To Say I'm Sorry

Diana Kent sat with her legs crossed and arms folded, sitting on the bed with her head turned to her balcony staring at nothing. Her husband, Clark Kent, stood in front of her with his arms folded staring down at her frowning.



"Would you look at me?"


He sighed. "Diana, we need to talk about this."

"No we don't. You've made you're stance and I've made mine."

"No! That's not how this is, Diana! Do you know how worried I was with you miles away in an all out brawl on live TV!"

"Kal, we've done that time and time again and so much more even worse!"

"But this is different, Diana! We have our daughter to think about!"

"Don't you think I'm thinking of her with everything I do!?" Diana stood up to look him directly in his eyes. "Every decision I make is for her! For us! I'm a mother and a wife but I am still Wonder Woman. We both still have our jobs to do and make sacrifices if necessary!"

"That sacrifice is not going to be you losing your life! Still after all this time. After all we've done. Fighting through hell and back for this?!"

"It's over, Kal! We aren't in that place anymore like dealing with Maxwell Lord or Doomsday but there is still so much out there. We have come too far to turn back tip toeing around these kind of situations."

Clark shook his head. "I refuse to have you put on the spot like that again, Diana."

"It's over, Kal. Drop it!

One week ago, Diana had to travel to speak at a charity event in Barbados for women and children who suffered abuse. There was a group known as the Guild of Nefarious that set a would be trap of blackmail.

While fighting against the guild who seemed to be no more between the ages of 16 to mid 20s, Diana was unknowing filmed.

"I will not tolerate disrespect from children. This is not the way."

She did not harm any of them, dodging their attacks and only using her lasso to have them all tied up but that was not shown on video that was uploaded. Clearly the video had been edited.

"I am Phenix, Leader of the Guild. We have been gathering evidence for years to expose the fraudulent actions of the so called Justice League the world has accepted and become aloof too. Wonder Woman is a manipulator. She and the rest of the so called Justice League has never been for us! They are now in control of the United Nations, of our media with Superman the "reporter". The academy is nothing more than a recruitment arena. The Justice League has been nothing more than a symbol of imperialism and of capitalism. Bruce Wayne, Gotham's Billionaire? It's a wonder why so much more wasn't done."

Phenix looked to be average height and weight. Though quite intelligent and persuasive to have the group following he has.

The week after, Diana held a conference to speak about the mishap and accusations at the Embassy.

Back home at the Kent Residence, Clark was watching with Astrea. "Hey look at the screen, Princess. There's mommy!"

"Mama! Mama!" Astrea clapped happily.

Clark was on edge about this press conference. He told her not to, but she was determined to set things right. He hated that he wasn't there with Diana in Barbados. It's like there's this never ending vendetta for some to try to discredit all the efforts of the League. Of course as the husband to Diana and father to Astrea, he worried. Even knowing Diana can handle herself, that didn't stop him from worrying as any man would for his woman.

"I've told my truth many of times before. As you all know, I and Superman are married and have our precious daughter. We let the entire world meet her just shy of almost a year ago. We live our life now very publicly. The world is not a utopia, but yet we have all came a very long way together to do better. We all want better for our children, our children's children and so on and so forth. My friends and colleagues of the Justice League sacrificed so much in order to protect the world and beyond. They chose to use their gifts for good. Doesn't that say, what is in our hearts? For those who still question why the secret identities, it was protect those closer to us. It was for us to have moments out of the public to breath and find our own happiness." Diana paused for a moment and sighed. "My sole mission when traveling here to man's world was to learn and teach. To bring peace. To strive and fight more for freedom, respect and equality. I never imagined falling in love or having a child of my own…but I have. No, the Justice League was not perfect. There were very tough calls and decisions made during our time, but we did our best. That's all there is and was to it."

There was silence from the crowd only sound of cameras flashing and then suddenly clapping.

"We love you, Wonder Woman!"

The crowd cheered happily.

Diana sighed of relief and smiled "Thank you." Diana was just about to turn to leave the stage but then an explosion.

"No! It's not over!"

Diana quickly turned back and gasped.

Phenix and The Guild of Nefarious rushed in with armor and hazmat suits on with guns.

"Everybody shut up and listen to us, now!"

Back home…

"Diana, no."

Clark didn't know what to do. He knew if he were to show up, it would only make things worse and that was clearly what they were banking on.

Back with Diana…

"Haven't you had enough? As I said, I'm not one to play childish games."

"This isn't a game, Wonder Woman. It's your time for the world to see the truth!"

"I've heard that so many times before. You are going to have to come up with something better. This is between you and me. Let these people go."

"No, I don't think so! You've loved to have an audience. So they stay and witness one of the many greatest downfalls."

Phenix rushed toward Diana. She can see the rage in his eyes. He was transforming to be a lot more taller and muscular.

Two guild members fired at her. Diana quickly dodged them and Phenix in the nick of time.

"Mama!" Astrea said jumping toward the TV.

"It's okay… it's okay," Clark tried soothing her. "Mommy got this."

"Dada, fy! Fy!" Astrea pointed.

"I know. But we can't. It will only cause more trouble. Mommy can handle it."

Clark rubbed Astrea's back soothingly though he was boiling inside feeling helpless.

"This is all they want from us. Please, Di…be careful."

Diana continued fighting the guild knocking most of the unconscious.

"You children aren't trained."

She lassoed four of them at once then swung them to hit the wall.

"Stand back! The rest of you are pathetic. Make sure no one moves, dammit. I got this," Phenix said. "I'm ready one on one."

They clashed. Fighting on stage while the cameras still rolled just as Phenix wanted.

Diana knew Phenix wasn't a match for her.

Phenix smirked. "Now!"

Diana turned her focus on an official who was about to get stabbed.

"No! Don't!"

Diana quickly threw her heel at his head saving the official but at that quick instant of a distraction, she was hit by Phenix with the podium. It didn't have much of an effect but annoyance however Phenix then kicked her down and placed his foot on her back.

"This is where you belong, you witch!" Phenix kicked her in her side then kneeled down. "Say good-bye now to everyone. I wish Superman could've joined us. I just knew he would. But I'll get to meet him soon and that precious baby of yours. She will have a better home once you are gone. She will learn our way is the better way. She obeys us."

Diana's eyes suddenly glowed of lightening blue.

"Diana, no…that's all he wanted. Don't do it."

"You dare threaten my family?! My child?!"

Phenix gasped as he suddenly found himself filled backwards.

Diana got up, he eyes still glowing. "Is this what you wanted?! Well here it is. I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Zeus, King of the God and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. I was once the Goddess of War, trained by the God of War himself. I've tried to be patient. Tried to settle this in a very civil manner, hold back as best I can but you dare speak of my daughter? No more!" Diana grabbed him by his suit holding him up and yanked him forward closer to her. "You are just a child that needs to be disciplined and taught manners!"

She body slammed him down so hard creating a creator in the middle of the stage. Looking up, she saw guild members still raiding their guns to her.

"I dare you."

She could see them trembling.

A shot was fired from behind her. She blocked it and using her super speed, knocked out the rest of the members and took their guns smashing them all.

"I said no more!"

Phoenix slowly stood up. "I- I'm not done."

Diana looked over her shoulder and raised her brow. Without hesitation, Diana punched him knocking him unconscious.

"You are done."

Hours later…

All the members of the Guild were now subdued. SWAT and special forces, ARGUS arrived to haul them all off.

"You've done it again, Won- Diana. You saved us all. Thank you."

Diana smiled and nodded. "No need to thank me. It is still my duty."

After everyone was safely leaving to go home or the hospital to check for minor injuries, Diana flew as fast as she could home.

She sighed and opened the door. Barely stepping in she was met with strong arms and held against a massively strong warm body.

"Kal…" she whispered.

Pulling back and looking up at him, she saw in eyes the hurt and anger. There was so much he wanted to say but right now, he was just grateful to have her home.

As Diana was walking into the living room, Clark shut the front door.

"Mama!" Astrea called and flew into Diana's arms.

Diana held her daughter tightly.

"Mama hurt on TV." Astrea touched Diana's face.

"Aw, little Love…Mommy is fine now."

Diana placed soft kisses all over her face.

"No hurt, Mama. Stay home. Dada say no fy."

"Daddy was right, little Love. You and Daddy had to stay home for protection."

"Mama, don't leave…" Astrea shook her head, holding onto Diana's blouse as tight as she could and gave Diana the saddest look that broke Diana's heart.

"Mommy's not going anywhere." She gently wiped Astrea's stray tear running down her cheek.

Diana looked up at Clark.

He sighed and bent over to picking up Diana with Astrea.

He floated up the stairs carrying them both to Astrea's room.

Clark set Diana down. Diana walked over to Astrea's bed to lay her down.

"No, Mama. I not sheepy. I stay, Mama."

"It's okay, sweet baby," Diana smiled reassuringly. She kissed her forehead. "Mama will be right back okay? Just have to get out these clothes."


Diana gave her another reassuring smile. "Right back."

Astrea was still relunctant but laid down. Diana placed the cover over her and bent down to kiss her cheek.

Clark then leaned over and kissed Astrea's cheek. "Night Princess."

Clark and Diana quietly went to their room.

Before Clark could even attempt to say anything Diana stopped him.

"In the morning, please?"

He nodded, kissing her forehead and helped her get undressed.

Diana sat on the edge of the bed as Clark kneeled in front of her. He first took off her heels setting them to the side the unbuttoned her blouse. He unbutton her pants and slid them down her legs.

He took her hand and she stood up walking with him to the bathroom. He turned on the shower for her.

While the water was heating up, Clark unclasped Diana's bra and slid her underwear down her legs.

Diana stepped in the shower and sighed when the steaming hot water made contact with her skin.

Clark quickly undressed and joined her. He grabbed the body wash and towel beginning to slowly wash and massage Diana's body.

She let out a soft satisfied moan.

There was this tension in the air they both felt. Diana knew exactly what Clark would say and she didn't want to have that debate with him right now.

Clark kissed her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her. No matter the inevitable debate and argument they would have discussing all of this. He loved his wife, was grateful to have her home and wanted her in his arms with their baby girl.

After their shower, Clark turned the water off and reach for their towels. He wrapped on towel around his waist and the other dried off Diana and put her on her robe.

"Thank you, Kal," she said kissing him softly.

Clark reached up caressing her cheek and deepened the kiss.

"Our baby girl is still trying to stay up waiting for you."

Diana nodded and left out of the bathroom.

"Little Love?" Diana called as she walked into Astrea's bedroom.

Astrea sat up with a grin and held out her arms. "Mama, back!"

"I told you I would, sweetheart."

Diana walked over to her, sitting her bed and leaned against the wall.

Astrea crawled over to grab Diana's face, placing soft little kisses all over.

Diana laughed softly. "Thank you, Little Love."

Astrea laid her head on Diana chest listening to her heartbeat.

"Mama, I sheepy now."

"Go to sleep, sweet baby. Mommy's right here."

Now: The morning after…

Their morning started as usual, though still thick tension.

After breakfast, Astrea went back to sleep.

Diana and Clark still had not said much.

Diana leaned against the kitchen counter watching him as he was washing their plates.

"Just say it."

"Say what, Di?"

"You told me so. That I shouldn't have done the conference."

"I wasn't going to say that, Diana. And you think that makes it better that you were alone? Hell no!"

"Well, I did. I had all the right to and I'm just glad you and Astrea weren't there."

"They are after both of us. I wanted to be right there at your side!"

"You were safe here with our daughter. That's all that mattered! We know that's all they wanted for Superman and Wonder Woman fighting a bunch of heathens at the the Embassy for more unnecessary media frenzy."

"Diana, I understand that. I thought we were passed all that years ago."

"We have gotten passed the worst of it but we have a child now and their are people who still won't change their skepticism. We are still in the public eye. That won't ever change."

"Sometimes I feel like every thing we have done has ended up in vain. Clark Kent and Superman should've stayed separate."

Diana frowned. "Oh? So just keep living a lie you couldn't stand?! Is that my fault, too, sense I encouraged you to do so. Well I'm sorry, Clark, I was only trying to be supportive!"

"Wait a minute! What?! That's not at al-" he paused turning around to see Diana storming up stairs to their bed room. "Diana? Diana, wait a minute."

Clark quickly went up stairs following her into the room. She sat on the bed with her legs crossed, arms folded and head turned avoiding to look at him.

"Diana?" He sighed and folded his arms standing in front of her.



"Would you look at me?"


He sighed. "Diana, we need to talk about this."

"No we don't. You've made you're stance and I've made mine."

"No! That's not how this is, Diana! Do you know how worried I was with you miles away in an all out brawl on live TV!"

"Kal, we've done that time and time again and so much more even worse!"

"But this is different, Diana! We have our daughter to think about!"

"Don't you think I'm thinking of her with everything I do!?" Diana stood up to look him directly in his eyes. "Every decision I make is for her! For us! I'm a mother and a wife but I am still Wonder Woman. We both still have our jobs to do and make sacrifices if necessary!"

"That sacrifice is not going to be you losing your life! Still after all this time. After all we've done. Fighting through hell and back for this?!"

"It's over, Kal! We aren't in that place anymore like dealing with Maxwell Lord or Doomsday but there is still so much out there. We have come too far to turn back to trying to tip toe around these kind of situations."

Kal shook his head. "I refuse to have you put on the spot like that again, Diana."

"It's over, Kal. Drop it!

"No. You are my wife! I have to protect you! Astrea was worried about you, Diana. She cried the entire time and that broke me because I have this immense power to shoot damn lasers out my eyes, fly, bench press earth but I'm powerless when it comes to these kind of situations. Trying to make our daughter understand this life we have."

"I know all this, Kal! It broke me, too, seeing her face last night. She wouldn't let me go even when she fell asleep. Even the slightest movement, she wouldn't let me go." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I'm trying my damnedest to be the best mother and wife I can be. We have decisions to make, Kal. That's just how things are. You are Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman…" she jammed her finger into his chest. "You are my husband. I need you with me not against me."

"Diana, I will never be against you."

"Prove it, Dammit!"


"Dada!" Astrea yelled out. "Mama!"

"Daddy's coming, Sweetheart! Mama needs a moment."


Diana walked away to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Clark sighed. "Dammit!"

"Dada!" Astrea yelled again.

He was in Astrea's room in less than 5 seconds. "Here, Princess. You don't need to be changed. Hungry again?"

She laughed and clapped. "Dada, oosh!"

She was mocking the sound the wind made when they would fly or use super speed.

He chuckled and picked her up holding her above his head. "Whoosh! Whoosh!" He spun around making her laugh.

"Fy! Fy!"

"We'll go to the park to go flying later. K, Princess?"


He sat in the rocking chair with Astrea in his lap and sighed.

"Dada, sad?"

"Yeah…a little bit. Daddy kinda made Mommy mad. I didn't mean to though."

"Say sowwy, Dada! No Mama mad!"

Clark chuckled at Astrea's cute frown. "I know. I know. I don't want both my girls mad at me. I just want Mommy safe."

"Mama happy!"

"Yeah, and make Mommy happy."

Astrea reached for her tablet and crayons.

Clark reached for it for her. "Here you go, Princess."

As he watched Astrea scribble on the paper, he got lost in his own thoughts rambling on to himself.

"I love your mother so much. When she has to deal with things by herself, it scares me. I know she can handle it. Your mother is an amazing fighter. She's brilliant, fierce, strong, and sexy…but I have an obligation to the woman I love to protect her no matter what. She was right to do what she did. But she shouldn't have to deal with any of this anymore. She has me. I know we have things to handle on our own but that still doesn't change me wanting so bad to be right by her side with everything. With everything your mother has accomplished, selflessly putting everyone else first, she deserves to be treated with much respect and recognized for the changes she has brought this world and so many others. She's been an inspiration. O be damned if I let anyone ruin what she has worked so hard for. I know you, baby girl, will be just like your mother when you're older. You already have her stubbornness."


"Pretty butterfly, Princess," Clark smiled. "I really got to make this up to your mother. I write for a living, but when it comes to your mom sometimes, my mind goes completely blank and I can't get it right, if at all even out. Maybe I'll have to sacrifice a week or two….?" He pondered for a moment. "Nah. I can't hold out even for a couple hours, I surely can't hold out for two weeks."


"Good job, Princess. Mommy's going to love your drawing."

"You're drawing, Little Love? May I see now?" Diana asked behind them.

Astrea gasped excitedly and grinned. "Mama!"

"Hey, sweet baby!"

Astrea flew over Clark's shoulder dropping her crayons but held onto her tablet to show Diana.

"Mama!" Astrea hugged her and kissed her all over her face.

Diana held her tightly, laughing softly and kissed her all over her face in return.

"I love my baby's hugs and kisses."

"Boofy and fower make mama happy."

"Yes, sweetheart, this makes me very happy."

"Dada sad," Astrea pointed. "Make mama mad." She shook her head. "No mad, Mama. Dada sowwy."

Diana smiled. Clark had not turned the chair to look at her but she saw him slump down a little.

"Do Mama a favor, Little Love…" Diana sat her down on her bed. She picked up her crayon box and turned on the TV. "Draw Mommy and Daddy more beautiful pictures and watch cartoons while Mommy and Daddy go talk, okay?"

Astrea nodded with a grin.

Diana kissed her forehead. "That's Mama's sweet baby!"

Diana then walked over to Clark and held her hand out. He looked up at her then took her hand and stood up.

"How much did you hear?"

Diana smirked. "Enough." Diana looked back at Astrea. "Be back, Little Love."

When Clark and Diana went into their room, Clark sat on the bed while Diana stood in front of him this time.

He looked up at her trying to gather his words. Then he looked down and slumped his shoulders with a sigh. He held out his arms grabbing Diana by her waist pulling her closer and wrapped his arms around her.

"Di, I'm so sorry. There's no excuse for how I acted and made you feel. I didn't mean to make you feel I'm not supportive. You know I am. I am grateful for you, Diana. I've learned so much from you and you've been my inspiration and motivation. It's just really frustrating with this never ending cycle of hate. Trying to discredit us. I know at times I can be overprotective. But Diana, you have given yourself to this world just as I if not more. I'm not going to ever lose you to this. I'm going to protect you because it's what I'm suppose to do. We've been by each other's side through so much. Having our little girl brings out more of that over protectiveness because she's just a baby. Our baby. She loves you so much and to see you, her mother, hurt or anything like that hurts her just as much." He sighed. "I love the life we have now. To be completely open as myself. It is because of you that I'm more of myself. I have no regrets of that. Everything we've done has been for a better world and life for our kids. They've had it all from us for years. But this is ours. This home, our relationship, our family with our daughter. Ours. No one is taking that away from us."

"My Darling Kal." Diana cupped his face with both hands making him look up at her.

"I love you so much, Diana."

"I love you, too, Kal-El." Tears welled up in her eyes." I know there are times when things get overwhelming and frustrating. We are on a different kind of battlefield now but we are a team. We are partners. We have to make sacrifices and decisions that will test our strength of trust and faith. It's going to be difficult but, Beloved, know at the end of it all, we will be right here with each other and with our baby. You will never lose me and I will never lose you. We are bound together for eternity. Though if fate takes a turn and a day shall come where we do have to part…" Diana placed her hand over his heart. "I'm right here." She took his hand placing it over her heart. "You are right here. You are my heart, Kal."

"You are mine, Diana." He cupped and caressed her cheek.

Diana smiled and bent down kissing him softly. Clark moved his hand from her cheek to around her waist pulling her to sit straddled on him. Diana adjusted herself and wrapped her arm around his neck.

She moaned in his mouth deepening the kiss and pushed him to lay on his back.

Clark smirked against her lips about to turn her over but she stopped him and broke their kiss sitting back up.

"One week or 2?"

Clark quirked his brow. "For what?"

"I heard that part as well…" Diana smirked.

"Oh no, wait a minute, Di. No!"

She giggled. "You said you would do anything to make it up to me."

He laughed nervously. "I meant…" he cleared his throat. "I meant staying at the Fortress for a week or 2."

Diana laughed and shook her head.

"Di, come on, don't do that to me."

He wrapped both arms around her waist and flipped them over making Diana gasp in surprise. He ground himself against her and kissed her neck. Diana bit her lip trying not to moan, that would signal her guard is down. But she couldn't hold back from her irresistible husband. Especially when he knew just the right special spots.

"It's bad enough when we have to travel for work being away from each other. To have you right here and not have you..." He kissed up her neck and captured her lips. "…I can't do that."

"Mmhhmm…Beloved, Beloved…I'll think about it. We will see when we get back home from the park with Astrea."

"Diana," he groaned. "We have time now."

"No pouting, Mr. Kent." She leaned up and kissed him again. "First is taking our daughter to the park."

"Right. Ok. Princess flight practice first then Mommy and Daddy getting back to our make up time," he smiled, pecking her on the lips and pulled her up with him.

Diana took his hand as they got up from the bed to go back into Astrea's room.

"Hey Princess, ready to go to the park?"

"Fy! Fy!" Astrea looked up at her parents with big grin. "Oosh!" She laughed and flew to them trying to hug them both with her tiny arms.

Diana kissed her hair. "The sweetest baby girl."

"I daw boofy, fower, and soon!"

"So proud of you, Little Love!"

"No mad, Mama? Dada sowwy? Say sowwy, Dada!"

"I'm sorry, Diana," he smiled.

"I know, Love," she smiled back. "Mommy isn't mad anymore, Little Love."

"Mama happy?"

"Yes, sweetheart. Mama is very happy with my Loves!"

"Yay!" Astrea clapped laughing then reached up touching Diana's cheek. She then reached for Kal touching his cheek, pushing their faces together. "Iss iss moochy!"

"Diana laughed softly. "She really likes making us do this."

"I'm in total agreement! Being kiss kiss smoochy lovey dovey with my gorgeous wife! Thanks for helping me out, Princess!"

Diana laughed, kissing Clark, making Astrea laugh again.

Like I've said before, it's better than thinking we are embarrassing her."

"I don't know. I don't think she'll ever be embarrassed."

Astrea pushed their faces together again. Diana laughed and kissed Kal again.

Astrea laughed and clapped happily. "Mama happy! Dada happy! Atree happy!"

Clark and Diana smiled proudly and hugged Astrea.

"We love you, so much, Astrea!" They said in unison.

"Loove you!" she said holding tightly onto to her parents.

Translation of Astrea's baby talk:

"Iss Iss moochy" - kiss kiss smoochy

"Boofy" - butterfly

"Fower" - flower

"Soon" - sun

"Fy" - fly