Three hours it took Esme to arrive, that was all, the time now was 9pm and Bella was shattered although between Jane and Esme they had most ideas in the bag, she was exhausted, Aro seemed to have pushed and battled with her on every detail, as if he was trying to make a point. He even had a say on her dress design, thankfully everyone in the room, even Cauis who had come back due to 'boredom' told Aro no. Bella did listen to his request though and she thought about it. It was the only decent thing to come out of his mouth today. This she would not admit. Aro asked for white, with red detail and lace. Bella didn't think his demands were too rude. Maybe she could find a dress in such design, or ask for one to be designed, let's face it, he had openly told everyone the Volturi account was at her disposal for her wedding.

"Jane, will you walk me to my room please?" Bella asked during a quiet patch, she was tired and for now, she was the only person who needed sleep, if a decision needed her approval, they could wait for at least 10 hours.

Jane only nodded and followed, quickly linking her arm with Bella's.

"Jane, how has Aro waited all these years for his mate?"

"He has had to, there was an almost Mate, he would have happily settled with her until one day she found her true mate and Marcus confirmed such, Aro was saddened for centuries, until around 1987, ring a bell?"

"My birth year.." Bella stopped at her door to realise the connection.

"He knew his mate was going to be around soon."

"16 years later!" Bella snorted.

"You forget Bella, 16 years is a lot sooner when you have an eternity to live."

Bella thought upon this, was it true? Was Aro really much happier when she was now around? Taking her Pj's she changed straight away in the bathroom, brushing her teeth and washing her face.

"There are centuries between us.."Bella began as she jumped into her bed.

"True, Aro is older, don't let that come between you as you get to know him. He is powerful, strong and loyal, he is fiercely protective of those he calls his own." Jane replied before turning the light out to allow Bella to rest. Bella sighed recognising that this was a sign for sleep.

Bella woke with a fright with the loud crackle of thunder, really? School was to start in a week, why was the weather so bad for August? Checking her phone the time read 2:05 am, groaning she stretched and stood whilst pondering if she would sleep anymore. Deciding not, she left to have a look at the final plans, she walked back to the meeting room, she was unaware that it was Aro's office. Once there she took a quill; really, she would have to remember to bring her own stationary when she would move in. She took the quill and made very few adjustments, Esme had planned well. Not that Bella thought she wouldn't. Sighing, she couldn't believe this was happening, how would she tell her friends, her parents too! Rolling the parchments back up, she sighed and leaned her head back, for only a second when an easel caught her eye, with fresh paper and paints at the ready. Bella made her way over and picked a pencil up, she slowly sketched the outline of a dress she had thought of. The dress would be strapless with a love-heart shape bust, a corset fitted bodice which floated on an A shape. the bottom would be plain white chiffon and the bodice would be matte white with red lace in the shape of feathers, from the left breast to the waist and up the back forming into a 'V' shape, V for Volturi.

"I did not think I would find you in here...alone." The voice spoke from the door.

"Sorry Aro, I was merely looking at the plans Jane and Esme are finalizing on." Bella replied before putting down the brush she had used to add detail.

"You have a keen eye for fashion?" Aro asked stepping into the room.

"Erm, no, not really, I only like to draw."

"Fashion doesn't begin with the clothes, they begin with the designs and artists who construct them."

"You can't see too much, this is the dress I wish to be commissioned for the wedding." Bella stood in front of the standalone easel.

"As you wish." Aro merely bowed his head in response. "It is early, as I recall from my Human life you should still be asleep."

"The weather woke me."

"Ahh Isabella Tuoni e fulmini." * Aro spoke as he walked forwards and placed his arms on her shoulders in an embrace.

At first, Bella was rather uncomfortable and unaware of what to do, taking a leap of faith she allowed herself to snake her arms around his waist and held him. He was not uncomfortably cold, just not as warm as Alec either.

"If you drink Human blood your body temperature is warmer than those who chose to drink through the vegetarian diet."

"Why, may I ask?"

"The tastier animals are game animals, deer, bear, lion, tiger. They all don't need their heat as much to survive and so when a Vampire drains an animal the heat is not there in the blood, however with a Human, heat travels through the blood as they are being drained, to try and keep the Human warm. Hence I am a warmer Vampire then say Carlisle. If you ever have the pleasure of touching The Major, his temperature will be colder than mine still but warmer than Carlisle's."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"It does, think on it. Would you like to go back to bed now?"

Bella nodded into Aro's chest, before she knew it, he had her in his arms and he ran back to the west side of his wing.

A/N *Google Translate Thunder and Lightening to Tuoni e fulmini ~ I do not speak Italian and so if any translations are lost or incorrect I apologise now.