Mother's Day Morning

Cerulean blue eyes opened slowly. Strong, large arms wrapped around the Amazonian Goddess's waist, holding her close to his body. Her husband's face was shoved into the crook of her neck, his hot breath burning against her skin. The Kryptonian was still fast asleep, but his embrace on her curvaceous form never faltered. Every so often, a quiet and soft groan would emit from his parted lips.

Below her husband's arms were tiny arms. They didn't even make their way around the smallest part of her torso. The body that the arms were attached to belonged to her one year old daughter, Astrea. She clung to her mother's body like there was no tomorrow. In return, Diana's arms safely wrapped around her little girl's body.

She smiled softly, heart fluttering at the little miracle hugging her. She too was asleep. Diana sighed and brushed her wild curls away from her closed eyes. She mindlessly caressed a hand along her soft cheek, and twirling her soft hair.

Diana's heart nearly jumped out of her chest as the man behind her moved.

"Good morning, Beautiful," his deep voice rumbled.

"Good morning, Handsome," she replied, backing into the kiss he had placed on the nape of her neck.

With much skill, Diana managed to turn around to face Kal for the first time that day, with her daughter still latched onto her. Kal smiled and leaned down kissing the top of his daughter's head. He then cupped his wife's cheek and gave her a quick and chaste kiss that only lasted a few seconds.

"Happy Mother's Day, Di," he smiled, playing with her loose hair.

She responded with a giggle and ruffled his messy jet black locks.

"Thank you, Love," she beamed kissing him sweetly.


Diana looked down to see her daughter waking up, yawning. Her eyes met these big bright topaz blue eyes.

"Good Morning, my Little Love!"

"Mama day!" Astrea reached up with a wide grin and grabbed Diana's face placing kisses all over.

Diana laughed softly. "Thank you, sweetheart!"

"Da!" Astrea turned to Kal.

"Mornin- Oof" he chuckled as Astrea jumped onto him placing kisses all over his face.

"Bakefast! Bakefast, Dada!"

"I know! I know! Mommy's breakfast."

Astrea levitated up. "Coco cakes!" She clapped happily.

"One of mommy's favorites we'll be making." Kal leaned over and kissed Diana. "We will be right back. Just relax." He smiled, kissing the tip of her nose then got out of bed.

He grabbed Astrea sitting her on his shoulder. "Let's get you all cleaned up before cooking.

"Don't move, Mama! Stay here. Surprise!"

"Okay, sweetheart. Mommy will be right here waiting for your surprise."

Diana laid back on the pillow looking up at the ceiling. She couldn't believe this was her life. Married to her best friend, blessed with their miracle daughter.

It's been quite a long journey for Diana. From Paradise Island to Man's harsh world, her focus was on her mission and fulfilling her duties. Her own personal happiness she had put aside for the sake of bringing positive change, peace and happiness to the entire world. She knew it wasn't going to happen over night and reality struck her fairly quickly. But she learned to adapt and had her friends and colleagues, most importantly, Kal-El, by her side the whole way through.

Getting to know this man from beyond the stars, a God on his own right, fascinated her. He understood her like no one else could. She trusted him more than anyone else she had ever known. She could be free to be all of herself with him and he was free with her.

She thinks back on that fateful day of asking him to help bear a child as her donor, his answer, how nervous yet happy they were. The first time they made love. The doubt they overcame to now having their beautiful baby girl.

Diana gasped snapping out of her daze feeling a pair of tiny lips in her cheek.

"Mama, bake now, kay?" Astrea said. "Don't move, Mama."

Diana kissed her forehead. "I know, my baby."

Kal then gave Diana a quick kiss. "Off to the kitchen."

Diana watched her husband and daughter leave the room before getting up to take her shower.

While going downstairs, Astrea started giggling again.

Kal laughed with her. "You are a giggle box, Princess!"

"I first, Dada! I first!" She laughed flying off his shoulder and zooming to the kitchen.

"Wha-? Wait?!"

Kal shook his head with a smile, flying off to the kitchen after her.

"First, Dada!"

"Yeah, you beat me!"

Kal stared at his daughter for a moment. She truly was a mini Diana. He was the father of this precious little girl. He was always alone and distant as a child, even with friends like Lana and Pete. As he got older, there was really no one to get so close to, not even at the Daily Planet, especially being Superman. Once founding the Justice League, however, things did change. Meeting Diana, changed things for the better even more so. So much of everything extraordinary that has happened in his life was because of her. She has pushed him to be the best he could possibly be and live his truth.

"Dada! Coco pieces!"

"Morsels. Right right."

Kal sat the bag of morsels down on the counter then went to the pantry to get the flour. When he turned around, he saw Astrea eating the morsels.

"Princess, you gotta leave enough for the pancakes."

"I sowwy."

"No, no. It's okay, Princess. I'm just kidding," he smiled.

"Bite bite, Dada!"

"Thank you, Princess."

He threw a morsel into the air and caught it in his mouth, making Astrea laugh.

Back upstairs

Diana was happily humming as she stepped out the shower. She dried off, and put on her robe. She smiled proudly hearing Astrea giggling.

"Wait! Wait!" She heard Kal say.

She quickly threw her hair up into a messy bun.

As she descended down the stairs, Kal's laughing and Astrea's giggling grew louder.

When Diana finally reached the kitchen, she couldn't help but laugh at the sight in front of her. Kal and Astrea were complete covered with the pancake mix that flew out of the mixer. They looked absolutely ridiculously adorable, and knowing that they were trying to make her breakfast just made the whole situation look sweeter.

Kal and Astrea turned to see Diana doubled over in laughter.

"Dada made mess, Mama!" Astrea pointed and laughed.

"I see! Daddy likes making messes sometimes," Diana winked at him.

"Funny...real, funny. Princess here gave the mixer a power boost."

"Oh...," Diana chuckled, wiping the tears slipping out of the corners of her eyes, "She is her father's daughter. Remember when you've used your heat vision."

"Coco cakes mess, Mama."

Diana picked up her little girl and smiled at her, not caring she was getting breakfast ingredients on her robe. "It's okay, sweetheart." She kissed the top of her nose. Then she kissed Kal's cheek. "Let's get this all cleaned up and we can start over all together."

"How about Princess give you your gift first, then we can start breakfast again."

"Oh? You got mommy a gift, sweetheart?"

Astrea nodded with a wide smile.

After cleaning up the kitchen and getting themselves cleaned back up, Diana sat in the living room waiting for Kal and Astrea.

Kal came back quickly with a square shape slab of wood and held it up on the coffee table. Diana tilted her head confused.


"Just watch, Di. Okay, Princess, draw your picture."

"Yay!" Astrea clapped as her eyes turned of lightening blue.

In the air, Astrea created familiar figures with her lightening. She then moved the lightening figures to the wood burning it into place.

Diana gasped. "Oh my..." Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Mama, Dada, Atree!" Astrea said happily.

It was a family portrait.

Diana was taken aback. "How?"

"Princess was outside with me the other day helping with wood for the fireplace. She decided to start drawing on a block. Decided to make it a surprise to show you our Princess's new talent."

Diana sniffed. Tears ran down her face uncontrollably.

Astrea's smile dropped. "Mama, sad? No cry, Mama." She sat in her lap and wiped her face with her tiny hand. "Mama?"

"Oh, no, Sweetheart. Mommy is so happy!" She smiled reassuringly as more tears ran down her face. "Mommy loves it!"

Astrea smiled and laid her head on Diana's chest listening to her mother's heartbeat and she held onto Diana tighter.

Kal set the piece down and sat by Diana wrapping his arms around her.

Diana looked up at him. She caressed his cheek and kissed him passionately.

"My best friend is the love of my life. This beautiful sweet little girl is our daughter. Just having my Loves is the best gift ever. I love you both so much."

"I love you, too, Diana. Always and forever."