Hello everyone,

I had watched the fifth installment of my favorite franchise, "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was good…but it was not the best film in the franchise. I'm praying they make a sixth one. So because of me wanting a sixth Potc movie, I decided to write one. Well…it will not be a Potc 6 exactly, it will just be a "what happens after DMTNT" fanfic.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything associated with pirates of the Caribbean. Everything belongs to Disney, except the plot which is mine.



"What if my greatest disappointments, or the aching of this life, is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy?"

She sat on her throne relishing the harp music being played by an unworldly female. Her wavy auburn hair flowed elegantly on her shoulders, the dress she wore flowed all the way down to the emerald floor. Her two personal hand maids sat by her side doing her nails. A manservant came lifting an oval-shaped silver tray with delectable looking biscuits sitting on it and stood beside her but she raised her hand and he walked away. The night was placid like the stars in the heavens. Then within the peacefulness, the woman started choking, her hand maids ceased doing their obligation and looked at her.

She put her hands to her neck and coughed continuously but the thing that was stuck on her throat didn't seem to move, she struggled but it was futile. Her eyes turned all white and she fell palms first to the floor. The maids ran and knelt by her side not kenning what do. Ebony lines started forming all over her face. Her eyes were widened and her breath was heavy. She trembled as if ice- cold water was poured over her. Her golden skin changed color to a very pale tone. Screams echoed through the air. Pain shot up her back like fire. She felt like she was being boiled alive. She groaned and whimpered. The maids looked at each other with fear in their eyes. She tried to stand up in aid of a table, then a loud screech escaped her mouth and she collapsed to the floor. Her body turned to smoke and faded in the air. All what was left were her clothing and accessories. The two ladies looked at each other.

"What happened?" one asked. The other one looked at her with her mouth partly open and her breath quickening.

"It has been stolen" she said. Both had their mouth agape.


Seagulls and waves crushing against the ship could be aurally perceived. It had been seven months after the whole "Trident of Poseidon" adventure. One Captain Jack Sparrow was lying on his bed, with red silk sheets only obscuring him waist down leaving his upper body open and showing his muscles, tattoos and scars.

It was not a pleasant five months for the infamous Captain. They were the most abysmal days his ever had in his lifetime. Yes… he had come across cursed treasure, Krakens, Mermaids, Zombies, Ghosts…but none of those experiences measured up to what he was feeling. The feeling he had pierced his soul like a thousand knives.


It was excruciating. It was a feeling that was hard to live with but not enough to kill him.

Oh... how he loathed them.

So many times, he tried running away from them but they would always find a bloody way back to him and it looked like he readily opened the door wide-open for them to enter without him realizing it.

Jack had his hands clasped on top of his abdomen and he was looking up at the wooden ceiling…pensively? Well he didn't do that a lot, so what was he thinking about? Or maybe who was he thinking about? Something was hurting him. Something ached inside him. Something felt so wrong but he couldn't tell what.

So many questions ran through his mind but there were no answers to them. Nobody seemed to have any answers to them. He had his Pearl back and he was sailing the high seas; his supposedly first and only love.

He had everything he ever wanted; freedom. But he still felt like there was a huge hole in him that needed to be filled by something or perhaps…someone. It was worse than his experience in Davy Jones' locker.

But his thoughts were soon cut short by a loud knock on his cabin door.


It was his loyal first mate, Mr. Joshamee Gibbs.

"Cap'n?" There was no answer. "Cap'n are ye in there?"

"Come in Mr. Gibbs" Jack finally answered.

Jack's voice was hoarse and raspy because of the Rum drinking or the fact that he had neither talked, nor gone out of his cabin for two days straight.

Mr. Gibbs opened the door and entered. The room was untidy, three tables bent beneath a clutter of bottles. Smashed bookcases and their sundered contents littered the wooden floor. Pillows, swords, daggers and pistols strew all over the floor. The room looked like it was hit by an avalanche of trash.

Gibbs was horrified by this sight, but even more horrified by the sight of his Captain. He had dark circles under his eyes, his dreadlocks weren't tied by his bandana and he had a tired look on his face. His bronze skin had sunk in tone to something so lifeless. Simply, he looked like he was swallowed by the kraken and then spat back out. Gibbs leaped over the objects laying on the flooring and stood five-feet away from Jack.

Gibbs looked at him in shock, "Cap'n….ye look…awful" he said with a flabbergasted look on his face.

"Thank ye Mr. Gibbs, you don't look good yourself…now what do you want?" Jack said with exhaustion in his voice.

"Um…a heading cap'n, it be two days now… we've been sailing withou' a headin' for two days"

Jack groaned, "Headin' shmeadin'…is that even necessary?" Gibbs wore a confused look.

"Cap'n are ye alrigh'?"

"Aye Mr. Gibbs I'm fine."

There was a five-second silence, then it came out.

"Okay am not fine!" Jack admitted.

Gibbs only raised an eyebrow.


"Aye cap'n?"

"Come closer"

Gibbs moved hesitantly but wasn't close enough, Jack let out a weary sigh.

"Closer" he said with irritation patent in his voice.

Mr. Gibbs moved, (this time he was he close enough).

"I'm in trouble" Jack said, it came out as a whisper. "Trouble?" Gibbs repeated not understanding anything.

"Considering the things I have done in the past, damn them having an unforeseeable future…Yes… I'm in trouble…I be needin' somethin'...I'm in need…" Jack said with anxiety written all over him.

Gibbs started thinking, "You mean a passing fancy type of need, aye cap'n?" "Aye, sort of. But...but...ah...do you recall that woman from… Seville?"

Gibbs squinted his eyes in thought. "Ah…you mean… Miss Beard?"

Jack narrowed his eyes.

"It's Teach, Angelica Teach you shellback!" he corrected and slapped Gibbs' upper arm.

How could he get her name wrong? Angelica's name wrong? His Angelica. That was extremely unacceptable!

"Oh sorry cap'n" Gibbs grinned sheepishly, also stroking his arm. "So...you've finally realized that you love her?" There goes the million-dollar question.

"Not all the way to that, I call them fee...fee...feelings now" Jack persuaded.

"Are you sure Cap'n?" Gibbs queried.

Gibbs had spent a fair amount of time with Jack. He almost knew him like the back of his hand. Considering the state Jack was in, those were not just mere feelings.

"Of course Mr. Gibbs" Jack answered.

Then Gibbs gave him one of his "tell me the truth" looks and because of that Jack surrendered.

"Fine! Gibbs… you win. I do! Happy?" he gave away. Putting on a fake smile.

Gibbs remained quiet and just looked at the handsome pirate Captain.

Well…that was not satisfying, and certainly, hardly believable! That is a one-dollar answer to a million-dollar question.

Then suddenly, Jack caught Gibbs by his collar and he was caught unawares by the move Jack made.

"Look Gibbs" Jack said looking him straight into the eyes. "I dream about her every single night. No matter how much Rum I drink, the she-devil always creeps her way into my dreams" Jack disclosed. He let go of Gibbs' collar and slammed back on his bed, groaning with his palms on his face.

She-devil? She wasn't a she-devil. She was his Angel, his love but he could never admit that.

Mr. Gibbs looked at him worriedly. He had never seen Jack like that before especially concerning a damsel. They needed to do something before this kills him he thought. Then he came back to reality.

"So…what should we do?" Gibbs inquired.

Jack was still groaning.

"Cap'n what should we do?" Gibbs said raising his voice. Jack was startled by Gibbs' raise in voice.

"Good God Gibbs! Lower your voice man! I don't want any of the crew members finding out about this ye hear?"

"Oh sorry Jack."

Jack gathered some courage and got out of his bed, having his breeches on. He went stumbling looking for his shirt completely ignoring Gibbs' question.

"Ah...cap'n I'll be on deck" Jack nodded and Gibbs went out the cabin.

"Now… Where is that bloody coat?" Jack talked to himself "Ah! There you are!"

Jack was fully dressed and headed for the door, "love. The worst curse brought onto man" he muttered and he walked out.


Men were at their respective posts, some arguing as usual. Jack was welcomed by the spray of the sea and inhaled the salty sea air deeply. It always made him feel good, he felt like it was just him and the sea alone in the world, but that didn't last long as he was interrupted by one Joshamee Gibbs…again.


Jack opened his eyes abruptly.

"A headin' Cap'n"

"Oh… Yes… heading"

He got his compass and opened it, the compass started spinning (like it would never stop). Mr. Gibbs was very anxious and almost stood on his toes because they hadn't had a heading in two solid days. They just sailed aimlessly.

And then the compass stopped.

"South" Gibbs said grinning and looked at Jack.

"We be looking for Angelica" Jack said.

With that Gibbs went barking orders to the crew. The men were very thrilled to hear that they had a heading because for the past two days they just did work which led them nowhere. Everybody craved for adventure and it was good to have their Captain back.

Jack inhaled and exhaled deeply and went up to the helm.

Jack had his pearl and the sea; freedom. Captain Jack Sparrow thought he was content but he was miles away from contentment.

So that's the story's intro. Tell me what you think. XOXO