What will bring Harry back from the brink of catatonia?


The Weasley's were worried. No, the Weasley's were terrified. For the past month, their letters to Harry were returned unopened. His birthday gifts came back smashed. What was wrong with Harry? They all knew about what happened during the third task. Or as much as they needed to. They knew Harry should have come to the Burrow but Dumbledore had insisted.

Then Arthur came home pale and shaking during dinner. He sat and summoned a bottle of Old Ogden's Firewhiskey and took a long swallow straight from the bottle. His family Exchanged horrified glances. Their dad never drank.

Molly asked him what was wrong. He looked around and said in a strangled voice. "Harry..."

He took another drink. Ron looked down at the bottle and realized it had been full when his dad summoned it. It was now almost a third empty.

"Dumbledore brought him to the ministry and had Madam Pomfrey come. He was covered with bruises and had a broken arm and two missing teeth. The Dursley's were beating him because he wouldn't do his chores."

Ginny was crying along with Molly and the rest of the family had turned pale and angry.

Ron choked out "I-is he going to be ok?"

"I don't know. I mean physically all that can be healed easily. But Albus said he was just looking into space. He didn't react to anything."

Molly turned to her husband and stated, "He should be brought here as soon as possible. We're the closest thing he has to a family."

"Except Si- err snuffles, I mean." said Ron.

Molly nodded. The twins, Percy and Bill were puzzled at this. They had no idea who Snuffles was. Arthur just said, "Albus said Harry would be taken care of properly. So do not go sending him a howler, Molly. Dumbledore knows best."

Molly just snorted. "He sent him to the Dursley's. Maybe he shouldn't be in charge of Har-"

"Molly" Arthur warned.

The table went silent as the multitude of Weasley's contemplated Harry's condition. Ginny sniffled and whispered, "Why can't he just have a normal life?"

Ron looked at his mum and asked her if she could enchant a portkey to take him to Hermione's so he could tell her in person. Arthur looked up from the bottle, took a sheet of parchment out of his pocket, and handed it to Ron. "I made you one before I came home. Just tap your wand to it and when you want to come back do it again."

Ron ran upstairs and grabbed his wand. He came back downstairs and grabbed the parchment. Before he left he looked at the bottle in his dad's hand and hesitatingly said "Dad, can I have a-".

Before he could finish his father handed him the bottle and Ron took a drink, handed the bottle to the Bill who took and swig, and passed it on to the rest of the family. Ron tapped his wand to the parchment and felt the tug behind his navel. He appeared in the backyard of Hermione's parents' house. Ron walked to the back door and knocked heavily. Hermione's dad answered the door with a bewildered expression on his face and before he could say anything Ron asked for Hermione in a dead voice.

Mr. Granger took in his expression and without asking any questions, stepped aside to let Ron in. He called out to Hermione that she had a visitor. She came down, smiled, and asked, "What's up Ron?"

Then she noticed the expression on his face. Ron just said "Harry."

Hermione gasped and started asking what happened. Ron just scowled and said, "The fucking Dursley's were beating him."

Hermione started crying and Ron pulled her into his arms. When her parents heard her crying they came back into the room and asked what was wrong. She just shook her head. Ron told them in a voice dripping with hate that his 'family' had abused Harry Potter for the past month. They both looked shocked and Hermione choked out she was going back with Ron. Her mum started to object but her father put a hand on her arm and told her it was fine. Ron told her parents someone would come get her stuff later that night or tomorrow morning if no one was sober enough. Hermione's dad nodded and Ron said, "Accio wand".

Hermione's wand flew into his hand from her room and he slipped it into her jeans pocket. Ron told her to hang on and tapped his wand to the parchment. The familiar jerk happened and they were standing in the family room of the burrow with Molly and Arthur sitting on the couch while talking to Albus Dumbledore. The twinkle was gone from his eyes and Ron could see why You-Know-Who was afraid of him.

The headmaster looked up and nodded to Ron and Hermione. "I came to speak to you, Ron. I was going to go to miss grangers next but since she is here, we can do this in one fell swoop. I want to know if you would be willing to come help with Harry for the rest-"

Before he could even finish the sentence, Ron and Hermione nodded yes.

"Excellent then. In two days Sirius will arrive to bring you three to the castle."

Ron asked "the three of us?"

The headmaster nodded and said, "Yes, young Miss Weasley, you and Miss Granger will be staying in a newly constructed house next to Hagrid's Hut. Sirius will also be there and Madam Pomfrey will be making daily visits. I'll go collect Miss Granger's belongings after I finish speaking with your parents."

Ron nodded and turned to lead Hermione up to Ginny's room.

"And Mr. Weasley? From now on mister potter will be residing here. This knowledge is not to be released to anyone."

"Yes headmaster...Wh-whats going to happen to the Dursley's?"

Dumbledore's eyes flashed and he said one word "Azkaban".

Ron looked down at the ground, then at Hermione, his parents then back to the headmaster. His only word on the matter compressed a thousand worth of contempt, hate, malice, pleasure and glee for the Dursley's, their fate, and his feelings towards them "Good".

The next morning Fawkes arrived with Hermione's belongings and a letter for her stating her parents had given her permission to spend the rest of the summer at school.

The next day Sirius took them by floo network into Hogsmeade and took them through one of the tunnels into the school. Their trunks were collected by dobby and were waiting for them in the new building next to Hagrid's. It looked like a cross between the burrow, Hagrid's, the dorms and the hospital. Sirius spoke to them in a beautifully appointed sitting room filled with books of adventure and poetry. He sat them down, told them the schedules, and asked them to look at the assignments and to make a choice. Ginny spoke up first and offered to be the one to feed him , Hermione said she'd read to him, Sirius would be cleaning him with madam Pomfrey's help and ron was left with the medical watch. Although they had taken these specific jobs, they were informed they would take turns doing everything. Ginny blushed when she thought about helping him to bathe. Madame Pomfrey stepped out of the room with a window in the door and told them his medical needs. There were not very many. The main was an anti-bed sore charm. Sirius said, "We'll take Harry out side at least once a day."

Dobby and winky would be taking care of them. They all stepped through into Harry's room and saw dobby sitting by him whispering a story of dragons and treasure to him. They came closer and saw the tears streaming down Dobby's face. The blank look in Harry's eyes where once a fire there was only a cold hearth of jade. Ginny and Hermione had tears streaming down their faces and Ron and Sirius were fighting back tears.

Dobby looked up and whispered, "Dobby is here to serve."

Sirius sat down on the other side of Harry and took his hand. He asked dobby to continue the story and Ginny stepped up to Sirius' side.

She placed her fingers into Sirius' hand to feel Harry's. It was icy cold and she gasped.

She pulled her hand away and placed it on his cheek. It was freezing too.

Sirius looked up and whispered, "He's been so cold. Occasionally he'll catch my eye for a moment then he withdraws again"

Ginny sat down on the bed beside Harry, took his other hand in hers, and brought it up to her mouth. She kissed it softly and breathed, "I love you."

Before setting it down in her lap still clasped in her hands.

Ron had his arm around Hermione while they stood at the foot of the bed.

Sirius looked at Ginny and asked her why she came. He'd never seen her around him.

She looked down at the boy she loved and said, "He saved my life. I never thanked him."

Sirius nodded and giving her a tight smile.

The days went by and the group cared for the boy they loved, their friend, his son. Ron became adept with the medical charms and Dumbledore had him being tutored by Madame Pomfrey three hours a day. Hermione read to him from 'Hogwarts, a history' and many other books. Ginny kissed him on the forehead every morning. Sirius slept as a dog under Harry's bed every night.

Then one day Harry looked at Ginny and held her gaze for over a minute. His gaze went glassy again but he was smiling.


Harry was lost in thought. He knew he was no longer on privet drive.

occasionally faces came into focus and he saw his godfather, ron, Hermione, Madame Pomfrey, Albus Dumbledore, dobby. Even Ginny. For a while, he thought he was hallucinating. But for a moment or an eternity he held gazes with someone with red hair.

He thought it was his mum at first. Then he saw the brown eyes and realized it was the youngest Weasley. He almost turned away. He stopped and gazed into the eyes. He saw something he had never seen before. He looked and looked until he had it memorized. Was it hours or moments? He did not know. He looked into himself and tried to find the meaning of that look. He matched it against every student he had met. It wasn't hate, it wasn't hero worship, it wasn't disinterest. What was it? He looked again but this time it was bushy hair and a book.... Hermione? Probably.

He heard something about Hogwarts and turned into himself again.

It was hope? No but close. It was more than friendship he thought. Then he realized what it was. He looked again. This time there was a beard and twinkling blue eyes. Albus. He blinked his eyes. No... It was Sirius. He blinked again and it was Madame Pomfrey. He turned inward again and thought about those eyes.

All of a sudden, he craved chocolate. He tried to say chocolate. Did it come out? Then he felt warm chocolate slipping down his throat slowly.

He looked up and saw those eyes again. Yes, it was what he thought. And who. That red hair was like his best friends. But better. He saw the girl he risked his life for. Someone he didn't even know. As soon as he could, he wanted to know more about her.


Ginny and Sirius were amazed. It had taken over a month but he had spoken. There was something in his eyes. Not the anticipation and then relief Ginny had seen in the chamber, not the glee when he was playing Quidditch, not the complete and total freedom of flying. Something more primal. He had a fire in his eyes again. For the first time in a month, there were smiles in the house and there voices were higher than a whisper.


Harry was spending less time in himself. His memories were less painful. His dreams of Cedric were free of pain. Now they were of long conversations never really held. Then one day his dreams of Cedric were completely different. Cedric told him he had to go back. He had spent all the time he needed healing. He had one favor though. Tell Cho Cedric loved her? Harry couldn't say no.


Harry looked around. Ginny was sitting next to him asleep and he could see Sirius' tail wagging. What day was it? Where was he? He looked at Ginny and the warmth flowed through him. But first, he had a message to deliver. More important than his own wants. He shook the hand holding his. She was startled and almost pulled away but he wouldn't let go. He tried to say hi. But he couldn't push air through his throat properly. She held a glass of water with a straw up for him. Could he now? "Day?" it came out like tacks down a washboard. She whispered September 4. Asked the time. "A li'l after six." he thought for a second. Then said, "Get Cho." he saw the pain in her eyes from that. It didn't matter right now. She said she should wake up Sirius. He shook his head. And said Cho again. She nodded her head resignedly.


Cho was sitting with the other Ravenclaw's at dinner thinking about Cedric. She missed him so much. Then she saw a younger Gryffindor make her way towards the Ravenclaw table. She dismissed it and went back to her thoughts. She felt a tap on her shoulder and the Gryffindor was speaking to her. She recognized the Weasley's youngest. "Harry wants to talk to you," the girl said softly. Cho blinked. She nodded hesitatingly and followed the girl out expecting to go to the hospital ward. Then she realized they were heading towards the new building. Was it for him alone? She had heard he had been injured. Why wasn't he in the hospital wing. They stepped inside and walked towards a door with a window. Harry was sitting in a bed holding a glass of water with a shaky hand looking out at the forest. There were fairy's flitting about the trees and he had a small smile on his face.


Ginny was so afraid Harry was going to tell Cho he loved her. She stood near the door but the room was so quiet she heard everything perfectly. But his first words weren't what she expected. "Ginny, come here" Harry rasped. She looked over and walked to him. He took her hand in his and her heart started pounding.


Cho looked at Harry's face and saw eternal pain. How she had believed he had killed Cedric those few days she couldn't understand now. Then his words came to her and were clearer than if he had a sonorus charm on him. "I have a message for you. From Cedric." she almost stopped breathing but nodded pensively. "He told me to tell you he loved you." he looked down not sure if she would believe him. She stopped breathing for a second. Then she said thank you. She kissed Harry on the cheek and walked back to the castle.


Ginny looked at Harry. He raised his head. There were tears streaming down his cheeks. He took a drink of water and tried to wipe his face but realized both hands were occupied.


Harry looked at Ginny and the tears stopped. He smiled at her and her heart started a very irregular rhythm. He pulled her onto the bed into his arms. She snuggled into him. He put his head into the crook of her neck.


Ginny felt his breath on her neck and couldn't concentrate. Then she heard him say something wonderful. "Tell me about you Ginny. I need to know more about you."

Sirius woke up and looked outside. It was dark. He shifted back into a human and looked at Harry. His eyes widened and his face broke into a smile. His heart started beating in a steady rhythm for the first time on months. Harry was sitting up with Ginny Weasley in his arms. Both were asleep with smiles on their faces. Sirius closed his eyes for a moment, opened them again and saw not his godson but his best friend and girl friend. James and Lily. He kissed Harry's forehead shifted back to the dog and ran with all his heart to the castle. His godson was back.

A/n: I will be adding a second chapter to this it will be short and from one point of view. The view of the person who destroys the Dursley's.