And I am back again, in this world Clary is Clarissa Fairchild and her brother is Jonathan Morgenstern. Please read the end note. Here is chapter 2 so far.


"Clarissa, this is my son. Jace Herondale." I heard Stephen say, just as he walked past me to stand next to his wife.

I sighed, and slowly turned around, completely unprepared to face my future.

Chapter Two – Unwanted Destiny

I hit the heavy punch bag more times than I could count; I wasn't thinking, I was just drowning out the noise with training. I knew Simon and my brother were watching me, keeping an eye on me; they thought I was going to break, that perhaps this was finally too much for me, that my position as the best was under threat by the one person that I might marry. I didn't want to believe it, but when I looked at him, I knew it all; there was no way I could back out of this marriage, and I wasn't sure if I even wanted to.

I stopped training to slap my face; I can't even train now without thinking about him! What is with that? He is just an ordinary Shadowhunter, just like the rest of them, right? So why was this happening? I have pure angel blood in my veins, I cannot feel like this for an ordinary Shadowhunter. His reputation isn't something I enjoy thinking about either; the young Shadowhunter that enjoys playing around with girls. Every girl knows his name, so I know that he is bad for me.

I suddenly got very angry, I felt the runes on my body activate all at once, and I let that anger out, I hit the punching bag and it flew across the room. I stood there in shock, I wasn't sure what just happened. I felt powerful, and I felt drained.

I then felt two sets of hands on my arms, my senses were numb, I didn't want to hear or feel anything right now. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but through the parabatai bond, I could tell that Simon was worried, apparently something had happened; I wasn't sure.

"Hi, I'm Jace Herondale. It's nice to finally meet you, Clarissa Fairchild." The first words that came out of his mouth were quite polite, which just pissed me off.

He was tall, muscular and blond; he was the guy I bumped into at the entrance. I got the same feeling from him, he just stuck in my head. I was surprised by how attractive he was, I wasn't expecting someone like this.

I was left somewhat speechless, I wasn't entirely sure why, but I felt this connection to him already; it was as if the Shadowhunter blood in me was telling me to go to him, shake his hand and be polite.

Once I had regained control of my senses, I held my hand out to shake his hand, and was pleasantly surprised when touched me. I felt a spark as soon as we touched, it sent my blood into overdrive and I realised I wanted to touch him more.

I longed to feel him, I hated myself for feeling this way. What had my father done? For some reason, I felt his hand in this situation.

The handshake lasted longer than it should have, but I wasn't sure which one of us was to blame for that. For a moment, I saw a flicker of desire in his eyes. I pulled my hand away from him, annoyed with myself for feeling this way.

"So, you're Jace Herondale; I've heard a lot about you. All the girls in this institute can't stop talking about, so I feel like I already know you, although that's thanks to gossip and speculation." My words came out sharper than I meant them too. I felt annoyed by the feeling between us; somehow, I couldn't quite explain it, but this felt right.

This isn't happening, I need to leave but my exit was being blocked this tall muscular man, I couldn't be ruder than just leaving, that would be bad for my family's reputation.

"Ah, I hope that the gossip was at least good." He said with a knowing smile. Of course, they weren't really that good.

"You're joking right? You have a reputation Mr Herondale; not a good one if you ask me. Hopefully your time here can help you change how people see you. And just maybe, everyone's opinion may change. Hell, there might even be a decent man in there somewhere." I touched his chest as I said this, I don't entirely know why. My confidence decided to quadruple, which did his ego no good.

I rapidly took my leave after that, I couldn't deal with this. I brushed passed Jace as he was checking his pride for any damage. Sorry father, this man isn't a good person. I'm certain he's slept with at least half of the women in this institute; or at least flirted with them.

That's when I found my way to the training area. That's why my parabatai and brother were keeping an eye on me. My meeting didn't go well; I hated to admit it, but I think I'm attracted to this Jace Herondale. Even if his reputation is a bit sketchy; I felt the presence of my father rapidly approaching and realised I should probably talk to him.

"Clarissa, what happened in that meeting?" He was always so straight to the point about things.

"His ego got too big for his shoes. I'm not going to be marrying someone like him. He flirts with anything with breasts; that's not a good thing. How can you expect someone like that to settle down at what, twenty-two? You're crazy to think anything of the sort. If you want an engagement from us, then his reputation and family status need to change. We cannot just drag our family through the mud because he can't keep it in his pants. And if you really want something, why can't you let it be natural. Like Simon and Izzy; they found each other here, so why can't you just let me fall in love on my own, instead of trying to force this on me." I had a lot on my mind, I finally let it all out; looks like training wasn't cutting it anymore.

"You have no idea how similar you two really are, his hobbies aside. You'll find out the truth when you are ready. I know this seems like a lot, and I understand where you're coming from, I'll give you two three months. In that time, get to know him. Train with him. He'll spend time with you and maybe he'll learn a few things about behaving like a Shadowhunter. We are the blood of Angels; heavenly beings. You are much more than all of us, I wouldn't be doing this if there were any other options. If you still don't like him at the end of that time, then we will talk." Dad always seemed to know what I mean, even if he was a dick about the situation.

"Oh, don't forget your special training, I'm sure he'll find that most intriguing." And he walked off; that was it, I had three months, I hope I hate him by the end of this, then I won't have to put up with this crap until I'm ready for it.

Special training was something I did once a day, Inquisitor Lightwood would be here for this, seeing as his son's parabatai moved here. Parabatai are meant to stay together, I know Simon would follow me anywhere; but now we had a very important family moving here, as well as the Herondale family. Lightwoods and Herondales, Morgenstern's and Fairchild's; four major families in one institute, New York will be the best protected city in the world, maybe even more so than Idris.

My special training started in an hour, I had time to kill before I must show off again. I decided to go find Jace, invite him to my training, I may as well at least try to be civil.
I found him in a room near mine, he was unpacking a lot of boxes. I knocked on his door twice, so he knew I was here. He jumped slightly, clearly not expecting someone to turn up at his door. He turned to look at me and smiled.

"Hello, Clary. You can come in." He smiled wider and went back to unpacking. I rolled my eyes, but didn't go in. I stuck to the doorframe a little.

"I'm here to invite you to my training session in an hour. Inquisitor Lightwood will be there, my father usually attends as well. My parabatai, Simon, he just watches. He's one of the new Shadowhunters that my father created." I spoke calmly, I couldn't really afford to get angry at this point, especially not with my training coming up; getting angry now will get my opponent killed.

"Sure. How did you and your parabatai meet then? If he's a new Shadowhunter?" He sure was curious about the new Shadowhunters.

"Well, after he was born, his father became a Shadowhunter. So naturally his wife and children went into training from a young age. I've practically grown up with Simon. Sadly, his dad died a few years back when he was out on mission. A vampire killed him, and a year ago, Simon and I killed the vampire. He's been happier since then, knowing he got justice for his dad." I just kept talking, his story was sad, but interesting. I loved my parabatai, he's my best friend in the whole world; I don't know what I would do without him.

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