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I Must Be Sick

CH 1: Helping Rin

Sesshoumaru looked down at the little girl in his arms. He knew what he had to do, but that did not mean he would enjoy it. He set the girl down on her bed and ran a clawed hand though her hair. He would do it, he had to. He let out an unlord like sigh and walked out of the room.


"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama." The small toad youkai ran up to his beloved master.

"Watch Rin. Make sure she is comfortable and keep note of how she's doing."

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama." Jaken walked into the room and watched the small girl in the bed. He often found the small girl a great annoyance, but as he watched her small form lying weak in the bed he found he strangely felt bad for the child. He had to admit that as far as humans went the girl wasn't that bad.


Sesshoumaru flew away from his lands and towards Inu Yasha's forest. He knew that was where the female miko would be. 'She was strong enough to undo the transformation of the Tetsusaiga. She must be strong enough to heal Rin.' The thought of having to ask a human let alone his brother's human wench for help was incredibly displeasing to the youkai lord.

Sesshoumaru had to remember that he was doing this for Rin. The girl had started out only as a test for the Tenseiga. He only had wanted to see the extent of its power. But as time had passed and the little girl followed him he found himself strangely attached to the small girl. He could not remember what had made him allow the girl to travel with him, but he knew that the thought of losing her now was very disturbing. He knew if she died he could always use the Tenseiga to resurrect her, but he did not want to see her die in the first place. 'Am I getting weak? I'm thinking of this child as if she were my own pup.'

He soon came upon the group that he was looking for. The group of shard hunter was sitting around eating. Sesshoumaru decided to make his presence known for merely kidnapping the miko was below him.

Inu Yasha pulled out the Tetsusaiga as soon as he saw his brother. 'Why hadn't I sensed him sooner?' Inu Yasha stood in front the others and faced his brother. "What do you want Sesshoumaru?"

"For once I am not here for the sword half-breed. I require your miko." Sesshoumaru merely stood there with his arm on the hilt of his sword if he needed it and a look of annoyance.

"You're not getting Kagome!" Inu Yasha lunged at his brother. Sesshoumaru easily blocked the attack with the Toukijin and used his tail to send Inu Yasha into a tree. He then appeared in front of Kagome.

Kagome jumped as the youkai lord using his incredible speed had pretty much just appeared before her. She knew if she ran she would not get very far and Inu Yasha seemed to not be getting up anytime soon.

"Come with me miko if you do not wish for your friends to be hurt."

Kagome looked back at Sango and Miroku who were ready with their weapons. Kirara was fully transformed and was guarding Shippou. Kagome shook her head at the taijiya and the houshi. "What is it that you want with me, Sesshoumaru-sama?" Kagome tried to keep her voice calm despite the fear she felt welling up inside of her.

"Rin is ill and I, Sesshoumaru, require someone to help her. No healer has had any luck with her thus far." Sesshoumaru answered. He was getting slightly annoyed and wanted the girl to agree before Inu Yasha got back on his feet.

Kagome remembered the sweet girl that she had met before. 'Rin's sick. I should help her, but can I trust Sesshoumaru.' She looked up at the youkai lord looking at her expectantly. 'I need to help Rin.' Kagome resolved. "I will agree to aid you on one condition, that you return me to my friends without any harm done once Rin is well again."

'This girl is setting terms. I must admit she has courage.' "Very well, I, Sesshoumaru agree to your term." Kagome stepped up to him and he took her into his arms and took to the sky. Inu Yasha had gotten up in time to see them off in the distance.


"Do not worry Inu Yasha, she went of her own free will. He agreed not to hurt her." Sango said.

"And you guys believed him. He's nothing but a cold-blooded killer. We have to go after them."

"You know Kagome-sama, she has a big heart. She felt the need to go and help the little girl. You know that she would have gone even if he had not promised to return her." Miroku replied.

"I can't believe you guys are just going to stay here. Well, I'm going after her." Inu Yasha went in the direction of the west.

"We should follow him." Miroku said as he watched the retreating red figure.

"I agree. Who knows what kind of trouble he could get into." Sango agreed and they both got onto Kirara along with Shippou.


Kagome was holding onto Sesshoumaru's kimono with all her might. She kept reminding herself not to look down, she had never been this high up before. Even on Miroku's raccoon friend they hadn't gone this high. She hid her face in his tail and hoped that he didn't get annoyed with her and decide to drop her.

Sesshoumaru looked down at the human girl. He could not believe that she was holding onto him so tight. He would have thought she would have objected to having to be so close to him. He was slightly annoyed by the fact that he had to hold onto her. Atleast she did not have the normal disgusting scent that seemed to cling to humans. In fact, Sesshoumaru took a deep inhale. 'She smells of sakura blossoms and spring rain.' Sesshoumaru found the scent incredibly calming.

Sesshoumaru then felt Kagome nuzzle her face against his tail. 'What is this girl doing? No one has dared do such a thing before.' Sesshoumaru returned his thoughts to the sick girl that was waiting for his return. He needed to get back soon.

Kagome was about to doze off when she felt that they had stopped. She looked up and saw two intense golden eyes staring back down at her. She noticed that she was still holding onto Sesshoumaru's kimono with a death grip and quickly released him. He walked away from her and towards the massive castle before them. Kagome followed and gasped at the size of the place. She had never seen anything so big. She was even more amazed as they entered the main hall. There was a high ceiling and everything seemed white trimmed with gold. Kagome couldn't help to think how much it reminded her of the youkai lord.

Kagome noticed that Sesshoumaru had begun to go up the stairs and quickly went after him. They walked in silence until they reached a certain room and he stopped. Sesshoumaru opened the door and walked inside. Kagome was rather wary. 'What if what Rin has is contagious?' Kagome stepped inside and saw the small girl in the middle of the futon.

Rin was asleep and covered in tiny little red marks. Kagome looked over at Sesshoumaru and saw that he was actually worried over the girl. Jaken had said that Rin had slept most of the time and the rest was asking for where Sesshoumaru had been. Kagome stepped forward and put her hand on Rin's forehead. 'She definitely has a fever, but this doesn't seem like anything but chicken pox.'

"Don't worry Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin should be okay in about a week."

"You're telling me that there is no way to stop this ailment."

"Not really. Where I come from it's called chicken pox. I suppose it's only a human disease since you haven't gotten it yet since it's highly contagious. But don't worry once a person has caught it once, they won't catch it a second time." Kagome told Jaken to get her some water. Jaken looked at Sesshoumaru who made a signal for him to listen to the girl.

"She just needs to keep from scratching at the little bumps and to drink a lot. I can try and get the fever done with a cold bath." Kagome said as she brushed back the small girl's hair. Rin opened her eyes and gave as big a smile as she could manage.

"Sesshoumaru-sama brought Kagome-chan." She began to scratch at her arm, but Kagome stopped her.

"I know it's going to be hard Rin, but you have to keep from scratching. Trust me, I had the same thing when I was about your age." Rin stopped trying to scratch and laid back.

"When Rin's better will Kagome-chan go out and pick flowers with Rin?"

"Hai Rin, we can pick all the flowers you want. But till then you need to get plenty of rest."

Jaken returned with a pitcher of water and a glass. Kagome poured some water for Rin and then got called to the hall by Sesshoumaru.

Kagome stood before the youkai lord and wondered what he was going to say. Sesshoumaru stared down at the girl. 'Rin likes this human. She could use a female companion, but I gave my word to return her and I shall not go back on my word.' "I would like to thank you for helping Rin. You may have the room next door to hers so that you may come to her aid when she requires such." Jaken had gone out in the hall to hear this and gave a small squawk.

"Are you sure that it is good to give this human that room?"

"Are you questioning me Jaken?"

"No Sesshoumaru-sama."

"Have some clothes brought for the miko and ready her room."

"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama." The toad youkai ran down the hall.

Kagome was still in shock that Sesshoumaru had actually thanked her for something. "Umm...arigatou Sesshoumaru-sama, for the room and clothing."

"In my home you shall wear proper clothing miko. I do not want Rin to get ideas that it is okay to wear such indecent clothes." Sesshoumaru looked the miko over. Her short skirt was what was the most indecent. Though strangely he found himself enjoying the curves of her body and the show of skin. 'What is this girl doing to me?' Sesshoumaru just turned and left before he did something that he would regret.


Kagome sighed as she walked into the dining hall. She had been talking with Rin all day and had not eaten all day because Sesshoumaru had interrupted her group's meal. She looked up and noticed the demon lord was eating as well. 'I doubt he'll be much company. Too bad Shippou or Sango couldn't have come to keep me company.'

Kagome sat down and a servant quickly served her. Kagome had noticed that the servant's here were incredibly quick and efficient. She doubted Sesshoumaru would allow anything else. She began to eat and found the food incredible.

Sesshoumaru watched the girl across from him intently as she ate. He had noticed how the girl had not left Rin's side since they had arrived. He was actually surprised though he would not show it that the miko was as concerned as she was. Most humans would have been incredibly wary of Rin being that she was his ward. 'This girl is different.' He again inhaled the sweet smell of sakura and rain. 'Stupid human girl, why is she having this effect on me? All day I have not been able to get her out of my mind.'

"How is Rin fairing human?"

Kagome was actually surprised that Sesshoumaru had spoken. But then was angered at being called human. "She is doing fine. And my name is Kagome, not miko, not wench, and not human. Ka-go-me. I use your name Sesshoumaru- sama and I feel you should use mine." Kagome was slightly afraid of what he would do to her for saying such a thing, but she was tired of all the "nicknames" that all the youkai have decided to give her during her stay in the feudal era.

'Kagome? Nice name. Why am I thinking such things? This girl does not have the right to speak back to me.' Sesshoumaru noticed that Kagome had stood and was about to leave the room having finished her meal. He got up and using his speed was in front of her before she could take another step. "You were not excused and do not presume that you can order this Sesshoumaru around."

Sesshoumaru backed Kagome up against the table. He noticed that her scent had a tinge of fear in it and was strangely displeased with it. 'I don't want her to fear me?' He moved so that he was only an inch away from her and leaned forward. Kagome was afraid of what would happen and closed her eyes. Sesshoumaru leaned forward and smelled her hair. The scent of her and the indecent clothes she was still wearing were having an unwanted effect on his body. He let out a small growl and immediately left the room.

When Kagome opened her eyes she noticed that she was alone in the room. She let out a sigh of relief and decided to return to check on Rin before turning in for the night.


'Stupid girl. Why did she have to go with my brother? I need her to find the shards.' Inu Yasha stared up at the night sky. His companions were already asleep. 'I can't lie to myself. I want her back. She's my friend. Damn it Kagome you had better be all right.'


Sesshoumaru kissed the girl beneath him. His hand roamed her body as she writhed beneath him. He kissed and nipped down her neck and fondled her breasts. He entered her swiftly, his lust and need too great to wait any longer. Her dark hair was spread across the bed. Her moans caused him to speed his thrusts and he gazed into lust filled blue eyes. "I love you Kagome."

Sesshoumaru bolted straight up in his bed panting. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat and tried to calm his breathing. 'That dream. What...what was that supposed to mean?' He remembered it vividly and recalled what he had said before he woke. 'Could it be I'm in love with the girl? No. It has just been a long time since I have been near a creature so provocative. I have never given into the needs of the flesh and I'm not going to start now.' Sesshoumaru groaned as he noticed the obvious after effect of his dream.

He got up and headed toward his private hot spring. He would not give into the need to relieve himself, he merely needed to get the sweat off of him. He entered the spring and quickly disrobed and entered the largest of the five pools before him. 'Perhaps I am merely lusting after this girl. If I were to just take her then my need would disappear. I swore that I would not hurt her and I will not break my word. I will not be like my father. I could always get her to be willing.'

'No. I will not give into this feeling. As soon as Rin is well the wench will be gone and this feeling with her. I can keep control over this feeling until she leaves.' Sesshoumaru finished his bath will a new resolve to not let Kagome get the best of his self control.


Kagome awoke to a new day. She smiled as she looked out the window as rays of sun poured into the room. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept that good. 'Better not get used to it Kagome, remember once Rin is better your out of here. I wonder what the others are doing right now. Probably eating breakfast with Inu Yasha yelling at Shippou and Sango slapping Miroku.' Kagome giggled at thought. She stared down at the beautiful garden below her. 'Maybe when Rin is taking a nap I'll go take a look around.'

Kagome turned and noticed a beautiful kimono lying on the corner of her bed. She couldn't believe it was for her. It looked far too expensive to be worn but then she remembered that Sesshoumaru had told Jaken to make sure she had new clothes. Kagome decided to take a quick bath first, but she didn't know where the bath was. Kagome turned sensing someone else in the room. In the doorway stood a girl servant. She couldn't have been any older than Kagome.

"Ohayou gozaimasu milady. I was sent to escort you to the baths and then to breakfast."

'Well that takes care of my problem.' "What's your name?"

"My name is Hitode, milady." The girl kept her head lowered and her eyes averted.

"Nice to meet you Hitode-san. I'm Kagome. Please don't call me milady, makes me sound old or like I'm Sesshoumaru's mate or something." Kagome smiled at the girl.

"It is not right if I refer to you by your name."

"Well, I don't mind and I won't get you in trouble." To that Hitode nodded and smiled. She led Kagome to the baths and left. Kagome noticed that's he had forgotten the kimono that had been on her bed after she finally stopped gazing at how beautiful the hot spring was.

Kagome undressed and slipped into the steaming water. 'This is just what I needed.' Kagome reveled in the fact that she could finally take a bath. She noticed Hitode come in with her forgotten kimono and place it where the towels were. "Arigatou Hitode-san."

"Douitashimashite Kagome." Hitode left Kagome again alone with her thoughts.

'This is a nice rest for me. I get to relax and take care of Rin and not have to worry about any shards for a bit. It's better than when I go home. No tests, no shards, and no stupid Inu Yasha yelling at me every second.

When Kagome finished she got dress in the beautiful kimono that had been given to her. It was a white with a red inner lining and border. Kagome loved the intricate stitching of phoenixes that seemed to fly across the white background. She went to her room and looked in the mirror. She couldn't believe how she looked. She could pass for a hime in the kimono she was wearing. 'If only mom could see me now.'

As Kagome walked to the door that connected to Rin's room. She wondered what was on the other side of the door on the opposite side. Kagome's curiosity was getting the best of her and she decided that she would check out where it led to tonight.

Kagome sat next to the small child. She was seeming to do better since Kagome had been making sure she got enough water and had brought down her fever. The small girl looked up at Kagome and smiled. "Kagome-chan! When can Rin get up and go play?"

"When you're better Rin. Don't worry you should be able to get up in a few days." Kagome said sweetly and brushed the girl's hair out of her face. "Then we'll go pick flowers and you can play with Sesshoumaru-sama." Rin smiled and began to tell Kagome all the things she loved to do around the castle.


Sesshoumaru had been in his study almost all day working on tons of boring paperwork. 'I wonder how Rin is fairing. Kagome seems rather capable of taking care of her. Wait, when did I start thinking of the woman by her name?' Sesshoumaru was still not able of getting the dream out of his mind. He had been thinking about all day and could not figure out what it had meant. He had decided that he must be attracted to her, but that just made him disgusted with himself. He could never be attracted to a human.

He decided not to even think about the ending. He decided that denial of what he had said in the dream seemed like the best method to deal with it.

'I should check on Rin.' Sesshoumaru left his study and traveled to down the hall. He was so lost in thought that he almost fell over when he felt something or rather someone crash into him. He looked down and his eyes met a pair of stormy blue.

"Gomen Sesshoumaru-sama." Kagome apologized to the youkai lord. She was getting nervous since he seemed to only be staring down at her. "Umm...are you feeling alright Sesshoumaru-sama?"

The youkai lord snapped back to himself and noticed that he had been blocking her way and staring at her. He cleared his throat and spoke. "How does Rin fair Kagome?" Kagome was stunned. "I asked you a question woman."

"Gomen Sesshoumaru-sama, it's just that you used my name." Kagome smiled, making Sesshoumaru feel a flutter in his stomach. "Rin is doing well. I was just going to get her something to eat." Sesshoumaru nodded and walked pass Kagome. Kagome returned to her task of getting Rin's meal.


Sesshoumaru looked in on Rin for a moment and then retreated to his room. He felt a great need to be in the presence of Kagome and for that reason he retreated to the safety of his chambers. He sat on the floor and calmed himself. 'What was it about this woman? She has not done anything extraordinary to deserve such affections from me. If anything she is incredibly distracting.' Sesshoumaru massaged his temples as he felt a headache coming. 'Perhaps I am becoming ill as well.'


Kagome sat on her futon at the end of the day. She stared at the door opposite of that which led to Rin's room and wondered. 'What's behind that door?' She had tried to ask Hitode what was behind it, but she and changed the subject and quickly retreated. She stood up and walked over to the door and slowly opened it.


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Nihongo no tango (Japanese vocabulary): decided to add one since people keep asking me about words.

Hai - yes

Youkai - demon

Miko - priestess

Taijiya - exterminator

Houshi - monk

Hitode - starfish

Arigatou - Thank you

Douitashimashite - you're welcome

Ohayou gozaimasu - good morning