London, UK: Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Seminar

"Thank you, Ms. Prince for your lovely inspiring speech."

"Thank you for having me, Mrs. Moreau. It's such an honor." Diana smiled and embraced her as the crowed cheered more. "Bonnes vacances à tous!"

As Diana walked off stage, a waiter stood with a tray and glass for her.

"Congratulations, Miss. Prince. For you."

"Oh, thank you!" Diana took the glass and took a sip.

"Enjoy the rest of your night," the waiter winked.

"Thank you…again…" Diana smiled and nodded.

Diana walked off and took another sip. She smiled spotting her best friend, reporter Clark Kent, across the room.

Locking eyes, he smiled back.

"Later…" she whispered knowing he could hear her.

He nodded and went back to work, interviewing.

Guest Administrators' wives looked on and observed other guests, whispering amongst themselves.

"Oh no... Regarderais-tu ça!" Mrs. Gauthier gasped.

"That man has no shame," Mrs. Renard shook her head.

Ronan Dumont, heir to Dumont banking company.

"He isn't with that model anymore it seems."

"Of course not. I knew it wouldn't last. Comme un enfant, quand un nouveau jouet arrive." Mrs. Renard looked at Diana. "And there she is."

"Madame Diana Prince. Personne ne la connaît vraiment."

"She is quite activate in the communities around but she does not speak of her more personal dealings."

"She is single. But I believe, Monsieur Dumont n'est pas du genre à attirer son attention."

Mrs. Renard raised her brow. "Oh? You think?"

Mrs. Gauthier nodded slightly. "I've had the pleasure with speaking with Madame Prince. Dumont is in way over his head."

They watched as Ronan walked over to Diana.

"Madame Prince?" He smiled and took her hand.

Diana frowned slightly turning to him. "Monsieur Dumont…Bonne soirée."

"Wow…tu es assez magnifique."

"Thank you." Diana pulled her hand away.

"I would like to speak with you…in a more private setting."

"Speaking business is just fine here."

Ronan smiled. "Let me clarify…" He took her hand again. "I'd like to speak privately to get to know you better. Business can come way later."

"I see. Monsieur Dumont, my… personal interests lie elsewhere. As a matter of fact I should…"

Diana eyed Clark. Ronan looked in the same direction and frowned.

"Diana, although I find this…aura of you playing hard to get."

"Excuse me?! I don't play those kind of games. Now would you let me go?"

Diana's head started to spin but she kept her composure. She held on tighter to her clutch purse.

"Please, Diana. I know you are a woman of exquite taste. Let me introduce more of the finer taste as you would like."

"J'ai dit non. Je ne vais pas me répéter!"

"It is quite clear you don't not know who I am, but I will sho-"

Her empty glass shattered in her hand.

"You don't know who I am at all!"


She felt a strong comforting arm around her waist. She looked up and smiled.


"Let's go."

"Excuse me, la dame reste avec moi. nous n'avons pas fini !" Ronan said with an elevated voice.

Diana slapped him. "Vous devriez avoir honte de vous!"

She then leaned back and Clark held her tighter.

"Diana, let's go. It's not worth it."

Clark could sense something was wrong with her.

Ronan shooed them.

"Beautiful woman yet not worth my time with the attitude... laide."

Diana gasped. "You-"

"Listen, this is uncalled for. If you ever speak to her like this again, disrespecting her, you'll have to answer me. You wouldn't like that," Clark warned. "She said no and she meant it! She wants nothing to do with you nor your damn money."

Diana looked up at him in awe. He pulled her closer to him, making her body instantly react.

"We're leaving."

Clark took Diana's hand guiding her to the exit leaving Ronan stunned and angry.

"Now this is why these functions become so entertaining!" Mrs. Gauthier said as she and Mrs. Renard giggled and continued whispering gossip amongst themselves.

Outside in the hall

Diana was leaning against the wall while Clark had his hands on either side of her against the wall.

"Diana, are you okay?"

She smiled and put her arms around his neck.

"I'm more than okay now especially with you," she said seductively.

"Di?" He quirked his brow looking into her eyes.

She always had this distinctive spark in her eyes but this he didn't quite recognize.

"Kal, you're always so over protective of me."

"I'm sorry, Di. I just know you-"

"I find it extremely sexy…"

She ran her hand slowly down his chest.


The attraction had been obvious for some time now and friendly flirting, but never had Diana been this open.

"You had a long day."

She nodded slowly and bit her lip. "I'd like to have a much longer night."

"No, not like that we can't."

"We can't?"

"Di, you don't know what you're saying. Come on, let me get you home."

"You will stay with me right?"

"I'll stay for a bit to get you settled."

She grinned. "You are the sweetest, Kal-El."

She leaned forward kissing his cheek then giggled. She trailed light kisses along his jaw.

"Di, no. Not like this."

"Oh, don't be a party pooper, Kal-El of Krypyon!"

Clark jumped slightly and frowned seeing a man with a full beard, two goat horns on top of his head wearing a green tuxedo jacket and had goat's feet.

"Who the hell are you?!"

"I am Pan," he bowed.


Diana giggled. "Hello, Pan!"

Clark looked at her confused. "You know him, Diana?"

Diana looked up at Clark with a smile. "The Goat God of wild groves, shepherds, and flocks and/or simply a fertility deity."

Diana wrapped her arms around Clark's middle and embraced him.

"A fer- Oh, no, no! What did you do?"

"It's a nice night isn't it?"

"What do you want with us?"

"Lad, I'm only trying to help. I and a few others have been watching the both of you. You see the look in her eyes for you. The same look you hold in yours for her."

"No! I…no…I'm taking Diana home and that's it."

"Are you sure?"

"Whatever you have done to her, reverse it now!"

"Aw…too bad…Though, you have 24 hours, Kal-El of Krypton."

"24 hours for what?"

Pan grinned and winked. "Take care of her. But I don't need to tell you that. It seems you've made that a very high priority. She means so much to you."

"She does. I'd do anything for her."

Pan grinned wider. "24 hours."

Clark sighed and looked down at Diana who was still holding on to him.


"Take me home, Kal."

He nodded. "Okay."

Diana's condominium

Clark unlocked and opened the door for Diana.

"I'm so glad to be home, Kal." She tossed her purse on the table. "I'm so glad you are staying with me."

Clark smiled. "I just want to make sure you're comfortably in bed."

She looked back at him with a smirk and took his hand leading him to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom, Diana took off her shoes and climbed on top of the bed on her knees.

"Kal, come here."

He put his phone on the nightstand then walked over and stood in front of her. Diana smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Clark wrapped his arms around her waist.

"What are you doing, Di?"

"I need to get undressed."

"Oh…yeah…I'll…uh…I'll be in the living room."

"No. I want you to stay in here."

"Okay…well let me get you something to change in…or you can get it?"

"Kal, I have something to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I don't usually wear anything to bed," she smirked.

Clark's jaw dropped. His body immediately reacting, feeling a stir below his waist in his pants.

"Oh…well. I should go so you can undress. I'll come back when you're covered."

"No, stay."


"Stay, Kal-El. I'll just wear your shirt."

"You want my shirt?"

She grinned and nodded.

Clark thought for a moment then nodded slightly. "Okay."

Diana bit her lip with anticipation. She watched as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Take off the undershirt too."

Clark chuckled. "Whatever you say."

"Oh? Whatever I say goes?"

He quirked his brow. "Depends, Di."

Diana smiled. "On?"

"We would have to see."

She giggled. "I like this game, Kal."

Clark handed her his shirt.

"Did you want this, too?" He asked pointing at his undershirt.

"No, put it over there." She pointed at the arm chair.

Clark nodded slightly and walked over to the chair. He took off his undershirt

"Kal? How do I look?"

He turned to see her dress now on the floor and she was wearing his shirt half buttoned from the bottom up with a peek of her cleavage.

"Damn…" He swallowed hard trying keep his mind clean but her wearing his shirt and her lace underwear was making it extremely difficult. "You look great, Di."

She smiled looking at his massive chest and rock solid abs.

"Along with the pants."

Clark looked at her wide eyed.

"Diana, I'm not getting naked!"

She pouted. "You can still have on those under shorts."

Clark walked back over to her and cupped her cheeks with both hands.

"Di, you don't know what you are saying."

"I do." She reached for his belt. "I want to feel you against me."



Clark shook his head and leaned forward planting a light kiss on her forehead.

"Isn't this one of the…whatever I say goes?" she asked.

Clark sighed. "Okay…okay…"

He took off his pants and tossed them over to the chair.

Diana smiled reaching for him and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down.

"Woah! Wai- wait a minute, Di!"

She laughed as she fell back on the pillows with him on top of her.

"Hmph…Diana…" Clark looked at her and shook his head. "I'm glad we aren't on call."

"So we can have alone time?"

He couldn't help but smile back at her seeing the sparkle in her eyes. He kissed her forehead again before adjusting them to be under the cover. Diana smiled and snuggled against him, her head on his chest, arm over him and her leg draped over his.

"Oh, Clark…" she giggled softly moving her leg up more. "Superman in every sense of the name."

Her thigh rubbed against his very apparent excitement. Clark breathed out slowly trying to calm himself.

"Get some sleep, Di."


"Yes, Di?"

"Why haven't we done this before? This is quite comfortable."

"I…well…we aren't. You know to do this…" he paused. "I can't exactly explain."

"But you sometimes give me your cape? Your embraces? Isn't that the same thing?"

"Uh…no…not really. I mean we'd be still fully clothed."

"But I like this. You are so warm…so strong." She yawned. "Mmmh…you feel so good."

Clark listened to her heartbeat as she fell asleep. He held her tighter.

"She won't remember this and maybe it's for the best," he thought to himself.

It's never gone beyond flirting and in a mater of hours, they are half naked in bed together all because of a spell. This is not at all what Clark imagined. How could he even attempt to confess his true feelings after this. Diana would definitely want to slow things down even more or stop completely.

Sure, he'd day dream of spending the Holidays with Diana. He would've given anything to finally confess his feelings and maybe they'd give a serious relationship a chance. A gift that would be. But not like this. Not with Gods meddling.


He looked over to the nightstand. Picking up his phone, he called Bruce.


"Yeah, Bruce. Sorry for calling while you're on stakeout."

"What is it, Clark? And why are you whispering?"

"Diana's asleep."

"Asleep? Where are you?"

"I'm…well…Diana's condo."

"You didn't…"

"No, no…" he sighed. "It's a long story I really don't want to get into but Diana and I will be offline for the next 24 hours."

"I get it's the Holidays, Clark, but we still have work to do."

"I get that, Bruce. I just-"

He paused as Diana moved to be more on top of him. Her face was buried in the crook of his neck, her lips brushing against his skin gently.

"We just need a little down time…especially Diana."


"Thanks, Bruce."

Clark hung up the phone and placed it back on the nightstand. He sighed and just held Diana tighter, looking up at the ceiling and lost in his thoughts.

The next morning…

As Clark came in through the balcony door, he heard the shower running.

He sighed still in disbelief of what was going on. He really hoped that Diana wouldn't be mad or embarrassed. That this wouldn't make things between them awkward and they can joke about it, moving on.

Though, he couldn't deny how much he enjoyed having Diana in his arms, listing to the sound of her breathing and heartbeat all night. When he finally did get a little sleep and to wake up knowing it wasn't a dream and she was still in his arms, he's heart soared even more.

While he was making coffee, he was so caught up in his thoughts again, he didn't realize Diana had gotten out the shower.

Diana smiled and quietly crept behind him wrapping her arms around him from behind. Clark tensed silently feeling her breasts against his back as she hugged him.

"Morning, Di…" he said clearly his throat.

"Morning, Kal-El. Where did you go?"

"I went back to Metropolis to get a change of clothes. I would've been back a little earlier before you woke up but heard some trouble. Took care of it. For the rest of the day, we are offline." He turned to face her wrapping his arms around her and smiled, leaning forward to kiss her forehead.

Diana smiled. "Can we go to the outlet today?"

"You want to go out? You and me?"

"Yes, silly! Why not?!"

"I mean…we…" Clark sighed. "We're friends and going out like that, we haven't done. I mean we've had lunch and dinner together but an outlet? And probably really busy with it being the holiday weekend. You know last minute shopping and all."

"I see no difference." She kissed his chin. "Is it that you don't want to be out with me?" She asked starting to pout.

"What?! No, no! No, I love being with you, Diana."

She smiled. "You love being with me?"

"I…" he nodded and kissed the tip of her nose. "Yes, I do, Di. Now go get ready then."

Diana grinned and kissed his cheek. "I'll be right back, Kal."

Clark watched Diana as she walked away. She had a certain seductive sway that seemed to have him hypnotized.

30 minutes later…

"I'm ready, Kal-El!" Diana said walking into the living room.

Clark stood up and his jaw dropped. "Wow…you're breathtaking, Diana."

She wore a light blue 3 piece sweater legging set with an open front cardigan.

She grinned and kissed his cheek. "Thank you!" She took his hand. "Have I ever told you how much I like seeing you wearing casual clothing?"

"No, you haven't yet, Di."

"Your shirt…" Diana ran her hand down his chest. "I like how it fits you…" She bit her lip. "Those well defined muscles of yours. You're so charming and handsome," she said in a sultry tone.

Clark chuckled. "Thanks, Diana."

She moved closer pressing her breasts against his chest. "It's hard to resist these…feelings…"

Her cerulean bed room eyes pierced into his. Their lips were only a few centimeters apart.

"Wai-wait, Diana," Clark said pulling back.

"You don't want to kiss me, Kal?" she pouted.

"No, no, that's not it!" He sighed. "I do…Dammit…I really really want to. But…"

"But what?"

"Diana, we haven't had a first kiss. It's suppose to be something special. I don't want to rush." He wrapped his arms around her. "Let's get out and have a good time. Promise, when we get back, you have me all to yourself. Okay?"

Diana smiled. "Okay!"

Clark nodded slightly and kissed her cheek.

Wembley Park Outlet

Clark and Diana quickly flew down not to be noticed.

"Oh, this is lovely and it really feels so good today!"

There was Christmas decorations all over. Employees dressed with Santa hats or elves costumes. Children running and laughing playing in the snow.

All of the available shops and restaurants on all three floors, the options seemed endless with so much to explore. This will extend their time spent together even further—something that Clark so desperately wanted anyways, despite the circumstances of the spell.

Diana latched onto Clark's arm.

"Do you know what you want to get or will we be just looking around?" Clark asked.

"Will you watch me try a few things on?"

"I…uh…I don't think I can, Di. But I'll see your outfits later."

"Oh? You want to me to show you more privately?"

Clark smiled and kissed her forehead.

Diana smiled back and pulled his arm.

As they walked around the outlet, Diana was completely in awe. She squealed as they came across a boutique and pulled Clark in with her.

Diana strolled casually through, glancing at some of the jewelry and décor. Clark merely stuck next to her.

"Will you be getting anything, Kal?"

"I don't know yet. You can pick me out a few things if you want," he suggested and placed a kiss on the very top of her head.

Diana smiled. "Okay."

A light pink dusted Diana's sun kissed cheeks, as Clark reached out to grasp her hand in his own. After interlacing their fingers together, he awkwardly cleared his throat while rubbing the back of his head with the other. Feeling so incredibly flustered like this doesn't happen very often, but it definitely showed as they walked hand-in-hand.

Why did everything about them seem to mold so perfectly well together in all ways possible? That just can't be a coincidence, right? But it would also be silly to claim that this was the work of fate. Only in fantasies were two people destined for one another—born to meet, and fall deeply in love. On the other hand, the Fates are very much real and what did Clark stumble across 6 years ago? A woman who fought her hardest in order to achieve that very same goals as him, making a difference in the world. Side by side as partners. So, maybe stuff like that really can happen in the real world to those chosen worthy enough.

But could someone such as himself be worthy of such a Goddess?

Whatever this was, it just felt so right. Smiling ever so slightly, he gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Mmm. You're so warm, Kal. Please don't let go..."

There was a great fondness in her voice when saying that just now. This didn't go unnoticed by Clark.

"I…I won't, Diana. I told you, I want today to be special no matter what happens later."

"Kal, everyday with you is special to me."

Being on the receiving end of compliments was still very new to him, and will take a good while to actually get used to. Clark Kent was invisible in a sense. The nice guy sure but seen as a loner or pushover. Despite the awkward reactions whether that follow when Diana complimented him, he does appreciate them wholeheartedly.

Not only did this place have many shops to check out, but the floors were also lined with kiosks—each vendor selling something completely different than the other.

Because of this, their gazes wandered all over the place as they tried to take everything in—tried to figure out where to go to first!

Of course some tried to wave them on in order to check their stuff out, but each time Clark politely declined. Once sucked in, good luck escaping without buying anything. That is a lesson he learned a long time ago, by making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Then suddenly, one in particular finally caught the Amazon's eye. It was a kiosk selling what appeared to be hand-made jewelry, that varied in just about everything. Necklaces hung on pegs all around the sides, as they sparkled beautifully against the artificial lighting. And the bottom shelves were lined with varying rings, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece had their own uniqueness to them, making it impossible to own the exact same one as another person. A woman, who looked to be in her mid-forties, had situated herself onto a short barstool as she waited patiently for someone to stop by—hands folded neatly in her lap.

"Oh! Let's go there!"

"Aahh—!" Clark gasped, as he was pulled away by her without any given warning.

Diana giggled.

Once they approached the kiosk itself, Diana was immediately blown away by the jewelry that adorned it. Her gaze had zoomed in on the ones pertaining crystals—some polished, while others remained in their raw form. Either with an elegant wire wrapped around them, or a chain going through the top to hold it in place.

When a set of cerulean eyes flickered over to Clark, he inhaled sharply. It didn't take a genius to figure out why Diana was examining a ruby quartz pendant—twirling the crystal within her fingertips, as she drew it closer to her face. For being in its raw state—rough, with tiny imperfections painting over the surface, it sure was alluring. As for the chain? It was a nice gold color, and in no way gave off the appearance of being cheap, or tacky. Funny how this specific piece was picked out amongst all the others so quickly.

"She looks so fascinated with it," he thought.

Was she even going to look at anything else provided at this kiosk? Or better yet, did she actually want it? Diana wasn't one caring to wear jewelry, unless it was from her home island.

Clark pulled his hand out of the hold in order to grab his wallet. He picked up that very piece and walked over to the lady.

"Hello! I would like to make a purchase," he greeted kindly.

Instantly her face lit up with joy, and it made him wonder if she hasn't gotten a whole lot of business yet. How that was possible, he had no idea.

The crystal itself really did resemble alluring radiance of Diana, which he absolutely adored! However, nothing could ever compare to the real thing. There was no matching such a unique woman. Clark took a step forward, extending his hand out toward her.

He carefully unclipped the chain, taking it from the box.

"Let me put this on you," he said to Diana.

As their faces were now closer than ever, he swallowed thickly. The urge to lean in and steal a kiss was strong.

As a pair of strong arms brushed past her neck, Diana lifted her hair a bit and closed her eyes for a brief moment.

Diana's eyes fluttered back open when the crystal fell to rest against her chest—giving off the illusion of melted chocolate, as she stared lovingly at it. It filled her heart with so much joy and appreciation, that she was certain it would burst.

"You sure I can have this?" she quietly asked.

"Of course, Diana," he smiled. "It looks beautiful on you. I didn't know what to get you for Christmas so this counts in a way."

Who would have thought that brown and red would mix so beautifully like this? Clark just adored how the quartz point shined wonderfully against Diana's incredibly warm gaze. The most gorgeous woman in the world, who has a heart made out of gold would make anyone swoon.

Then, without giving it much thought, he grabbed her hand again. The connection between them was instant, and the relief that followed was astounding—purely amazing, as a gentle smile played on his lips.

"I'll cherish this necklace forever!" she beamed happily. "Now I have to get you something. It's only fair."

Clark smiled and kissed her forehead. "Diana, spending time with you is all I want and need."

"Oh, Clark!" She kissed his cheek. "You are the sweetest!"

They went in and out of stores, Diana coming out with a few bags of new clothes and other items that caught her eye. Clark didn't hesitate nor minded to pay for it all. Diana even convinced him to get a few things for himself.

"I really like the shirts you've bought, Kal. Now I can have a few of your old shirts to wear."

Clark laughed. "You liked wearing my shirt last night that much, Diana?"

"It's like having you all over me," she said in a sultry tone.

Clark swallowed hard. "Diana…"

She giggled.

When they made it to the nearest escalator, Clark gestured for Diana to get on first.

"After you," he murmured in a voice like velvet.

Gods he was such a gentleman.

Nodding, Diana carefully stepped onto the moving set of stairs.

After stepping off of the escalator, Clark noticed just how much busier it was compared to the first floor—mainly due to the food court being located nearby. People like to gather here so that they can sit down at the tables, and converse with one another while enjoying their meals. It smelled so tantalizing with all the different types of restaurants lined up in one area.

Diana was hit with the strong aroma of chocolate and cinnamon. It made her mouth instantly water.


Her eyes flickered over to the small bakery shop to her right, where an elderly lady was handing out freshly-baked goods to a group of children. They were jumping up and down with pure joy, and excitement from getting their delicious sweets. The sight alone made her smile.

"There's an empty table." Clark guided Diana, then sat their bags down and pulled out the chair for her. "Just wait right here for a minute, okay?"

He was able to notice the way she stared longingly at the bakery, like she wanted something.

Diana watched with a smile as Clark walked over to the bakery shop.

"Hmm?" Clark pondered looking over the pastries. There was an array of delicious sweets to choose from. "Ah! One cinnamon roll."

"Coming right up!"

After paying the necessary amount, he watched as she slid a giant cinnamon roll into a sleeve made out of wax paper—glaze oozing down the sides, as it was still very warm.

Upon taking it into his own hands, he grinned and slightly nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome!"

He then made his way to the coffee shop next door.

"Hello! May I help you?"

"One large white chocolate mocha with extra caramel."

While he waited, Clark looked over to Diana who was still staring at him with a smile.

Clark smiled back.

"Here you go, Sir!"


Clark quickly walked back over to the table. "So how about a cinnamon roll and a mocha?" He smiled as he sat down beside Diana. A wide grin spread on his face, as he eagerly held it out for her to take.

Diana's gaze drifted down to the offered cinnamon roll.

She inhaled taking in the delightfully warm aroma filling her nose.

"Thank you, Kal," she smile up at him taking it into her hands.

This was followed by her pressing the cinnamon roll against her lips.

She bit off a decent-sized chunk. The flavors all melted wonderfully in her mouth, as she made sure to chew slowly—savoring every last bit of it.

"Mmhm…" Her tongue lapped up the access sticky glaze from her lips.

She always had such a huge sweet tooth.

"Oh Gods..."

With no hesitation, her teeth sank into the soft roll to tear off another piece.

Clark chuckled quietly at her reaction.

"I certainly made the right choice," he said in a gentle tone of voice.

Being unable to respond with a mouth full, Diana gave him a nod in agreement.

The Amazon's happiness meant the absolute world to Clark. He would literally do any and everything just to make sure she's happy and seeing more of that gorgeous smile of hers.

He swung an arm around her shoulders. Then without any warning, ducked his head to steal a bite of the freshly-baked cinnamon roll.

"Wow this is good!"

With Clark's arm just chilling around her shoulders, Diana could feel the heat rising in her face.

She just felt so warm and safe here. Even someone who is strong and powerful such as herself, needed to feel these very things once in a while. Everything about this man just screamed calming, and she couldn't get enough of it.

Clark snickered, as he leaned in to take a bite out of the same spot where Diana's last put her lips on.

A smile far too breathtaking had spread across Diana's face in that very moment, and it sent Clark's emotions into a jumbled mess. His heart thrashed about against his ribcage, causing him to almost grunt at the sensation.

Yeah, he really was kicking himself for them being in this predicament. If only they could have some privacy, more alone time with each other and no damn spells or tricks abound!

Laying his hand flat against the Diana's back, he proceeded to slowly rub up and down.

Clark, who had been watching the entire time, flashed Diana a charming smile.

He stuck his index finger out to lightly poke one of the full cheeks, and chuckled. What an adorable sight this was.

"You're adorable, Di," he cooed.

A light blush yet again spread across her cheeks when being called "adorable".

Clark snaked a strong arm around her curvy waist. This was to bring them closer than they already were, as if trying to mold their bodies into one. For the time being he just wanted to pretend that their surroundings did not exist, that they were the only people in this entire mall.

"Oh, Clark…if you want me to yourself, you can say so."

The feeling of uncertainty Clark had was slowly fading away then, as that glorious warmth continued to seep into his very being. There was no reason to hold back anymore.

They slowly began to lean in more toward each other.



It really did seem like everyone around them had ceased to exist in that very moment.

No one else mattered.

After a few more minutes passed by of staring into each other's eyes, Clark finally leaned in to place a gentle kiss on the top of Diana's head. His nose and mouth nuzzled into the soft, raven locks.

Why can't he say no to this woman?

Feeling his lips pressed against her head, all Diana could do was melt into utter bliss. Slowly, Clark pulled back only enough to peer up at her with large ocean blue eyes.

"Just kiss me, Kal."

"Diana, I want to but I don't know if you'll remember today or last night. You are my best friend and I do love you."

"You love me?" she grinned.

"I do, Di. I really, really do. You're so.. so precious to me. I…can't…Not with the state you're in right now," he sighed.

Why do things have to be so damn complicated?

Diana took a sip of her mocha. As their gazes locked, Clark brought his hand up to tuck some of the raven hair behind her ear.

"I don't want you to be mad at me," he began quietly.

A smile formed from Diana was very soft, and inviting.

"How can I be mad at my handsome man, silly?"

With that she lifted the cup to him.

Clark's body shook a bit from chuckling so quietly. "I just don't want to disappoint you."

He laid a hand over Diana's as he held onto the cup, enveloping it completely, while dipping his head to take a sip of the delicious mocha.

Every side to this wonderful man was absolutely charming, and Diana was living for it.

Being a bit distracted with his thoughts, Clark didn't realize he was spilling some of the drink from the corner of his mouth.

Well that sure was awkward. Just as he was getting ready to apologize, he was cut off by the sound of Diana's beautiful laughter filling his ears. It took his breath away. It was impossible to look away from something so pure, and wholesome.

"Whoops! That wasn't supposed to happen!" He mused with a lopsided grin.

Clark was then suddenly taken by surprise again when Diana leaned in and licked the corner of his mouth.

"You said I can have you to myself later tonight anyway. This time no under shorts."

At that moment, the world ceased spinning. He swore he could hear his heart jackhammering outside his body. Thump, thump, thump, thump. Clark was trying his very best to play it cool. These feelings that he holds towards her were indeed intense.

"Can we go back home now, Kal?"

"Of course."

They finished the last bit of the cinnamon roll and mocha. Clark threw away the wax paper and cup then gathered their bags.

When they were out by the parking garage and alley, Diana noticed a woman walking fast as if she was in a panic and a group of 5 men were following her.

"Kal, this way."

"What is it, Di?"

She didn't say anything else but quickly started to follow the woman and men.

"Hey, babe! Come on let's talk! You can't keep ignoring me."

"Leave me alone, you idiot!"

"What?! Jean! I'm done chasing you around!"

"Then leave me alone! I'm done with you, Sal!"

Sal gestured for his men to run after her. The men quickly grabbed Jean and pinned her against the wall.

"Let go of me!"

Sal took out a pocket knife.

"You think you can yet walk away from me? 3 years, Jean. I've given you 3 years of the good life. But you good spending my damn money."

"That's my money!"

"What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. That's how it goes."

"This is is exactly why I left your ass! All you want is control!"

"I have control! when you get that through your pretty little head, everything will be just fine!"

"Sal, let me go, dammit!"

"Hey, let her go, now!"

Sal turned to see Diana with Clark right behind her. His eyes widened.

"Well damn! Who are you?" Sal smiled.

"That's none of your concern. Let her go now."

"Or you can join in?"

"It will be wise not to test her," Clark warned.

"Are you some sissy boy that lets his girl fight? Pathetic."

"I have you know my man is not to be underestimated. He just has way more patience than I do!" Diana smirked. "So let's just get this over with shall we? I'll go easy sense your already such a weak little man."

"You smart mouth bi-"

Within seconds Sal was on the ground on his back.

"What the—"

Clark looked over him. "I warned you."

Diana had flipped him over her shoulder with ease.

"Get her now!"

The other men were hesitant but went after Diana anyway.

Clark watch amazed at her moving with such grace and elegance yet so fierce.

Diana grabbed one of them by the collar about to punch him in the face but stopped looking at him surprised. She instead pushed him to the ground and looked at Clark.

"We need to go now!"

Sal and his men quickly tried to their best to run away.

"Wow…I don't know who you are but you are amazing! What self defense classes are you taking?" Jean asked.

Diana shook her head slightly. "I was taught as a child. But a friend of mine…Hessia, has her own dojo in Richmond. Um…I believe I have her card actually." Diana looked into her pocket purse. "Ah, here you go."

"Thank you so much!"

Diana smiled and nodded.

As Jean walked off, Clark stepped closer to Diana.


"Kal, what happened?"

"Uh…well…what do you remember?"

Diana shook her head slightly. "At the seminar. I was angry with Monsieur Dumont. I broke a glass then I saw you. After that…I don't really know." Diana looked up at him seeing the bags. "Did I buy all of that?"

"Well I did for you. I mean I got a few things too…" Clark's heart dropped. He knew she wouldn't remember but wasn't prepared quite yet for her reaction.

"What happened to me?"

"Let's go somewhere else to talk."

Clark and Diana flew off.

Hampstead Heath

As they landed in the open lush field, Diana sighed. She was trying to hard to remember what happened.

"There was a spell by Pan…" Clark started.

"Pan?! What?! Why?!"

"I uh…"

"Pan!" She called angrily. "I know you're around watching us! Stop hiding and show yourself now, Pan!"

Pan laughed appearing. "Oh, Princess Diana…you are no fu-"

Diana grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him to her. "What did you do?!"

"Princess Diana, calm down."

"No! I am not one to play with. Don't ever do that again!"

"It was a gift for you and your good friend here."

"What's going on between Clark and I is our business!"

"Be nice, Diana."

"Nice? You put a spell on me!l Diana then gasped. "Was it you?! It was you wasn't it?! The waiter that gave me the drink!"

"Smart Godess you are!" he smiled.

"I was unaware of myself! I could've been taken advantage of!"

Clark heart immediately sunk further.

"Taken advantage of?" he thought.

Never would he do that. Never would he let any one else even come close to even try.

Pan glanced over at Clark.

"You weren't in any danger, Princess. It was all in fun. Holiday cheer! You seemed to have had lots of fun." Pan leaned closer to her. "You might not know now, but you will," he whispered.


He laughed and disappeared.

Diana sighed and looked at Clark.

"I'm sorry you were put in the middle of all of that, Kal."

"It's okay," he said in a subtle tone. "You look tired. Let's go."

Diana nodded slightly and flew up. Clark sighed and followed her up.

The flight back to Diana's condominium was quiet.

Diana unlocked the balcony door and walking inside, she tossed her keys and handbag on the table. Clark walked into the living room and set the bags on the sofa. He sighed shaking his head and went to the kitchen.

"I'm going to go."

Diana frowned. "Wait. We need to talk."

Clark shook his head slowly. "That can wait. You should get some rest."


With a gentle smile, he walked over to her and placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

"We'll talk later, okay?"

Diana looked into his eyes confused searching for answers but all she saw was a bit of sadness. He was holding back. But why?

"Kal, I-"

"Diana…" he took her hand and squeezed it. "It's okay now. Everything can go back to…how it should be."

She frowned. "What do you mean?"

He shook his head and gave her a reassuring smile. But she knew he was holding back. Something was wrong.


"We'll talk later."


He leaned over and kissed her forehead again. "Later."

It broke his heart to have to walk away from her but he had to.

Diana watched him confused as he walked out the door.

"Pan…what the hell have you done?!" She questioned angrily out loud.

Diana stormed into her bedroom bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror.

"What did I do…or even say to him while….?"

She noticed the ruby quartz pendant.

"He bought this for me."

Diana hurried back into the living room to get the bags. Going back into her room, she emptied them all on her bed.

Pan's words replayed in her mind, "You might not know now, but you will."

She saw a white shirt on her chair. "Is that?" She went over to pick it up. "It's his." She held it closely to her chest then to her nose inhaling his scent which also had a faint mixture of her perfume. "Did we?"

She smiled reaching for him and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down.

"Woah! Wai- wait a minute, Di!"

She laughed as she fell back on the pillows with him on top of her.

He kissed her forehead again before adjusting them to be under the cover. Diana smiled and snuggled against him, her head on his chest, arm over him and her leg draped over his.

"Why haven't we done this before? This is quite comfortable."

"I…well…we aren't. You know to do this…" he paused. "I can't exactly explain."

"But I like this. You are so warm…so strong." She yawned. "Mmmh…you feel so good."

He comforted her. Protected her. Held her all night.

She moved closer pressing her breasts against his chest. "It's hard to resist these…feelings…"

Her cerulean bed room eyes pierced into his. Their lips were only a few centimeters apart.

"Wai-wait, Diana," Clark said pulling back.

"You don't want to kiss me, Kal?" she pouted.

"No, no, that's not it!" He sighed. "I do…Dammit…I really really want to. But…"

"But what?"

"Diana, we haven't had a first kiss. It's suppose to be something special. I don't want to rush."

He respected her.

"Just kiss me, Kal."

"Diana, I want to but I don't know if you'll remember today or last night. You are my best friend and I do love you."

"You love me?" she grinned.

"I do, Di. I really, really do. You're so.. so precious to me. I…can't…Not with the state you're in right now."

Their gazes locked, Clark brought his hand up to tuck some of the raven hair behind her ear.

"I don't want you to be mad at me," he began quietly.

"How can I be mad at my handsome man, silly?"

"I just don't want to disappoint you."

Diana gasped opening her eyes. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes. "Oh, Clark…"

She quickly picked the clothes he bought for himself and placed them back in the bag. She left out the balcony leaving to head straight to Metropolis.

Metropolis Clark Kent's Apartment

Clark paced back and forth in the middle of his living room.

"I should go back…" he thought. "No…" he sighed. "She needs time." He sat down on the couch and slouched down. "Dammit!"

Just then he sat up quickly. He could hear her heartbeat and foot steps coming closer.

Was she here? No. Couldn't be. Maybe his mind was playing tricks.

He shook his head standing up, still hearing her coming closer to the door. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Diana gasped then smiled. "You heard me, didn't you?"

"Ye-yeah…I did. Though, I thought my mind or maybe Pan was playing more tricks."

"We've had enough of tricks. I thought it'd be best for me to come to you. You were so in a hurry you left your bags."

"Oh…" Clark laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head. "Di, you didn't have to come all the way here just for that. I would've gotten them eventually."

"Eventually?" Diana raised her brow. "Well I could've kept them I guess…you'd have spare clothes at my place."

Clark's body immediately reacted. He looked her surprised.

She handed him the bags. "Well…I guess I'll go."

"Wait, no! I mean…I…" Clark sighed. "Stay for a bit?"

Diana smiled. "I'd love to."

Clark stepped aside for her to come in. His heart started racing.

Diana walked into the living room.

"I'll uh…I'll take those to the bedroom. Get comfortable, Di. Would you like anything to drink or something?"

"I'm fine. The mocha and cinnamon roll we shared was still quite fulfilling," she said sitting down on the sofa.

Clark's heart skipped a beat. "Oh…right…okay…"

Did she know after all?

Clark quickly went to his bedroom to put the bags down the rushed back to Diana.

"Come on, Kent. Keep it together!" he said to himself.

Clark sat down next to her.

"I know you didn't want to talk yet. But I do, Kal."

"I was just thinking you needed some time for yourself."

"What do you mean? That time for myself is spending it with you."


"Kal, I remember all that was said and done."

"You do?"

"I'm sorry for the…awkwardness."

Clark shook his head. "Diana, you didn't know. But I just want you to know I would never take advantage of you. I sure as hell would never let anyone else either."

"I know that, Kal. What I said to Pan, you should've known I didn't mean you. I trust you with everything in me." Diana placed her hand on top of his. "You are who I trust the most. And…" She paused and looked down.

"And what, Di?"

"Pan's spell…what I said and did…it was…it is…my truth. Unwillingly but…I-" she gave him a sympathetic smile. "I wish I could've shared that with you the right way. We shouldn't be having this conversation. We should just be…together."

"Diana, you are my best friend and I respect you. I don't want you to feel rushed into anything."

Diana shook her head. "You've been such a gentleman, so patient, so respectful. No tricks, spells, no more waiting, no more hesitation, Kal."

Clark's eyes softened every time she smiled widely. Diana saw this amazement every now and then where he looked at her, telling her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He seemed to get lost in her eyes just as much as she had been his. He lifted her hand to kiss it, then leaned in a little closer. Diana's voice had dropped a few octaves and they had moved closer so that their faces were closer together. He brushed a stray hair from her face and cupped her cheek gently. Diana leaned into his hand.

"This feels like a dream right now, Diana," he said as he wrapped his other arm around her and held her close.

"It does," she smiled. "Now kiss me, Kal, so we both know for sure this is real."

Diana placed his hands on each side of Clark's face, thumb brushing against the entrance of his ears. Her body heat wafted over as she inched closer, hands still firmly resting on Clark's cheekbones as she closed the gap between the two.

Diana's eyelids fluttered shut, her heart was drumming heavy, rapid beats. Her lips part, leaving a sliver of space unshut.

Her breath hitched before Clark even touched her mouth. Clark felt the tiniest change of pressure-lips being grazed with barely any touch at all. It wasn't until Diana exhaled through her nose that Clark pressed forward, sending a rush down the Amazon's spine. He pulled Diana even closer to him, pressing their lips together in a tender kiss. The kiss was soft at first; small, and gentle. But then, it became more passionate and intense.

Warm mouths met, lips joining once with a distinct sound as they pulled apart. Clark inhaled deeply, feeling a warm shiver run down his extremities, eyes still partially lidded. He was drowning in emotion. The feel of Diana's mouth on his was so tantalizing; the taste of her lips and the scent of her perfume were bewitching.

Diana hands continued to gently grasp his face, both checking each other's reactions from up close. Both shared a meek smile, taking a moment to listen to the quiet hum of the air conditioning; absorbing the newfound tension in the room.

Clark then circled back, leaning in for a second kiss, deepening it just enough to not overwhelm Diana. Their lips crashed for a few beats longer than before, leaving Diana breathless. Diana felt her skin prickle, goosebumps dotting every inch. She was hypnotized by the feeling of Clark's soft mouth pressing against her own to the point of being numb to every other sense. Having no idea what to do with the rest of her body, she instinctually rested her hands on his shoulders.

Clark traced his tongue across the bottom of Diana's lip before pushing it into her open mouth. Their tongues danced together like two lovers, twirling and spinning to music that only they could hear.

Diana melted against Clark, and Clark wrapped his other arm around her. For a moment, Clark felt as though his heart would explode. A fire burned between them. He could feel its intensity; it started when their lips met and then exploded throughout his body, coursing from his chest down through his arms and bursting from his finger tips. The fire raged on, igniting somewhere deep within his stomach before finally settling in his loins.

The longer the kiss lasted the more feverish and dizzy they became. The entire world seemed like it was spinning out of control. All the oxygen had been sucked out of the air, leaving them both now breathless.

The kiss ended and they hovered over each other's faces again after they parted. Though, their attraction was only revving up, thirsty for more contact now that they were apart.

"So this is definitely real," he whispered breathlessly with a casual smirk.

All that Diana could do was nod and laughed softly. She was speechless.

The two dissolved into another passionate embrace. Diana's hand traveled slowly down his chest to the him of his shirt tugging it. Momentarily breaking their kiss Clark took his shirt off and threw it to wherever it may have landed.

Diana bit her lip, slowly running her hands up and down his chest. Clark placed his hands over hers.

"All of this has been so unexpected, Di. But like I said earlier at the outlet…and I meant everything I've said, being with you is all I want and need. I love you so much, Diana and I'm very much in love with you." Clark laughed nervously. "I've wanted to tell you that for such a long time."

Diana leaned in for another soft kiss and smiled against his lips.

"And I love you, Clark. This has been unexpected but it feels so right. It is right," she said, in between kissing him.

Clark stood up pulling Diana up with him. "Come on." He took her hand guiding her to his bedroom. "Bruce said that we have work to do even though it's the holidays. We're still offline but I haven't heard anything. As promised-"

"Whatever I want goes?"

Clark grinned and nodded. "Of course."

"Well first, Bruce has Selina, Alfred, and the robins and batgirls so he is still with his family during this holiday time and can go out standing on gargoyles and rooftops with them. Second, you and I deserve this time and we will take full advantage of it."

Diana smiled and took off her clothes setting them on his dresser. She stood in on her bra, underwear and kept on the necklace he bought her.

Clark was awestricken.

"Now, it's okay for you to see me like this, isn't it?"

"Yeah…yeah…" He cleared his throat.

"Pants, Kal," Diana giggled.

"Right!" He quickly took off his pants leaving his boxers on.

Diana bit her lip slowly walking over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Clark smiled placing his hands on her hips lifting her. Diana instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

With locked eyes and gentle smiles, Clark laid Diana on the bed then turned on his back for her to be on top of him. They loved the feeling of one another's skin, soft and hot.

"We've had our first kiss. We've spoken our truths of what we feel for each other. I can have you now like I want, Kal?" Diana asked teasingly.

Clark chuckled. "As promised…I'm all yours, Diana."

"The best gift, being with my best friend, the man I love."

"Nothing could ever be better than this with you."

Clark leaned up slightly capturing Diana's lips in a passionate kiss.

"Bonnes vacances à tous!" = "Happy Holidays to all!"

"Regarderais-tu ça!" = "Would you watch this!"

"Comme un enfant, quand un nouveau jouet arrive." = "Like a child, when a new toy arrives."

"Personne ne la connaît vraiment." = "No one really knows her."

"n'est pas du genre à attirer son attention." = "is not the type to get his attention."

"Bonne soirée" = "Good evening"

"tu es assez magnifique" = "you are quite beautiful"

"J'ai dit non. Je ne vais pas me répéter!" = "I said no. I'm not going to repeat myself!"

"la dame reste avec moi. nous n'avons pas fini !" = "the lady stays with me. we are not finished! "

"Vous devriez avoir honte de vous!" = "You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"laide" = "ugly"