Disclaimer: Not mine… The Song belongs to Gareth Gates and his Producers.

Note: I should finish my other story but one of my friends was here yesterday and gave me this CD. Oh Boy… endless hours and songs later I decided to give 'If you sleep' a better end. Here you go now.

"What My Heart Wants To Say"

Brennan woke with a start. The sheets were soaked from his sweat, his chest was heaving with difficulties, dragging the air into his starving lounges.

He sat up and looked around in the dim lights of his room, frightened. Scared, he reached out, searching for the body sleeping next to him. His hands touched warm skin and felt for the heartbeat. There it was, strong and steady.

Tears ran now freely over his face, relieve had set them loose because it had been a dream only, a nightmare of the worst kind.

The young man looked down to the sleeping form under the covers next to him. Thoughts so full of love that it almost hurt, crossed his mind. What would he do all alone by himself?

He would have been lost.

'My Angel. Have I told you how blessed I am, considering this love of yours all mine?'

He wished, he could just spill the words out and whisper them quietly into sleeping ears. So it wouldn't be sure in the morning if they were said out loud or just heard in a dream.

But the words didn't come his way this easily, he read them thousands of times in his books. But reading the right things and saying them out loud was different.

He pulled his knees high up to his chest, hiding his face on the blanket covering his shivering body.

All the things he'd like to say, could they be seen in his eyes?

Turning his head while the tears streamed down his cheeks, he faced the one he loved with all his heart again. He rested his head on his knees, the salty drops soaking the fabric.

'If I'd been gone tomorrow would you know how deep my love goes?'

He closed his eyes, hoping his love would reach out for her, filling her with the blessing he felt whenever he thought about her.

Small heart wrenching sobs escaped him, to quiet for a real noise but loud enough to cover the sound she made when she sat up.

Brennan startled slightly as two small hands grabbed his shoulders, pulling him in a warm embrace.

It was like an electric wave of shocks, setting his body on fire wherever she touched him and he winced. The next moment he pushed deep into her arms, pulling her so close it almost hurt, burying his face in her neck.

He wanted to say so many things, the words were chasing through his mind but he couldn't.

Hands took his head and pulled him enough back until he could look into her eyes. She smiled.

Brennan felt the connection and surrendered to the feeling so true.

'Emma, you know what my heart wants to say. You know, how deep my love goes…'