The past few months had gone by quickly. Harry had passed his N.E.W.T.S. with scores that Hermione was jealous of. Ginny had been a terror about his scores. They had a week until the rest of the grades were handed out and officious ministry personnel were annoying Harry. None of them believed Harry's grades.

Harry was standing in the middle of his classroom looking at three ministry personnel. One was glaring at him, one was writing on a scroll and the third was looking him over lasciviously. This had been going on for three hours.

"This interview is over," Harry said. He waved his hand and the chairs in the room began sliding back into place. He snapped his fingers and the three ministry members floated to the ceiling. Harry walked out of the room as the three took out their wands and tried to bring themselves down.

Two hours later Harry returned to his classroom. "Do you get it now? I was able to place the three of you in the air and you were unable to bring yourself down. Now here's the kicker. I did it with no wand and you, fully trained adults working for the ministry, were unable to counter it."

Harry waved his hand and the three fell to the ground. "Goodbye. Please don't bother me again with your foolishness."

Ron was guffawing over the story and Hermione was berating Harry for being so rude to ministry personnel. Ginny and Ron started in on how stupid some of the people were there. Harry was just basking in the fact that school was out in a few days and he would have some freedom.


Angie Morrow was standing next to the table. She looked nervous. It was understandable. Harry and his friends were rarely bothered other than by other Gryffindors or staff.

"You can call me Harry, Angie. We're not in class. What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help over the school year."

Harry smiled. "You're one of my best students, Angie. In addition, my best first year. You have the highest grade in the class this year. I hope you have a good summer. If you need anything just owl me ok?"

She nodded and turned away.

Ginny giggled. "You just might have the Harry Potter Fan Club starting up again soon. Only this time run by a Slytherin."

Harry looked around and saw no one was near. "Maybe, but I won't end up engaged to the head of it this time."

Ginny smiled and kissed his cheek. Ron gagged and Hermione was grinning.

The next few days passed and the rest of the students received their results. Harry had been a fair grader to everyone and had had to fail only one student. Hermione did the best of the fifth years in his class and Ron was fourth in Gryffindor and eleventh over all. Ginny was fourth in her class and fourth over all.

Harry had packed his belongings even though everyone believed he'd be staying there. Sirius and Harry were preparing the Polyjuice for Sirius. Harry had removed a patch of hair that he had grown out for the Polyjuice. Harry was looking over the ingredients feeling a bit of nostalgia when he was handed a vial that was putrid chartreuse.

"What's this?"

"How you're gonna surprise you lovely fiancée. Essence of Sirius Black," Padfoot was grinning.

Harry grinned and stuck it in his cloak. "I hope this doesn't taste as bad as essence of Goyle did."

Sirius looked at his godson. "You've used Polyjuice before?"

Harry nodded. "My second year. I had to get into the Slytherin common room so I could find out if Malfoy was the one releasing the Basilisk."

Sirius nodded and grinned. "I'm amazed at you sometimes. I think you and your friends may have gotten into more trouble in your first three years than we did."

Harry grinned and headed back to his room. Ginny was leaving tomorrow morning and he planned to spend the time with her before she left alone. Dobby was bringing them their meals and his friend knew not to bother them.

Harry awoke the next morning and reached over for Gin. Her side of the bed was warm but she wasn't there. He got out of bed and looked for her. He found her sitting in the living room in front of the fire sniffling covered with his cloak.

"Gin, love. Don't cry."

"I don't want to be without you for a week," she sniffled.

Harry pulled his cloak off of her and the bottle fell out. He picked it up, set it on the table, and sat beside her, wrapping the sheet around her. He waved his hand and cast a warming charm on the sheet. She snuggled into him and sniffled again.

He grinned slightly and lifted her head so he could kiss her lips. He wasn't going to tell her about the Polyjuice or his plans to come home the day after they did. She pulled away from the kiss and laid her head on his shoulder. A few moments later, they were both asleep.

Ginny shook Harry until he awoke. "What's in the vial, Harry?"

"Uhh, poison?" Harry said.

She looked at him.

"I mean it's a potion I need to take after you leave."

"Oh, what's it do?" she asked.

He lied, "It's so I can see in a different spectrum."

"Oh. Why?"

"Just a test. I want to see if it will be useful in the fight against Moldiemort."

She giggled at the nick Harry had given the Dark Lord.

She looked at the clock and crawled on top of him under the sheet. She could feel him start to get aroused against her center and she almost maneuvered so he would slide in.

Harry felt her moving her hips and knew she was thinking about going farther. He flipped her onto her back on the couch crawled down between her legs. Her hands would through his hair as his breath tickled her mound.

Ginny was breathing hard and was flushed from Harry's ministrations. She was so entranced in what was happening to her she didn't even hear the door being knocked on.

Harry heard a shout and realized Hermione was knocking at their front door. He looked at his watch and realized Ginny had to get ready to go. She was supposed to be catching the train in half an hour.

Ginny felt Harry pull away. She moaned in frustration.

"Ginny. Ginny," Harry was saying repeatedly.

She pulled out of it and he kissed her. "You need to get dressed. You have to catch the train in thirty minutes."

She looked at the clock over the mantel and gasped. Then she licked her lips and giggled. She pulled Harry towards her and licked his lips before kissing him again. Harry realized what she was doing and laughed.

"Love, we can do this all summer. Go get dressed before Hermione batters down the door."

Ginny jumped off the couch and ran to the bedroom while Harry wrapped the sheet around himself. He walked over to the door and opened it. Hermione came through and said, "What's taking her. We have to…" she trailed off when she saw the grin on Harry's face.
Hermione's face turned red and she darted back out the door.

Harry walked into the bedroom to watch Ginny get dressed. She had just jumped out of the shower and was slipping into her pants when she noticed the grin on his face.

"What did Hermione want?"

"I don't know. When she saw the look on my face and smelled the scent in the room she turned red and left."

Ginny started turning red and faltered putting her bra on. "Oh great. I mean they all know we live together but…"

Harry grinned and started laughing. "Gin, there's a pool going around for when we'll announce our wedding date. There's another pool for when you'll announce we're having a baby. I think if the whole school walked in on us next year the only ones who would be surprised would be the first years."

She blushed even deeper and turned back to putting on her clothes. Her trunk had been sent down earlier while they were asleep and she had a backpack with a few things she needed.

Harry kissed his fiancée and walked her down to the great hall where Ron and Hermione were impatiently waiting. Ron looked at the two and looked down at the ground. Hermione was looking at the molding over Harry's shoulder.

"I love you Gin. See you when I do," he kissed her goodbye and watched the three walk off. Ginny kept looking back at him. When she turned the corner, Harry reached into his pocket and drank the potion. He placed the vial back in his cloak as his skin began to bubble and he turned into Sirius. He looked around and saw no one still. He changed into a phoenix and flew.

Mrs. Weasley was surprised to see a black phoenix arrive in the kitchen. When it changed into one of the professors, she was terrified something had happened to one of her children. She included Harry in this thought.

Harry looked down at his watch then smiled at Mrs. Weasley. Thirty seconds later his skin began bubbling and Harry was looking at Mrs. Weasley.

Mrs. Weasley watched Sirius black turn into Harry Potter. Then she realized one of her children was home already. She hugged him.

"Uhh, Molly, I can't breathe," he coughed out.

"I was so worried something had happened to one of you. Don't scare me like that," she said as she let go.

"I wanted to surprise Ginny. She thinks I won't be here for a week."

Mrs. Weasley smiled then she sniffed the air. "Uhh, Harry? I know we gave you permission and all… but you smell like…"

Harry's eyes widened and he turned into a phoenix and flew up the stairs.

Mrs. Weasley saw some of his clothes fly through the air from the cottage and she heard the shower start. Ten minutes later Harry reappeared in green robes with his hair hanging loose. She saw him look down at his robes then hold out his hand. A moment later, a leather thong that matched the color of his robes appeared in his hands and he tied back his hair with it.

Harry looked everywhere except Mrs. Weasley's eyes. He looked at his watch and wondered when she was leaving to pick the kids up. "When are you going to pick up Ginny and the others?" he asked.

She smiled and replied, "Arthur is getting them. They're coming back in his ministry limo. He spent all Saturday waxing over the enchantments placed on it."

"Oh, ok. When will they be back?" he asked.

"They should be back in 45 minutes."

Harry thought about that then grinned. He waved his hand and the clothes he was wearing flew down the stairs. A vial flew into his hand as the clothing flew into the washroom. He uncorked it and took a drink.

Molly watched Harry turn into Sirius Black in front of her. "I think I'll scare her a bit."

The two sat down for a cup of tea. The children arrived 53 minutes later and they talked with Professor Black about Harry. They noticed him checking his watch.

Harry saw that he had less than a minute before he changed back. He stood and kissed Ginny. She pulled back and started to yell at the professor.

She heard the gasps turn to laughs and realized she was yelling at her fiancée.

"You jerk. How could you do that to me? Why didn't you tell me you were going to be here?" she cried as she hugged Harry.

"I wanted to surprise you. Please tell me you didn't like my godfather kissing you?"

Ginny decided to get back at him. "Actually, he seems to be a better kisser than you."

She saw his eyes flash and she giggled. "I'm kidding Harry." Then she smirked and grabbed his hand. "Come on. We're finishing what we started this morning."

Harry blanched. Then he whispered in her ear. "Your mum could smell you on me when I got here."

Ginny turned red and looked over at her mum. She saw her mum smiling. She shook herself slightly and dragged Harry to their cottage.

Ron looked at his brothers. Both were wondering what going on. Ron whispered what Hermione had told him that morning. The two paled then began grinning.

"This calls for pranks. Off to the workshop, brother of mine."

"Yes Forge, this most definitely calls for pranks."

Ron watched them head up the stairs then heard them scream. He grinned. Their supplies had been thrown out.

He ran up to his room. The summer had just begun and he knew it was going to be great.