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Clary P.O.V

The next morning, however glamorous the night before might have been, was mortifying.

Neither one of us had bothered putting on clothes, which I normally do after having physical relations with someone.

I just slept with my best friend, and I'm embarrassed to even think the word sex. How pathetic am I?

When I woke up, our bodies were mangled together. My chest was pressed against his side, and a leg on top of his. His arm was wrapped around my shoulder, pulling me close to him even in his sleep. I moved slowly, realizing the damage that had been done.

I looked up at him, almost like a puppy that knows it's done something wrong.

His face was relaxed and held none of the arrogant looks it normally did. His eyelids fluttered softly as dreams flashed behind his eyes. His hair was mussed, probably mostly from the tugging I'd done on it the night before. I felt my cheeks redden at thought of the night before, and once again, began planning my escape.

Not that I really could escape; we were on a road trip together. We'd just graduated from high school, and had decided to drive to California; which doesn't sound that crazy until one considers the fact that we are from New York, Brooklyn to be exact. We stopped in a little town just passed the border of Ohio called Youngstown. We stopped at the first motel, which looked a lot better in a sleep deprived state than it currently did.

Jace exhaled, and my eyes snapped back to him. He made a soft groan, mumbling good morning in a deep wake-up kind of voice. I smiled awkwardly at him, trying to ignore his voice.

"Morning," I said. "Ready to get going for the day?"

"Mhmm," was Jace's response. "Do we have to?"

I grinned at the child-like comment, and said, "Yes, if you ever want to make it to Disney."

Jace looked down at me. "Is there any doubt that I don't want to go to Disney? Geez, get off me woman! I have to go get dressed for the day!" he teased.

I smiled and shook my head. Jace got up, and I wrapped the blankets around myself. Jace turned around and grinned. I blushed, and he chuckled slightly, turning into the bathroom with his clothes. I heard the shower water turn on, and he poked his head out.

"Wanna join?" he asked with a smirk.

Ahhh, so there's that. There will be more in the next chapter, but this was also impromptu, so it's kind of the best I could come up with at this point in time. And I like the awkward side of Clary as well. I think this could turn into a good story.

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