I own nothing.

Three weeks ago, I was a free teenager living in dreary forks, my mother lived nearly 12,000 miles away with her boring Husband Phil and Charlie, my Father, is the Chief of the Police, who barely noticed me until it was too late. The only person who truly noticed me was him. Edward Cullen. Oh, how he made me feel so wanted, so part of a family, so... whole. Until he wasn't there and that's when things starting to die. I started to die, on the inside. I couldn't breathe, it hurt so bad, I literally felt like he had physically broken my heart by leaving.

After weeks of moping and realising he was not coming back I shook myself out of the stupor I had created and decided enough was enough. I needed a change, a thrill of sorts, Jacob agreed to Cliffe dive with me at La Push. The adrenaline that ran through my body was immense, I had never felt anything like it before. Jacob helped me home and surprisingly awaiting me was an intruder of sorts, Alice. She had warned me that Edward had decided to end his life by visiting the Volturi. My mind instantly rushed to the painting I had witnessed in Carlisle's study some months prior. Deciding to not let Edward kill himself had lead me to now.

Three weeks of waiting in this cell of sorts, a small box room, with a single camp bed, a toilet and a writing desk was the only furniture in the room. Sat next to the bed was my only property which was my rucksack which contained two spare sets of clothes which I had rotated around, thankfully my dirty clothes are washed often enough. I wasn't a prisoner, but nor was I free to roam. I was fed three fairly healthy and well balanced meals every day, I was given an allocated time of 60 minutes to walk around the gardens no more, no less. Felix was the only vampire with permission to speak with me and ascort me around the castle, just because I could recieve a verbal response from him did not mean he would give me one. The masters had given Felix and I strict instruction that I was to never be left unattended.

Just after my imprisonment I had found a stone that would chalk on the walls. Today marked day 30. At 11:00am I waited at the door, as I had for the last few weeks, awaiting for Felix to come take me to the gardens, as usual he was punctual and as usual he spoke barely any words to my questions. As we reached the gardens we stopped abruptly. For the past 30 days no one had ever occupied the gardens during our visit but here they were. The three masters of the castle to which I was to reside in, sat on and around one of the stone benches that lined down one wall. A water fountain feature in the middle and four red rose bushes sat at each corner turn in a square courtyard. Marcus was sat with his back turned to, Cauis only frowned and then there was Aro Volturi, Aro stood looking with a questioning look our way.