Prompt(s): "Don't leave me, please..."

Word Count: 366

Anime/Manga: Killing Stalking

Characters: Fem!Sangwoo, Yoon Bum

Pairings: Fem!Sangwoo/Bum

"Don't leave me, please…"

Bum bite his lower lip as he tried to contain the tears rolling down his cheeks. He tried hard not to look at her, he tried to ignore her cries as she begged him not to leave her.

How could he though? He was too much in love with her to actually leave her. But, at the same time, he was afraid of her. She hurt him multiple times, emotionally and physically. Threatened his life on several occasions. Broke his legs so he wouldn't escape.

He was terrified of her yet, still loves her all the same.

She was scared. Just like him. As much as she tried to put up a tough front, Bum knew deep down she was vulnerable like he was. Like him, she was afraid of being alone. That was another reason why he couldn't find himself to hate her; he can't leave her alone. She needs him.

Just as much as he needs her.

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