I Love Me Some You

Inspired by Toni Braxton's "I Love Me Some Him"

Kent Residence

Diana Kent sat down with her 1 year old daughter, Astrea, in her lap as she was about to show her how to use the pottery wheel. In their lovely home was a craft room where Diana created all different kinds of sculptures, statues, and paintings.

"Ok, sweetheart, let's try not to make too much of a mess."

"Cay! Cay! Mooshy and messy!" Astrea said looking up at her mother with a grin.

"Yes, it's very mushy and messy," Diana laughed. "So, Little Love, we are just going to start this really really slow and once we are all done we can paint a picture on it."

"Paint! Paint! Mama, I paint fower!"

"Ok, Little Love. So how about this will be your little flower pot and we put in in the front yard."


Diana started the wheel. She took Astrea's tiny hands and wrapped both their hands around the clay, gently beginning to work.

Astrea laughed. "Mama, it swooshy!"

"Yes, it is!"

"I paint too, Mama?"

"Yes, Love. Once we are done molding, we let it sit to dry then we paint."

"I paint fowers, Mama, Dada, Nany, Kypto, soon, couds, stars, moon, and eryting!"

"Okay, my baby, okay," Diana laughed. "You can paint any and everything you want." Diana leaned down to kiss the crown of her head.

Diana smiled to herself. She was still so in awe and taken aback by her life now. A mother. A wife. Ambassador, Professor and future Dean of a new Academy.

Diana thought back on the days she would drown herself in her responsibilities. From the expectations of her Amazon sisters, the Gods of Olympus, her duties as Wonder Woman being founding member of the Justice League to her charity work, summits and university classes. She was pulled in so many directions at once.

She didn't exactly have a personal life outside of work. She tried with the encouragement of Mera, Dinah and Vanessa. She was even set up on dates that only ended in embarrassment from the suitor trying to show off. Others tried to peruse her either as Wonder Woman or Diana Prince and she was just never interested. Even Steve Trevor tried to take a chance though Diana made it clear she cared for him only as a friend.

She had a barrier surrounding her heart. From all the tales she had heard from her mother and sisters, giving her time to any man was not an option.

That was…until she met Kal-El. He had the presence of a God, though he was so gently and kind. He had such a handsome charming smile and his eyes, she couldn't help getting lost in, was so mesmerizing. The attraction was instant and mutual though they remained professional and friends as an unspoken agreement not to pursue anything farther. But that didn't stop the building of tension between them, years of their friendship and partnership evolving, even more the obvious flirtation.

Flashback: WatchTower

Wonder Woman sat alone in one of the briefing rooms looking over papers trying to write her speeches for up incoming summits.

She sighed and leaned down laying her head on table.

"Hey, Diana? Are you okay?"

She looked up and smiled. "Kal. Hi."

He walked over and sat in the chair next to her.

"What's wrong?"

"I have four speeches to prepare for on top of that I'm needed back home and there's a bit of a civil war with the Gods."

Kal took her hand. "You need to take a break."

"I can't."

"Yes you can. Just for an hour or two. It'll be fine."

"Kal, you know what it's like when you have deadlines."

"Yeah, but I've still figured how to take some time for myself."

Diana shook her head.

Kal reached for all her papers and organized them all the while reading over them all.

"Diana, these speeches are phenomenal."

"You read through them all?!"

"Super speed goes a long way," he smiled. "But seriously, Di, there's nothing else that needs to be added. Knowing you, though, none of this matters because you always speak from your heart."

Diana smiled back. "Thank you, Kal."

"So how about that break?"

"Kal…" she blushed and smiled again.

"Come on, Di. Just 2 hours max."

She thought for a moment. "Okay."


"2 hours max."

"Great! So lunch…uh…just something casual. You know…just friends grabbing a bite." He ran his hand through his hair nervously.

"Yes…thank you, Kal."

"Yeah. Um…so…uh..just meet me in the teleport when you're ready."

Diana nodded.

They left out of the briefing room going to their separate quarters to get ready. Their hearts were flirting the whole time and neither could not stop smiling.

45 minutes later…

Diana walked into the teleport room to see Kal dressed in dark blue jeans, white Henley shirt with a cream/off white sports jacket.

"You look very handsome, Kal."

"Thanks Di. It's nothing though but you…" he stared at her up and down.

"Am I over dressed?"

"No, no! Not at all. You're beautiful."

"Thank you."

She wore a lilac midi-length bodycon dress that was design to sculpt her hourglass figure and a sleeveless halter neckline that exposed her shoulders.

"Let's go. I know a very small quiet place. You'll love it."

Kal held out his hand for her to take. Without any hesitation, Diana took his hand and they stepped on the teleport together.

Vinny's Fine Dine Bistro

Clark Kent and Diana Prince walked up to the entrance, Clark still holding Diana's hand. He opened and held the door for her.

"Thank you."

"Hello, Good Afternoon. Welcome to Vinny's."

"Good Afternoon. Table for two, please."

The waiter nodded. "Right this way, Sir."

They were guided to a corner table.

Clark pulled out Diana's chair for her.

"Thank you."

Clark smiled and moved his chair a bit closer to her before sitting down.

"Alright! I'm Malik, I'll be your waiter for today. Here are your menus. And beverages?"

"Two sweet teas."

Malik smiled and nodded. "Be right back with your teas!"

"This is a lovely place, Kal."

"I've only been here once before for happy hour after work with Jimmy. He wanted to try to flirt with practically any woman who walked of course."

Diana laughed. "James is quite the ladies' man."

"He tries and fails to be."

"What about you?"

"What? A ladies' man?"

Diana smiled. "Yes?"

"Oh…ha! No, no, not at all. I mean I've been on dates but it was only what Jimmy set up but it was just that one date. For that kind of personal time, don't have time for."

"But you are here with me? It's not a date but you seem to always make time for me."

"Diana." He placed his hand on top of hers. "This is different. I like the time we can spend together. So of course I'll make time."

"Here you go, two sweet teas. Ready to order?" Malik said.

"We'll have the stuffed crab shrimp, crab dip and Bruschetta."

"Ok! All great choices, Sir!"

"Kal, you do so much. Your time is precious. You should be spending it with someone special."

"I am. You are special, Diana. You are my best friend."

Diana blushed and smiled.

When their food was brought out, they ate, talked more and laughed.

It seemed like hours had passed until Clark's phone started to ring.

"Sorry one sec, Di. Hello?"

"Smallville! Where the hell are you?!"

"I'm having lunch with Diana."

"Well excuse me. I'm sure the Ambassador has far more important things to do then be in a boring interview with you anyway. You need to bring your ass back here. Perry won't start this damn meeting."

Clark sighed. "Fine, Lois. I'll be there. Just 20 minutes."


Clark sighed again hearing the phone hung up.

"I'm sorry, Kal. You have to go and I-"

"No, Di. It's just Lois with her usual attitude and Perry being over the top."

Clark paid for their lunch and they left out the Bistro.

"Thank you, Kal. I really do like our time spent together as well."

Diana closed her eyes for a moment as Clark pulled her into an embrace and kissed her cheek, temple, and forehead.

"Don't hesitate to call me, okay? Maybe later tonight?"

Diana nodded and smiled.

Flashback End

"Mama! Mama!"

Diana blinked and snapped out of her daze.

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry."

"Go sow and sop now, Mama?"

"I'm sorry, Mama got lost in her own thoughts."

Diana started the wheel again.

"Go fast!"

"Not too fast, Love,"

"Fast! Fast!"

Astrea's hand started to glow.


She giggled.

"Astrea! Astrea, n-"

Astrea gave the wheel a massive power surge making it spin uncontrollably faster. The clay began to go everywhere all over, especially on Diana and Astrea.

Diana gasped. "Oh by the Gods!" She said as she was hit in the face with clay.

She reached for a towel wiping her face and looked down at Astrea who was still laughing, amused by this chaos.

"Hey! Hey!" The door suddenly opened. "What's goi-"

Astrea laughed. "Dada is messy now!"

Diana couldn't hold in her laugh seeing Clark with splatters of clay on him.

Clark quickly unplugged the wheel.

Diana got up and wiped her and Astrea's faces as she walked over to Clark.


"Hey Princess!" Clark kissed her cheek. "Hey, Beautiful," he smiled kissing Diana.

"Looking like this? Not so beautiful."

"Di, doesn't matter your wearing or covered in. You are always beautifully sexy to me."

"Ooh..Mr. Kent, you always know just what to say," she gave him a soft peck.

"It's the truth. Now what happened here? Was there some kind of malfunction?"

"No, your daughter thought it was quite amusing to have the wheel go faster. Gave it a power boost," Diana said as she raised her brow at Astrea.

Astrea gave Diana a sad look. "Sowwy, Mama."

Diana smiled not about to resist her adorable little face and kissed the tip of her nose. "You are just the cutest. It's okay, my baby."

"You and Princess go get cleaned up with showers. I got this."

"Darling, you just got home. This is our mess."

"Di, you know it'll only take me within seconds. Afterwards, I'll get cleaned up then we can have dinner."

"Kal, no. You-"

He cut her off with a kiss. "I got it, Di." He cupped her cheek and smile. "Go ahead."

It was something about his eyes, his charming smile, and the way he kisses her that made her heart flutter and rock her to her core.

"Okay…" she nodded. "Come now, Little Love. Your father wants to take over cleaning."

"Dada cean and sower?"

"Yep, Princess. Then how about some fish sticks, mashed potatoes, and spinach?"

"Yay! Mass-tato!"

"Oh my…" Diana laughed softly. "Let's hurry then."

As Diana was walking out the door, Clark gave her a light smack on her rear. She gasped and looked back at him. He winked. She smirked and bit her lip.

In theor bedroom bathroom, Diana stood Astrea on the sink counter.

"Arms up, Sweetheart."

Astrea held up her arms for Diana to take off her shirt. Though she quickly put her arms down and giggled. Diana raised her brow.

"Oh? You think that's going to stop me?"

Astrea bursted out laughing, squirming as Diana started tickling her. "Mama!"

Diana laughed and picked up her daughter holding her tightly.

"Oh my baby! I love you so much!"

Astrea grinned and hugged Diana around her neck. "Loove you, Mama!"

In the shower, Diana was humming. Astrea floated beside her enjoying the water cascading down.

"Mama, soapy!"

"All soapy but be careful to not get it in your eyes, Love."

"Mama, hair."

"Okay, Love."

Astrea loved when Diana washed her hair.

As Diana was washing Astrea's hair, she couldn't help but think back on times with her own mother, Hippolyta.

She laughed to herself remembering the time Hippolyta would tell her stories of the ways of man's domestic life. She had such a disdain at the thought until Kal-El. He showed her that although the outside world was not perfect, a man of two worlds can be of true honor and respect and worthy of the Amazons' trust. He was a man from beyond the stares, a god in his own right, yet a man who was raised as mortal. Raised with the utmost pure goodness that had been so rare at times to man.

Flashback: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

"I'm glad you're here, Mr. Kent," she smiled shaking his hand.

"I'm glad and honored to be here, Ambassador Prince," he smiled back not yet letting her hand go. "And call me Clark."

"If you call me Diana," she smirked.

"You know we should try a little harder to stay professional," Clark teased. "Ambassador and Reporter."

Diana shrugged. "The Reporter just so happens to be the Ambassador's best friend. We know the boundaries of conflict of interest."

"True. You told me about that want to be big shot lawyer/senator guy that's been trying to get you to go on a date with him. That guy has no boundaries. Steve isn't here either."

"Francis Holden. I know. I hope that he wouldn't show up this evening, especially with my Mother on her way. Steve I believe has now given up. He has his eye on someone else."

"Ah, well that's good. But still, don't worry. I got your back, Di. I should catch up with Senator for a quick interview before your Mother gets here."

"Oh so, you still want to speak with her about your ideal collaboration?"

"Yeah… I mean I think it's a good idea. I just hope she does and agrees. It can be a big change and step forward for the teachings you want to do."

"I agree and I believe she will too. Though, she'll want me to conduct everything once she approves."

Clark smiled. "That's fine. I get to work over time with Wonder Woman and Madame Prince? I'm one hell of a lucky guy."

Diana smiled and glanced over the occupied crowd before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, taking him by surprise.

"Go get to your interview, Kal."

"Yeah…um…yeah, I'll be back."

Clark was just about to walk away until Diana stopped him.

"Mr. Kent?"

"Yes, Madam Prince?"

"Your feet…"

He looked down. "Oh!" He was floating a bit off the ground and quickly placed his feet down.

Diana giggled watching him.

10 minutes had passed. While, Diana was still waiting for Hippolyta, she spoke with other officials. She didn't like the talks much given it was just officials patting themselves on the back or obviously no true help with matters such as the education system and more help for the less fortunate. However, it did make her even more determined to make the changes herself.

"Ah, the ever so beautiful, Diana Prince."

Diana rolled her eyes before turning around with a half smile.

"Good evening, Mr. Holden."

Francis looked at her up and down, smirking.

"I've been looking forward to tonight seeing you. You know you and I should have a few minutes alone. Talk about a few important things."

"I'm sure we can talk right here."

He chuckled. "Important things I'm referring to is confidential. Just between you and I."

Diana raised her brow. "I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you are referring to?"

"Well only way to find out is for us to get out of here."

Diana frowned. "I don't think so."

As she was about to walk away, Francis grabbed her wrist.

Diana raised her brow again and looked back at him.

"Let me go."

"Come on, Diana. Don't be like that."

"Don't make me say it again."

He scuffed and let her wrist go. He then frowned a bit. "I hope you aren't getting shy on me."

"No. I'm just not interested."

Diana was just about to walk away again until Francis stopped her again.

"Wait a minute. Come on now. You and I both single, got a lot on common. We can have a little fun."

"I said no."

"Diana, just one cha-"

"She said no. Leave her alone."

"Clark," Diana said.

"Clark Kent, one the most world renown reporters. Always in someone's business but this isn't your business."

"Ms. Prince is a friend of mine so it is my business."

"If she is just a friend, no it's not. I'm not about to be set up in some blackmail scandal either, so leave now or I'll be notifying your editor."

"I'm not into any of that. My concern is you refusing to take the hint she isn't interested." Clark held out his hand for Diana to take. "We can go if you want?"

She nodded slightly taking his hand.

"Diana, wait a minute."

"I'm not wasting anymore time with this foolishness with you," she said.

"What's foolish is missing out on a chance with a man that can give you all the finer things other women would be clamoring for."

Diana looked at him shocked. Clark saw her clench her fists and was about to step to him to hit him.

"No…" Clark held her by her waist. "Don't."

"Let me go, Clark. He needs to lear-"

"No, Di. Not worth it." He held her tighter by her waist. "I'll handle it."


She looked over to see Hippolyta.


"I've came all the way here against my better judgement. I see that these men truly haven't changed as you claimed. I have no time and no interest in such trivial matters. You should know better as well, Diana."

Hippolyta walked away to leave.

Diana's heart shattered.

"Mother, wait! Please!"

Diana followed Hippolyta out the building.

Clark glared at Francis. "This is your only warning, Senator. Don't come anywhere near Diana again. If you do, you'll have to answer to me. Call my editor if you want. I don't give a damn."

Before Francis could respond, Clark went after Diana and Hippolyta.

"Mother, please."

"No, Diana. As soon as I walked in all I could here was men boasting about. The nerve to look at me as some kind of prey for their wolfish behavior."

"Queen Hippolyta. Your highness. Your highness, wait." Clark dashed in front of her. "Please, Hippolyta. Just a moment."

"Kal-El, you know better. I don't know have the patience."

"I know. I know. But please. Diana has worked hard, don't let her work go in vein because of this once incident."

Hippolyta glanced over to see her daughter and sighed.

"2 minutes, Kal-El."

"Those big shots in there will do whatever it takes to make themselves look good in the eye of the public. They put up fronts but it's getting what needs to be done, done and for the better because Diana is involved."

"Does that involvement mean men trying to force themselves upon her?"

"To be honest, Hippolyta, Diana has to deal with that sort of thing everywhere she goes because of how beautiful she is."

Diana blushed and looked away trying not to smile.

"But she is strong and tough and can deal with it on her own. However, that won't stop me from being right with her. I will protect her. Your highness, please, let me use my sources with publishing articles and columns to help bring more people into understanding the teachings of the Amazons. That's all Diana wants is for unity and peace. I'm here to help."

Hippolyta stared at him for a moment then looked at Diana.

"Come here, child."

Diana walked over closer standing by Clark.

"Yes, Mother?"

"Kal-El has convinced me to have a bit more tolerance and patience. If this is what you agree to as well then so be it."

"I do agree, Mother. Kal and I are already…partners so working together with this is just natural."

"Well, this is your dealing, Diana. Last and only chance."

"I know, Mother."

"Kal-El, I hold you to your word."

"Yes, ma'am, your Highness."

"I'm going back to the Embassy, Diana. I'll see you…in the morning or will you be staying with my daughter, Kal-El?"

Both Diana and Clark's hearts skipped a beat and they glanced at each other.

"Oh…oh…no…no, your highness." Clark chuckled nervously running his hands through his hair.

"Oh, well…" Hippolyta slightly shrugged. "It's not such a surprise to me if there's…indulgence."

Diana gasped. "Mother!"

Hippolyta raised her brow. "Good night, Diana, Kal-El."

"Good night, Mother."

"Good night, Your Highness."

They watched as the limousine driver opened the door for Hippolyta. She waved then got in. Clark and Diana waved until the limousine was no longer in view.

Diana looked up at him with a smile. Clark smiled back then shook his head slightly in disbelief at what just occurred. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her into an embrace. Diana buried her face into his chest.

"Your mom is so intimidating," he chuckled.

"I told you she would agree…and she would have me working with you"

"Yeah. Good thing we're already partners. It'll be a breeze."

Diana looked up at him. "Thank you, Kal, for standing up for me."

"I told you I have your back, Di."

"But I don't want your job on the line for something like this so tedious."

"I know you can handle yourself, but you have a job and reputation to uphold, too. I can handle it. Don't worry."

"You are the greatest." She leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Will you indulge me and stay out here for a little while longer?"

Clark smiled and kissed her temple. "Of course."

Flashback End

Diana turned off the shower and opened the door to reach for their dry off towels. She gasped suddenly feeling the towel and strong arms being wrapped around her.

"Kal?" Diana smiled and bit her lip. "You are the sweetest."

He smiled back and kissed her cheek.

"Come here, Princess."

Astrea giggled. "Dada I sweaky cean!"

"Yeah!" Clark chuckled wrapped her in the towel. "All squeaky clean! Let's get you dressed and dry your hair so mommy can brush it for you."


"Alrighty! Bunny pajamas. Be right back."

Clark sat Astrea on the counter. Within 5 seconds Clark was back with her pajamas.

"Dada fast fy!"

"Yep! You'll be just as fast soon, too. You'll probably be able to beat Uncle Barry."

Clark took the towel playfully placing it over Astrea's head and rubbed her hair.

Astrea had jet black wild curls. Clark was amazed she had a head full of hair when she was born and in just of being a year old how much it's grown.

Clark glanced in the mirror to see Diana getting dressed and smirked.

"Red wine set."

Diana looked back at him. "Oh?"

"Feels like that kind of night," he winked.

Diana laughed softly and nodded. She went back to her drawer and picked up her red wine color thong and bra set with the matching robe, hanging in her closet.

"Okay, my munchkin, all dressed!"

"Munkin?" Astrea questioned frowning a bit. "Bunny, Dada!"

Clark laughed. "You look just like your mother frowning like that. And you are too smart for your own good, my munchkin Princess!" He picked her up and kissed her cheek making her giggle.

"Munkin! Munkin!"

"Let's go see mommy. Don't forget your brush for mommy to brush your hair." He handed Astrea her brush.

Clark walked out the bathroom with a smirk seeing Diana tying her robe.

"I ask myself everyday how did I get so lucky?" Clark sat Astrea, who was occupied examining her brush, on the bed then wrapped his arms around Diana. "Because damn."

Diana smirked wrapping her arms around his neck. "What is it?"

"I told you, there's something about you in anything you wear or don't be…or be covered in. You are so gorgeous."

"Thank you, Love." Diana cupped his face with both hands running her thumbs over his stubble beard. "I can't resist your sexy farm boy ruggedness."

Clark smiled proudly and leaned forwards capturing her lips in a soft passionate kiss. His hands groped her rear playfully making her squeal and moan.

"My turn for a shower then I'll whip up dinner. We can watch a movie til Astrea falls asleep then we have all night to ourselves."

"Sounds like a plan, Mr. Kent."

Clark kissed her softly again before going to the bathroom.

"Dada go sower now?"

"Yes, Little Love." Diana said on the bed and picked up Astrea sitting her on her lap.

Astrea happily handed her brush to Diana.

Diana started humming and she gently brushed Astrea's hair and braided her hair into loose double pigtail braids.

"Dada make Mama happy."

Diana smiled. "Oh, yes, of course he does, sweetheart."

"Yay!" Astrea clapped happily. "I make Mama happy!"

"For sure, my baby!" Diana turned her around and hugged her. "You and your father make me so so happy." Diana kissed her all over her face making her giggle.

Diana laid back on the bed holding Astrea gently rubbing her back while Astrea had her head on Diana's chest loving the soothing sound of her heartbeat.

Diana closed her eyes for a moment.

Flashback: London, The Trellis

Wonder Woman sat on the edge of the skyscraper looking out over the city. She sighed leaning back a bit looking up at the nights full starry sky.

"There you are. Been looking for you."

Diana looked surprised.

"Kal? What are you doing here?"

He sat next to her. "Well we have busy for the past week or so. I wanted to catch up on a few things. Unless you want to be alone. I'm sorry I-"

"Kal." Diana moved closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm glad your here with me. Your company is always needed."

Clark sighed of relief and took off his cape wrapping it around Diana. He then wrapped his arm her holding her closer to him.

"You okay, Di?"

"Yes. I am just tired from these last few days. But just being right here and with you for a while makes everything better."

"I'm glad."

"What about you?"

"Eh, the usual really. Glad to get away from Metropolis and the Planet for a few days. Might spend a little time at the Fortress." He thought for a moment. "I know it's not luxurious like Themyscira but would you want to go with me to the Fortress?"

Diana gasped looking at at him grinning. "I'd love to!"

"Great! I think last time, we were interrupted with an emergency. I've collected more stuff since then. You'll love the new exotic otherworld plants."

"I can't wait." Diana kissed his cheek dangerously close to the corner of this mouth.

Clark smiled boyishly and wrapped his arm around her tighter.

Flashback End


She opened her eyes and smiled looking up at her husband and daughter.

"You want me to bring dinner up here when I'm done cooking?"

"Oh no, Love." She sat up and smiled. "Let's go downstairs."

"You okay?"

Diana caressed his cheek. "Yes, Beloved. I was just thinking of some really really good things."


"We can talk about it later, Love. As for right now-"

"Dada, I hungy!"

Clark chuckled. "Okay! Okay!" Clark picked Astrea up. "Your my sous-chef, Princess!"


Diana sat on the counter watching as Clark with Astrea go back and forth cooking. He was teaching his daughter step by step everything and she loved it all.

Red potatoes boiling in water to be tender , another pot to cook the fresh spinach and

oil slowly heating up to fry the fish.

"Okay, Princess. So if we can poke the fork through the potatoes they are done. Their done so now we can drain the water and smash them up."


"Let's put a couple of pieces of fish in the oil first. It's ready."

Diana couldn't help but keep smiling as her husband was teaching their daughter. Clark had always been great with children. Diana remembered fondly being on missions, and Clark would always make sure children were safe and calm first. That they knew everything would be alright. How sweet, gentle, patient and kind he was. That's when she started to imagine a child with him. For the longest of time it was just a dream. The dream of being in love with her best friend and one day, they could finally be true to their deepest feelings. Now that dream has come true, fighting together, making their way through the journey. To see their daughter so fascinated, happy, and loving these moments with her father made her heart soar.


Diana, 2 months pregnant, walked into the kitchen to see Clark making her breakfast. She smiled and walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his from behind.

Clark smiled and placed his left hand over her hand.

"Hey, Beautiful. You okay?"

"More than okay." She kissed the back of his neck.

Clark turned around and wrapped his arms around Diana's waist.

"Do you know how much I love you, Diana?"

She smiled and pretended as if she was thinking. "Hmm…well…I am spoiled everyday by you with so many things you do, the things you say and most importantly I am with child."

Clark smiled proudly and kneeled down. He placed soft kisses all over her stomach.

"I can't wait to see our daughter."

"Daughter? You think we will have a little girl, Kal?"

"Yeah, I do." He stood up and kissed her softly.

Diana raised her brow. "Or is it a special power similar with your X-ray?"

"Ha! No, no. Really… I have a feeling. A really good feeling."

"Well if you think so we need to start narrowing down on her name. I still think we should have choices of boy names just in case."

"Whatever you want, Di. Girl or boy, this is our kid. I'm so proud of that alone.

Diana smiled as tears welled up in her eyes and embraced him.

Flashback End

"Mama! All done!" Astrea said clapping.

Clark presented Diana with her plate.

"Oh goodness, Love! This looks amazing! You did an amazing job helping Daddy, sweetheart!"

"She'll be cooking full fledged meals all by herself before she's even 5."

Diana giggled. "I believe that for sure."

Astrea sat in her high chair, happily eating all her food.

"I was thinking, Darling, maybe we should take Astrea to the amusement park tomorrow. One of her favorite cartoon characters are having this musical event I think she will enjoy."

"Oh that's right! Of course we can! That gives me a chance too to win all those giant fluffy stuffed animals for Princess," he smirked.

"Oh gosh!" Diana laughed. "Her room is already full of them. Do we really need giant ones?"

"Never enough fluffies for Princess."

"Fuffies, Mama! Fuffies!" Astrea giggled.

Diana smiled. "Your father just wants to show off. But for you, Sweetheart, Daddy will win every one you want. He will also buy mommy all the funnel cake mommy wants."

"Whatever my girls want, of course."

"Mass-tato, Dada!"

"Want more?"

Astrea nodded grinning.

"Coming right up!" He turned to Diana. "Di?"

"Oh no, this was enough. I'm craving my dessert now," she smirked.

"Dessert dessert or…?"

"Honey cake…" she said seductively as she took the last sip of her wine.

Clark raised his eye brows then grinned devilishly. "30 minutes into the movie, Princess will be asleep. I knew tonight will be that kind of night."

Diana giggled. "Darling, it's that kind of night, almost every night."

"True…true…but I mean because of our superpowered tot, we have to veer to more happy hour kinda thing or bunny fun," he said as he put two full spoon fulls more of mashed potatoes on Astera's plate.

"Oh how I do love how we can go at such…paces."


"Yes, Beloved?"

"You are tempting me to get Astrea into bed early."

She laughed. "Oh, the wait is very much worth it."

Clark smirked and placed Astrea's plate back down in front of her.

"Ooh mass-tato!"

Diana and Clark laughed at their daughter's enthusiasm as she ate.

After dinner…

Clark and Diana sat on the floor cuddled wrapped in a quilt together leaning against the sofa, while Astrea was wrapped in one of her favorite blankets sitting on the couch.

Astrea frowned. "Munster say boo! Bad make cry. Munster bad!"

"It's okay, Sweetheart. I don't think all of them are bad," Diana said looking up at her.

"Why make cry, Mama?"

"They believe that's their job to do, sweetheart but don't worry, I think it will be a happy end."

Another 15 minutes into the movie, Astrea was starting to laugh.

"Mike and Boo and Soolly!"

"You like it now, Princess?"


"Good," Clark smiled up at her. "And what about you, Di?"

"It's very cute."

Clark smiled and kissed her temple.

A little more than an hour now into the movie, Astrea yawned getting sleepy. She was trying to stay up but she just couldn't fight her sleep. She laid down and quietly went to sleep.

"We should stop the movie. I know she will want to finish it. Maybe in the morning before we go to the amusement park," Diana said.

"Yeah, okay. Well let me go take her up to her room. Told you about an hour in."

Clark stood up and picked up Astrea. Astrea opened her eyes slightly and reached for Diana.

"Night night, Mama."

"Aww…" Diana reached up embracing her and kissed her gently all over her face. "Night, my baby. I love you so much."

"Loove…you," Astrea yawned then laid her head on Clark's shoulder.

"Be right back," he said to Diana.

Upstairs: Astrea's room

Clark gently laid her down and put the cover over her and kissed her forehead. He then grabbed one of her favorite fluffies laying it beside her to hold.

"Night night Dada…"

He smiled and gave her another kiss on her forehead. "Night, Princess. I love you."

"Loove you."

He watched her for a moment truly taken aback by this tiny adorable little girl that was his and Diana's.

Back downstairs Diana was thinking back more on memories.

"Hey, Di? You okay?" Clark asked as he sat back down.

Diana looked at him with a seductive smile and crawled over, straddling him. She wrapped her arms around his neck running her fingers through his hair.

Clark untied her robe and slid his hands up her thighs and around to her rear.

"Mmm…Darling, I love you."

"I love you, too, Diana." He stared into her eyes. "Talk to me. What's in your mind?"

Diana sighed lovingly and kissed him softly.

"All day I've been thinking back on instances we've had. How you've been right by my side all these years. It's some things…the smallest details of those memories I look back on and it just means so much more to me, to us and our journey. Those really trying days you would take me places for a break, those days off spending them together, my Mother knowing how I felt about you and even though she tried to be stern with you, she loved you. Even though you knew I could handle myself, you protected and stood up for me from men who thought they could try to have their way with me."

"I wasn't going to let anyone hurt you, Di. Seeing your beautiful smile everyday made my day. I never wanted to see you stressed out or sad. Nothing like that. I know I can't exactly prevent that from happening. But I wanted to try my damnedest to make it a little better."

"Have I told you the moment I knew I wanted to have a child with you?"

"Oh, no?"

"Remember when were fighting the villainous group Masters of Disaster. After you and I took down one of them, we stayed with the children who were trapped in the daycare center. You took care of the infant. Heating up bottles, changing the baby, letting the children take turns having your cape were so good with them all, it's like they had forgotten what was happening. Even when all the chaos was over and reuniting the children with their parents, you waited until you knew every last child was safe. There has been other instances throughout the years. Admiring, trusting and respecting the man you are, and you being my best friend, I knew you would be an amazing father." Diana paused. "But we weren't together and there was a possibility of you being with someone else. I would have never closed you out of being in the child's life. It was your choice but it was still unfair…unfair to you and most importantly the child. That's why for the longest I did think my request was selfish but my heart wouldn't let go."

"Wow…Diana, I…" he paused and smiled cupping her cheek. "The day you asked me to be a donor, I was surprised. For you to consider me as worthy to be part of something so special in your life. I wanted us to be together but I've always thought that you deserved better than me. I mean it didn't matter to me being Superman, I just felt you deserve so much. You've sacrificed so much. Selflessly putting so many other people first, putting your happiness to the side. No matter what, Diana, I was going to make sure you had everything you've desired."

"Kal, that's why I love you. That's why there's no other man for me. You are more than enough. Always have been because the power you hold never mattered. It has always been your kind gentle soul that made me fall in love with you." Tears welled up in her eyes. "You are everything. You've given me this beautiful precious gift of a child, of a life I never thought I could have."

Tears streamed down her face. Clark smiled and gently wiped her tears. Though tears was forming in his eyes.

"I'm so proud, Diana. So proud. I took a moment to just look at her. She's so beautiful, Diana. It's unbelievable. It's truly surreal. Our daughter. She's both of us."

"She is! Oh, Kal!" Diana wrapped her arms around him embracing him and cried more.

Clark happily wrapped his arms around her tighter.

"How I love me some you, Mr. Kent," she said looking into his eyes.

Clark kissed her all over her face. "I love you, too, Mrs. Kent." He kissed her lips.

Diana giggled as he kept planting kisses all over her face, neck and chest.

"Ah, I love you!" Kiss. "Ah, you set my soul on fire." Kiss. Kiss. "It is not just a little spark. It is a flame, a big, roaring flame! Ah, I can feel it now." Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

Diana laughed and moaned as he kissed and sucked her neck.

"Kal…you watch way too many cartoons with our daughter."

"Yeah…but hey…I thought it was a cool line."

"It's really adorable."

"Adorable? I really wasn't going for that though."

Diana laughed. "Mhmm…Darling, you know you are extremely sexy."


Diana smirked running her hands under his shirt. "Oh, yes."

"Time for me to devour some sexy honey cake."

"With extra honey…"

Clark looked at her with a devilish grin. "Oh, damn. I truly am the luckiest man in the universe!"

He quickly took off his shirt and laid Diana on the floor with a pillow under her head. Diana moaned in his mouth as they kissed deeply.

"My Diana."

"My Kal."