Hey, new story. I know I promised something else, but I've put that on hold to do this. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, these are the creations of Cassandra Clare. The only thing that is mine is the story. Enjoy the Rewrite.


The life of a Shadowhunter is complicated and short. Some of my friends have died during battle. I've been training my whole life. My father made sure I trained hard, I am undefeated in battle, and now I've finally gotten to the top. Or so I thought.

Rumours have spread that a Shadowhunter has more speed, strength, and Angelic Prowess than I do. They say he moves to perfection, that his combat abilities are beyond angelic. I will prove them wrong.

His name is Jace Herondale, and I will beat him. I will be the best Shadowhunter in history.

Let me know what you think of just this little bit. More will come soon.