Been binge reading Punisher Max lately, found myself inspired. Just a series of one-shots, not connected, not in any kind of order, simply brief glimpses into Shepards happily-ever-after. Don't expect updates. They may come but don't wait for them.

Shepards blood-soaked war on crime currently finds him on the Citadel. The Council is getting a lot of pressure from people who don't like reading about a new massacre over breakfast every morning so they pass that pressure on to C-Sec. In turn, C-Sec does nothing. They love him for wiping out entire gangs at a time, for taking down the targets they can't reach, for making sure they get to go home every night.

One day, they contact him to tell him of an ongoing hostage situation. He heads over and gets the details from the officer in charge.

A couple punk kids tried robbing a store. It went very, very sideways. One got left behind in the chase, the other three ducked into a nearby office and took hostages. They were demanding their friend be released and that they be given a shuttle.

Much to the cops' confusion, Shepard orders the kid be brought to the scene.

One of the punks is looking out the window and sees none other than Commander fucking Shepard standing in the middle of the street glaring up at them. They all promptly shit themselves.

They're arguing about what to do when they see him rear back and hurl something up at them. It crashes through the window of the adjacent room. After a full minute with no explosions, they investigate. One pukes, the others nearly joining him, when they discover their friends head on the floor.

They all march out with their hands up less than ten minutes after he arrived.