You ever have one of those mornings where you really don't want to get out of bed? Not because it felt so nice just to continue to lie on, but because you just couldn't be bothered to get up and do anything because your head felt like someone had beat it to a pulp with a nine iron?

Well if you have you'll be familiar with how I'm feeling right about now. My head's splitting but I don't remember drinking last night. In fact, I haven't had a drink that would cause this kind of a headache since that poker night the guys and I had a few weeks back, man that was a night. Right now I just want to curl up in my sheets and… wait these aren't my sheets, they don't feel right.

Forcing my eyes to open, I look at the bed covers and blink seeing they were red. Okay that wasn't right. My sheets are black and grey, something's not right here. Pulling the covers down I sit up in the bed that wasn't mine, it was wooden and not my leather frame. It was a four post instead of my base and headboard, this was not my bed.

Looking around as my eyes adjust to the lighting I can see I was in an old room that felt oddly familiar. The walls were plastered over with an old pale and brown wallpaper that looks to have faded over the years. The floor was wooden boards that looked just as old as the rest of the room. There was a wardrobe, a dresser and a desk in the room but not much else. I could see the door with was opposite a window, both looked just as old and worn as the room.

The more I looked around the more I felt I recognised this place but I couldn't put my finger on it. But the questions on my mind was, where the hell was I, and how did I get here? I bring my hand up to rub the bridge between my eyes to try and soothe my headache but when I saw my hand I stopped.

It was smaller, not the hand of a twenty-three-year-old but the hand of a young child. It had none of the scars I got in my teen years but felt so familiar. I turned my head and my eyes bulged as I looked to the dresser mirror and my eyes widened as I saw the reflection that I hadn't been paying attention to. It was me that I saw but not the twenty-three year old me that was staring back, rather it was an eleven or twelve-year-old me looking back at me.

My black hair was short like my mother used to keep it instead of my shoulder length hair that I grew out during my college years. I looked down at myself to see I wasn't seeing things as I threw the covers off me to see I was in a pair of grey long sleeves pyjamas. Getting out of the bed I stumbled a bit, not used to this body. I made my way over to the dresser, my eyes wide as I looked myself over. I looked exactly the same as I did when I was younger, except my brown eyes were grey now and my cheekbones were a little higher.

Taking a deep breath I tried to remember what had happened but the last thing I remember was that I went to bed after a long night of gaming like I usually did. I couldn't remember coming here at all, wherever here was.

Looking in the mirror something white caught my eye. On the bedside table there were two letters. Walking over I looked at them, they both looked strange. The paper was thicker than normal and the first had the words "read me" written on its front. While the second one had already been opened, its wax seal already pulled free from the lower half of the envelope.

I opened the first and took out the thick paper inside and started to read which only confused me more and first.

"Hello Magnus,

I suppose you're wondering where you are and how you got here. And why you look like your eleven-year-old self again.

Well, the answer is simple, Magic. Your old life had come to an end, rather abruptly as it turns out. So you've been reincarnated into a new world. Most think reincarnation happens from the moment you die and then you begin a new life. That is the way it normally is but there is the odd occasion when it can happen in the first eleven years of a person's life so that way the souls can merge into one and there aren't a lot of memories to interweave with the new soul. Some of them will start filtering in a few minutes once you've finished reading this and your new world will become very much recognisable to you, if it hasn't already. From there it'll be up to you on how you want to proceed, the world will be at your fingertips to enjoy.

But I'll just give you a quick rundown of your new self so you know what to expect. You're human obviously. You're eleven years old. Your birthday is the same as your last life. Your name is the same, except for your last name that will come later, and you are a wizard.

Yes you read right you're a wizard, magic exists in this world and the second you read the next letter you'll realise just where you are, and I know it will blow your mind with the possibilities that are open for you to enjoy, have fun."

I sat down on the bed as I finished reading as I tried to process the information. I… died, I just died then, and now I've been reincarnated. This is just too weird. I can't really think of any way to dispute what the letter is telling me. I mean, I was twenty-three before I went to sleep and now I'm eleven, this is just too insane not to be real.

As I read the letter again I felt myself swallow slightly. So I'm a wizard, that's cool I guess an eleven-year-old wizard that sounds so familiar in some way. Turning over the other letter I looked at it again and froze seeing the wax seal, it was a shield with four animals on it, a lion, a snake, a badger and an eagle, is that the crest I'm thinking of, it couldn't be… but it fits, am I in that world.

I quickly opened the letter and took out the thick sheet of paper inside, parchment that's what it was called, this type of paper. I unfolded it and read the starting line that any fan of the series has been wanting to read since reading the books and watching the movies.

"We are pleased to inform you, you have been accepted at Hogwarts School, for witchcraft and wizardry… holy shit, I'm in the world of Harry Potter." I said as I read the line out loud not actually believing it the first time. But the second I did I felt like my head was being squeezed as images flashed before my eyes, memories, but these weren't mine they were the soul's that mine joined with, it was the life that was lead before I took over.

Memories of growing up in an orphanage, of having small accidental bouts of magic that made other children stay away from me. That made the caretaker of the orphanage keep me at a distance. Memories of receiving my letter, of being met by Professor McGonagall and being told about magic. Being brought here, to the leaky cauldron in London and given instructions on what to do. I could remember it like I actually lived it, weird.

Folding the letter back up and put it away. I could remember what it said already having already read it once apparently. I couldn't help but smile like a kid, which I guess I am again. An actual Hogwarts acceptance letter, talk about a strange feeling. And these memories. I'm an orphan whose mother died in childbirth, my father was never in the picture for some reason and I grew up never feeling that I belonged with the other children in the orphanage. Well I could certainly see why now.

Looking at the letter I was excited by it. The idea of going to Hogwarts was something that anyone would be excited about… but then it hit me what this actually meant. I was in Magical Britain, not ten years ago they had been embroiled in a civil war with Voldemort, who's set to return in four years from now in the final stage of the tri-wizard tournament. War was only four years away and I'm going to be thrown headlong into the middle of it by attending Hogwarts.

Shit, how the hell am I meant to deal with this? I get a new life only to realise that I have only a few years until I have to fight for my life. If I'm a half-blood or a muggle born then I'm really in the shit, which is the only options I can think of right now. I'll be fair game to death eaters when the war starts.

Wait…do I have to go to Hogwarts, surely there could be other magical schools in Britain that I could try. With the number of witches and wizards in Britain, even after the war, surely one school wouldn't be able to support the entire populace for magical education. There was barely seven hundred students in it in the movies there has to be more. But then it's probably the largest and the most well-known, but it just doesn't add up… now that I think of it not much in the Harry Potter books do.

The war ten years ago. How could one man have caused magical Britain so much chaos? Sure he had a couple hundred death eaters, at most, and then a mix match of other dark creatures around him. But there was no way they outnumbered the rest of magical Britain if they all stood against him he wouldn't have lasted the week, horcrux's or not. It only took one deflected killing curse to destroy his body, did no one think to actually use one on him in the first place.

But then with Dumbledore and his order, plus the corrupt ministry, I would think that none of them would condone using a so called unforgiveable even if it was to end a war. It's ridiculous if you ask me, labelling magic as light or dark. Their whole system is flawed, a hammer is a tool but it can be used to kill a man, the same can be done with magic it's the intent behind its use. Magical Britain is just so stagnant that they just can't see it, they're stuck in the eighteen hundreds for Christ sake. They need a wakeup call.

Voldemort may have been a murderous bastard, but he had it right in the first book when he spoke on the matter, "There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it".

Sure there were lines that a guy shouldn't cross with magic that crosses over into evil, but used right magic wasn't good or evil it was just magic. But if the ends justify the means, using dark magic to kill a so-called dark lord, who would kill countless, I'm pretty sure that justifies it. The same as using dark magic to protect yourself and others, it's justified, not evil.

There was just so much about magical Britain's logic that didn't make sense, at least to me. Hogwarts was the main example of this looking at the school from a serious point of view it was a complete joke. There was an entire castle to used, filled with hundreds of rooms, but there was only nine maybe ten core subjects taught, with a further seven in the elective years after third year, and only a handful of extracurricular subject to choose from. That was at most thirty rooms' worth of classes, and how can one professor per subject possibly teach seven hundred students. High schools with the same number of students need at least four or five, and even if each class used two classrooms each there would still be loads of rooms unused. That was probably why Dumbledore was able to justify making an entire half floor of the school out of bounds in the first book for his little philosopher stone test.

On top of all this, there was just no way, that Hogwarts was able to teach all aspects of magic with such a limited staff and extremely short curriculum list. Seventeen classes in seven years, what a joke. What about conjuration, alchemy, enchanting, Wizard law, magical healing, and I'm sure there are loads more subjects that Hogwarts probably doesn't even touch on. So how was it the best wizarding school in Britain, unless all the others were even worse than this?

Shaking my head I set the letters down as I resolved to think about the flaws of magical Britain another time. If I continued now I'd never stop and I could probably write another series of books on the matter on just the flaws alone. Right now I had to focus. There were things I had to do now that I remembered what was going on.

I had to get my school stuff gathered up, but before that I had to go to Gringotts first. I remember professor McGonagall mention something about a student stipend for orphans attending Hogwarts. Maybe that was the reason I had to go there that Hogwarts was the only school that was able to take orphaned magical children, it would make sense in a way.

I quickly moved to get dressed as I saw my bag at the end of the bed with a couple of sets of spare clothes. I'd get breakfast after my business in the alley was done.

Once I was dressed in my jeans, t-shirt and jacket, I went to lift my Hogwarts letter, I blinked seeing that it was on its own, the other letter had disappeared. I guess it wasn't going to stay, it would be kind of hard to explain if someone found it. It's not exactly a fact I want people to know, if people knew I know what's going to happen in the future it could be very bad for me best to keep that fact on the down low.

With my letter in hand I headed over to the door out of my rented room. I knew the way down and out and my destination and I couldn't help but feel giddy with excitement as I walked down the corridor and the stairs as I thought about where I was actually going.

Stepping out the back door my eyes widened seeing a group of other people standing there as the wall parted. It was just as cool as in the movies watching the bricks part creating the doorway into the alley.

I walked through the gateway and into the alley after the people in front of me and I had to fight to keep my jaw from dropping. It was as amazing as I thought it would be, the alley was bustling with activity not as busy as in the movie but still very busy. I had to keep my head down as I made my way down the narrowed alley through the crowd.

This was something else that confused me about magical Britain. Surely there were other places to shop in the country other than the alley. This couldn't be the only place that catered to the magicals of Britain. There would be no way it could accommodate everyone. Maybe there were smaller places hidden out in other locations the books and movies just didn't touch on? That had to be the case, just like other magical schools, they weren't brought up till the tri-wizard tournament there were bound to be others.

Finally, after about ten minutes of weaving in and out of the crowded alley I made it to the steps of Gringotts bank and sighed a breath of relief after the rather annoying task, before straightening myself out and starting up the steps. My Hogwarts letter still in hand as I made my way inside.

Stepping inside I looked around in slightly awe at the size of the place. It was much larger inside than it was out and I quickly remembered the reason, magical size enchantments like on the tents that were used at the Quidditch world cup and Hermione's bag. One of those, or something similar, those could come in handy in the future.

As I made my way through the room I saw all the goblins moving around and some other wizards and witches speaking with different tellers at their benches. I didn't know the proper protocols to follow at this time though I had some ideas on things from reading fanfictions. But I didn't know if they counted, and the Wiki didn't really give much more than the basics and so I decided to just wing it for now and hope for the best.

Walking right up to the head teller at the tallest desk I cleared my throat, "Excuse me, my deepest apologies for disturbing you but I need some help." I spoke keeping my tone as strong as I could which wasn't much given I was eleven years old.

The small goblin stopped his scribbling and looked down at me with a raised eyebrow, "A young wizard with manners? Now this is a rare sight. What business does a child have with Gringotts bank, and be quick, less my sword find your throat. Time is gold." he spoke with an amused yet annoyed voice, likely trying to scare me, it didn't work.

I held up my letter to the goblin, "I was told to come to Gringotts to get my school funds to buy my supplies for Hogwarts, I was hoping you could help me." I stated plainly my voice solid.

The goblin took my letter giving me a curious look, likely because of my not reacting to his threat, and read through it quickly he nodded, "I see, very well, you will need to undergo an inherency test first, to check that you are indeed legible for the funds. If you have magical relatives they or your house would be required to pay for your schooling." he said as he waved his hand to another goblin who came over.

I heard them speak in some kind of language which I remembered was called goblin speak from the Wiki and before my letter was handed back to me, "This goblin will show you to a meeting room where you shall have your blood tested. If you are not part of any house you shall be given the key to a Hogwarts student vault with your funds inside." he said in dismissal.

I nodded and turned to follow the goblin who lead me to a set of double doors where I was lead inside, "Wait here" the goblin said gruffly before leaving.

Looking around the room I could see there was decorated rather nicely, though it could do with a clean. There was a solid wood desk and two chairs in the middle of the room where I assumed I was to wait and so sat down in the chair facing the door to wait to be met.

After a minute or so the doors opened and a goblin came in pulling a large wooden box on wheels, he looked to me before grinning, "Are you the to-be-student, who's here for an inherency test?" he asked.

I nodded my head stiffly, "I am." I replied as I watched the goblin approach the desk before stopping to open the wooden box and taking out a stone bowl that had a number of carved runes on its rim with a red ruby in its centre, and a curved knife with similar runes.

"I need your blood boy." the goblin said with a grin as he sat at the desk and placed the bowl in front of me.

I looked at the bowl before speaking, "How much do you need for the test?" I asked straight.

That seemed to take the goblin back for a moment at my unflinching, it would appear some of the fanfictions were right, goblins did like to make wizards squirm. Well I must have been a bit of a shock for them.

Shaking the shock off, the goblin cleared his throat, "Five drops will be sufficient," he said before handing me the knife.

I nodded back taking the knife and pressing the tip to the tip of my index finger and pressing hard enough to break the skin before holding it over the bowl and letting five drops fall in before taking my hand away.

I watch on with slight awe as I watched the cut close up as the same time as the runes on the blade glowed. So that's what they were for. I handing the knife back to the goblin.

As the goblin took the bowl back I watched on as he tapped the runes in a sequence as they light up and my blood was soaked into the ruby in the centre of the bowl. Seconds before a thick black smoke started to poor out of it, floating up and forming a shield.

My eyes widened as I recognised it from the wiki, I had seen it a number of times and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was a shield divided into two, the top half with an armoured arm holding a sword and the bottom part with three birds, ravens or crows, I felt my mouth open seeing it before I looked at the goblin who looked to be just as shocked as I before he cleared his throat.

"Well this is most surprising, it would appear child that you are a lost son of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black." the goblin spoke as I looked back up at the crest as it faded away.

I was a Black, like Sirius, but…. But… "How?" I asked openly not understanding how this could be, I knew that Sirius didn't have any kids, unless he did and I was him. I just couldn't think how else this would be possible.

The goblin grinned, "Let's find out, shall we," he said as he moved to the box and took out a quill and a sheet of parchment. "I will need some more of your blood," the goblin explained handing the bowl and knife back to me, "ten drops this time. Once it's done I will use the quill to trace back your magical family lines for three generations on either family side. After that I'm required to hand you over to your families account manager, I believe he will have a number of things to discuss with you now that you have been identified as a son of the House of Black."

I nodded taking the knife and once again cutting my finger and giving the required blood into the bowl. The same thing happened as before as I watched the cut on my finger heal before I passed the bowl over.

The goblin place the quill in the blood and in a couple of seconds it soaked it all in before he placed it on the parchment and we watched the magic take effect. The quill lifted up into the air and then proceeded to write, starting with my name and then going backwards. I watched with wide eyes as I saw my birth father's name written next to Sirius and my eyes were fixed on it.

"Regulus Arcturus Black is… my father?" I said in awe watching as the quill writes three generations backwards of the Black line before it started on my mother's side, "And, Alisha Parker, was my mother?" I said looking on as I saw the quill scroll back three generations of the Parker family before stopping and falling still on the parchment.

The goblin quickly took the parchment and looked it over, "Yes it would seem that your mother was a third generation witch, born to a lower power magical family but with three generations in her. She would be seen by most wizards to be better than most born from muggles, though not by much. But enough to make you the equivalent of a pure blood being both her child and the son of a pure blooded house with such lineage as the House of Black." he said before rolling the parchment up. "I will take this to the account manager for your new house so that he can confirm it. He will be with you momentarily to continue your business with Gringotts." before moving to collect the other items back into the wooden box and dragging it behind him as he left the room.

I sat there as I tried to contemplate just what this meant. I was a Black… I was the son Regulus Black…that would make Sirius Black, my uncle. But if Sirius was removed from the Black family that would make me the last one of the Black family wouldn't it?

As I sat there trying to contemplate just what was happening the doors to the meeting room opened once again and another goblin came in this one wearing an all-black suit looking older than the last. I noticed he had the Black's house crest on a black sash over his coat, he immediately walked up to the table and looked at me with a somewhat hard gaze for a moment before speaking.

"Master Black. My name is Ironclaw, I am the account manager for the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. It is an honour to meet you, and a relief to know that the House of Black has once again been revived with your discovery." he spoke with respect to me.

I had absolutely no idea where to begin right now. All this information in my head I didn't know where to start so until I had time to sit down and make a plan the best thing to do would be to go with the flow of things.

I steeled myself and nodded, "Thank you, Account Manager Ironclaw, your words are most welcome. However I'm slightly uninformed at the moment being raised outside of the wizarding world, and behind on some things… I would seek your council as to how I should proceed from here. As you are no doubt loyal to my apparent house I believe I should trust your advice on things." I replied knowing it could be taken one of two ways, luckily it went the better way. He grinned.

"Well I can see that you are quite wise seeking the help of others Master Black, and yes you are right, I and those of my clan have been loyal to the House of Black for close to two hundred years. It would be my honour to aid you until you can keep your own council." he said giving me a toothy grin, "Now, as you said you are just now re-joining the magical world I would ask if you have had your inoculations as of yet."

I paused for a minute before speaking, "I have had my inoculations for mundane diseases but if I am to go by what you are suggesting then there are others I am in need of… for the magical kind?" I asked.

Ironclaw nodded, "Yes, young master there are. Normally I would send any common wizard to the wizarding hospital St Mungo's for theirs but for the last son of the House of Black I would recommend seeing a Goblin healer for such as it would be faster and we can also offer a full magical scan to gauge any other latent magical abilities you have, House Black had a few in generations past, it could be possible that they reawakened in you." he added. "Our healers are trained in both wizard and goblin treatment. Given that Gringotts employs a number of wizards for various tasks. It is beneficial to be able to treat them in house, should something go wrong on a job, rather than send them to be treated at a wizard hospital."

I thought for a moment as I seemed to recall some mentions of magical diseases in the books, dragon pox and the like, I nodded, "Yes thank you Ironclaw. I believe I will take you up on that offer." I said with a bow of my head.

Ironclaw bowed back, "Of course Young master. Please follow me and I will see you to our healers personally."

Following Ironclaw, the goblin lead me from the meeting room and deeper into the bank and the through serval more doors until we came to a set of larger white doors. Passing through we came into what looked like an examination room and to the side sat a goblin in a white suit who turned to us as we entered. Ironclaw immediately approached him and the two conversed in goblin speak as I looked over the room.

There was a metal table with a thin cloth over it with a moveable curtain to provide privacy. In the display cases on the walls there were jars that looked to be filled with different things ranging eyeballs of different animals to various fungi.

Hearing the talking stop I turned to the goblin pair as they approached me.

"Master Black, it is an honour to be able to provide aid to one of such an honorable and old house such as yours." the goblin stated giving a bow, "My name is Healer Bolgrif, and your Account manager informs me that you require Gringotts services in a medical review at this time and inoculations for diseases of the magical variety."

I nodded, "Yes that is true Healer Bolgrif. I have just recently re-joined the magical world and find myself unprepared in such matters so I asked my account manager to aid me in such, and here we are." I stated

Bolgrif nodded, "Indeed. Well if you would like to have a seat on the table I will retrieve the potions for you to take and I will then perform a magical medial scan in order to see if there is anything else I can aid you with before we move on to your magical check."

I nodded and moved to sit down on the table as instructed and waited a few moments as the goblin leaves the room for a few minutes only to return with a wooden box with a number of phials. He then set it on the table beside me, "Drink these Master Black, they will inoculate you from all known magical diseases." he instructed.

I nodded and took up one of the phials and uncorked it giving a wince as I caught the scent, it was revolting, like someone had put three week old socks in a blender and put it on high, all I could do was hold my breath as I swallowed down each phial and try not to gag as each one tasted worse than the last.

As I set the last empty phial down I blanched, "That was probably the single most disgusting experience of my life." I said trying not to throw up from the aftertaste.

Bolgrif and Ironclaw gave a chuckle at my expense as Bolgrif stepped forward and raised his clawed hand and began to wave it in front of me, "Yes most say that. But better the taste than the diseases they protect against." he said before he started to chant as the tips of his fingers glowed and I felt the magic wash over me like a tingling sensation against my skin.

I sat up and let him continue his scan for a few minutes more before he stopped and nodded, "Master Black, I can find no other ailments on yourself at this time that will not naturally fix themselves on their own as you age and grow. With your permission I would begin your magical scan to test your magical core and check for any latent magical abilities." he asked politely.

I swallowed slightly, a little nervous and nodded, "Yes please continue healer Bolgrif." I instructed as politely as I could back.

Bolgrif nodded back and raised his hand as he started to chant again. This time his claw tips began glowing a bright blue instead of the white glow from before, and slowly as he continued the glow separated and small orbs of light broke off and changed colour for reasons I couldn't identify. Although apparently they were important as with each one Bolgrif raised an eyebrow and looked a little more excited as he continued. By the end there were three small lights in front of me, one a bright blue, the other a bright silver and a third a bright green.

Lowering his hand Bolgrif grinned, "Well this is certainly a welcome surprise." he stated looking to my account manager, "It would seem you were right. Some of the Black family abilities have resurfaced." he stated.

After a moment I cleared my throat, "Would someone please tell me what these lights mean?" I asked as politely as I could. I was getting a little annoyed about being left in the dark here.

Bolgrif turned back to me with a toothy grin, "Of course master Black, my apologies." he stated before indicating to the light blue light, "This orb represents your magical cores state. It is healthy and a good size for someone your age, indicating you will be magically powerful as you grow older." he explained before moving on to the silver orb.

"This one is a latent magical ability that was thought lost to the Black family line, but it would appear with the addition of new blood and magic to the line has been enough to awaken it once more, if partially. Possessors of this ability can change their appearance at will with practice. Those with this skill are called Metamorphmagus. Though only partially awakened you will now have the range of abilities as a full user would have. You will still be able to do minor changes, Congratulations" he said giving me a toothy grin before moving on to the last,

"And this green orb represents another ability this one a full ability that you will be able to learn. Some wizards learn how to transform into different animals. This ability is called being an Animagus. Some are born with the ability to use this more easily than others, once you have learned what form you can take on you will find it easier than your peers should any of them try to achieve such transformations." he finished.

I sat there in shock hearing this as I tried to comprehend what I was being told. Not only was I magical but I possessed two kick-ass skills, that I could learn and use. This was getting better by the minute, wait… Metamortphmagus… isn't that what Tonks is. Holy shit I'm related to Tonks… and … Bellatrix, Draco… er, not sure how I feel about those last two. I felt like an idiot now that I heard about my skills. I remember reading about such on the Wiki and the fanfictions, it was obvious.

Quickly snapping back to reality I blinked, "Cool." I said plainly not really sure how else to react to the news openly. I didn't want to give away anything like how I already knew about all this when I wasn't meant to.

Ironclaw nodded, "Indeed Master Black now if you would follow me to my office. You need to don your heir ring before we can continue with any further business you have today." he said before gesturing to the door.

I nodded and got off the table, before looking to the other goblin, "Thank you for your assistance Healer Bolgrif, your help has been most appreciated." I said giving a bow of my head.

Bolgrif smile back at me, "It was my pleasure to aid the House of Black, young master." he returned before both I and Ironclaw left the room and started back down the corridor.

As we walked my mind was racing a mile a minute as I tried to think what all this meant now, there was so much happening and so fast. I needed to priorities, if the heir ring was like I had read about in fan fictions before it was going to make me next in line for the title of Lord Black, when I came of age, whenever that would be. I clearly needed more information.

"Account manager Ironclaw?" I spoke curiously, "What is this ring you spoke of earlier, and what is an heir?" I asked doing my best to sound like a curious child.

Ironclaw glanced over his shoulders towards me as he spoke, "As you are the last Son of a Son of the House of Black, the line of inherency falls to you making you the Heir Apparent of the House of Black, the Ring signifies this. When you reach your majority at sixteen you will become Lord Black unless emancipated before such when you can take up your title earlier."

"Emancipated?" I asked still using my best curious tone.

Ironclaw nodded, "It means you would be recognized as an adult and not as a child. Such automatically happens when you reach your majority." he explained as we neared his office.

Okay that was yet another thing I would have to research when I had time. While I had read a number of fictions that involved the taking up of lordship where the character was emancipated. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea yet. I had no clue on what was fact and what was fiction so I would be better to hold off on that until I got a proper lay of the land as it were.

As we arrived back in his office I noted it was well kept and furnished much like the rest of the bank. Account managers must all get their own offices for some reason or another likely so they can manage more important accounts who would like their finances kept secret. I could understand that much.

As we entered I was gestured to wait as Ironclaw made his way over to the large vault within his office. I watched on as he ran his finger down the middle of the door as I heard the sounds of the internal mechanics clicking open before he opened it, retrieving an ornate wooden box form inside before returning to me and opening it.

Inside laid on the black cloth interior was a cameo styled ring sitting with its circular head pointed towards me. The black sapphire gem flashed with the house black crest for a moment before fading to leave only the sapphire.

I took a moment to look at it before reaching out and taking it. The gold of the ring felt cold to the touch and it was rather large. I knew that I wouldn't be able to wear it. But no sooner had I put it on my finger than I saw the gold flash and then the band shrunk to match my finger width before there was a rush of what I can only describe as something cold rushing through my veins for several moments before it faded and I let out a gasp and panted slightly suddenly feeling very drained.

"W-What was that?" I asked as I tried to get my breath back.

Ironclaw only smiled at me as he closed the lid of the box. "That was the final confirmation that you ae indeed the Heir black. It was the heir ring confirming you were worthy to wear the ring and as such worthy to be the Black heir and then the next Lord Black. My apologies for not telling you about it but it was not my place to do so." he said with a bow of his head before he turned to take the box back to his vault and close the door without another word.

I took several deep breaths trying to get my breathing back under control. I looked at the ring before I spoke, "and if it didn't judge me worthy to be the heir and I put it on?" I asked not sure I wanted to know.

Ironclaw gave me a grin, "That would depend on if you weren't a Black. If you weren't then the family magic in the ring would have simply killed you, very slowly. As you are a Black you would have only been in a lot of pain until you passed out. Then the ring would have removed itself from your finger by shrinking so much that it cut it off." he said as if it was common knowledge.

I did my best not to gulp hearing that and thanked whatever deity there was looking out for me. I forgot that House Black was a rather dark house, of course, their heir ring would be cursed to do something like that to discourage any who wasn't the heir.

Ironclaw then cleared his throat, "Congratulations Heir Black. Now if it pleases you I can take you down to your family vault for you to collect any gold you may need as well as browse your other belongings."

I thought for a moment on that. I did need to gather some gold for my school supplies, but I was also curious just what else was in the vault. Part of me was wary about them, given the Black's history. I'd just have to be careful this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Who knows what I could find down there to help me. I nodded, "Lead the way."

Ironclaw nodded and we soon departed his office heading for the carts.

Scene break

That was intense. The books and the movies don't do the cart system justice. It was completely mind-blowing and thrilling, and I'm not ashamed to admit I screamed a couple of times when I nearly fell out when we went down a very sharp dip that I hadn't seen coming.

Staggering out of the cart once we came to a stop. I was a little unsteady on my feet after that experience. It might take me a couple goes to get used to the ride. Ironclaw just smirked as he watched me stagger my way to the door as he waited for me.

"What a ride." I said as I steadied myself on the wall beside the vault door.

Ironclaw gave me a grin, "Indeed. Many young wizards say so their first time. Now to business. Please place your right hand on the vault door Heir Black. The magic upon it will recognize you as the heir Black and will permit you entry."

I nodded as I straightened up and after a moment to prepare myself, I placed my right hand on the door as Ironclaw had told me. I could feel the faint hum below my fingertips, it was nothing like the feeling I had when I put on the heir ring it was much less potent. It faded away seconds later and I heard the loud clicks of the inner door workings moments later as the door began to open and I couldn't keep the shock off my face when I looked inside. To say the inside of the vault was huge does not do it justice.

The inner ceiling was at least two floors high and it went in at least a hundred meters after the entrance corridor. Towards the back I could see shelves filled with tombs and books and to the side were various other shelves with doesn't of items on each.

Trunks stacked up in multiple stacks made of various fabrics filled one section of the wall. In the centre of the room was a huge mound of gold galleons that was at stretched back at least sixty meters and was nearly touching the ceiling, there was just so much.

Ironclaw bowed his head to me slightly, "I shall wait here for your return, call if you need me."

I nodded my head in response before I started forward down the small entrance corridor and into the main vault.

Walking in I let my eyes roam around I didn't know where to start when suddenly I jumped when a male voice spoke. "Who are you and what are you doing here!"

I jumped and swerved to find the source of the voice and my eyes widened as they settled on the source. Along the back wall of the vault were paintings a large number of them which I hadn't seen from the entrance hall, and the voice had come from the second to last one.

The painting was of a man with long black hair and hard-features, and piercing grey eyes, dressed in rich looking black robes who was watching me with his hard gaze. My eyes flickered to the golden nameplate and my eyes widened,

"Orion Black." I said as I realized looking at the portrait of just who it was, Sirius and Regulus's father, my grandfather.

"I will not ask again boy, who are you? And what are you doing in here," Orion said his tone hard as he looked at me with his hard gaze.

I straightened slightly and my shoulders set as I turned fully to look at the portrait before I spoke. "My name is Magnus Roark Black, and am the newly named heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black."

Orion's eyes grew a fraction wider when he heard this as he seemed to take in my appearance more as he looked me over. "How is this possible?" he spoke his tone somewhat lighter, "The only way you could be Heir Black at your age would be if you were born of the family," he said as he narrowed his eyes once more, "Who is your father boy?"

I didn't falter as he questioned me, nor as I replied. "I am the firstborn of your second born, Regulus Arcturus Black, the lost son of the House of Black, now found." I blinked, why had I just said that… it was like something was telling me it was the correct thing to say.

Orion's eyes definitely did widen when I said that and it looked as if someone had smacked him across the face. His eyes then darted down to my hand and the heir ring and he seemed to let out a breath before swallowing. "I see, I had thought that…. That the house was all but lost when I was told of my son's… your father's death. I am glad to see that the Black blood still flows strong." he said as he nodded his head to me, "You are most welcome here Heir Black. I am sorry but your father never had his portrait made. So you will not be able to speak to him, but myself and my wife Walburga, will assist you with anything you need." he said respectfully, "If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us".

I nodded, "Thank you, grandfather, I will do that. But I fear that I may do so quite often, I was raised outside of the wizarding world. Until recently I was in an orphanage and until not half an hour ago I did not know I had any family at all." I said before gesturing around me, "All of this is completely new to me."

Orion nodded to my words, "I see. Yes you do have a lot to learn then. But at least you seem to possess a strong fortitude, which is good. You will need that if you want to be the next Lord Black. Knowledge can be learned, but it takes a certain fortitude and strength to be a Lord, I think you will do nicely. If you will wait a moment I will fetch your grandmother from her portrait at Black Manor, she will want to speak with you now that you have been found."

I suppressed a wince at that as I watched him walk out of his frame. From what I can remember in the books and movies about Walburga Black she wasn't exactly the most pleasant of people. I didn't know if I wanted to meet her, but it was unavoidable at this point.

As I waited I turned and looked around once more waiting and I blinked when I saw the other side of the vault. While one side had books and what looked like a number of heirlooms of such. The other had shelves that were filled with what looked like various potion ingredients, a large number of them, and from just a quick glance the collection was very extensive.

But my attention was quickly drawn back to the portraits when I hear movement and I turned only to meet the gaze of Walburga Black. She was an older woman, in her mid-forties at least, with wild black hair and pale skin but was rather beautiful. Her gaze that of a woman that demanded respect and would raise hell if not given it.

I immediately felt my back straighten and set my shoulders as though I had just been challenged to a fight. I could tell that her gaze was a test to see my reaction, a test I was not going to fail.

After a moment her gaze seemed to soften if slightly as she sat back in her portrait in the chair in it and she nodded to me, "I see what you mean dear, he does at least have a spine." she said as I heard Orion chuckle from his Portrait.

"He does indeed." Orion agreed, "He will make a fine lord when he comes of age, once he has learned of his duties."

Walburga snorted, "That remains to be seen. Just because he wears the ring does not mean he will survive to become Lord Black." she stated rather amusingly.

I shot her a look at that comment, "And just what is that supposed to mean? You think just because I am a child that I will let another take what is mine. I am not something for your amusement!"

Walburga's eyes widened at my words and Orion burst into laughter, "Ha-ha, well said. You see dear he will make a fine lord." he said with a smile, "Neither of our sons had the nerve to downright defy you at that age, portrait or not. The lad has spirit."

Walburga snorted again, "Spirit means nothing when his age, it only means he's brash and foolhardy. He's already admitted he knows little of our world how does he expect to last when he doesn't know what to expect?"

I clenched my fists and took a breath, as expected she was proving to be just as stubborn a woman as she was in the books and movies, "By using what I do know. Learning as much as I can as fast as I can, and playing it safe until I know who I can trust. As grandfather said not five minutes ago to me: Knowledge can be learned, but it takes the right person to be a lord. If the Black Lordship is my right I will excel and claim it."

Walburga seemed to look at me a little differently at that and Orion nodded and gave me a pleased-looking smile before glancing to Walburga's painting once more, "What say you now dear? Does he meet your standards?"

Walburga continued to look at me for another several seconds after that but nodded, "He does," before bowing her head to me. "I am at your service Heir Black. It has been many years since the House of Black had an heir worthy such as you. Should you have any need of me you have but to ask."

I nodded my head doing my best not to exhale a sigh of relief, "Thank you, grandmother, grandfather, but please, call me Magnus. We're family after all." I said with a small smile.

Both seemed to smile at that and nodded to me in acceptance and I nodded back. I then gesturing to the rest of the vault, "Is there anything in here that you can think of that would help me in my studies, or would be of an advantage for me to have at Hogwarts?" I asked plainly.

Orion nodded, "There are many books and tomes on the far shelves that may prove interesting, although some may be too advanced until you are older, but they may prove to be something there you can learn from. I know that Hogwarts library doesn't stock many of these tomes as some could be considered… questionable in nature. But their contents are none the less useful." he explained

"As for aiding you in your studies, I would suggest you browse the heirlooms. Those trunks are all multi-compartmental trunks, each with the space of a medium size house inside with various other features. Such would be advantageous to have at Hogwarts to have a private place to study away from prying eyes." Orion continued

I nodded hearing that, those did sound very useful, "Thank you grandfather, is there anything else?"

Orion thought for a minute and nodded, "Yes now that you mention it. In the heirlooms you might find an old pocket watch, gold casing and chain with a black sapphire on its casing. Similar to your heir ring, it was enchanted many years ago and its effects may prove useful."

I looked at him waiting for him to continue but he didn't so I only nodded, "I will keep an eye out, thank you once again grandfather." I said before turning and starting towards the stacked trunks.

Reaching the wall of trunks I was about to start taking one down one at a time and give each a once over till I found the one that had the best insides when I stopped to look again. Each had a folded up piece of parchment on the lid with a drawn map and a list of rooms inside, along with a list the additional charms and features each had, this would prove to be quicker than I thought.

Scene break

Twenty minutes later I had gone through each of the trunks and chosen the best one I could find. It was large with a thick dragon hide finish and came with a number of features. It was both fire and water proof, had a deterrent charm so people would stay clear of it, a weightless charm so that it would be easy to carry, a security charm linked to my own magic which was linked to a penalty charm that would stun anyone who tried to open it who wasn't me, a concealment charm that kept the interior and its contents invisible to anyone when active so I wasn't worried about someone seeing what was inside it when I wasn't around. It also had a self-shrinking charm on it so I could shrink it to the size of a match box and put it in my pocket.

The reason I chose it was because not only did it offer the most space but it also had a number of rooms I knew I would find useful. A potions lab with a large ingredients store, a huge training room with a build in dueling ring, a combined large library and office space, on top of living quarters with a kitchen and pantry, and a master bedroom with bathroom and large closet space. It was practically a house on wheels.

With my trunk shrank and in my pocket I had started to browse through the heirlooms, keeping my hands to myself as I did so. I didn't want to risk touching anything knowing how nefarious and dangerous some of the items might be, and last thing I wanted was to be cursed by touching the wrong thing.

I was looking for the pocket watch that Orion had told me about and it was proving difficult to find. Only when I came into the jewelry area did I finally come across it, it was in a display case along with a number of other pieces, broaches and necklaces, and other pieces that looked expensive. I noticed they were all tagged with different labels and before I picked up the watch I took a quick glance at its label and my eyes widened, "Time dilation pocket watch".

My mind started to race thinking just what that meant. Was this something similar to a time turner? I wasn't sure I wanted to mess with that kind of thing. But all the same it would be a waste to pass up something that could aid me. Hermione had used such magic to advance her education in her third year, or she would, surely this could do the same for me.

With a nod I lifted the pocket watch and placed it in my pocket, but before I closed the lid I stopped to browse some of the other tags to see what the other pieces were capable of. Getting to a pendant necklace I read over the tag and my eyebrows shot up, "Legilimency barrier pendant".

Once again my mind had started to race with all the possibilities I had read in the past. How could I have forgotten about one of the most invasive magics in the wizarding world? If someone was to read my mind with legitimacy, they would know everything I would know in seconds, and I would be helpless to stop them. I would have to learn to defend myself from such things, but for now this pendant would be the best place to start to at least give me advanced warning about such an attack.

Taking up the pendant I looked it over, it was a black sapphire same as that of my ring, but only this one was cut into the shape of a shield with a number of small runes etched into it. It looked very impressive as it hung from the silver chain. I quickly put it on myself and took a final glance over the other things there stopping finally on a ring that was a plain silver with three diamonds in it and reading the tag I paused for thought as I read it, "Detection ring, potions, curses, charms- Self-sizing".

Nodding to myself once more I lifted the ring out and slipped it onto my middle finger next to my heir ring. I can't count the number of times that I've read fanfictions where people were slipped love potions or food with some magical alteration effect. I knew it was better to be safe than sorry as I watched the ring sized itself to my finger. I would have to ask my grandparents portraits how these worked later.

After I finished looking through the enchanted jewelry I move on to the book shelves to see if I could find anything that would peek my interest. I knew of a couple of topics that I wanted to learn already and I had several books stacked out on various subjects that caught my eye ranging from rituals, warding, ruins, battle transmutation, curses, Occlumency and potions, as well as three books that I could find on Metamorphmagus. While I could have browsed the topics here forever I was quite wary to touch the older looking books. When I held my hand over some of them I could feel a buzz in the air and the far right diamond on my detection ring turned black. I didn't know what that meant but I didn't want to risk looking anymore in case I touched something that I shouldn't, until I knew more.

There hadn't been any books on heirships or lordships or anything like that. I could only assume such books were at Black manor. I would just have to buy my own copies when I went shopping later.

With the books taken care of I made my way to the potions area to look at the ingredients just out of curiosity. I didn't plan on taking any, not this time as I didn't know if there was anything that the ministry would label dark here. The last thing I wanted to do was to was take something like that with me and have it found on me, that would only get me in trouble, so I would just wait till I knew more about that field before taking any of them out.

With a final glance around I started back to my grandparents portraits having put my books into my trunk the only things left that I needed were the galleons, but I didn't know how much to take so I thought I had better ask. While I could just shovel a pile of them into my pocket and hope for the best I just knew there had to be another way about it, like I had read in the fanfictions. Coming back to my vault every time I needed gold was just too tedious, there had to be another way.

"Finished grandfather. All I need now are the funds for my other school supplies. How much should I take?" I asked Orion's portrait.

The man smirked and pointed to a number of small sacks handing from hooks on one of the pillars next to the Galleons, "You don't need to take galleons from the vault. Those sacks are linked to the vault, simply take one with you, think about how many galleons you want and the bag will fill for you. It's bottomless and charmed to be weightless so you can use it for all number of charges, and they are like the vault doors only your magic can use it to pull funds from the vault."

I nodded, just as I thought. "Thank you grandfather." before walking over and lifting one of the sacks.

Orion nodded to me, "If you spotted anything in here that you can't take with you, simply call the manors house elf. His name is Kreacher. Now that you are Heir Black he will answer your call, you can have him bring you anything from the vault that is too big for you to carry out."

I nodded my head to his suggestion in part recognition and thanks. I had thought about Kreacher as I had been looking through the heirlooms. I had spotted a couple of things that might be useful to me later but I had decided against calling Kreacher. Given that I knew if I did I would be questioned as to how I had known about him and that would have me answering some questions that I didn't want to answer. I had to be careful.

Walburga nodded as well, "I'm sorry to say that Black manor has fallen into a bit of a mess since my death. I have attempted to keep Kreacher cleaning but I cannot see beyond what my portrait will permit me so the manor needs a thorough going through. I will instruct Kreacher to begin such while you are collecting your school things. If need be you can call him to take your things back to the manor. I shall have him prepare a room for you before he begins cleaning."

I nodded again, "Thank you grandmother, but I do not know where Black manor is how…" As I began to say it my mind flooded with information and I felt something click inside my head and I realized what it had been, I had known where Black manor was before, but arriving here had locked the information away from me because of the secret keeper charm placed on the manor, but now I could remember, I staggered slightly, "…Whoa…. What…. How do I know this?"

Orion gave me a smirk, "It is the heir ring. It and the lord's rings are keyed to a special magic that hides Black manor from the rest of the world. It permits you and the Lord Black to tell others where the manor is but because of the charm no one can tell others. Nor will anyone simply happen upon the manor, looking for it or not. It was your interest in Black manor that let the ring fill in the blanks as it were. Have you not noticed it subtly telling you the correct things to say as well when addressed? It is meant to do so as an aid for younger or uninformed heirs like yourself."

I nodded and looked at the heir ring on my hand and gave a small smirk. I should have guessed there was more to this ring than just that bit of magic from before.

Orion seemed to look at me with interest and smirked, "I see you happened upon the detection ring, a handy piece of jewelry to have."

I looked to him with a bit of a smile, "Yes I found it when I was looking for the pocket watch you told me about. But there were no instructions on how it works, nor on what the watch does. Though I take it from its name that it does something with time?"

Orion nodded, "Yes the pocket watch creates a sort of time dilation bubble in a three feet radius in every direction. Inside time moves three times faster than outside it but it will only last for an hour a day, before it needs to recover its magic from the user while it is kept in their position. With it one hour becomes three which proves quite handy for studying and doing parchment work when you are a lord, or homework as a student." he smirked.

I slowly nodded my head. While it was by no means a time turner, I couldn't deny that such an item would come in very handy. It would give me more time to study what I want to in private, and it would allow me to get any homework done in record time when I'm at Hogwarts. Very handy indeed.

Orion cleared his throat and continued. "As for the ring. Well the three gems are the indicators to watch. It's useful for checking food, mail or any gifts given to you. Simply wave it over an item and watch the gems. Black means there is a curse or hex on the object, blue means some sort of harmful or invasive charms are at work, or purple means there is a potion involved, if purple turns to pink it means there's a love potion, if purple turns to yellow it means there's a mind altering element, or if black it means poison of some sort"

I looked at the ring and gave a low whistle. This was going to come in very handy in making sure that everything I ate or touch was safe to do so. I knew I was likely sounding a bit like Mad Eye Moody when I thought it but given the route I was thinking about it would be better to have this and not need it than get caught out and eat something that would mess with my mind or kill me.

I looked at my grandparent's portraits and smiled, "Well it's time for me to go now. I still have my shopping to do, after all, lots to do."

Walburga nodded, "Once you are done Magnus, call for Kreacher. He can take you to outside Black manor, you will have to unlock the front with your ring. It will tell you how."

I nodded my head once more and started out of the Vault turning to Ironclaw as the doors shut behind me, "I believe that concludes my business today with Gringotts unless you have other business to discuss with me?"

Ironclaw shook his head, "No that is all Heir Black. If there is anything that comes to my attention I will owl you to inform you of it."

Once more I nodded my head, "Thank you for your assistance today Ironclaw. You have been of aid to House Black and it will not be forgotten. Now if you will kindly see me out of these caverns I believe that I have my school shopping to do."

Ironclaw nodded in response and we both started back to the cart to leave the vaults. I absentmindedly rubbed my heir ring and smiled. Things were going to be interesting with all that's at my disposal. While I still had to stop and make plans it was good to know I had a lot to work with. But what to do with it all is the question, so many possibilities and so much fun to be had. I was really looking forward to Hogwarts now, things were getting better by the moment.