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Chapter 5:

Harry's armband signaled to him that Gelon was trying to open communications. He had just sat down and made his decree that no sacrifices would happen again and was about to go into length about what was going to happen with Ishta. Deciding that the report from Gelon was a little more important than continuing his conversation, he activated the holoprojector so all could see Gelon.

"My lord we have captured all three of the enemy Ha'taks with minimal losses and nearly have total control of the planet." Gelon informed him and everyone else in the throne room with what could almost be described as a smile on his face. "One of Moloch's Ha'taks was badly damaged during its capture and I have ordered it to land on the pyramid to enact repairs, if that is acceptable?" Gelon asked now slightly worried by having taken action without orders first.

While he was pondering what exactly to do with Moloch's assets he just acquired, he looked at the shocked faces of both Ishta and her fellow priestess. They obviously did not think that he would so easily defeat Moloch's forces. "You've made the right call Gelon, ensure that all the Ha'taks are repaired to full working condition. Once they are repaired I would like you to start dismantling the main pyramid loading its materials and equipment onto the three newly captured vessels. After they are full and ready to embark have them return to Argensis for refit. While that is happening I want you to start ringing some of your troops down to ensure order and a smooth transition of power. Now give me of a report on the battle and how many losses we sustained." he commanded to his now happy commander.

"My lord the battle was a complete success, we only lost thirty-two of the Jaffa who participated in the attack. Four were lost to an explosion of an Alkesh while in two fighters. twenty-seven were lost to Enemy Jaffa during boarding actions and unfortunately I have to report we also lost one of the Jaffa to his own negligence." Gelon reported seriously, with his voice dipping into a bit of anger at the end. "The Jaffa in question failed to exit the ring platform on the receiving end in a timely manner and was crushed by the next team coming in behind him. I will ensure this does not happen again my lord." Gelon said while bowing his head.

"It seems that you were more successful in battle than you let on Gelon. Only thirty-two losses against three Ha'taks while being outnumbered three to one. I have to commend you on minimizing the losses. As of today many of your brother and sister Jaffa were liberated from the cruel grasps of Moloch. I must also congratulate you and the soldiers you have chosen to be my personal guards, they performed beyond my expectations today. The sacrifices that were made here today in battle shall not be forgotten, and their legacy shall be seen in every female baby Jaffa now born to those who were once under Moloch. I would like you to record their names and provide me with a list when we return to Argensis. Commence the battlefield clean up and keep your ship in orbit for now." he finished after giving a small impromptu speech to those present and those on Gelon's end.

It was critical to let his men know that their lives were important to him, as they would be less likely to question an order or hesitate when he asks them to do dangerous things in the future. It also gave him good PR with his troops and those Jaffa that he would be bringing into the fold. He ended the connection to Gelon and looked to the other priestess who's name was Neith. He could tell she was far quicker to anger and violence than Ishta, but she looks up to her with near devotion. Looking back towards Ishta he could see her studying him just as he was her.

She was even more beautiful now that it seemed a huge burden had lifted off of her shoulders. "So you have been using one of Moloch's less used planets to hideaway all of your sisters." he commented to her not actually making it a question. Moloch had far more people in his domain than he had, however they were more spread out than his own. In total Moloch had about 750 thousand people about 550 thousand of those were human slaves. "There shall be no need for that in the future, in fact I will require them to come to my homeworld of Argensis. Do not worry though I shall be doing the same for nearly all within Moloch's former domain. The people here will need time to recover and they shall do it amongst my own people." he said while ensuring that she understood.

The emotions that crossed Ishta's face went from shock about his knowledge, to worry about the girls, to what he would possibly classify as maybe hope or happiness. "My lord I shall serve you faithfully and devoutly if you will but keep the one promise about ending all sacrifices." she said while she bowed extra low without letting up.

Getting up quickly from the throne he crossed the space between them in a flash. He gently took her by the shoulders and raised her up from her bow. "I do not require anything from you in payment for my actions here today. I would have done it regardless, as it is simply the right thing to do. It also happens to have been extremely beneficial to myself as the same time." he said while raising her face so she was looking at him. "I do not require your devotion, only your service, as all within my domain have the choice to worship my divine self or not." Her eyes grew large as he said something anathema to any Goa'uld. "I would certainly not want someone who doesn't believe in my divinity pretending to worship me for some false reason." he continued.

The fear that had vacated her eyes was slowly returning to her as she kept her face neutral. "My Lord of course the Goa'uld are gods. Their power is undeniable!" she replied, quickly bowing again.

He just couldn't help himself, so he burst out laughing. From what he had read from her mind that sentence was in complete opposition to what she actually believed. She in fact was probably nearly gagging herself just choking out that pile of bs. Just as he was about to recover, he saw a look as if he was crazy in both of the priestesses faces and even one of the guards by the door was looking towards him, which sent him into another fit of laughter.

Once under control he started speaking again with a bit of jubilance. "Ahhh, I have not laughed like that in years now. The Goa'uld, besides myself, are no longer the gods they claim to be. To be honest it is not even fair to call myself truly a Goa'uld any longer, as both my bodies have become one. There are no longer a host and a symbiote. There is only my divine self left, a rare combination that created true divinity." he said laying it on a bit thick, but at the same time being mostly honest for once. "The Goa'uld after losing their divinity continued to pretend they still have divine power they lost eons ago." he said continuing the same story he had concocted, designed to undermine the Goa'uld while splintering himself from their collective.

"They now use technology to pass off as divine might to trick their followers into worship, remove that technology and they are weak pathetic deluded fools." he said with a little heat in his voice. More than anything he thought it was probably the sure wastefulness of the Goa'uld that angered him so much. They had so much potential but they threw it away for some stupid game of playing god over humans. "It shall not be a secret amongst my people that the Goa'uld no longer possess the divine power they once claimed and are no more powerful than a strong Jaffa." he said as his levity left his voice.

"It is part of the reason I do not require the worship of all my subjects. How can I expect the devotion of all of those who have been tricked by others so similar to myself. When I regained my power and I was reborn into Hariric, I gained enlightenment about so many truths that eluded me before. I require no blind faith from my followers as my magical power shall be proven to my people regularly. Even still with all the power I have, I am still limited in some ways." he said while looking into the brazier in the center of the room, not realizing that he was failing a bit to uphold the image of a god. Ironically it was that moment of vulnerability that solidified in the hearts of his personal guard his place as their god.

"That will be your job Istha." he said while looking to her. "To ensure that what I have told you here today is known by all within my domain; but to also ensure it is not whispered to those from beyond, as you can only imagine what those false gods would do." he commanded while walking back to his throne. Turning around he waved his hand making all the bodies that littered the room disappear. The damage and debris from erant plasma blasts picked themselves up and slotted back into place. Then once all the damage was repaired all evidence of the battle disappeared as the room became instantly clean. With a final touch he conjured two chairs, similar to ones he presented Ana and Gelon with, for Ishta and Neith.

That will never get old he thinks as he looks to the two priestesses whose jaws were nearly on the floor at his casual display of magic. He took his chair and patiently waited for them to recover, Ishta predictably was the first to. "My lord that was an example of your magic at use?" she asked as she walked up to and lightly touched the ebony chair with a finger.

"A small example, yes. But take a seat as I have much to ask you about the domain of Moloch." he said indicating to the seats. He then began the nearly day long debrief on what he should know about the domain that may not have been in Molochs memories he stole. It was not a hard meeting as he got to share it with two beautiful woman.

They went over much of the information about Moloch's domain. The fact the Moloch's homeworld planet was nearly depleted of all shallow Naquadah mines causing him to start spreading his people to his other planets in his domain. That was why there was only one hundred thousand on his homeworld. He told Ishta that they would be moving all of the people to his homeworld of Argensis as he did not need these additional Naquadah mines open. It was also to consolidate his holdings more, so that he did not need to stretch his assets thin defending so many planets.

He was considering turning this world into a farm world to feed his growing population in the future as Moloch had depleted much of the resources. However there was no need at the moment so he put that off in tell his population started to hit the billions. Oh one could dream.

When they had finished discussing all seven of the new planets that he had conquered and what was to be expected on each in terms of the people who live there. One thing of note was that he obtained his first desert world, but it also happens to have something he had been looking for, a planet that was rich in abundant trinium deposits. While most of his planets contained small deposits, it limited his use of the substance to less intensive areas, such as outfitting his troops. Anything such as ship scale power generators would be far outside his current mining capabilities. This new world would open up the option of making better ship building alloys, and furthering his science as the Goa'uld had not previously done much in depth studies of the substance. This could be because much of the ancient technologies they discovered contained nearly none of the substance, so the Goa'uld wrote it off as non-viable without much study. Dumb-asses.

The only other planet worth mentioning is the last planet that Moloch has any ships on, while not a mothership he did have two Alkesh over his richest naquadah mining planet. He would have to send Gelon there to deal with them soon so that he could insure their would be no issue in the transition of ownership of the planet.

"Neith you should head to Haktyl to spread the news of Molochs death and to have them start preparing to head to the new city on Argensis. I will have one of my guards escort you to the storehouse so you can get food supplies for the people there. I know that you do not have easy access to food sources. My guard will help you carry the supplies to the Chapa'ai." he recommended to her using a bit of the knowledge he had skimmed from Ishta on the status of their little village. With a wave to one of his waiting personal guard they both left on their way, only after Neith got a nod of confirmation from Ishta. That only brought a smile to his face seeing the still thriving independence. It was a bit refreshing with his only company having been servants, slaves, and house elves for the last year and a bit now.

"What will you have of me my lord? or shall I start spreading the message about the Goa'uld as you have instructed?" asked Ishta with a little bit of hesitation. It seemed she was getting a bit more comfortable being around him already.

"You shall be put in charge of ensuring that all the people within Moloch's old domain have been moved to Argensis." he replied quickly looking to her, noticing that she still needed an armband. "Dobby would you mind giving me one of my personalized armbands?" he asked to the thin air.

"Here you are Great Master Harry." said Dobby having appeared from his trunk holding a armband handing it to him, which he tossed to Ishta. "Once you put it on just think tutorial and it will show you how to operate it." he told her. "It will allow you to stay in contact with myself and Gelon who will be helping you move people to Argensis once he has finished securing this new part of my domain."

Ishta took the armband and attached it to her arm without even blinking at the appearance of the house elf. It seemed she was starting to take this in stride or was simply already used to his antics. He was not quite sure which he preferred. "Thank you my lord. This will be very helpful as I will need the use of cargo ships to move some of the more distant people to the Chapa'ai on certain planets." she thanked him while looking over her new device closely. It was one of his personal models, so had a shield that would activate if the sensors detected a threat, just as his had for the two staff blasts earlier when fighting Moloch. Not that his armour would not have handled them, but better to be prudent.

Once she was situated he dismissed her to her duties with a quick goodbye and informed her that he would like regular updates in person every five days. With that done he took out his trunk and informed his guards that he would be turning in for the night. Before he entered he sent of a quick message to Gelon to handle the Alkesh on the naquadah planet and to be here for a meeting tomorrow about their future plans for Moloch's former territory.

Retreating to his manor he quickly made a beeline to the Baths to relax and allow the stress that had been building up slowly to seep away. He reflected that now with Moloch's seven planets added onto his six he controlled, he was a far more significant System Lord than he was before. On top of that his military might doubling over the last battle, he was now considered a moderately powerful system lord. Once his long soak was done he retreated to his room to take a restful hour long sleep.

After his slumber he immediately used his time turner in another room to allow him some additional time before his meeting with Gelon. He had decided that he needed to form some future plans here and now, before he could do anything else. He also was more than likely gonna need to get around to designing a real Chapa'ai facility and not just continue to use the temporary one on Argensis.

Now that he had started the many changes across his domain it was only a matter of a year or two before the other System Lords found out about some of his more progressive actions, but more importantly about his message of them being false gods. While not completely in the wrong if he chose to free the slaves it would be seen as an act against the System Lord collective and would draw their combined wrath. That did not mean that he was not going to follow through with his plans of emancipation, he was just going to have to time it nearly perfectly. Hopefully Ishta will do a good job in preventing much of what is talked about in his domain from escaping, and the new Chapa'ai facilities will definitely help.

In the meantime it would make sense that the best way for him not to gain notice as rumors of his changes start spreading, will be to take a more active role in the next System Lord meeting. This will help him gain more intelligence on the current going ons of the council. It may even allow him to throw off some suspicions if he was more involved.

Once he breaks off from the System Lords, when they finally get angry after finding out about his message to his people, he will need a plan for his domain's governing future. He was definitely leaning towards a straight up monarchy or dictatorship. While democracies had many benefits they were slow, cumbersome and often open to abuse and corruption. There would be zero chance he could improve his domain nearly as quickly if he did not have the entire populace working toward his goals with a single mind. This also lead him into thinking about possible founding a new space empire. That honestly sounded cool, being the god emperor of his people, or at least to some of them.

While sure it would be interesting to be an emperor he does not really want to be emperor of the galaxy or something else similar. Therefore he quenched all plans for galactic domination here and now, crushing down his fanboy love of Darth Vader. There goes his dreams of being as cool as a Sith lord. But it also brings the question back to how much control does he want his subjects to have in their governing. He obviously will want a ruling council that he delegates all the tasks to and for them then to be complemented by their respective branches. Those branches however would be fairly automated, and with possible VIs and magic he could ensure little corruption occurred. Knowing that corruption and greed were two of the leading causes of most empires falling.

That brought up a slew of other questions that he has been neglecting to answer for himself, as he knew it would mean that there was no going back. For example should he ally with Earth? Does he open up trade with them through secret agreements with their governments or just straight up hand them over some basic technologies? He would have to in some way uplift the current level of tech without giving them access to things beyond their understanding or their control. This was to ensure that they could possibly defend themselves in the future if they have visitors from other planets. He knew that there was no real rush as the Goa'uld have practically ignored Earth since they left five thousand years ago. Regardless it was more questions without answers because he would have to wait tell he went there, he could only guess that this Earth was similar in technology as his own. With that in concluded, he made plans to head there before the end of this new year.

Another question he had to answer was what to do with the Tok'ra. Sure they aimed to take down all of the Goa'uld through what appeared to be espionage like tactics, but how much actual success have they had. The only reason the Goa'uld numbers where not rising was because the Goa'uld themselves limited their numbers. He would have to see in the future as he makes additional contact with them, but he would be cautious as they seemed to have a tendency to be ok with making sacrifices of others to obtain their own goals. For now he would use a neutral approach to them.

Expansion was also on his mind, especially after how easy it had been to take out Moloch, not that he expected others would be so, Moloch was a bit of an idiot. There were two other System Lords that controlled territory touching his, including one of the top dogs Cronus, but more importantly there was the former System Lord Nirrti who was situated between his domain and the region of space Earth sat in. Her domain was smaller than his, but used to take up much of the entire region between his domain and Earth. He imagined now that Ra was dead she would be concentrating on recapturing her old domain and regaining her status as a System Lord.

There was one planet in particular that he was interested in taking back from her. She had taken a planet from Pelops many thousands of years ago and even managed to still hold onto it after her demotion from System Lord. The reason he wanted this planet was because it was where the Ancient DNA Resequencer was located. Pelops had not told the other System Lords as he would then lose all chance to recover it, and that was the reason she was able to keep the planet. This would be one of his first targets for expansion into another's domain. While he did not want to take all of Nirrti's planets, this one he must gain access to as it would help him with many of his future plans for fixing his Jaffa's dependency on Symbiotes. He did not have a queen currently and would require to purchase immature symbiotes for his Jaffa, this needed to be fixed.

In fact as far as he knew there was no other Goa'uld in his domain at the moment. Pelops was not one for having other Goa'uld as underlings, he felt they were a weakness, one of the rare things he actually agrees with him on. That being said he would not be able to be sure until the planetary wide sensor nets were up on all of his planets. Another thing that really seemed to elude him was why the Goa'uld spent so much time only concentrating on the planets that were on the gate network, rather than any of the billions of planets not. These planets would be ideal for mining operations and even within his current domain there were over a billion of them. The entire galaxy contained over two hundred billion planets and the Goa'uld concentrated entirely on a few thousand, it was crazy.

So there was no real need for territory expansion for resources, besides that of Habitable planets and even that might be a stretch as he has some ideas on terraforming. The other target he may choose for cultural reason was Dekara, as many Jaffa saw the place as holy. It also was rumored to still contain an ancient weapon that the System Lords were unable to locate; but for now it would be important to expand his information network in and beyond the gate network.

Another thing he was considering bringing up at the next System Lord meeting is his desire to buy slaves. He knew there was a prospering slave trade amongst the other Goa'uld, it was actually how some of the minor Goa'uld managed to stay in the protection of a System Lord. His rationale behind doing this was that almost all slaves he would be getting would be coming from far worse conditions under other Goa'uld to his domain where they would have decent lives, free in almost all ways but title. He was just not sure if this was morally ok to do, buy slaves to improve their lives and eventually set them free? He would have to ask someone else for their opinion.

Then he had to start to think about other outside threats besides that of the Goa'uld, like the Asgard. Not that he believed they were a threat to him currently as he had no plans to break the Protected Planets Treaty. Quite the opposite in that he could possibly search them out some time in the future once he had freed all his people. They also seemed to be devolving or having some issue in their biology because in the five thousand years they had been in contact with the Goa'uld Pelops' had noticed a reduction in height by nearly 20 cm. That could be a possible avenue of discussion because while Pelops may be have been a fool he had been obsessed with genetics and evolution of the perfect soldier.

He dismissed most of the other threats as he will just install Retuu detectors on his gate and remove that possible threat from manifesting. With some solid plans for the next few years kick around in his head he went onto planning what he would need for his meeting with Gelon tomorrow. To do this he was going to use the computer built into his hand device.

The first thing that was going to be required was a dedicated Chapa'ai facility and now that he had all the technological memories required he could make something obviously not quickly slapped together. With that in mind he decided that he wanted the facility to be both shielded from the inside and outside, but also cloaked to prevent detection from orbit. He was not quite sure why Goa'uld did not use cloaking tech more often for their creations, but they seemed to have just made it for their small ships and ignored it since.

(TECHNOBALE, can be skipped)

The Chapa'ai facility will be 400m tall, half of which will be underground. It will contain the gate on the middle ground floor level. This is to allow for larger vehicles to exit through the large blast doors installed at one end of the building. The Chapa'ai will be surrounded by many different security and defensive measures. The first being a gate shield that will only be activated in emergencies and will otherwise be left offline. The gate will have clearance around it for large cargo or vehicles to transit through the gate. This space will also be contained within a series of dampening shields designed solely to prevent energy or explosions from emanating from the gate reception area. This will prevent damage to the facility if a Bomb happened to be sent through.

The shields being the containment variety where actually easier to develop and where far stronger than the ones designed to shield from the exterior threats. Just outside the shield is a series of automated plasma turrets designed to spray any invading parties full of superheated plasma. They were designed off of the Tacluchnatagamuntoron and swivel plasma cannon. They also had a set of non-lethal automated turrets that did not required manual activation and would activate if a threat was detected. The final touch was putting in sensors to detect all sorts of threats coming through the gate such as those who are invisible or even out of phase such as the Retuu.

Just outside the reception room would be what he could best described as a customs and security checkpoint. Here people who are coming to the planet would be checked thoroughly and searched for anything banned. There would no need for identification as the usual sensor profile would be used. This would also be where new people coming to settle in his domain would be helped along in the process, as he saw no need anywhere in the future to be turning away people. Beyond the security was a series of ring platforms to ensure that people could leave or access the gate quickly.

Under the reception floor in the bottom half of the facility was where the massive naquadah generator to power all of the technology will be situated. There would also be backups, especially for the cloak and shields. He wanted to cloak the entire outer building so that neither the facility or the location of the gate could be determined with a quick scan from orbit. This would add passive defense to these facilities as many of them will be on planets that do not have ships in orbit above them and little to no population.

On the top of the facility will be a series of slightly scaled up MAFPA plasma cannons designed to be able to just fire into high orbit. This should all combine together to make a facility that would take multiple Ha'taks to breach and had the capabilities to defend it self, while helping maintain planetary security.

To complement this there would be second facility designed to house fighters and bombers that will be stationed on the planet. This facility will be a distance away from the gate and built into a mountain. Similar to the gate facility it will also have a cloak and shield. To access it will require the use of ring transportation or through one of the ships. It will be flat and large to house up to one hundred fighters or fifty bombers.


Each of his planets will have a minimum of three defensive satellites in orbit. He was hoping to add more as he could but planets he was just garrisoning to keep his claim on did not require a huge amount of defense. If the worst occurs the planet can be easily abandoned to be retaken by a fleet of ships. That is why planets with larger populations and high value targets will have more satellites. That being said he definitely wanted enough of them on all his planets to deter anyone from getting any funny ideas about there being hardly anyone there to protect them.

With that done he was nearly out of time before his meeting with Gelon. Deciding to have a nice meal before he start his day he called on Winky and started his feast of stupid proportions, thank Merlin he did not get fat.

Gelon was watching the wavering wall of their tunnel through hyperspace, when his tactical officer interrupted him, "Sir we are about to exit out of hyperspace over the planet indicated by our Lord."

"Find those Alkesh as soon as we get there I want to be done quickly as I would like to get some rest before I have to meet with our lord in the morning." he commented to his command crew. The ship quickly dropped out of hyperspace taking away the mesmerizing sight.

"Sir all three Alkesh are on the planet and have not bothered to launch, I believe we were undetected." relied his tactical officer after a scans of the planet had been done. "I am only detecting power in one of them sir, two of them appear to be undergoing retrofits or repairs." Seems his lord was right that other Goa'uld would be upgrading their tech soon as well. Obviously they are no match for the changes brought about by a real god, but they still must be cautious in the future.

"Have boarding parties ring to their targets and launch fighters and bombers. Do an intensive scan of the surface surrounding the Alkesh to make sure there are no surprises." he order his officer as he watched the notifications on the screen saying rings on the ship were being activated.

"Sir, all boarding teams are away." relied his comms officers.

"It does not appear that the borders have been detected yet as there are no alarms going out according the the scans." started his tactical officer after a minute. "Sir we have a powered Alkesh taking off from the ground to orbit" continued the officer excited.

"Getting a message from one of the boarding parties that they were successful and have launched the Alkesh to orbit" said the comms officer calming the tactical officers excitement down. Seems someone wanted another chance to test out the weapons. "Getting confirmation message from both other boarding parties that they have secured both Alkesh, but say it will take about a day to get them operational." continued to comms officer.

"Start to land troops on this planet to secure the gate and have the Jaffa surrender. Notify me if there is any changes to the situation" he said as he went to his personal quarters to get some rest before his important meeting tomorrow.

It was nearly morning before they were on their way back to Moloch's homeworld with a new Alkesh loaded onto the ship. He was excited to hear the future plans his lord had now that they had a significant advantage over the other Goa'uld. A hour after he arrived back in the system he got a message from his lord saying he was ready to meet with him in the throne room of the pyramid.

Ringing down he walked in to find his lord sitting on the throne casually in a way that no other Goa'uld could pull off as he seemed to just radiate power without actually doing it. He would know as he had seen his lord purposely allow his power to roll of off him. It was sometimes stifling and he wondered if others experience something different than he did.

"My lord I am here for you to command" he said while quickly bowing and looking at his god. He had learned that his lord did not like too much bowing when they were not putting on a show for another party. It was actually the thing he thought he was going to hate the most about the job of First Prime, all the bowing, and demanding others to bow before his god. He was lucky that his lord seemed far more relaxed now that he had taken on his persona of Hariric.

"Gelon you will have a long list of things you will need to achieve here on Moloch's former planets. You will be assisting Ishta here on moving the people of all seven of the new planets to Argensis. I want to grow the population of our homeworld into something magnificent. It will also be for tactical reasons as you can imagine." his lord started. He could definitely see the benefits of doing so from a military standpoint of not spreading out to thin, but he was worried that his lord would be giving up to much they had just claimed to do so.

"You will also be in charge of insuring the the new Chapa'ai facility that I have just designed will be built on all of Moloch's former planets and then one on each of my own" continued his lord. "I have decided to change the destination of the unnamed planets to N3-7 for the five new planets claimed from Moloch besides that of the desert planet which will be named T1 and Moloch's former homeworld will be named G1." explained his lord to him. He assumed the the N stood for Naquadah planets but he was not sure what either the G or T stood for.

"The two mining planets already within out domain will be name N1 and N2. The three testing planets will be designated X1-3 and all X planets will be off limits without proper approval." continued his lord.

"Yes my lord, if I may ask what do you wish do do with the existing structures on other planets?" he asked his lord.

"Of course you can ask." replied his lord with a smile. "Have the Jaffa stationed at the new Chapa'ai facilities use their spare time to start to break down and recycle all of Moloch's former creations. Let us wipe the monuments and constructions of Moloch's creation off these planets." his lord said while his smile widen. It was good to see his god in such a good mood. He was happy as he felt that it was in part due to his contributions that his lord was in jubilant mood. "You could also have them search the planets for anything interesting when they are finished with the first task."

"Yes my lord, I will also have them training, and can use it as a training assignment for some new recruits." he said while thinking of working them hard to ensure they are ready for their rigorous careers as soldiers in his lord's army.

"That is a good plan, I will also want you to schedule into the build order to have three satellites assigned to each of the N planets and 5 to each the G and T planets." his lord ordered.

"My lord that actually ties into something you Lo'taur asked me have you see to personally on our return to Argensis. It seems there is an issue that has been building up that needs your personal attention." he said while being purposely vague. He wanted Anaitis' to be the one to inform his lord about their problem.

"That is fine I am nearly finished here and will take a walk through the town before I leave to head back through the Chapa'ai. It took less time than what I believed it would to pacify the newly conquered Jaffa. It seems that they were more than happy to have a new lord ruling over them." his lord commented. "I will let you get back to your duties and will contact you if there's anything else."

"Yes my lord." he said bowing quickly before retreating to ring to his ship to start working on his additional assignments. Happy that his lord was not actually intending to abandon the newly acquired planets.

Harry sat there and thought once again that he had made the right choice when he chose Gelon as his First Prime. He was turning out to be even better than he imagined, taking the initiative to comment on possible improvements to his plans. It was nice to finally start breaking him out of his YES MAN routine.

He looked over to Ishta who has been quite throughout most of the conversation. "So what are your thoughts Ishta? You have slept on what we discussed yesterday you must having something you wish to ask?" he said while he waved his hand and conjured Ishta an unrealistically comfy ebony chair. He could see she was collecting her thoughts before she asked her question.

"Are you really a god?" she blurted out before slamming a hand to cover her mouth. Her eyes grew big and started to dart around looking for a possible escape.

"A question that has been on the tip of your tongue for the last day.." he said with a bit of a chuckle "and it seems to have rolled right off. The answer to your question is depending on your definition, but to most it would be a yes. However even I have my limits and things I am unable to achieve even with all my power." he said while being completely serious to her only fibbing a small bit about his possible godhood. Holding up his hand as if to examine them and returning back to looking at her.

"You claim to be a god and yet claim there are things you can not do? What are they then? What is something even a god can not accomplish?" she asked getting bolder from his lack of reaction to her first question.

"You want to know all my secrets on the second day we met hmm?" he said with some humor trying to break up the serious atmosphere a bit. Not quite sure why he was going to tell her; but maybe it was because she was extremely beautiful, intelligent, clearly independent woman, who was not groveling at his feet and he was a 16 year old virgin in a 25 year old body with thousands of years of memories of raunchy sex from some kinky ass Goa'ulds. "There are things that even gods can not change Ishta. Bringing someone back permanently from death when their soul has moved on to the afterlife, is something even I am unable to do. I am also not entirely all knowing, as much as I with I was, it would make so many things easier." he said fudging the facts a bit to fit his new persona.

"What do you mean permanently bring someone back? Does that mean you can bring them back for a short time?" questioned Ishta with a look of complete surprise and a bit of excitement.

"I could in theory summon their soul and then anchor it to an object for a short time before it would be pulled back to the afterlife. But I would never do that as there are reasons one does not call a soul back from the afterlife let alone anchor it to something." he tried to explain while he pondered the issue for a moment. "It hurts the soul to pull it back into the world of the living and the longer it is here the more pain it is in." he continued. "It is the reason I will never summon a soul more than once and only in an extremely important situation."

Her eyes grew larger as he explained and her face morphed into one of understanding as he explained his reasons behind not doing it. He was glad as he had not experimented with the resurrection stone but after examining it and the story he could deduce what it would do. The only people he may have wanted to summon where his parents and he did not want to see what trying here in this reality would do. He was also not quite sure if he wanted to know what they thought of him now, he was not nearly as light sided as they had been in their lives, but he hoped that they understood his reasons.

"That is still quite amazing my lord." she replied still not quite convinced of his godhood. It did not really matter to him as he had already accept that many may not worship him and possibly in the future it won't matter when he has a strong enough ruling structure in place. Pretending to be a god is really only a means to an end, and that was to gain power to protect himself and those he cared about.

"Ishta there is much you probably wish to have answered but I think you should think on what you have learned first and I am due to return to Argensis. So save those questions for when you give me your update on the progress of the relocation of Moloch's former servants." he told her as he started to get up from the throne. "Use that armband if there are any major issues that you need help dealing with. I hope you have come to understand it functions?" he questioned her as he was walking to the exit.

"Yes my lord it contains many amazing abilities." she replied while looking towards the device now on her arm.

"Good, I am looking forward to our next meeting." he said as he walked out of the room leaving her to her duties. He sent a message to Ana that he would be back to Argensis in an hour. With his guard following him, he started a slow exploration of the town to gain a better idea of the conditions of his new people. It was also to allow them to see him as he was new and there was benefits to them being able to recognizing him.

Once he made it back to the gate he dialed Argensis and walked through just after his guards. When he arrived he was greeted by Jaffa with their plasma rifles at the ready, they quickly lowered them and bowed when they saw his personal guard coming through. Waiting there at the gate was Ana and a few of her aides.

"My lord thank you for your assistance in this matter as it has been building up and I am not sure what to do about it." she said while bowing and moving to his side to walk with him.

"Then we may as well see what the issue is, lead the way." he said while indicating to the ring platform. Once they entered, Ana directed the rings to their desired destination and they activated with a whoosh whoosh. From the attitude of both Gelon and Ana it was clear whatever it was that they were concerned about was not extremely serious, but also that they did not want to or could not explain and he needed to see this in person.

When the rings finished they were in a portion of the new city that had many warehouses to store goods. They walked up to one and the door opened to someone's request. Inside he was met with a warehouse full to the brim with refined materials. This one looked like it was all refined naquadah, a step below weapons grade.

"My lord most of the warehouses are just like this one, nearly all full." Ana said while indicating to all of the warehouses that were in this industry complex. "With the new mining machines you have created and distributed to your workers we have had a massive increase in raw ore coming in. The refineries are now not keeping up with the intake and the ore drop off site has been nearly filled my lord." she said bowing her head in what he guessed she felt as her own failure. "All of the factories are running at 100% capacity but many of the materials we are mining are not being used in our current construction plans. For example with your changes the gold we are extracting is not being put to use and is just sitting in storage."

Well what an interesting problem and not what he thought it was going to be when it was shown to him. Sure he could hand out a bunch of his trunks to fix this issue but that would be just sloppy. He needed to fix the source of the issue and it certainly was not that he was mining to much, it was that he had failed to anticipate the sure volume increase. His lack of foresight has finally come to bite him in the butt, but he can't always be right about everything even with all his knowledge and advantages.

The solution to the problem was laughably simple, but understandably something that his servants would not take unto themselves, at least for now. "Do not fret this is good news and means our people have been working hard. I want you to start construction of an additional two superfactories as it seems that our mining capabilities have now far outstripped that of our manufacturing. You will also have to increase the number of refineries to always keep ahead of the intake as we advance forwards. Now with Moloch's former domain we will have an even larger intake of additional miners so take that into account. I would also like you to decide on a few locations to situate a few smaller factories for possible commercial use in the industry zone of the new city." he said while thinking the issue over. "I will also design a long term underground storage warehouse for some of the more precious materials we are extracting and not using currently." he replied while they closed the warehouse up. Letting his guard know he was heading to the temple he took Ana's arm and apparated them to the throne room.

"So Ana any other news to report?" he asked after they arrived in the temple.

"Yes, my lord just before you arrived I was informed that two Goa'uld where detained and await your presence in one of the holding areas. One had been on the planet for a bit of time, we discovered he had come via cloaked ship which we found after he left it and was caught on the sensors. The other was apprehended coming through the Chapa'ai just after you left, the other was that Tok'ra returning." she replied while bowing her head and with a little bit of frost to her voice.

This was interesting and definitely something that he would have to see to. Jolinar had not been back in the many months since he had first met her. He assumed that she was on other missions for the Tok'ra that required most of her time. Deciding that he would walk with Ana through the temple rather than just apparate, they made their way to the ring platform to transport them to the detention center in the new city. When they arrived the guards immediately bowed.

"Take me to the two Goa'uld prisoners." he ordered the Jaffa at the door. They walked along through many security doors that raised as they approached. Finally they were lead to a cell with a force field door. Inside was Jolinar looking fairly annoyed and definitely bored. "I see that you have been treated well in my absence." he said alerting her to his presence.

"Jolinar has a very active mind and hates to have to sit idle like this, usually she has something to distract her." replied Rosha, Jolinar's host. "She was not pleased to have to wait with nothing to do." she continued.

"Ah I can understand, but not relate as I seem to never get any downtime these days. There is always something that needs doing and with my power always a way to be doing something." he said while he sent the command for the force field to deactivate. "If you would stay in the back of the group there is another Goa'uld that we must go see, and then we can have our discussion. You will have to just pretend to be an underling while I deal with them, unless you wish to announce yourself?" he asked Jolinar as they continued to the next cell.

When they approached they were immediately noticed. "Why have you detained me like this!" demanded the Goa'uld inside the cell. Taking a look into his mind he was surprised to find out he was not a Goa'uld but another Tok'ra. That fact that there was two in just a few days was a little odd, he would have spread out his agents rather than send them in at the same time. Diving a bit deeper into his mind to find out his reasons for being present and he was surprised in what he found.

"Well you did come to a planet of mine unannounced in a cloaked ship, any Goa'uld would perceive that as an attack. However seeings I previously said that the Tok'ra were not entirely unwelcome here, I shall let it pass this one time." he said with a playful voice that turned hard at the end with his warning. When he called the person out as a Tok'ra Jolinar approached to see who was within.

"Delek what are you doing here? I was not informed the council had sent additional Tok'ra." Jolinar demanded of the Tok'ra still in the cell.

"I came to see that the mission assigned to you was carried out to completion." he replied self righteously. It was easy to see that he had not been assigned as backup but had taken it upon himself to come behind the councils back.

"Well I can see you two might have some things to discuss in private about someone overstepping their bounds, but how about we get out of this facility first." he said while sending the command for the shield on the cell to drop. While what he saw showed him that this Delek was an asshole he was not really that dangerous at the moment and was a member of the Tok'ra high council so treating him poorly may not be received well. "What has brought you back to Argensis Jolinar?" he asked while leading two of his guards, Ana and the two Tok'ra to the transportation rings.

Once they were all in the ring he sent a mental command to teleport them to the temple area, Jolinar finally started to answer his question. "I was coming to see if your invitation was real and to see if you were true to your decrees. From what I have seen so far it seems at least some of them have been enacted as the facility we came from and the one around the Chapa'ai were new and well staffed." she said in a conversational tone while she checked out the people around the temple. There were many people here as it was only a few hours before lunch and almost all of the temple was open to the public. Only the throne room and his personal section were off limits to parishioners.

"Well I am sorry about the delay.." he started saying before he was interrupted by Delek.

"I was under the impression that you had the ability to transport from site to site and yet here we are walking to your throne room." Delek said with barely concealed contempt.

"And I was under the impression that the Tok'ra were not as vain and lazy as the Goa'uld." he replied with a tone chock full of ridicule while looking at the Tok'ra in question. The best part of it was that he managed to elicit a small laugh from Ana before she slapped her hand over her mouth and blushed. The look of shock in Delek's face would have been enough payment in of itself. He continued walking without waiting for them to recover. "As I was saying, I was delayed on Moloch's former homeworld." he said as they walked into a reception room rather than his throne room, he took a seat at the head of the table and conjured a chair for Ana beside his. The others could make use of the not nearly as comfortable chairs surrounding the table, Ana gets perks for the job she does.

"Former?" ask Jolinar with interest.

"Well as I know that you would likely find out as soon as you returned to your people, I see no harm in telling you." he said while making a guess that the Tok'ra had already gotten some intel on what happened to Moloch and his domain. Otherwise they would be failing terribly at their jobs. "I decided that the practices that Moloch had been undertaking these last few decades were far too deep into the realm of insanity that action needed to be taken. So I walked into his temple killed him and had my ships in orbit disable and capture his. Fairly simple really. Now I am having much of his people return to here for introduction into my domain." he said while failing to clarify that only one of those 'ships' had been an Ha'tak. Letting them make their own assumptions on the makeup of his forces and their capabilities.

"You personally went and defeated Moloch while your ships did battle overhead?" Delek asked in a tone of disbelief.

"I am a god, and at times a god should take the lead in battle." he said to the forming sneer on Delek's face. It was just so much fun poking at some of these people he thought. Maybe there was a little more of his father in him than he had previously believed. He always thought he took after his mother more in everything besides his looks.

"Impostor! You are no god and you.." yelled Delek before he was interrupted. Not wanting to have to continue to listen to his annoying voice he waved his hand and transfigured him into a small cute puppy, which immediately started yipping.

"My god!" Jolinar exclaimed and she walked up to the puppy which had previously been Delek and picked it up.

"Yes?" he asked with clear humor in his voice and to the angry stare he got from Jolinar. Ah so worth it. "It is just a simple transfiguration. It should wear off in a matter of hours."

"You can't turn him back?" ask Jolinar more interested then worried.

"Oh, of course I could, but I much prefer not hearing his voice any longer and I thought it would be a great demonstration to show for the rest of Tok'ra council when you return. I imagine many do not believe all you reported last time." he said while thinking it would be a perfect prank to pull on the Tok'ra. They would be scratching their heads over what he had done, and how he had done it and they will never believe him when he tells them it was magic. For some reasons it brought a smile to his face that he was pranking people by showing and telling them the truth, it was marvelous. Spending that time to actually plan out the future had made him feel better, and had put him in a far more playful and relaxed mood.

Sending out a mental call for Dobby to come to bring them a meal he asked Jolinar if she would like to share lunch with him. He was excited that his bond with Dobby had been strengthening as his own magic did, it allowed for Dobby to anticipate his needs and be able to respond to a mental call if they were close enough. It also seemed that it proportionally increased the house elves' magic that were bonded with him. Dobby had tried to explain it to him that his magic was a big marshmallow and other wizard's was the small marshmallows, now his was pressed and squished down to the same size as the smaller ones but had more marshmallow. Now you can see where some clarification was needed but he was finally able determine that Dobby was talking about his magical density being higher than others. Which was definitely true as he both recovered and had far more magic than any other Wizards he knew of, even Dumbles and Tom.

The three of them enjoyed their meal while the Delek puppy sat on a chair and observed the room now that he had stopped freaking out that he was a puppy. He had answered most of Jolinar's questions and actually deferred many of them to Ana as she had far more detailed information to answer with. Of course he did not answer any questions about his military capabilities or his new protections he has installed on his planets. When they finished Dobby made the plates disappear all the while invisible adding to the show for the Tok'ra.

"Now I believe it is time for you to return to your people, is it not?" he asked Jolinar while they got up from the table.

"Yes it is that time. I thank you for the meal." she said while picking up the puppy.

"Then it is time I send you back to the Chapa'ai facility." he said while conjuring an ebony token about 5 cm across depicting his symbol which he then quickly turned into a timed Portkey to the chapa'ai facility. Tossing the token to Jolinar he said "It has been interesting. Have fun with your report and enjoy the trip." Just after he had finished talking Jolinar disappeared. He had been careful throughout the tour of his domain. They had only seen the two facilities and then the temple grounds which had not changed much, so they gained little new actionable intelligence. Other than what they could determine from the change in sites and the people they could observe as well as what Delek may have discovered via cloaked ship there was little given away. That was something that he would have to fix quickly. He was actually a bit happy that it was only a Tok'ra that had alerted him to the hole in his security and not say a cloaked bomb being sneaked into his city.

Looking to Ana who was still with him in the room he smiled. "Ana there are some things I will be doing over the next few months. A few experiments with my powers and now I know I need to design a better sensor satellite to detect incoming cloaked ships." he said while looking out the window of the room to the garden just outside the temple. "With the new people coming from Moloch's former domain we will fill up much of the new city that has just about been finished. I will need you to have a third layer added onto the city to increase it capacity by another three million people." he continued.

"Yes my lord, but It may take a year to be finish. However I will ensure it is completed" she replied while also sharing in the view of the gardens.

"Wonderful, ensure that you add enough of all the zone types to the new city, otherwise I leave it up to you. After the new factories have been produced if there is any free industry capacity have them to produce extra satellites for use, we can never have too many. I also want you to start over the next few months ensuring that all my subjects have at least one of the basic armband units, as they will be required in the near future." he finished after giving Ana a little pat on her head before walking off to his chambers.

Once in his chamber he made a small 1.5 meter obelisk similar to the one that changed the Jaffa mark to his own, but instead it was celebrating the sacrifice of the thirty-two soldiers who fought to ensure the freedom of their fellow brothers and sisters under the reign of Moloch. It would include the names of all those lost. It was going to be placed in one of the many squares throughout the new city. He planned to do similar obelisks for nearly all of his coming battles, as it would serve both as good PR and provide a place for those who want to memorialize those who fell in battle. He imbued it with protection magic and added a aura to it that would to help foster reverence for the obelisk and the acts it described.

Informing his guard outside his chambers that they would be taking a walk through the city to the Chapa'ai for one last quick trip before he could begin his magic and tech testing phase. He sent a message to his guard captain to assemble a team to go through the gate with him again in just about an hour. The walk through the city was uneventful, but garnered much attention from his people. Wherever he went they would bow to him in respect and awe, and not the fear that usually accompanied the passing of a Goa'uld. It was a huge change in just the few months that he had been in power.

Once he had made it to a decently sized city square he placed the obelisk in the center and anchored it to the ground with magic so it could not be moved. Without a word to his people he continued to the Chapa'ai facility as many went to inspect what he personally added to their city. In the future they may see him place more of these down or some may just appear in place as he has his elves do it, but all of it would help to bind his people closer to him.

Arriving at the Chapa'ai facility he went to the dialing device and dialed the first of his two testing planets that he needed to go to and deal with before to much time had passed. As time for those people is far more precious than it is for himself. Indicating for his few guards to lead the way through the gate, he followed right behind.

Jolinar walked through the underground secret base holding the Delek puppy. She got more than one look at the creature as she move throughout the base, as hardly ever are animals brought into their tunnels. Walking into the council chambers she finds Garshaw working on a computer without the rest of the members present.

"Jolinar, good to see that you have returned unharmed. Is that a canine puppy?" Garshaw asked in surprise as she noticed her entrance and the puppy in her arms.

"The answer to that questions is both yes and no, and most likely something the entire council may need to see." she replied while placing Delek in the center of the table that was situated in the middle of the room.

Garshaw who sent a signal to the rest of the council to convene and looked over the puppy that was sitting on the table calmly almost glaring at the councilwoman. The other members of the council started to trickle into the room. "How was your reception when you arrived on the planet?" Garshaw asked when the last member walked in.

"When I arrived through the Chapa'ai I found myself in a new facility where I was immediately detained by Jaffa standing guard at the entrance. There I was taken to a holding facility for nearly 16 hours to wait for Lord Hariric. When he arrived I was quickly allowed out and asked to follow him to another Goa'uld prisoner that was being held. To my surprise I found Delek in a cell, demanding to be released." she started her report puting strong emphasis on the last but being unacceptable.

"Then where is Delek?" demanded one of Delek's supporters on the council.

"If you would allow me to continue I could explain." she replied while looking down on the member that had interrupted her. "As I was saying, once Lord Hariric discovered who was in the cell, he knew he was a Tok'ra similar to how he knew my identity. After that we were escorted back to his throne room via Transportation Rings. Once there he discussed the reason for his tardiness, which was him personally disposing of Moloch. I assume that we have some information on that?" she asked the council.

"Yes, we had just received intel after you had left that Hariric had attacked and disabled most of Moloch's forces just before reports came out to Moloch's Jaffa that Moloch was dead. Killed by Hariric personally, burned to death by supposed magical fire. However we could not confirm that as we had no agent in the room at the time. What we have confirmed is the dismantling and movement of Moloch's former people to Hariric's domain." Garshaw answered ignoring the supporter of Delek whom was unhappy with his question not being answered yet.

"Once in a reception room Delek refused to cease antagonizing Lord Hariric and in response he was, as I was informed, Transfigured into this canine puppy." she said while pointing to the Delek puppy. Looking at all those that quickly looked to the dog then back to her with disbelief. "I was informed that it would only last for a few hours and should be ending soon. I have yet been unable to do any scans, so if a scientist could be sent for while I continue my report?" she asked of the council, which got a nod of affirmation in return.

"With Delek as a puppy I was asked if I would like to enjoy a meal with Hariric. It was not unpleasant as I would have expected of a meal with a Goa'uld would be. We talked of many small unimportant topics, as he stayed away from anything important." she continued while thinking of their meal together. "Once finished I was given a Token by Hariric and told to enjoy my report to you the council. After he finished his sentence I felt a rapidly spinning motion and once it settled I found myself once again in the Chapa'ai facility. After arriving I was allowed to use the gate, so I carried Delek puppy with me and here we are." she finally finished as the science team was doing some basic scans on the puppy.

"Well what do your scan say about this absurd story." demanded the council that supports Delek of the scientist.

"As far as we can determine it is a 5-8 week old healthy canine puppy, with no discernible abnormalities." the scientist said while looking through his feedback tablet.

"Lord Hariric did say the puppy would help those who do not wish to be faced with the truth of some my reports. Now we must just figure out how he did it. I would also like to ask the council why it has yet to comment on the fact that Delek was on the planet without prior approval of this body? Why he thought it was his place to monitor me on this mission I was sent on by this very council?" she asked as her voice started to get heated. "Or how he just blew one of our only methods to sneak into Hariric's domain by getting caught using a cloaked cargo shuttle?" she finished just as Delek transformed from a puppy to a human with a barely inaudible popping sound. The timing could not have been more perfect as her questions could now be directed straight at him.

She finally felt vindicated with the looks of shock on all of the high council's faces. She would have to thank Harry when she sees him later. Even Garshaw looked to her in apology, obviously she had been having troubles believing some of the things that she had been reporting. As all of them looked back to Delek as the scientist kept mumbling about how it was impossible. She smiled as Delek quickly hopped off the table and patted himself all over to ensure he was in one piece.

End chapter.

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