met."

"Let's get a closer look of that beautiful sparkling rock!"

Diana held out her hand to the camera for a close up.

"Wow! That is gorgeous!"

"It took me about a month to make sure it was perfect. We were sitting on the beach and I presented the ring made from the shard. A week later, we had a very small intimate ceremony with close family and friends."

"As I said, earlier we've always been work spouses. The greatest foundation of a relationship is being friends first. We had years to forge our friendship. We are each other's best friend. Of course we have disagreements, but that's part of it."

"There's a balance. Our differences and similarities complement each other," Kal added.

"I'm sure the making up is fun," Wynnona winked and laughed.

Diana giggled. "Very fun..."

Kal smirked and nodded.

"We have time for one last question from the audience."

"Hi, my name is Odell. So I have three questions that goes back to you being super parents. Are there any expectations for her? Is her powers controlled? And will she be going to regular schools and normal stuff like that?"

"There's no expectations for our Princess. She's more than Superman and Wonder Woman's daughter. She's her own person and we want her to continue to be that way. She loves learning new things. Loves music, animals, plush toys, going to the park, and visiting her grandmother. Everyone's normal is ultimately unique. We do a lot of things any other family would do, such as movie nights, going to carnivals and amusement parks along with the extraordinary things like going to other planets."

"We want our daughter to make her own choices, choose her own path. To be comfortable and free with her beliefs and interests. She's a very intelligent toddler and knows how to control her powers all on her own. She loves interacting with other children, making new friends and that's what we want her to do. She's our little social butterfly, so, yes, of course, she will be going to public schools."

"Mama! Mama, fench fries!" Astrea said abruptly.

Wynnona and the audiences awed and laughed.

"I forgot to mention, she does love french fries!" Kal chuckled.

"Oh my God! I just want to take her home for my self! Just so unbelievably adorable!" Wynnona gushed. "Thank you so much for coming to the show. Love our talk and giving us a look into the superfamily life!"

"Thank you for having us today" said Kal.

"It was a pleasure," Diana smiled.

"I just know all our viewers at home enjoyed the show just as much as our live audience! I want to thank you all for tuning in! I'm your fabulous host, Wynnona Welch. Until next time!"

2 hours later...Kent Resident

After stopping by one of their favorite fast foods, Kal and Diana went home just in time for Astrea's nap.

Kal was a bit quiet and of course Diana knew why. The interview was just as awkward for her, too, with the back handed commentary and questions being quite apparent. Though, they both had to get through it and thank the Gods they did.

Diana didn't want to bring anything up just yet. She just wanted the rest of the night to be peaceful with her husband and daughter.

"Mama, I not sheepy," Astrea shook her head then yawned.

Diana laughed softly and kissed the tip of her nose. "Come now, little Love. Let's go see what your father is doing."

After putting Astrea on one of her tees and socks, Diana took her downstairs to the living room. She saw Kal slumped on the couch with his head lulled back and his eyes closed.

"Dada sheepy."

"I'm just resting my eyes."

"Oh, by the Gods!" Diana shook her head and laughed. "Both of you are so stubborn."

"Not as stubborn as you." Kal peeked with one eye open and smiled seeing Diana arch her brow. "Come here."

Diana sat next to him as he wrapped his arms around her and Astrea. He kissed her cheek and kissed the top of Astrea head.

"I love you, Kal," Diana said with a bit of sternness in her voice.

Kal knew exactly what that meant and smiled. He let his body relax and held them tighter.

"I love you, too, Diana. And we both love you, Princess."

"Loove you!" She grinned then yawned. "Mama?"

"Yes, sweetheart."

"I sheepy."

Diana kissed her cheek. "Sleep, my little one."

Astrea yawned again and laid her head on Diana's chest. She loves to hear her mother's heartbeat.

Diana started humming softly. Within a matter of minutes, both Kal and Astrea were asleep.

"My loves," she whispered and continued humming until she too fell off to sleep.

Hours later...

Diana woke up to see it was in her bedroom. She hadn't realized how tired they all were. Astrea was still asleep next to her. She raised up a bit to look at the clock 9 pm.

She then turned and saw Kal wasn't in bed.


She eased out of bed to look for him.


He wasn't in the kitchen, his study nor the front or backyard. She sighed and went back upstairs to Astrea.

She slowly picked her up.

"Mama?" she mumbled.

"Shh...Sleep, sweetheart. I'm sorry, but we have to go find your father," Diana whispered.

"Dada, go?" she raised her head rubbing her eye with her fist.

"I think I have an idea."

Diana opened a portal.

Fortress of Solitude

Krypto, the snow white furred kryptonian direwold hound raised his ears.

"Woof!" He barked then ran to the foyer of the fortress. "Woof"

"Kypto!" Astrea said happily as she and Diana appeared from the portal.

"Woof! Woof!"

He jumped up to Diana and Astrea.

"Hello, Krypto. We miss you, too!" Diana laughed.

Suddenly, there was a loud boom and the fortress trembled.


"Mama, Dada go boom," Astrea said.

"Oh dear...Come, Krypto. I need you to watch over Astrea for a moment."

Diana took Astrea into the fortress bedroom and laid her down in the middle of the bed. Krypto jumped on the bed and laid next to Astrea.

"I go, too, Mama."

"It's okay, sweetheart. Lay down and go back to sleep. Mommy will be right back with Daddy."

Astrea laid down and cuddled more to Krypto closing her eyes. Diana kissed her cheek gently and eased away out the room.

Fortress Simulator

Kal punched straight through an android copy of Doomsday. He had stopped counting at how many androids he had taken out after the 250th one. As he was just about to punch through another when he felt a familiar slender hand grab his wrist, stopping him mid swing.

He turn around and seeing his wife's concerned, made his own expression soften.


"After all this time, Di..."

"I know, Love. I know."

"We risked our lives to protect worlds that still can't completely accept who we are. It has to still be pointed out, we don't truly belong. They don't want to truly understand nor trust us. We never did what we did for praise or worship. We did what was right."

Diana embraced him. "We have done the best we could."

"You didn't deserve to be questioned about giving birth to Astrea. What we went through to have our baby girl. Nobody will ever know and they don't need to know. But, dammit, I just..."

"I knew it would happen eventually. I tried to be prepared, and of course it still hurts but what helped me get through it, what makes all those negative thoughts go away is having my husband and daughter. That's all that matters. Some has changed for the better, they are more open. Others have closed themselves off more, set in their ways and will never change. We've done all we could for so many years. We won the greatest war of all time and changed as much as we could. We have our focus on our daughter to teach and prepare her the world she shall face when she starts her own journey."

"Diana, I don't want all that we have done to be in vain. I don't want our daughter dealing with even a pinch of what we've dealt with."

"Beloved, it won't. We will never let that happen. We have moved so far forward to go backwards. Astrea will have to deal with difficulties. We will be right with her, guiding her, protecting her but we can not shield her from everything." Diana cupped his face. "You are the most amazing, inspirational, honest, sexiest man of all. Martha, Jonathan, Lara and Jor-El would be so proud of you. I'm proud of you. Astrea loves and adores you. You... Superman, Kal-El, Clark Kent, as one one man, has touched so many hearts. You've captured, held and protected mine." Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Diana..." Kal gently cupped her cheek. His thumb slowly wiping her stray tear. "I love you so much and I'm so grateful for you. You've put so much into perspective for me. I meant what I said earlier. Being the better man I am now, is because of you and now Astrea. I just want both of you to be happy. Seeing your beautiful smiles everyday makes my day. I will never let anyone take that away."

Diana kissed him softly and took his hand. "Come, Love. Astrea was quite worried for you, too."

Diana and Kal floated to the bedroom.

"Aren't they adorable?" Diana whispered seeing Astrea and Krypto curled asleep.

"Yeah," Kal smiled.

Krypto opened his eyes, stretched and then moved to the foot of the bed.

Kal and Diana eased in bed. As Kal picked up Astrea, she opened her eyes.

"Da..." she said sleepily.

Kal kissed her cheek. "I'm right here, Princess."

She grinned, waking up more and embraced him. "Dada!"

"I'm sorry for worrying the both of you. I was just a little mad."

"No mad, Dada! No mad boom!"

"Okay, okay," he chuckled and kissed her cheek again. "Hugs from my Princess is better. Love you."

"Loove you!" Astrea hugged his face and kissed his cheek before learning over to hug Diana and kiss her cheek.

"Sweet baby, Mommy loves you, too."

Astrea curled her tiny body cuddling into Kal's chest. Kal gently rubbed her back as Diana reached to rub her fingers through her soft curls.


"What is it, Beloved?"

"I truly am the luckiest man in the galaxy. I have a wife and daughter that's just as over protective of me as I am of them and will definitely kick my ass to stir me back into the right direction. My one year old fussing at me about getting mad."

Diana giggled. "She's definitely our daughter. So full of light, never wanting anyone, especially us, hurt, mad or sad. She makes my heart melt every time she smiles with her precious dimples she clearly got from you."

"She got her heart and soul from you. That Amazon stubbornness," he smiled proudly. "As her father, of course I'll worry but our fierce little Princess really can hold her own."

"Yes, she sure can!"

"Promise me, though, Di..."


"No more talk shows. Only limited interviews for work. Other than that, people have a true first hand look at our everyday dealings when we are casually out and about. We aren't closed off anymore like we used to be. At that time we had a reason to but not anymore. We are more open and especially for Astrea. We are just living our lives...our own normal." He smirked. "The only exclusives will be just you and me alone for our special time."

"Oh, Darling, I couldn't agree more! Astrea has the chance for so much more than we did. This is what we fought for. This is us. I love that." She leaned over and kissed him. "And I love you, Kal-El, so much."

"I love you, too, Diana. Forever and always," he said capturing her lips in a soft passionate kiss.